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9/20/99 - The Filipino newspapers are organized at Little Manila, and will be removed from here..

11/15/99 - Not many changes; it's still mostly correct. Will make small updates as necessary. *I get many of these on my Friday trip to Borders Books and the Torrance Library, both on Torrance Blvd., east of Hawthorne Blvd. Go a few blocks further west to get the Beach Reporter. I only see Random Lengths between San Pedro and Carson in libraries. Contact the papers, they should be able to connect you. Seems the Extra is only home-delivered now; they say I should get it, but I don't

Most of these papers contain the usual news, etc. I'm only going to mention content related to restaurants, food, cooking, TV, radio, computers, and other good stuff. The mention of ads or coupons refers to restaurants unless otherwise specified.

PS - I don't read all these papers every day, so I'll fill in more details as I get them. See my Web Sites page for more info.

1/29/02 - Santa Monica Daily Press - The 1/26/02 edition of eight smallish pages says "Serving Santa Monica for the past 76 days." This is issue #65. It's Mon-Sat and has local to international news, comics, ads, horoscope, etc. Does offer free email "E-dition" at
*Immigration Newsman - Fri, Nov 12, 1999 was the first I've seen. Marked "free copy," "everything about immigration and immigrants," lots of lawyer ads, recipe, and 24 pages in a large format. Email at
*California Seniors - Nov 1999 was the first issue for this medium sized 28-page paper. They says they've done papers before, but they didn't number the first two and last two pages. Email at
*Turnaound Community Newsmagazine - Aug/Sept 1999 was 24 pages of Black news and pictures in a medium format. Only a phone 323-465-0959.
* Poetry Flash - reviews and calendar. Aug/Sept 1999 was 48 pages of medium format. Phone 707-763-4271.
*LifeStyles - Filipino news. Monthly, August 1999 was 28 pages in a medium-sized format. Email at
*Laguia Familiar - Small, newsprint magazine of 36 pages. Mostly Spanish entertainment news and ads. Phone 818-882-9200.
*Manila-U.S. Times - twice a month, small newspaper, not folded. 8/15/99 issue was 24 pages of Filipino news and ads. Email at
*Southland Blues - monthly, newsprint magazine. 8/99 was 40 pages of news and ads about the music business. Email only at
*The New Life Gospel News - monthly, medium sized, 8/99 was 18 pages. Mostly Korean, but English section editor has email at Korean news and church stuff. Just saw one, in an unlikely spot. It originates in Orange County, so maybe someone just dropped this one.
* U.S. Asia Today - Weekly with Filipino news and ads. 8/5/99 was 28 pages in a large format. 323-254-4803.
*Los Angeles Monitor - Fortnightly with Filipino news and ads. 8/4/99 was 18 pages in a large format. 213-385-3016.
*Asian Herald Weekly - Filipino news and ads. 8/4/99 was 28 pages, medium-sized format. Email at
*Civic Center News Source - Weekly, some L.A. news, mostly legal notices. 8/2/99 issue was 36 pages, medium-sized format. 213-346-0033. It's marked 25-cents, but no one collects it.
*Kicker Gazette - printed weekly on Thursday, July 30, 1999 was 8 pages of soccer news and ads. Medium sized format, folded in half. Phone 626-791-3076.
*Asian American Register - Every two weeks. The July 16-31, 1999 had Asian and Filipino news and ads. Small newspaper format of 24 pages. Just found it about 7/31.99. Email only at
*BOCA - "latino . art . entertainment . culture." Every 2 months, Aug/Sept 1999 was32 pages. Email only at
*Hitech Business Journal - right, I got Vol II, dated July 1999, and they don't even have a web site or email! 9/20/99 - still no site, but they do run ads to teach how to build web sites in two days. Must not work. Only printing 1000 copies twice monthly. Expect 20,000 by end of 1999. Did answer tech questions at 310-645-4204. 9/20/99 - email at hbjnews@hot.mail, that only took three months??
*Employees Wanted Magazine - job ads for L.A. and Orange Counties & San Diego. Only AZ phone 602-493-7889.
*Voga, fancy, monthly magazine, mostly in Japanese. July was special issue on hot springs and outdoor camping. No web connection, phone 310-542-1331.
*Harmon Autos. Just car ads. All dealers? Fax 949-474-1977
*Tribune U.S.A. Philippino and Asian news. Weekly paper. July 9, 1999 was 28 pages. Email only at or
*Spirit Magazine. "...a guide to healthy living in Southern California." Six? per year, July/August was 48 pages. With calendar of Events. Email only at
*The Whole Person. Large calendar of events in Southern California, mostly strange stuff and ads. Mine was marked $1.50 and then overprinted with "Complimentary Copy." 7/99 was 98 pages.
* Get Up and Go. Monthly, senior magazine with calendar. 7/99 was 58 pages.
*Taliba Daily. Three issues a week of world and Filipino-oriented news. 7/2/99 was 24 pages. Email only at
*Diaryo Pilipino. Weekly, world and Filipino-oriented news. 7/2/99 was 32 pages. Email only at
*Autos & Parts. Comes out every two weeks, with editions for different zones. Mostly South Bay area? Individual ads are free and also contains commercial ads and car news. Phone ads to 310-320-2144.
*Pacific Asian Current. The June 1999 issue, from Walnut, CA was a free, monthly newspaper of 12 pages that somehow got into the South Bay. The all-English paper, by a mostly non-Asian staff(?) was mostly general news with an Asian slant. Email only at
*Japanese Journal. The June 20, 1999 newspaper from L.A. was 12 pages of general stuff, mostly in Japanese, with a list of English language schools. Email only at
*California Weekly. The 6/24/99 issue was eight pages of general ads. Address: PBM29-Payment Center, 860 E. Carson St. #118, Carson, CA 90510, 323-755-7931.
*Hot Sheet. The June 17, 1999 issue was 16 pages of general ads, in a small newspaper format. Different editions for different areas. To place ads call 800-504-5400 or write 15932-A Downey Ave., (K.I.C. Industrial Park), Paramount, CA 90723.
*San Pedro Catholic Worker, A Quarterly Publication of the. I got the Spring 1999 issue, a small paper of eight pages, containing general news. No internet conection, only an address: 1149 Crestwood St., San Pedro, CA 90732. This paper does get around. It says the price is one cent, but I never see anyone collecting.
*Street Zebra Los Angeles. A monthly, mostly L.A. area sports, but much more. The June 1999 issue had a thing on Feng Shui and a list of the top eight fun spots in the area on page 37. Several sports web sites listed in centerfold. The July 1999 issue will list the best BBQ restaurants. Email only at Got at Borders Books in Torrance?

