Misc Links. I plan to split this page and start a new page just for web site development, as I get the time. 2/12/00

Tech Support from one of the recent PC World mags (9/26/99).
*www.active.com . . doesn't work
*www.supporthelp.com . .
*www.pcguide.com . .
*www.kb.indiana.edu . .
*www.pcmech.com . .

Site Development from June 8, 1999 PC Magazine
*www.zdnet.com/devhead . . DevHead
*www.developer.com . . Developer.com
*www.webmonkey.com . . HotWired: Webmonkey.com
*www.blooberry.com/indexdot/html/index.html . . Index Dot HTML, was www.blooberry.com/html/
*www.siteowner.com . . LinkExchange SiteOwner
*www.msdn.microsoft.com/workshop . . MSDN Online Web Workshop
*www.projectcool.com . . projectcoolmedia
*www.slashdot.org . . Slashdot
*www.home.netscape.com/computing/webbuildingwww.web.com . . Web Building

*www.hotwired.com/webmonkey/99/13/index0a.html . . about batabases

*nngroup.com . . expert on web sites, to keep them simple and fast. See 9/14/99 MictoTimes, page 209.
*www.web.com . . info
Lycos: mail
Hot Mail: mail
Geo Cities: mail & site
Tripod: web site

Newer Search Engines
www.google.com . Google search - new
www.metacrawler.com . another new searcher
www.webinfosearch.com . another new searcher
www.alltheweb.com . all the web, new, works??

Search Engines and Etc.
Inference: new searcher & my favorite
Google search . PC Mag had wrong URL - good stuff - new
Search Engine Watch: reviews and more
Browser Watch: and more
Web Crawler: out of date?
Fire Fly: search agent
Wise Wire: search agent
Opera browser: small, fast, free demo download
James Randi: professional skeptic
Hyper Net: free stuff on the net

Internet World -- search-engine picks & tips -- 12/97

Internet World: the magazine picks these

Alta Vista: #1
Excite: #2
Hot Bot: #3
Info Seek: #4
Lycos: #5
Northern Lights: #6 - also 1800 tech & prof pubs
Search: also mentioned
Mamma: also mentioned

PC World -- search-engine picks & tips -- 3/98

PC World: the magazine picks these:

Alta Vista: try these three first
Hot Bot: try these three first
Yahoo: try these three first
Britannica Internet Guide: then these
Look Smart: then these
Lycos: then these
Excite: back of the pack
Info Seek: back of the pack
Web Crawler: back of the pack
Internet Sleuth: also mentioned
All-in-One Search Page: also mentioned

xoom.com . . WARNING, may cause crash. New: free web sites, etc. Had error 1/25/99 & couldn't join.

-------- Web Development, etc. --------
www.submitshack.com: Submit Shack. Much better than the following. Just enter info, click, and it goes to 400 search engines. Let's see what happens

I can't recommend the following yet, but here's what happened when I tried it. I spent one, solid hour and got about one-half through it. You need to enter info about yourself and your site, which is lost if you want to come back and finish the job. Of about the 17 sites I tried to enter, about one-half either wouldn't open, wanted the data reentered, wanted more info but wouldn't take it, or said the info was wrong and wouldn't take it. This could be a good tool, but be ready to spend a lot of time. P.S. Their logo is here cause they ask users to do it in exchange for the free service. I do like the "tune up your web site for free" service.

Submit your page to 34 sites for free!
www.pcdata.com: PC Data, tracks software sales
www.siteowner.com: Site Owner, submits. This one looks good:

This one searches this site: Add search to YOUR web site!
www.thefreesite.com: good stuff.

want to try:
www.miningco.com: The Mining Co
www.loc.gov: Library of Congress
www.dejanews.com: news groups
www.devhead.com: good stuff, web dev
www.webdeveloper.com: web dev

about search engines (from 12/7/98 MicroTimes mag)
www.submit-it.com/ . their link was doa, this is close
www.hotwired.com/webmonkey/html/96/51/index2a.html . META keywords
www.searchenginewatch.com/meta.htm . more META keywords
www.hotbot.com/help/checkurl.asp . check if Hotbot indexed your site
www.webposition.com . check site ranking
www.searchenginewatch.com . tracks search engines

www.howstuffworks.com . how stuff works. Everything??

Business Pubs
www.adweek.com . Ad Week mag, source for these
www.beyondcomputingmag.com . business
www.businessweek.com . Business Week mag
www.magazine.org . mag org
www.tvb.org . tv, lots of stats
www.writersdigest.com .
www.access.gpo.gov/ .
www.workingworld.com . . jobs magazine, the April 5-26, 1999 issue told how to become a webmaster. It was on their site under "Articles" on 4/21/99 but the links are cold. The links were: www.csun.edu for the certificate and the author at Ronelect@aol.com.

www.computercurrents.com . . see May 1999 issue about how to and not to promote your site. It was on their site 4/21/99 with hot links. Get some now.
www.consumerworld.org . . lots of stuff, a Netscape pick of the week.
www.rankthis.com/ . . site ranking on keywords with ten search engines.

www.boardwatch.com/isp/ . . ISP's in your area code.
www.consumerworld.org . . consumer info
www.vista.com . . free drive space??
www.technosearch.com/naked/directory.htm . . stuff

wwwiz.com/ .....June 99, improve keywords. there from this:
inventory.go2.com/inventory/searchInventory.mp .... how popular is a keyword?
www.searchterms.com/ .........top search terms
www.searchspy.com/ ..... download or buy
www.searchpositioning.com/feedback.shtm ... buy