Ethnic Radio Stations in the Los Angeles (L.A.), California (CA) area. No verification. Some may be low-power stations and hard to receive. Also, several stations can be on the same frequency, and stations do change their call letters and frequencies. I haven't looked for web sites, but let's assume they're too small to have sites. The two 8/21/01's are from long URL. (12/12/02)

12/12.1/02 - Radio Korea 1230 AM has a site at The navigation bars are in English, but most of the text is in Korean, strange. Have they changed their call letters?

12/12/02 - KRMB 1430 AM has an 'about us' page at The main page at, and the other pages are mostly in Chinese.

11/10/02 - Filipino show. The ad in a Filipino newspaper says, "back on the air," "operation tulong," "a public service program," "live on KALI 900 AM radio nightly Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 11:00 p.m.," and "interview with stars on the!" I know nothing. Radio-locator shows the station in West Covina, east of L.A., with a Spanish format.

7/27/02 - The Daily News newspaper in the San Fernando Valley has a list of local radio stations in the Friday edition of their U magazine section. Just frequency and format, nothing on their web site, and not much new info. Their 7/26/02 list of ethnic stations will follow as time allows. See the 1/13.1/02 Flash below for some web sites.
  670 AM - KIRN - Iranian
1190 AM - KXMX - Korean
1230 AM - KYPA - Korean
1300 AM - KAZN - Asian
1430 AM - KMRB - Asian
1600 AM - KMNY - Korean
1650 AM - KFOX - Korean
    18 Spanish stations soon

1/22/02 - Spanish/Mexican/Hispanic music formats, whatever. Most comments on a BB seemed to agree that this site defines the music formats: Includes music samples.

1/20/02 - Black radio stations in CA are listed at For Black stations around the world check They do list web sites, streaming, message board, etc. Streaming, Talk webcasts are listed at

1/13.1/02 - Ethnic stations around L.A. are listed at They list 121 stations and seem to have the most current and correct info, but other sources on C&C disagree. Here are the stations which don't seem to be English or Spanish. All are AM except the last is FM. Some have web sites, and you may need those character sets.
  •   670 KIRN Simi Valley - Arabic (site in English and Farsi)
  •   900 KALI West Covina - Asian
  • 1190 KXMX Anaheim - Ethnic
  • 1230 KYPA Los Angeles - Asian (site in Korean)
  • 1300 KAZN Pasadena - Asian (site in Chinese, some English)
  • 1370 KWRM Corona - International
  • 1430 KMRB San Gabriel - Asian (site in Chinese, some English)
  • 1480 KVNR Santa Ana - Asian (site in Vietnamese and English)
  • 1600 KMNY Pomona - Asian (site in Chinese, some English)
  • 1650 KFOX Torrance - Asian (I can't get in, Korean?)
  • FM - 106.3 KALI Santa Ana - Ethnic

  • 9/12/01 - Chinese radio on the Internet is listed at

    9/4.1/01 - Chinese Internet radio? Nothing yet, but keep an eye on

    9/4/01 - A short list of ethnic stations and their web sites can be found at The nearest stations include:

    8/21.1/01 - Italian? - "Italian radio station broadcasting on KTYM 1460 AM from 11am-12:30pm Sunday's. Has background info about the host Luciano Palermi and webcam." From

    8/21/01 - Korean radio station at 1230 AM. Site at Some English and some HELP in English.

    8/14/01 Persian Update - KIRN 670 AM has web site at Click on 'English.' It looks like they stream also. I was listening, on air, Sunday morning to interesting Irani Music. See 8/12/01 Radio Flash. They also offer a Farsi dictionary for Farsi-to-English and English-to-Farsi translations. 3/29/00 - Persian - LAT, page F1, reports today there is a Persian-language station KIRN 670 AM. KVCA in Spanish is also on 670, good luck. The story said KIRN plans to build a web site and broadcast on the web.

    3/23/00 - Radio Manila has a site at

    2/15/00 - Italian - The site (1/30/00) reported a weekly show in Italian, Sun, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on 1460 KTYM AM. Not verified. Also, someone reported a show in another European language, but I forgot the details. If that's your thing, check around the dial. 4/16/00 - Heard them in Japanese about 7:30 a.m.

    12/99 - Latin - The Dec (1999)/Jan (2000) issue of BOCA magazine had a story on several Latin radio programs. The mag is mostly in English and plans to have a web site soon at

    per Richard Wagoner, Daily Breeze, RAVE! section, some Friday's, 1/21/00
    Spanish Asian Korean
      670 KVCA++
      900 KRRA++
      930 KKHJ
      950 XEGM
    1020 KTNQ
    1090 XPRS
    1330 KWKW
    1430 KALI
    1480 KWIZ+
      97.9 KLAX
    101.9 KSCA
    105.5 KBUE
    107.1 KLYY
    107.5 KLVE
    1190 KORG+ ++
    1300 KAZN
      93.5 KFOX
      96.7 KWIZ+
    106.3 KYMS
    1580 KBLA+

    Press-Telegram adds (listed some days, 3/19/00)
    Spanish International
      900 KGRB++
    1580 KBLA+
      96.7 KWIZ+
      97.5 KVAR++
      97.8 KSSE
    1230 KYPA

    Los Angeles Times adds (not listed very often, 3/3/00)
    Spanish Other
    1370 KWRM
    1510 KNSE
      94.3 KBUA
      97.5 KSSE++
      98.3 KRTO*
    103.9 KACE*
    1190 KEZY+ ++
    1480 KWIZ+

    + Listed under multiple ethnic groups.
    ++ Multiple stations on same frequency.
    * new item.


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