Got email, "... we're in the process of building our website, which promises to be the end-all-be-all for local sports and recreation in southern California. Launch date is September 1, and the url is . In the meantime, you can see our sister site Athlete Daily at SPORT Magazine rated Athlete Daily as the third best sports site on the internet in their March edition.... our next edition hitting the streets on June 25."

*LA VISION, Your Monthly Entertainment Guide. New magazine, I got the second issue dated 4/99. Covers everything except radio. I plan to email and ask for radio coverage. Got it for free and some others at Borders Books in Torrance.

*The 'not born yesterday' Citizen, formerly California Senior Citizen. Monthly with general news for L.A. and O.C. June 1999 had a recipe, but no internet connection. Try 818-790-0651.
*L.A. Watts Times, email only at This is a small format newspaper of 28 pages and comes out once a week. The June 3, 1999 issue was general news and ads. It contained a sample of WeekEnd Magazine with a web site at I got it at the a local mall. *Phone 213-251-5700 or fax 213-251-5720.
The Beach Reporter got a web site 9/99 and I'm looking for an email address. Serves Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach (the Beach Cities) and is available in those cities for free or elsewhere by paid subscription. It comes out once a week on Thursday, and the 3/4/99 issue was 108 pages of newsprint in a large magazine format. The Stepping Out 7 Days in the South Bay section which started on page 48 had a restaurant review by Chris Miller on page 54 called On the Town. There was no clue about this in the index. There were a few restaurant ads in this area. The back page was an ad for Fry's Electronics.
British Weekly - Free, Sun 1/17*/99 issue - Seems to be aimed at people in transit between UK and L.A. Lots of moving ads, some restaurant and food ads, and a review of a London restaurant. Their office is in Santa Monica, but the paper gets into the South Bay occasionally. Email only at *My mistake: two issues were marked 1/10/99 on the covers. *I reviewed the one marked 1/17/99 on the inside. *Got web site about 8/99??
Penneysaver is a weekly, small-sized, magazine-like newspaper which is customized for different sections of the LA area. Many people get it free in the mail, or it is free at many locations. It is mostly general ads, but Elmer Dills or an associate does a restaurant column almost every week.
Easy Reader - got a web site 9/99 and email at Serves the South Bay beach cities, like between Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes, and east to Carson. This paper is like a large magazine, comes out once a week on Thursday, and is available by subscription via mail or free at many locations. **Their next "Best of" readers' poll is 2/25/99.

