10/2001 - www.clickradio.com gone?. Think I read somewhere, maybe allaccess.com, that www.clickradio.com went out of business. Check it out for yourself if you need them.

5/1/00 - For the music-from-your-hard-drive site, see www.clickradio.com. So far they only accept email addresses for future notifications. And they won't let me BACK or GO - You have to enter a bad email address and click to escape. This here site is for over-the-air radio.

On Hold - This is written in HTML with a simple on-line editor, and it is a pain to create and edit. The whole project is on hold till I can automate it with a data base. Anyone know about that type of a data base? If so, leave a message.

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4/16/99 - Been too busy to update any ClickRadio for a while, so use the Favorites page.

Favorites (Some links need to be changed and/or added. Always see the Favorites page on MENU for the most up-to-date info.):

Monday - Friday: All . . Under construction. This is on slow-down cause it's boring, but you get the idea. Also, when you try to get specifiy with the schedules posted at the radio stations' web sites it gets confusing. More later.