9/5/00 - Check August 2000 "" for good stuff. Most issues have something good.

8/14/00 - Computer column and stuff at

8/10/00 - An early-morning computer show is Wild Web at - but doesn't work. says Sun, 8/13, 2:30 a.m. & Sun, 8/20, 3:30 a.m., both on KCBS, Chan 2. It's been on for a while, but I seldom see it, so I'm just now listing it. It's ok, better than some. 8/9/00 - I couldn't get,, or the Wild Web site to work today. Do what you can till I fix this.

5/18/00 - Remember, every Thursday Business section in the Los Angeles Times (LAT) paper is their computer and internet issue. Also, Jeff Levy has a computer Q&A column. I don't usually mention any of their content cause most people in L.A. can read it at their local library. Or, it might be on their web site, where I don't go cause I crash.

4/27/00 - Gina Smith who had one of the better computer shows on the radio a few years ago has retired from journalism to CEO a computer-ish company. Leo Laporte, who had worked with Gina, will take over her column in Access magazine. It's all in the 4/23/00 issue of which is in a few of the local Sunday papers and is worth a look.

4/10/00 - Try to get the free 4/2000 issue of "Computer User" magazine. This month it combines the existing Computer Currents mag and site with the unfamiliar Computer User mag. The first few pages cover the history, back to 1982, and why they combined. Seems Like the old Computer Currents staff will maintain their web site at

4/6/00 - Most of the computer shows on TV aren't very good. Perhaps the best is Digital Duo on PBS and is on a few times a week. One is Monday, 9-9:30 p.m., on KLCS channel 58, and check the guides for other spots. Web site is

Also see Links and Radio Web Sites and Reference pages for more links

10/19/99 - A good read is "ENIAC" by Scott McCarthey. It's about Mauchly and Eckert who designed and built the first digital computer, started the first computer company, and never made money. This was in the 1940's, and gives some other early computer info.

Free internet - Two sites give free internet: and I know a few people on netzero and they like it, no problems. Also, either Mark or Marc on "The KABC Computer Show" suggested it. Freei is newer and I don't remember anyone who tried it.

Computer Shows on TV

Computer Shows on TV: go and search for computer shows
TV Guide: the original
Internet Cafe & Computer Chronicles: I wish they would pick subjects which interest me.

Computer Shows on the Radio

Computer Shows: also see other radio pages

HTML & Java

HTML tags : descriptions & how browsers react
All 4 One Submission Machine: sends URL to 6 major search engines


Internet World: monthly mag
PC Magazine: monthly mag, see 2/10/98 issue for "Top 100 Web Sites" Another list in their 2/9/99 issue. Some are on this site.
Computer Currents: free newspaper/magazine lists ISP specs and more
Byte: one of the first computer mags?
Yahoo: the magazine
PC World : see 3/98 issue: top 3 browsers=alta vista, hot bot, & yahoo. See my LINKS page.
Windows Magazine: news/mag free-Nov 97 had cooking & radio info - GET MAY 1999 ISSUE, LOTS OF GOOD LINKS <<<<
Family PC: magazine
MicroTimes: news/mag free
ZD Net: the publisher
Smart Computing: the magazine the magazine the magazine ?? . . Dr. Dobbs Journal, an early computer magazine. the magazine


Inter Nick: register your site??
Mecklermedia: news, ISP's, software almost free ISP's??? (or check Yahoo for "free net") web page to search engines for $$$

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