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Newspaper Flashes. If an item relates to newspapers and radio, it is listed only on the Radio Flashes page. Also see the Library page, which provides links to many more papers. The computer magazines are on the Computer page. Updates: 7/6/02 - Papers found before 2/02 were mostly from the South Bay (like Torrance). After about 2/02 most papers are found in the San Fernando Valley. Mostly only papers with web sites will be listed. Most are free unless noted.

8/30/03 - Sports Reporter [USA] says "Premier Sports Rublication Serving The Santa Clarita Valley." They show the title with and without the 'USA,' so who knows? The July/August 2003 issue of 40 pages covers golf, hockey, fencing, BMX, darts, and major and other sports. Site at

8/28/03 - Latino Weekly Review, mostly pop art like movies/music/etc., like 60% Spanish and 40% English, 36 pages, and the Aug 2003 issue is volume 1/number 8, but this is the first issue I've seen. Site at

8/16.1/03 - The free "Best of 2003," "6th Annual Special Issue" from L.A. Parent magazine is out. Site at, but I didn't notice their dozens of 'best of' selections on the site, from libraries to beaches, all kinds of stuff for kids, large and small.

8/16/03 - Vision Magazine, "mind, body, spirit, earth," the 8/03 issue is titled "Our Ocean Environment," has 52 pages, some in color. Site at

8/9/03 - Holistipak, "your local wellness resource," the Summer issue of 48 small pages, has stuff like what garlic, ions, and elderberries can do for you. Would they make a good martini? Site requires free regristration at and has events, deals, promotions, etc., they say.

8/6/03 - "...At the Innuendo website, the cover story "Worst of L.A." declares a list of L.A." Their site is Tip from

8/5.1/03 - Today the L.A. Times requires some new kind of login and/or payment to get into their Calendar section. This is in addition to their normal free login to read their paper on line.

8/5/03 - Al Borde is a Spanish, mostly entertainment paper with the 7/31-8/28/03 issue of 20 pages. Site at

7/30.1/03 - The 7/27/03 Parade magazine (which comes in a local, Sunday paper - the L.A. Times??) had their 'In Step With' column on Sarha Brightman. Site at and click on 'In Step With.'

7/30/03 - PC Enthusiast magazine, the August 2003 issue, of 52 pages, in about an 8.5x11-inch format, has the normal ads, reviews, etc. What's different is the do-it-yourself stuff like water-cool your CPU for over-clocking and install-your-own wireless. Site at, which doesn't seem to have the Aug info yet.

7/28/03 - ""Best of" Downtown 2003" is in today's Los Angeles Downtown News. Restaurants, bars, etc., and some have branches outside the downtown area. Try to find the actual paper which contains dozens of ads not on their site at Also, a handy map in the paper. P.S. - you'll never know for sure if these polls are valid, but they can be fun.

7/12/03 - The Creative Line from Glendale "reaches over 50,000 artists and creative individuals..." This 24-page, mostly black and white magazine doesn't seem to be dated or state how often they print, but their site has some specifics. It's mostly about art shows and related ads. Their site is

7/10/03 - "Julia Child An Exclusive Interview" says the cover of the 7/2003 Southern California Senior Life. Julia is 91 and still going. See

7/3/03 - Valley Scene Magazine, the 6/27-7/10/03 issue is marked "Volume 4, No. 13," but this may be the first issue I've seen. It's local news, happenings, etc. with 44 pages and based in West Hills. Site is

7/2/03 - Suc Song News is in Vietnamese. The 6/20/03 issue was 160 pages. This paper is from from Westminster in Orange County with a large Vietnamese community. Their site is, but the site doesn't seem to have much content.

6/29/03- Salam Worldwide, mentioned in the 5/25/03 Flash, now has a web site at

6/28/03 - "thanks for the plug on the Rodney Bingeheimer story. Could you PLEASE link to my monthly tirade column, Another Fein Mess, about music and L.A.? Thanks Art Fein" OK, but the site didn't work for me today, and I mostly don't do music.

6/21/03 - The Flyer from the Fillmore & Western Railway Company of Fillmore, CA has been in a local VONS for a while. They're into railways with a site at The 6/03 issue, vol. 8, of 16 pages has pictures of trains, ads, tourism stuff, etc.

6/14.1/03 - The has a whole new look. Something soon. 6/28 - the archives and mant, old media links are still available, somehow.

6/14/03 - The Los Angeles ValleyBEAT, vol. 1, no. 1, dated June 12-18, 2003 was found at a VONS supermarket today. It's 64 pages of the usual news, features, film, eats, sounds, TV, etc. It also mentions a related Los Angeles CityBEAT paper. They don't mention a web site yet, but all email goes to Issues hit the street machines every Thursday and the markets on Friday. Actually, works for both.

6/6.1/03 - The LA Observed, an internet only, L.A. multi-media site, covers L.A. mostly and looks interesting. The LA Examiner, a must-check-daily site (at, mentioned it the other day. LA Observed's site is

6/6/03 - LA Alternative Press, the 5/28 to 6/10/03 issue, of 36 pages is another free, general-purpose, almost biweekly paper with the typical food, film, music, news, etc. and more. This issue also features a story on the gentrification attempt in East Hollywood from its current Armenian/Thai position. Site at with a search function, but they hide the URL on page 4: dumb.

6/3/03 - New World Press, the June 2 to June 23 issue, (mentioned below) interviews Big Boy (of Power 106) on the radio page.

5/31/03 - New World Press from Los Angeles, issue number 1, 5/12 to 6/2/03, has a bit of just about everything and is worth finding. They don't seem to have a web site yet, but they do have their own free paper machines, like I remember one next to an LA Weekly machine - and I did still see a few paper this week. They even have a radio column, and in this issue they interviewed Don Barrett of This issue is 44 pages, like 11x17" but folded in half, and plans on 17 issues per year.