Some issues contain one or more restaurant reviews, but the 2/26/98 issue didn't. All issues contain many restaurant ads and some coupons. Towards the end of the paper is a list of web sites for local establishments. The 2/19/98 and 2/26/98 issues contained their BEST OF THE SOUTH BAY readers survey. Information concerning their RESTAURANT CRITICS CLUB appears in some issues. The BARFLY column was by John Paul Ziller, but he has been replaced by Deb L. It covers openings, closings, and happenings. I would like to see her get more space.

* Into March and April I have seen several book reviews and many restaurant reviews. *Once or maybe twice a year they put out a restaurant guide. The April 23, 1998 issue contained (or rather it fell out) the LUNCH & BRUNCH GUIDE 1998.

The index is often incomplete, and it's better to thumb through the the paper. For example, the fact that the BEST-OF survey was continued into the 2/26/98 issue, on page 32, was not mentioned in the index. There is no TV or radio coverage, but I may have seen a recipe.

Random Lengths (email only - covers the South Bay harbor area, like around San Pedro. This is a small-format paper, comes out every two weeks on Friday, and is available by subscription via mail or is free at many locations. The 2/20/98 issue contained one restaurant review and several restaurant ads. They did provide good coverage of the Copley newspaper closings (associated with Daily Breeze). The "Random Lengths" name refers to the rough-cut timbers which were brough into the harbor and used to build much of the L.A. area. See the 12/25/98-1/7/99 issue, page16, or other issues for the whole story. The 4/16/99 issue contained the winners from the Southern California Restaurant Writers awards, mostly from the harbor area. This is the only place I remember seeing anything about the awards. Also, I do remember seeing best-of or best-of-restaurant suggestions, but I don't remember if they are yearly. *4/30/99 - The front and back pages are printed in about four colors. This just started the last couple of issues? The 99-cent-only ad is in one color and may have been for a while*.
OC Weekly. This paper covers Orange County (OC) and mentions Long Beach where I found it for free. It is printed once a week on Thursday and uses a format like a large magazine and totaled 104 pages. The March 13-19, 1998 issue featured a 6-page article on restaurants and their desserts. A section called A GUIDE TO OUR ADVERTISERS provided about 3 pages of mini restaurant reviews. I'm just guessing, but I doubt if these are objective reviews. This issue also contained short computer and book-review articles and many restaurant ads.
LA Weekly (12/18/98 issue) is printed once a week on Thursday and uses a format like a large magazine and totaled around 200 pages. The restaurant column "Counter Intelligents" be Johnathan Gold is in most weeks. There are restaurant ads in that area of the paper. Some weeks there may be a travel, TV, or other column. Also check the Contents on page 3 for the CALENDER CONTENTS page. On that page, check the Media or other sections for TV or radio info. Their "Best of L.A." picks were in the 9/25/98-10/1/98 issue. They pick the best, not who ever sends in the most mail.
Bixby Beat is a small-format paper and covers an area including Long Beach, Downey, and Bellflower. It is distributed free to some homes, is available at advertisers' locations, or is available by subscription via mail. I reviewed the January 1998 issue (marked mid-January to mid-Febuary) which may have contained 32 pages. The interesting part, the center fold containing the DINING GUIDE and the INTERNET AND TECHNOLOGY sections, on pages 15-18, were missing from my paper. All I could find was one restaurant review, a coupon for a used-book store (which I used), and their web site.
Torrance People is a monthly, large-magazine-styled newspaper like the EASY READER and from the same company. It is available by subscription, but I see it occasionally for free where they have the EASY READER. The May 1998 issue was 40 pages of local topics and ads. There was a short article on the Goodyear blimp and it's pilot and another about B17 and B24 aircraft. There was arestaurant review by Richard Foss (who also reviews for the EASY READER) and a few restaurant ads and coupons. No web references.
New Times Los Angeles - restaurant review, ads, etc.

Also see Daily Breeze "RAVE!" and "Extra" in the pay section which are free. An * indicates changes since original date.

Real Estate:
*Distinctive Homes - call 310-374-6091 to advertise.
*Estates & Property - to advertise call 310-374-6091. Want to loan me $2,150,000?
*Homes & Open Houses - Weekly with ads. 310-839-2333.
*Fine Homes & Estates - monthly?,310-316-5288
*Home Guide, South Bay - weekly, also part of Daily Breeze, see them.
* Real Estate Weekly - 8/12/99 was 36 pages, medium format. 310-798-4633.

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