Team Blue Back to Form
By Tomm Looney
Once Struggling Dodgers Returning to Winning Tradition
March 09, 2001

A Tale of Two Teams
By Tomm Looney
While Lakers Fly, Clippers Learn to Walk
November 03, 2000

A Forum for Memories
By Tomm Looney
Fans Recall Inglewood's Purple Reign
October 23, 2000

Are You Ready for Some Football?
By Tomm Looney
Don't Trust Any Quarterback Under 30
September 10, 1999

Kudos for KFI Piece
Dear Editor:
September 3, 1999

Accidents Happen
By Tomm Looney
A Terribly Exclusive Look Back with DeeJay Humble Harve
August 13, 1999

A Forum for Memories
By Tomm Looney
Fans Recall Inglewood's Purple Reign
July 23, 1999

Work in Progress
By Tomm Looney
Five Months Until the Cheers Begin at Staples Center
May 17, 1999

The Way We Work
What People Do for Money in Los Angeles
March 19, 1999

L.A. Radio Gets Looney
Los Angeles Downtown News radio writer Tomm Looney has made the logical next career move... securing a spot as a radio talk show host. "The Looney Point of View" is now running Saturday mornings from 3-5 a.m. on KLSX, 97.1 FM.
January 15, 1999

Cruisin' for a Bruce'in
By Tomm Looney
Lawsuit Ruffles KFI; Michael Jackson Returns
November 13, 1998

Spanish Supremacy
By Tomm Looney
In L.A., Espa–ol Tops the Airwaves
November 6, 1998

Rumbles in the Jungle
By Tomm Looney
Tremors from Dr. Laura and Tammy Bruce
August 28, 1998

Howard Stern vs. Dr. Laura
by Tomm Looney

Adios, Owens
By Tomm Looney
KABC Host Leaves, Dr. Laura Seethes
August 7, 1998

The Ratings Game
By Tomm Looney
A Looney Guide to the Languages of the Dial
August 3, 1998

Dr. Laura's 'Vanity' Project
By Tomm Looney
Talk Show Host in the Magazine Firing Line
July 17, 1998

The Ax Man Cometh
By Tomm Looney
Jobs in Peril at KABC; David Letterman Tunes in
June 26, 1998

Where Are They Now?
By Tomm Looney
Tracking Down Voices of Talks Shows Past
June 19, 1998

GOP and the Latino Vote
Dear Editor,

Talk Show Wars
By Tomm Looney
Michael Jackson and Ronn Owens Call in the PR Troops

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