5/25/03 - Salam Worldwide, a middle-eastern oriented (like Iranian) paper from Sherman Oaks, of two per month, started with a mild/interesting sex topic in each issue. This may be about their eighth issue, dated 5/15, and the topics are more typical. I've seen it in several of the free paper machines in the eastern SF Valley, every other Thursday. No site yet.

5/13/03 - ovaciones, the May 12th issue, in Spanish, has a 48-page sports section and 16-page entertainment section. It seems to be printed in Mexico and covers Mexican topics but has some U.S. ads. The price on the cover seems to be $1.00 U.S., but I found a short stack for free in the SF valley. The listed site at still didn't work maybe cause they forgot the mx: seems to be it.

4/11/03 - Even more Spanish mags, without comments:

  • Voz Latina at

    4/10/03 - El Clasificado, another Spanish mag for the 4/5/03 flash with a site at, is a weekly? of 52 pages of mostly classified ads with larger ads. The site has content, but I didn't see much in the mag or a table of contents for the mag.

    4/5/03 - Spanish mags with websites. There do appear to be more Spanish magazines with websites than there were even a year ago. Two I found recently are:

  • VistaUSA at, monthly, 40 pages, ads & entertainment news.
  • San-Fer at, monthly, 48 pages, ads & misc.

    3/27/03 - "El Aviso Magazine." A mostly Spanish weekly, this week of 96 pages, with a site at It's mostly picture ads with a smaller classified section. It also contains dozens of short articles on assorted topics. The TV listing include info on the broadcast channels from 2-13 in English and the UHF stations in Spanish. Probably, mostly ok for kids.

    3/26/03 - "L.A. Parent." Now I'm confused. L.A. Parent's web site is now, not what I believe it was:, which now goes elsewhere. But, is this the same as L.A. Parent Magazine, which I've seen mention elsewhere? Who knows?

    3/13/03 - Let's not boycott everything French. Subtitle: Your fashion editor strikes again. You'll want yesterday's L.A. Times, the 'Calendar' section, pages E1 and E13. Check out the photos at the top of page E1, the third from the left, the one labeled "Chanel." Or, go to, and click on the fourth photo from the top.

    Karl Langerfeld of Chanel has dressed this presumed French model. Her dark hair is short or maybe it's up, and her bangs are in her eyes. Her slightly thin, non-injected lip are fine. From her neck to her white gloves she's covered in a gray and/or silver jacket. Thank God, no cleavage. A shoulder bag leaves her hands free. But, it's the white micro miniskirt that we noticed first. Only a few inches of that skirt drape below her jacket. White and/or frosted stockings highlight her legs. Got the picture? Oh, the other models and outfits? They look like clowns ready for work. Please, don't boycott French models.

    3/12/03 - "Get Up & Go" magazine, not to be confused with a senior mag (or ex-mag) with a similar name, is "the resource for active & involved grandparents" from the publisher of L.A. Parent. Interesting stuff like the Spring 2003 issue has "The Seven Wonders of Los Angeles" in the back of its 36 pages. Many web links, but no web site for either mag. If you need addresses or phone numbers let me know ASAP. Is this the first issue? It doesn't say.

    3/6/03 - "Awareness" magazine is "devoted to improving your life and the life of the planet." OK. The 3/03 and 4/03 every-two-month issue has 48 pages and a site at Their issues are archived back to 1996. From Garden Grove, CA, this issue has a nice painting of a whale on the cover, but the inside pages are in black and white.

    2/13.1/03 - "Winter Restaurants 2003' is a section in the 2/14/03 LA Weekly. It's only 20 pages, but topics follow a 'small bites, big flavors' theme like small plates, hors d'oeuvres, dim sum, and more. Also check out the 'Ask Mr. Gold' column which is only a few weeks old. Try That page links to their other restaurant guides back to 1998.

    2/13/03 - "Newspaper Circulation Half Of 1985 Figures. NEW YORK—February 13: The Center For Media Research confirms what radio broadcasters have been telling advertisers for years: young adults don’t find newspapers relevant in today’s media-infused world." And more at like,

    "Here’s where 18-to 34-year olds in the New York metro area get their information:

  • Magazine 94%
  • Radio 92%
  • Internet 80%
  • Television 79%
  • Sunday newspaper 56%
  • Daily newspaper 55%"

    2/11.1/03 - The California Journal For Filipino Americans (once headquartered outside L.A.?, maybe northern California?, I'm not sure) is now located in Torrance, the South Bay, not far from Carson, the once famous city with a Filipino(/American) mayor. Their site is located at, and they say they archive about five-years worth of news.

    2/11/03 - FYI - "Pres. Arroyo Defends Order to Use English Only in Schools." " be globally competitive." See It's probable in other RP papers also. Do they know something we don't know?

    1/24/03 - The Los Angeles Examiner - a new weekly paper proposed by Richard Riordan and scheduled for about 6/5/03, with a site at You'll have to read the LA Examiner at daily to keep up with L.A. media news, especially Los Angeles Times dirt and other newspaper news.

    1/11/03 - Congratualtions to the Weekly Press L.A., The San Fernando Sun, and others. Have you ever notices an interesting photo or a headline on the cover of some publication and had trouble finding the story inside? Especially when the table of contents is behind a dozen pages of ads. Well, my new rule will require all publications to link such photos and headlines from their cover to the specific inside page. Remember one publication where their entire cover was the table of contents? They must be gone now. Well, the two above mentioned pubs have done it for 1/9/03. Each picture and headline reference the page with the associated story. Congratulations! Let's see more of this. People are too busy to thumb through each page. Link it or lose it (lose readers that is).

