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Flashes - San Fernando Valley restaurants

Here are some San Fernando Valley restaurants, just over the hill and northwest of L.A. I'll post a few as time allows, and more details and updates may follow. So far I haven't found a Chinese, Indian, or especially Mexican restaurant that compares to those in the South Bay. But, the search continues. I tend to look for buffets and combo specials, especially at Chinese and Indian restaurants, where the price of an a la carte meal can get quite expensive. Always call first, and check for the newest details like days, hours, prices, parking, cards, to-go, delivery, catering, handicapped access, FAX numbers, alcohol, etc. Please put your suggestions and comments on my new message board - no email please.

How hot/spicy should it be? For example, Filipino food, along with Indian and perhaps Mexican food, is ment to be respiced (and made hotter) by the eater at the table. Order the food mild, if you wish, and add hot sauce and stuff as you like. In a French or Italian restaurant, for example, the chef might not appreciate this.

How to eat a buffet. I'll need to revise this,, but here are some ideas. Try Buffet Hints.

BBQ, Southern style

  • Dr. Hogly Wogly's Tyler Texas B-B-Q, 8136 Sepulveda Bl., Van Nuys, CA, phone 818-782-2480 or 818-780-6701.
  • Plus historical comments on ten other BBQ places, some in the South Bay.

    Brazilian BBQ?

  • Espeto's do Brazil Restaurant, 8751 Van Nuys Bl., Panorama City, CA 91402, phone 818-892-5988.

    Chinese buffet

  • Asia Buffet, 8220 Van Nuys Bl., Panorama City, CA 91402, phone 818-988-8979. 7/20/02 - Discount coupons of about $1 were in yesterday's Daily News U section.

    Filipino Cafeterias

  • D.J. Bibingkahan, 14417 Roscoe Bl, Panorama City, CA, phone 818-894-6378.
  • Benny's Lechon, 14441 Roscoe Bl., Panorama City, CA, phone 818-892-0310.


  • India's Tandoori, 142 N. San Fernando Rd., Burbank, CA 91502, phone 818-846-7500. Not directly related to place below?
  • Taste of India, 13903 Ventura Bl., Sherman Oaks, CA, phone 818-501-5550.
  • Great India Cafe, 12321 Ventura Bl., Studio City, CA 91604, phone 818-761-8140.
  • India's Tandoori, 19006 Ventura Bl., Tarzana, CA 91356, phone 818-342-9100 or 1-800-INDIA-LA.
  • Taj Mahal, 17815 Ventura Bl. Ste 201, Encino, CA 91316, phone 818-345-2244. 7/20/02 - $1-off-buffet and another coupon on their web site. May also be in Thursday LA Times Valley Edition Calendar (or Daily News??)
  • India Cafe, 4523 Sepulveda Bl, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, phone 818-986-8555.
  • Clay Oven, 14611 1/2 Ventrua Bl., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, phone 818-995-1777.
  • Closed - New Indian Restaurant, had a buffet, about $5.95, at about 14444 Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks. Moved or gone-for-good?

    Mexican Sunday brunch

  • Mango Tango Mexican Restaurant, 11669 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, CA, phone 818-255-0964. Working.
  • El Torito Restaurant, 14433 1/2 Ventura Bl., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, phone 818-990-5860.

    Pizza buffet, weekdays

  • Pizza Hut, 14455 Van Nuys Bl. (just north Ventura Bl.), Sherman Oaks, CA, phone 818-990-7600.

    Historical Tidbits

    8/10/02 - "Prologue: A brief History of Travel," a shortish, 17-page section relates historical tidbits from travel (back to about 3000 B.C.), hospitality/lodging (back to about 500 B.C.), and restaurants (back to about the 1600s). The book is titled "An Introduction to Hospitality Today" by Angelo and Vladimir, a textbook from the Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Hotel Association, © 1998. This book could be hard to locate, but there may be others with this type of info.


  • 8/13.1/02 - Restaurant Delivery Guide, the [East] San Fernando Valley edition, lists the menus for over 40 local restaurants. They deliver for the restaurant price plus their charge, no other mark ups, they say, unlike others. They may not show specials, buffets, etc. See

    Reader's Choice Best of Report

    8/13/02 - Reader's Choice. The Daily News plans a 'reader's choice best of' report from their readers in the Friday, 8/30/02 edition. These usually include restaurants, but the 2001 report at is a total mess, so who knows? PS - that page locked me up.

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