Library Flashs.

Libraries. The initial numbers are from "Get Up and GO! 1999 Resource Directory" which may be available at your local library - 9/23/99. See for maps of all the libraries. Follow along thru "Online Maps," etc. It's a long list, and you have to know the exact name of each branch; or do a fine for the city, ZIP, key word, etc.

Los Angeles has two major library organizations. There will be a test. I get them confused so I call them the "city" and the "county" library.

Many towns and colleges also have their own libraries. Many libraries provide not only books but also newspapers, magazines, video tapes, audio CD's and tapes, tax forms, computers, and tons of other stuff. When you need anything, it pays to check with them first

Other Links - Tina's web site. 1/26/00 - Tina moved to another site. - U.S. Library of Congress - American Library Assoc. - Library Journal magazine
Torrance has its own group of libraries, try (or Lots of links for news, newspapers, books, libraries, etc.

From Access Magazine 10/10/99.