    12/19.1/02 - Tehran Magazine, "Tehran Internation Weekly Magazine," from Encino, CA, for 11/22/02, is a 100-page paper, issue #312, and priced at $2.00, but I found this one for free. Site at Restaurant ads, news, etc., most in Persian (whatever) in the paper, but addresses/phone numbers and parts of the site are in English. Check out the Persian (whatever) script, it's a pretty language.

    12/19/02 - Weekly Press L.A., in English and Spanish, has a site that work as of 12/26/02 at These weekly's come and go, almost faster than I can report them.

    12/18/02 - Los Angeles Downtown News, their search function, seems to work again. Lots of searches will be required to catch up.

  • However, their dates can't be correct. This story, "Howard Stern vs. Dr. Laura" by Tomm Looney (and five others), are dated Dec. 16 2002 but could be several years old. See This from the radio section.

    12/13/02 - The search function for the Orange County Register seem to be working better today. It found 'radio' and 'Gary Lycan,' almost as it should. Try P.S. - They seem to have 'fixed' their file names and the search function a few months age, and thing have not worked correctly since.

  • However, the search function at the Los Angeles Downtown News at was still broken. Likewise, they tried to 'fix' it months ago.

    12/5/02 - Winning in Education, "guiding 3rd-8th graders towards success," volume 1, issue 1 hit the racks is the December 2002 issue. It looks like a Penneysaver, has 24 pages, and a site at On the site they show the cover photo dated Sept 02, but that's the one they used as the Dec 02 cover. They do print 'tick marks' before the word "guiding" in their subtitle, but I'm not sure what that means. I can't read the small print on page 4, but it looks like they plan to print 10 issues a year, with all the usual kid's stuff. P.S. - Or, just tell the kids they can't do sex, drugs, or rock 'n roll till they're 40; maybe that'll work.

    12/3/02 - The Sushi & Tofu, on "Japanese food and culture," mostly in English, has a site at The December 2002 issue of 40 pages had several recipes, lots of restaurant listings, a "Let's Learn Japanese" column, and more. Today, I didn't see the December stuff on their site yet, but they do archive the old stuff.

    11/30/02 - The Bingo Bugle, "North America's Bingo & Gaming Newspaper," a thick, monthly paper from Burbank, lists many bingo activies and links. They do link to with bingo info.

    11/16.1/02 - Casual Living, "The San Fernando Valley Lifestyle Magazine," at is a new, upscale, free mag. The Vol 1 No 3 issue is marked Oct/Dec 2002 on the outside and Aug/Sep 2002 on the inside. It's mostly food and life stuff like "Swap til you drop."

    11/16/02 - "DOJ PROBING DEAL THAT CLOSED NEW TIMES LA. The U.S. Department of Justice has unleashed a team of antitrust attorneys who are demanding documents and questioning ex-employees of the LA Weekly and New Times to determine if the owners of the two alt-weeklies broke any laws when they reached a deal to shutter the New Times here and an alt-weekly in Cleveland." More at with lots of links. You gota read the for L.A. media news.

    11/4.1/02 - Election coverage. Check the local papers for their slant on how you should vote tomarrow. The Sunday papers contained "voters' guides."

    11/4/02 - The Asian Voice, another free, mostly Filipino newspaper has a site at The Nov 1-15, 2002 issue is volume 1 number 1.

    10/30.1/02 - The Association of Alternative Newsweeklies (AAN). Try till I can check it out. It lists several CA weeklies and a few L.A. papers, with links and reviews.

    10/30/02 - Book about L.A. writers. Check Sunday's, 10/27/02, LAT Book Review section for a review on a book with samples from almost 80 L.A. writers. It's at,0,815433.story?coll=cl%2Dbookreview, priced at $40, and will probably be in a library near you, soon. P.S. - I don't plan to report on the Book section every week, so you'll have to check it yourself. The book is, "Writing Los Angeles, A Literary Anthology, Edited by avid L. Ulin, Library of America: 884 pp., $40."

    10/26/02 - The "Museum of sex," the newly-opened NYC attraction, leads the second section of the Philippine News, the 10/23-29/02 issue. This is a family paper, so they just mention a few facts. Try

    10/25/02 - Shrimp Fajitas recipe. Nueva Generacion bilingual magazine, in Spanish and English, offers this recipe, step one:

    "1) It melts the butter to flame lowers mixed with the eye milled they are added the shrimp and the seasoned, the flame is put out since be stews the shrimp." The list of ingredients is ok, but step 2 isn't much better, and they don't have a web site. "It is done complicated?" - wraps it up.

    10/24/02 - Raymond Chandler - mini bio and book reviews. See Sunday's L.A. Times Book Review (10/20/02) section for short Chandler bio and mini book reviews at "The tough guy at the typewriter still sizzles".

    10/23/02 - LAT slams. Check the for their newest Los Angeles Times (LAT) slams, but I mean that in a nice way.

    10/17/02 - The Los Angeles Downtown News, which sometimes mentions radio, revised their search function. Or, rather fixed it; it hasn't worked well all year. I haven't had time to check 'radio' yet, but try it at Do limit the dates if you just want new news. (From Radio Flashes.) P.S. - It still doesn't seem to work correctly - please let them (and me) know if you see a problem.

    10/16.1/02 - Los Angeles Times (LAT) TV listings. Did you see today's (Wed) TV listings in the LAT? They reprinted yesterday's (Tues) listings. So much for the new format.

    10/16/02 - "LATIMES.COM: WE'RE NO. 17! OH MAN! The Los Angeles Times has dropped to No. 17 in the monthly rankings of top news sites on the Web, according to Nielson/Net Ratings, as reported in Editor & Publisher. For September, had a monthly unique audience of nearly 2.3 million users." More at with hot links and more. Do keep an eye on the laexaminer for media coverage.

