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Restaurants in Little Manila in Carson, CA, USA.

7. Mami King, menu says "Mr. Siopao"
22222 S. Main St., #106
Carson, CA 90745
phone: 310-830-3828

7/26/99 - To-go menu says they have nine types of noodle soup (mami), four types of non-noodle soup, four types of filled-steamed buns (siopao), four a la carte items, one side order, and two deserts with prices from $1.45 to $4.60. Mon through Fri: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sat and Sun: 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. This place has sit-down service with waitresses.

8/1/99 - It was Sunday, about noon. It was a warm day, so I didn't want hot soup. Anyway, noodles are better other ways, like even with Italian pasta sauce. If I do have a soup meal, I want something with bold taste. Dough was born to be baked, so I didn't want a steamed bun. I knew I'd have trouble finding something I liked, and I was correct.

I ordered pansit palabok, "a Filipino favorite dish," from the a la carte section. This is thin rice noodles mixed in a thick, yellow sauce with a chicken taste. It was covered with ground, fried pork rind, and there were a few tiny morsels of pork fat. This is the first "constructed" Filipino dish I've seen in this area. It was topped with three, very thin slices of hard-boiled egg and three slices of small, halved shrimp. That's a total of one and a half small shrimp. Chopped scallions added color.

It tasted like salty chicken. After a few seconds it coagulated into a mess, and I left it. This is just a bland starch dish, and at $4.50 it's one of the most expensive I've has in this area. The menu said to allow 15-20 minutes for preparation, but I got mine in about two minutes. Maybe I got the fast-food version. The other customers were eating the noodle soup and/or the steamed buns. Those might be better, and don't go unless you like them. This place moves into last place.

PS - on service. This is the first full-service, Filipino restaurant I've tried in this area. One girl took my order and brought the food. Another girl brought my check and just asked if I wanted to take the leftovers home. It was almost a full plate, and she didn't care. Just like American restaurants. I left a normal tip cause I went in knowing I might not like the food.

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