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Radio Headlines

I've been playing with and They claim to give instant updates to requested headlines and their associated articles. Moreover says every 15 minutes they search over 1800 news sources. Isyndicate only offers very broad categories of news as does half of Moreover. I feel the categories are about worthless for finding specifics such as Los Angeles radio news.

However, Moreover also offers a keyword search. The bad news is that it won't do a true Boolean search: any form of two or more keywords does a Boolean 'OR,' not an 'AND.' For example, a search for ["Los Angeles" AND radio] lists headlines for both keywords. They want "" around a multiple-word keyword. They may fix the Boolean thing someday.

Also, if you go to the Moreover site and do a keyword search (in the upper-right-side search box), that search takes you to their 'professional' search option which may yield better results. Check these headlines, keyworded to 'radio' at Moreover, or do a search from the Moreover site for whatever.

These headlines may take a few seconds to load and, thus, slow up the whole page. Once, it keep saying not available or something, and I had to click "Refresh" on the browser several times to get any headlines.

Once in an article, click the big X (upper right hand corner of that browser window) to return to headlines. Also, if it's been a while, click "Refresh" to update the headlines.


1. If Moreover says something like 'not available', keep hitting refresh. 2. Some days the headlines are a few days old. Check the dates. 3. I've seen news sources put unrelated stories in the same file, and only one story contained the keyword radio. However, all the headlines were on this list. In such a file, use the FIND in your browser to find the radio-related stories. 4. Moreover should show the 20, newest headlines but can show less for some unknown reason.

Keyword = radio (from Moreover)


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