    10/12.2/02 - Los Angeles Times changes start tomarrow, Sunday. Some details at,0,2504494.story?coll=la%2Dheadlines%2Dfrontpage. Watch the paper for possible descriptions of their changes as they happen. P.S. - I'd pay a $1.00 to watch S. Irene Virbila review all the fast food chains.

    10/12.1/02 - The Manila Magizine, October 2002, their second issue, is about the PI as a destination. Issue one, which I missed, was on PI culture. Site at What's on the site, now, doesn't seem to match the second issue, maybe it's the first issue? Paper seems to have more original content than other Filipino-oriented papers, some of which just copy news from other sources, I've read.

    10/12/02 - The Philippine News, this week or last, posted a reward to help find those who broke their street machines and dumped their papers. This is one of the few, pay, Filipino-oriented papers in the U.S. I didn't see this on their site at

    10/11/02 - Los Angeles Times (LAT) changes due soon. Calendar, Living, magazine, food, restaurants sections, and maybe more will change soon. Wish I had the time for details. Check, the LAT site, and last week's Magazine restaurant review for some info. P.S. - That lady in the Magazine who only reviews expensive restaurants and then doesn't like them moves into the Food section - let her review fast food for a while. Last Sunday's Magazine says, "As of Oct. 16, S. Irene Virbila's commentary and reporting will move to the paper's newly redesigned Food section. This is her last review for the Magazine. Coverage of Entertaining will continue in these pages."

    10/5/02 - New Times Los Angeles archives may be lost. This is from the site, and go there for their hot links. They have much info, and this is just one item. "CUTE: NEWTIMESLA.COM REDIRECTS TO WEEKLY. Well, don't bother clicking all those New Times LA links two posts down. As of an hour ago, they all redirect to LA Weekly. Says our contributor Matt Welch, "Does this mean six years of interesting journalism has just been swallowed, and removed from the Permanent Record? Looks like it. Nice job, Phoenix. Way to airbrush history, paleo-libs." For New Times LA staffers trying to collect their online clips, use Google's cache. For example, this search will get Jill Stewart columns -- but you need to click the "Cached" version to avoid the LA Weekly redirect. Do it fast, kids. These Google cached pages don't stay around forever. Hopefully you all saved the actual newspaper clips, too. 10/02/2002 04:45:25 PM Comment (7)"

    10/4/02 - New Times Los Angeles is out of business reported the L.A.T yesterday, and I'll link as time allows. See what was the NTLA site at for a brief good bye. The last NTLA issue was 10/2/02. Check and search ('find' New Times) at for several links and comments.

    9/28.2/02 - The best of the LA Weekly wasn't what I expected. More depth, but less broad coverage. There were two radio topics and several restaurant ads. See the 9/20/02 Flash for the link.

    9/28.1/02 - San Fernando Business Journal, every two weeks, of about 24 pages, with a simple URL and a site at Slightly interesting.

    9/28/02 - The San Fernando Sun, mentioned in the 8/24/02 Flash, with a minor page at says they will expand their area of coverage from Burbank to Woodland Hills and beyond. This week I have seen it at more locations, and page 31 in the 9/26 issue lists 70 or so pick-up points, but there are more. Sun - please put up a real site, you do have local content worth posting.

    9/21.1/02 - Web-site changes. The Orange County Resister (OCR) this month also revised their web-file structure so some of my links and searches don't work. The Los Angeles Times (LAT) made similar changes earlier. This has more impact on my radio section where I'm working to fix some links.

    9/21/02 - Southern California Gaming Guide, a monthly of 26 pages at, has info on how to play their games, a restaurant review, and stuff. Seems unlike the 7/27/02 magazine with a similar name.

    ===> 9/20/02 - The best of L.A., per the L.A. Weekly, will be in their 9/26/02 issue. It's usually a rather large summary of the best stuff, including restaurants, so you may want the paper, or read it at The last four years are stored at And, these are usually some of the best of the best of's.

    9/19/02 - Found:

  • Synergy, "A quarterly publication of the City of Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Department" at A 16-page magazine, the summer 2002 issue, their 9/11 issue, but I didn't see it till 9/17/02.

    9/14/02 - Found:

  • Manila Bulletin USA at weekly. One of the several dozen free Filipino newspapers available in this area with mostly overseas news.

    9/8/02 - Found:

  • Open Forum from the Southern California section of the ACLU, a quartly of eight-page with a site at
  • Asian Panorama, monthly, 36 pages, another of the dozens of local Filipino papers with mostly overseas RP news, from Panorama City in the San Fernando Valley. Not even one restaurant ad. Site at doesn't work. Email listed as

    9/6/02 - Found:

  • World Fest 2002, a perhaps yearly eight-page ad links to and many advertizer sites. It's a big concert ad. Updated 9/7/02.

    9/5/02 - Found:

  • Nguoi Viet, Daily News, Weekly English Section, and Vietamese American Weekly Review; it has several sub-titles. The English section is four large pages of mostly international news. From Westminster, CA, in Orange County with a large Vietamese community. Site at Not much English?, but try 'VCNR Radio' for live audio.
  • Folk Works The paper is 20 pages of "the happenings in & around the greater Los Angeles folk community," with music, dance, etc. Every two months, the Sep/Oct issue, page 9, has a 'Music on the Radio' section with a few links - leave a message if you need me to list the links. Lots of event info. The whole thing or just the calendar can be downloaded.
  • Campus Circle, the Sept 4-17, 2002 issue of 36 pages covers "music film L.A. culture," and a minor restaurant review.

    8/31.1/02 - Comics - "Get Fuzzy", one of today's better comics. They've finished their trial with Judge Judy. See I don't have the exact dates, but I believe the Judge Judy thing started in July (7/02) and ended a few weeks ago in August (8/02).

