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Restaurants in Little Manila in Carson, CA, USA. More details when available.

Added 12/28/00 - Till now, I never reviewed (or ate at) Jollibee or Chowking, nor Red Ribbon cause they're chains and serve fast food. I have reviewed all the mom and pa restaurants which I prefer. However, I do now have a few thoughts, not many facts. I haven't tried, nor do I plan to try these.

All are located at:
131 W. Carson St.
Carson, CA 90745
close to Seafood City Supermarket, northwest corner of Carson St. & Main St.

Jollibee (310-513-1941) is about the largest U.S.-style fast-food chain in the Philippines, with some stores in the U.S. and maybe elsewhere. They serve U.S.-style fast-food items with a Philippine twist. It's mostly burgers (pineapple optional), fried chicken, and pasta with tomato sauce and slices hot dogs. The pasta must be for the kids. Recently they started serving Philippine and U.S.-style breakfast from about 7-11 a.m. I understand most items don't taste the way they would in a U.S. restaurant. If that's a problem, ask them for details, especially concerning the pasta and the Philippine sausage, not my favorite. I think most items are under $3 or $4, but I've never walked into the store.

Chowking (310-835-7100) is about the largest chain of Chinese-style fast-food stores in the Philippines with some in the U.S. This year (2000) they were bought by or merged with the larger Jollibee. Most dishes have Philippine names, sort of a Chinese look, but as with Jollibee, you might want to ask them how the dishes taste. You'll see mostly dishes served over rice or noodles, noodle soups, but they also have dim-sum-style items like filled, steamed buns, and congee: a rice soup for breakfast. I love good Chinese food, but I usually avoid most dim-sum items and congee. Most items may be under $4 or $5. They also make platters to go for up to 16 people.

Red Ribbon Bake Shop (310-542-1991) has about eight stores in California and is mostly a bakery with fancy cakes, breads, and pastries. But, they also serve several snack items which could form a meal. They have a few tables for eat in. Somewhere I heard their name comes from wrapping their boxes with red ribbon, but they may not do that anymore. Their L.A. store on Sunset Bl. also has the fancy coffee drinks for a limited time.

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