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Safety Note.

9/21/99 - Just the other day, maybe over the weekend, I was out walking, and I would have been killed if I'd stepped into the street when my 'walk sign' came on. When the light changed, I looked to the side, and an SUV was coming toward the red light way too fast, so I stayed on the curb. Sure enough, he just looked the other way to see if he had to 'yield' to traffic with the green light and blew through the red light at full speed. He wouldn't have seem me, and I'd be dead if I'd stepped into the street. I did yell at the lady passenger, she was looking right at me, and maybe she'll tell him what almost happened. Let's get nuts like this off the street.

9/18/99 - California has unsafe drivers. They don't stop for people in crosswalks or driveways, they block crosswalks and sidewalks, and they roll though red lights and stop signs. Always cross a street correctly, and keep a constant lookout for cars from all directions, especially behind you. At intersections and driveways keep a constant lookout for cars from all four directions. Cars that are expected to stop at red lights and stop signs get 100% of my attention, and I'm ready to get out of their way when they don't stop. Especially at uncontrolled crosswalks (no red light or stop sign), cars don't stop. Even when I'm on a corner waiting for the light to change, I try to keep the thickest pole between me and traffic.

On the bright side, the "walk buttons" at 220th. St. and at Moneta Ave. change the traffic light quickly. The buttons at Carson St. and at 223rd. St. don't change the light but may give you more time to cross. Always push the buttons, and wait for the walk light. But, still watch the traffic.

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