    8/31/02 - Found:

  • National Right to Life News, monthly, with a site at Info like "Tips for Collecting Signatures," abortion and media news, etc.

    8/24.2/02 - Best of L.A., the LA Weekly's version, will be in their 9/26/02 issue. Check their site at for last year's till they post this year's. It's so large you may want it on paper.

    8/24.1/02 - The Los Angeles Downtown News, try to find the 8/19/02 issue, their restaurant/food issue, with a downtown food map, and more. Site at

    8/24/02 - Found:

  • People's Weekly World with world and national news and several U.S offices at Paper is sixteen pages, two in Spanish. I do tend to worry with 'People' in their title. See their 'About Us'.
  • The San Fernando Sun, since 1904, weekly on Thursday, from one of the valley's oldest towns (I heard), and a title-page only at Paper is twentyeight pages, some in Spanish, with stuff like:

    8/14.1/02 - "For Philippine News, a new beginning at 41," says their August 14-20, 2002 issue. "With this issue, Philippine News is off to a fresh start." Their site at currently shows last week's issue, but this week's should appear soon.

    8/14/02 - From my radio section - LAT revises keyword searches?, locations, or something. The LAT's "Morning Report" was not found in the usual location this morning. It's at But, no radio. Also, my usual 'radio' keywork search didn't find anything for today. I'll need to revise my links/keyword searches at the top of C&C. Till then just enter "Morning Report" and radio as keyword searches at and/or

    8/13.1/02 - Found:

  • Boulevard, an up-scale, large-format, bi-monthly, Studio City magazine, was almost hidden in a Sherman Oaks shoe store under stacks of other, lesser magazines. The 7&8/2002 issue of 64 pages was their summer restaurant issue with historical landmarks, old Pasadena, breakfast/lunch/dinner places, a list of restaurants (maybe advertisers), mini-restaurant reviews, ads, etc. Most ads seem from Pasadena, but they also cover both valleys, L.A., the West side, etc. They need a web site to contain all this content. The publisher/editor has email at
  • Restaurant Delivery Guide, the San Fernando Valley edition, lists the menus for over 40 local restaurants. They deliver for the restaurant price plus their charge, no other mark ups, they say, unlike others. See

    8/13/02 - Reader's Choice Best of. The Daily News plans a 'reader's choice best of' report from their readers in the Friday, 8/30/02 edition. These usually include restaurants, but the 2001 report at is a total mess, so who knows? PS - that page locked me up.

    8/10/02 - Found:

  • American Eagle News at, weekly. Site is mostly Ficticious Business Names and legal stuff and some free ads. Paper also has many, very short, interesting articles on various subjects and some free ads.

    7/30/02 - Bomb Scare. A man walked into the downtown building of the Los Angeles Times last night before 6p, just as they were going to press, and said he had a bomb. They evacuated the building and got him under control about 10p. Turns out he didn't have a bomb. The L.A. Times says they got today's paper out on time. KFI 640 AM covered this on the hour and half hour and had some info from a reporter before 7p. I just quickly checked the news stations and didn't hear about it. Story at, but you have to do the free registration thing.

    7/27/02 - Found:

  • The Pet Press at
  • Southern California Gaming at was an insert in the L.A. Times. Do a fast multi-click to backup; I hate that.
  • Siam Media Weekly Newspaper (or just Siam Media Newspaper) - paper has been around L.A. for a while, but URL must be newish and doesn't work yet - Paper is mostly in Thai.

    7/20/02 - Found:

  • Weekly Press - no site, but paper has content. Email at

    7/13.1/02 - Revised 7/26/02 - Which ads should we carry and what's fit to print? Pubs don't usually discuss these topics but India Currents this month, July 2002, does. Their site is About ads is at, and "All That is Fit to Read" by Dasu Krishnamoorty is at

    7/13/02 - Found:

  • Fur 'n Feathers, monthly, animals.
  • The Latest Monthly, usually about a dozen ok articles, at least one hi tech. Keyword searchable archives.
  • The Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission Every two months? "The Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission seeks to report truthfully about the Catholic Church in Southern California..." Also radio shows at Streams?

    7/6.1/02 - Found:

  • Entertainment Today Rather good, but I don't see their restaurant reviews on their site.
  • Valley Bulletin 7/4/02 was first issue. Mostly political ads?
  • NoHo>LA (North Hollywood Los Angeles) Entertainment and stuff, quite good. 7/26/02 - A search for 'restaurant' will find a few reviews.

    7/6/02 - Restaurants. The 7/18/02 L.A. Weekly will contail their summer restaurant reviews. Get it for free at many locations or at their site at P.S. - it's large, you'll probably want it on paper. 7/26/02 - not what I expected, and not very good?

    6/29/02 - Two new site listings, one pay and one free paper.

  • "The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles" at, a weekly in it's 16th year with 68 pages. Also a monthly OC version at
  • The "L.A. Beat Ent." site isn't up yet at, also a weekly but free in issue #18, with half news, restaurant and movie info, and half girl ads/pictures. They state they have 4000 free distribution points in the Southern California area.

    5/16/02 - "China unblocks foreign media Web sites. China appears to have lifted long-standing blocks on the Web sites of several Western news organisations..." More at Reuters' story at

    4/29/02 - Are newspapers hot? Check Tip from Larry Shannon's site in the radio section.

    4/24/02 - Six differences. The idea is to find the six differences between the two pictures. There's the one from the Daily News - - sorry, the pics are rather small. A free paper, a few years ago, had better pics.

    4/9/02 - The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has new format, adds color. Someone may have said it's their first change since the 1940's. Try, but you may have to sign up or something.

