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Restaurants in Little Manila in Carson, CA, USA. More details when available.

9/17/00 - Number (12) is in 1st. place, followed by (13) and (16) tied for 2nd., and (14) in 3rd. Number (2 first time) is in 4th. and (4 fast food) in 5th. Numbers (6), (8), and (2 buffet) are tied for 6th. place. Numbers (7), (10), and (4 full service) are in last place. Number (1) was also in last place; the new reviews puts them better than average for the Chinese fast-food, but the one Filipino dish I tried was poor.

9/17/00 - You might want to read them in the order I reviewed them which is numbers (12), (4 fast food), (6), (8), (2 fast food), (7), (10), (1 old place), (4 full service), (2 buffet), (13), (14), (16), and (1 new place).

12/28/00 - Somehow I missed 3, 5, 9, 11, 15, and 17 in the above report. Will fix someday.

Little Manila Restaurant Updates. 9/17/00 - See new review of (1).. 5/11/00 - Iba'n Express (16) moves into a tie for second place. 9/20/99 - Island Foods (15) is open. 9/14/99 - All traces of Sizzling Pinoy restaurant were removed from the Seafood City Supermarket area, but now a worker says it is under construction. No! 9/11/99 - I reviewed Tipanan Filipino Cuisine restaurant (14), and they're in third place. 9/1/99 - A new sign on Palayok (6) says starting today they will be closed every Monday. 8/30/99 - Reviewed another restaurant, Vigan Express (13), which moves into 2nd. place. Also got a good fish fried at Tambuli Market (M6). I went back starting 7/23/99, on the weekends, to review restaurants.

Number (2 buffet) has all you can eat, and (4 full service) and (7) have full service. The rest have steam-table fast food, and maybe order-from-the-menu food. Except at the full-service places, you eat with plastic ware and plastic plates and bowls. They probably all do take out and catering. Most of these restaurants have various free newspapers, either inside or outside, like the markets. However, sometimes they throw them away at night when they close.

9/14/99 - Few of these businesses sell liquor, beer, or wine. Call first if that's important to you.

Just for comparison, one of the best values I found in the Philippines was an eight or ten course Chinese meal for about 80¢. A huge tureen of shark-fin soup was about 50¢. Yes, that was in the 1960's.

10/29/00 - Also, the City of Carson has a short, not-up-to-date nor complete list at carson.csudh.edu/Economic%20Dev/Restaurants2.htm#phillippine (double "l" is their spelling).

Restaurant Introduction & Index

Jollibee, Chowking, & Red Ribbon

1. Kim Tar Restaurant B.B.Q.

2. Manila Sunrise

3. Ted's Burgers

4. Casa Filipina Restaurant

5. Casa Filipina Bakery

6. Palayok

7. Mami King

8. Manila's Lechon

9. Naga Bakery

10. China King - Closed about 9/2000

11. Chowking

11.1. Tropical Bakeshop

12. Tita Celia

13. Vigan Express

14. Tipanan Filipino Cuisine

15. Island Foods (or Island Food Restaurant)

16. Iba'n Express

17. Tokyo Bowl

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