Cooking Index 10/14/00


10/14/00 - The Cook' Library (see Book) will have signing by five cookbook author between 10/21 and 11/18/00. They do have a mailing list.

8/17/00 - The next sidewalk sale at Cookin Stuff is Sat, 8/19/00 with up to 75% off. Starts 9 a.m. sharp with no rain checks. You can get on their mailing list. Site at Newsletter says "Skillet Trade-in Hugh Success."

5/23/00 - The Los Angeles Culinary Institute (cooking school) closed (went out of business?) as reported in today's LAT, page B2. Looks like students could lose their tuition. I think they're the ones who advertised in the LAT food section. They had a site at, but it doesn't work today.

11/24/99 - If you're into food, cooking, or restaurants, you have to read the Sept (9/99) issue of Bon Appetit mag. It covers the 20th Century of American food, with lots of history, trivia, recipes, etc. Read it at a library, but I'm sure you'll want your own copy to keep forever.

9/13/99 - The Beach Reporter, one of the South Bay's better free newspapers, announced they have a web site. Small at first, but will grow. Stupid thing: it's reported in a story at the bottom of page 44. Like, don't plaster it on the cover AND on every page next to the title. Keep it a secret. Street Zebra did the same thing. The site is at The Palso Verdes Peninsula News and the Los Angeles Independent are in here also, with room for more. They all have Food sections.

There was a good food section in the 6/27/99 L.A. Times. Good stuff on food safety, eggplant soup, etc.

Change of plan - I will list the street numbers as time allows.

Cross References. See the Books page for references to Thrift Shops which sell kitchen odds & ends. Also check "Zagat Survey Marketplace, Los Angeles" (not restaurants) which comes out every year and cover more food-related sources than I could ever cover. For example, they mention over 23 places with cooking classes in the L.A. area. Also, the Wednesday Food sections in the Press-Telegram and the Los Angeles Times newspapers some times lists local cooking classes.

The 2/9/99 PC Magazine article on cooking software tempted me into starting this page prematurely. For now this is just a place to store info. Thanks to Sharon Nash and others? for the initial links. Also see the radio, TV, and newspaper pages for other info.