    3/19/02 - Wants Los Angeles Times historical info. Someone on my BB at is asking for historical info. Can anyone help? I just linked to their site at

    1/24/02 - LA Weekly president departs. See Tip from the LA Examiner.

    9/14.1/01 - Comics. Another I'm getting into is Get Fuzzy at Locally in the LAT. Also see 6/14/01 Flash.

    9/14(.3)/01 - LAT (l.a. times) hides radio info from Internet readers, or it seems that way. See the 9/14.2/01 Radio Flash for examples. Also, like their Radio Tips never get on their site.

    9/8/01 - "Times [Los Angeles Times] Kills Editions You Never Knew Existed. Eighteen jobs go out the window as the LAT discontinues its San Gabriel Valley Weekly, the South Bay Weekly and the Westside Weekly." Per today's L.A. Examiner at They had a dozen or so local sections for the various L.A. regions but killed most of them a while back.

    8/30/01 - Older L.A. papers at LAPL?. For a list of some older or historical newspapers available at the LAPL see this list. It's not complete (it's missing modern papers) and doesn't offer news links. See I'm only listing it here cause it doesn't help me much.

    8/18/01 - The Los Angeles Times (LAT). I've been playing more with the LAT web site at as I transition from paper to the Internet. This month and especially the last few days I've had a few encounters which are described in my Radio Flashes at . Do a find for 'LAT,' and you'll see most of them.

    8/10/01 - For a Huge list of Los Angeles newspapers see Strangely, they provide cold (not clickable) links.

    8/7/01 - LAT's MyNews Page seems to work today. See the 8/7.3/01 Radio Flash for some keyword ideas.

    8/6/01 - LAT's MyNews Page?? - I set up MyNews Page about Friday, and it worked Saturday and Sunday but not today, Monday. See 8/3.1/01 Flash. It won't let me log in, and I even requested the log-in info in case I got it wrong. I sent a trouble report, and we'll see what happens. In the mean time, you may not want to waste your time with it.

    8/3.1/01 - Custom L.A. Times - The LAT allows you to build your own custom-designed web 'paper,' MyNews Page. Go to and click on Resister (top line) to sign up and 'design' your paper. It's free, except I'm sure you'll see ads. P.S. - If you signed-up for this before about 7/9/2001 they say your sign-in is invalid, and you'll have to do it again.

    8/3/01 - The Price Increase reported in the 3/11/01 Flash stuck for the LAT, but the Press-Telegram only held the increase for a month or two or whatever. Papers do set different prices in different areas. Like, to increase sales in low-sales areas they can decrease the price.

    6/14/01 - Calvin and Hobbes the comic - miss them - the kid, his stuffed animal, and his space ship? About the closest thing is "9 Chickweed Lane" about three generations of women who sometimes explore space. Site at C&H are Locally, 9 CWL may only be in the LAT.

    5/7.1/01 - Question: Have you heard anything about Coastal Community Newspapers? They do the Los Angeles Tribune and Culver City News. Answer: The Tribune was about L.A.'s second largest paper but shut down, I'd guess, about 1994. Haven't heard of the others, but try or the phone books/phone-number sites.

    5/7/01 - Yesterday the L.A. Times (LAT) changed their format, mostly in the A and B sections, but you can see changes throughout the paper. Better?? - maybe. They did delete that stupid page A3 - California and whatever - a waste of paper. Yesterday has a two-page description of the changes and what to expect. All this for a street price of only 50¢.

    4/25/01 - See LAT book festival 5/28 & 29/01 in Book Flashes.

    3/11/01 - The newsstand price of the Long Beach Press-Telegram (P-T) on Mon-Sat increases from 25 to 50 cents, following a similar increase about three weeks ago for the Los Angeles Times (LAT). For the P-T subscription and Sun prices will stay the same (for now?). Seem to remember they tried this before, but something (public presure?) caused them to return to the 25-cent price.

    4/5/01 - The Palos Verdes Peninsula News has a site at Not sure if this paper is listed anywhere.

    2/23/01 - South Bay "the Best of polls" will be published:
    Easy Reader - 3/1/01
    Daily Breeze - 3/29/01
    Carson Courier - don't know (inputs must be received by 2/15/01)
    was there another??

    1/31/01 - At least three papers are doing the "Best Of" thing. Details soon.

    1/7.1/01 - "Daily Breeze" gets new publisher after last guy retires 1/15/01. See yesterday's front page A1

    1/7/01 - Concerning the 12/26/00 Flash, I have seen a "The Carson Chronicle" dated 1/1/01, all four pages. It looks like a real paper. This is expected twice a month with email at The "Carson Courier" expected 1/4 is a no-show, or I have no reports of it yet.

    12/30/00 - Update to 12/26/00 Flash. "Carson Courier" says they will begin free distribution to retail outlets, eating establishments, and office buildings in Carson, Gardena, and Compton starting 1/4/01, weekly. Good luck. They do seem to want input and feedback. Try

    12/26/00 - Carson gets new papers. The "Carson Courier," first issue in 12/00, looks like a real, full-service paper for the Carson area. May be hard to find; a few copies were found on top of a regular newspaper vending machine. Will review when I see more of it. On the other hand, "The Carson Chronicle" first appeared in 11/00 just before the election and may have just been a device to sell election ads. If it turns into a real paper I'll report.

    12/7/00 - The Easy Reader is building a coupon section at but not much yet.

    10/29/00 - The 'best of San Pedro' is in this issue (10/27-11/9/00) of the Random Lengths paper, page 1. It's in the form of a PI story; more interesting to read but not as easy to use as a simple list.

    10/25.1/00 - says they have links to 100 national papers.

    10/25/00 - Laurie Ochoa becomes the next editor of the LA Weekly. She's called a 'foodie,' had been LAT Food section editor, and her last position was editor of Gourmet magazine. Maybe she can bring more food to the Weekly. This was in LAT, 10/20/00, page E2. Might also be in Weekly, but I missed it. Forgot - Her husband, Jonathan Gold who wrote and lived in L.A., will keep doing restaurant reviews for Gourmet magazine in New York and will commute to L.A. to keep the three together.

    10/24/00 - Chinese restaurant menu from "The Chinese Garden - Monday, December 9th, 1929" was reprinted in the 10/20/00 LAT, page E8. Address was 6313 Hollywood Bl., Hollywood, CA. It lists soup, tea, rice cakes, and desserts with no price. Dinners, mostly chowmein, chop suey, and foyeung, are 75¢ and $1.00. This is part of an "On Gold Mountain" display with info at

    10/20/00 - I had a mixed reaction to the new "Tech Times" section in yesterday's LAT; some was good, some bad. The 'occasional' "E-Business" section looked better. Didn't have time to read either cover to cover; maybe more comments soon.

    10/17.1/00 - The L.A.Times (LAT) new weekly "Tech Times" section for personal technology starts this Thursday.

    10/17/00 - Random Lengths will do their "Best of the Harbor" in the next issue, 10/27/00.

    10/12/00 - Today's 'Daily Breeze,' page B6, says 20 L.A. Times (LAT) employees at their web site face lay offs. The Tribune (new LAT owner) will lay off 34 web employees and not fill 46 open positions.

    9/14/00 - Today's LAT, page C1, says they will discontinue 14 of the regional inserts they started about two years ago. However, the "South Bay Weekly" and others will continue.

    9/13/00 - Stupid LAT. Today's food section, page H2, says they won for best feature story from the 'Assoc. of Food Journalists' for something on British cheeses by Emily Green. Did they reprint it or link to it on their web site?? No! - this is the stupid LAT!! I even waisted time on their site looking for it. Stupid Me. Nothing! Not even for $$$$. Stupid LAT!!

    8/19/00 - Get 9/28/00 Press-Telegram for the newest Reader's Choice results. Several other papers do this in the fall also.

    7/26/00 - See 7/25/00 Flash -- there are two good stories in that issue. The other is "The Road from Trang Bang" by Mark Edward Harris, page 16. It's a short story about Huynh Cong "Nick" Ut, his pictures, Kim Phuc, and some of the Vietnam war. Kim's the 9-year old Vietnamese girl running down the road, her cloths torn off after napalm set them on fire. She's ok, it's not a happy story, but "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." I do suggest everyone read it, tell the kids when they're ready, and it's available at your local library; maybe on their web site.

    7/25/00 - Most weeks I wouldn't wrap fish in the LAT Magazine, I respect fish. But the 7/23/00 issue, page 14, has a short, two-page, sweet thing on Chinese and American culture called "Getting to Know the General" by John M. Glionna. Good stuff.

    4/27/00 - The Los Angeles Times (I call it the LAT), which will be sold soon, has a new publisher and editor. This and other non-information were in yesterday's LAT, page A3, by Mike Downey.

    4/26/00 - The Easy Reader "Breakfast, Lunch, & Brunch Guide 2000" will be in the 4/27/00 issue.

    4/13/00 - The results of the Pulitzer Prizes were in the 4/11/00 Tuesday papers. Looks like the winners were all East of Denver except the LAT won for best feature writer. He's J.R. Moehringer, bases in Atlanta, and he won for a story about Alabama. If he's any good, bring him here, and let him write about L.A.

    4/3/00 - If you read the LAT and are interested in technology, check the Business section. Today it looks like more technology than business. The LAT Business section my be the best part of the paper.

    3/24/00 - The 3/19/00 Asahi Evening News reports the Hearst Corp. will sell their San Francisco Examiner to a company lead by the publishers of the free San Francisco Independent. Hearst plans to buy the San Francisco Chronicle.

    3/23/00 - Heard the Los Angeles Times (LAT) will be sold to a Chicago group which reportly runs an inferior but more profitable paper and also other media. That will make L.A. the largest city without a locally-owned, major paper. Some fear the LAT's quality may be further reduced.

    3/8/00 - See 3/2/00 "Easy Reader" for their 'best of the south bay' issue.

    2/19/00 - The Daily Breeze is doing their 9th BEST OF the South Bay readers' poll. Results will be printed 3/30/00. Enter before 2/25/00.

    2/9/00 - Found another good, free? paper: Change-Links at
    . See site page.

    1/29/00 - The Easy Reader is doing their "best of" poll. See the 3/2/00 issue for the results.

    11/14.1/99 - Random Lengths best of picks are in the Nov 12-25, 1999 issue. There're mentioned in text, in no order, and no phone numbers or addresses. On the plus side, it looks like only a few of their heavy advertisers won.

    11/14/99 - The first issue of California Seniors magazine, Nov 1999, reports that Get Up and Go! magazine folded recently.

    10/2.1/99 - Random Lengths is doing a "best of" poll, but they are asking so many personal questions I doubt people will complete the form. Get forms in by 10/23, but it doesn't say when they will be printed.

    10/2/99 - "Corridor Chronicles," Summer 1999 with a site at, says "About one-quarter of all waterborne trade in the United States moves through the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles." Impressive.

    9/25/99 - Starting 10/3/99 The Daily Breeze on Sunday will include "Access Internet Magazine." More details when I've seen it.

    9/23/99 - At first it looked like the County of Los Angeles Public Library had its own newspaper called BookPage, about new book releases. Now it looks like they just had their name printed on the front and bought an ad on the back cover. Web site at

    9/20.1/99 - LAT has been unable to deliver a Sunday paper to me for the last *six or more weeks. What the %#@% is wrong with them. It's hard to find them in machines also, and I lost 75¢ last week. I did get credit for all of it, I hope.

    9/20/99 - Hiteck Business Journal, on free review page, has email. Took three months to get email, and they still don't have a web site. Real hiteck?? Use

    9/14.1/99 - The Filipino newspapers are organized at Little Manila, and will be removed from this Newspaper section soon.

    9/14/99 - Big news for Easy Reader. I saw it last week, but I didn't really read it. They have a web site at, but it so something else crashed me twice. They will deliver the paper on Thursday to every single-family home in Hermosa, Manhattan, and Redondo Beaches. Weekly circulation is 60,000. Best of all, it will be available at Lucky, Ralphs, Vons, Sav-on Drugs, 7-Eleven, Blockbusters, and Bally Total Fitness. Neat. I have seen it at Lucky, but not the other places yet.

    9/13/99 - The Beach Reporter, one of the South Bay's better free newspapers, announced they have a web site. Small at first, but will grow. Stupid thing: it's reported in a story at the bottom of page 44. Like, don't plaster it on the cover AND on every page next to the title. Keep it a secret. Street Zebra did the same thing. The site is at The Palso Verdes Peninsula News and the Los Angeles Independent are in here also, with room for more. They all have Food sections.

    8/26/99 - The Filipino newspapers have been collected at Filipino newspapers.

    7/30/99 - The 8/19/99 issue of "Easy Reader" will be their 29th. anniversary.

    7/20/99 - The 10/9/99 (September 9) issue of "The L.A. Watts Times" will carry "The Best of Black L.A. Reader's Choice Awards." Fourteen of the "Bests" are for food. Voting starts with the 7/15/99 issue. Email only at, or phone 213-251-5700 or fax 213-251-5720.

    7/15/99? - they say will be the LA Weekly's pullout outdoor dining guide. (available 7/16/99?)

    6/26.1/99 - The July 1, 1999 issue of the Easy Reader will be their Annual South Bay Bar Guide.

    6/26/99 - Same with the Amusement & Recreation supplement in yesterday's Daily Breeze. Ads from Orange County and San Diego, but in 12 pages only about five ads for the South Bay. And the Daily Breeze IS the major South Bay paper. See the ??, it got lost, will reenter??

    6/24/99 - The New Times Los Angeles readers' poll for the best of L.A. is available today. The 1999 results are also on their web site.

    6/14/99 - I will start adding more papers, even if they don't have an internet connection. Those with web sites will be on that page. Those without or only with email will go on the review pages. I'll start listing senior, music, health, whatever, etc.

    6/8/99 - . . looks like a very good L.A. Media site.

    5/15/99 - New Times Los Angeles is starting their 1999 Reader's Poll. Forms must be postmarked by June 17, 1999, or sent from their web site. CAUTION - it looks like they only let you click into the poll marked "Driveby L.A." ONCE. So be ready to vote on maybe *70 items when you go. Their site is listed on the newspaper web site page. The results will be printed in their June 24, 1999 issue. See their site for the 1998 results.

    5/6/99 - Yesterday's Food section in the LAT on page H2 covered some of the James Beard Awards. LAT's David Karp's story on Asian pears won for journalism. Other LAT finalists included Barbara Hanson's story on Chinese medical cooking and Charles Perry's story on spirits, etc. Sorry, but I just almost recall one of these stories. The current week's text of the Food section is on their web site, under news, under food, for free. Older stores may be on their web site for a fee. Other awards for cookbooks and restaurants (mostly in New York) were listed. The only award L.A. got was for a sandwich. Good going L.A., keeping us on the culinary map.

    4/22/99 - Press-Telegram says the fourty Friday of every month will contain an expanded Taste Full section with more restaurant info, etc. Doesn't say when it starts, but lets assume tomorrow. *No, they must mean May*?? *Maybe June??

    4/7/99 - I haven't had the time or desire to rereview the newspapers yet this year. Changes include smaller food sections with fewer ads and stories. For example, the Daily Breeze food "section" today is reduced to three pages in the "A" section. But they did have a good story about the creation of a new TV cooking series. The L.A Times and *Press Telegram* food sections are each only six pages. The Times has its own list of best selling cookbooks in the Wednesday food section, and I forgot to mention the chess column in Sunday's paper (don't get me started on chess or go).

    3/6/99 - Yesterday, the Press-Telegram reported it would start a monthly paper for San Pedro. No details on circulation, but the first issue is due 3/25/99 and thereafter on the last Thursday of the month. Title isn't clear - maybe "Over the Bridge San Pedro"??. The area is mainly covered by "Random Lengths" since the "Daily Breeze" left about a year ago.

    2/27/99 - Do check out the "Easy Reader" "13th Annual Best of the South Bay" awards which appear in the 2/25/99 issue (available 2/26/99). Who bought it and who earned it? Comments on restaurant picks may appear on my restaurant page.

    2/26/99 - See Press-Telegram review and the web site page about a new Internet magazine which is included with the paper.

    2/25/99 - The Daily Breeze says it will print their "Best of" readers' poll on 3/25/99. It probably will not be on their web site.

    2/11/99 - The Easy Reader's "Best of" readers' poll will be printed 2/25/99.

    2/11/99 - The Daily Breeze is running their 8th annual readers' poll. Entries must be postmarked by 2/19, they don't usually post the results on their web site, and I'll try to determine when it will be printed.

    1/30/99 - It would be very easy for any company to win a "Best of" readers' poll by sending in a few hundred votes.

    1/26/99 - See the 1/26/99 item on the TV flashes page about more schedules in the charts in the TV Times from the L.A. Times.

    1/14/99 - The 1/13/99 Long Beach Press-Telegram, on page A11, ran something about their paper being connected with other papers. It has to be among the most confusing* stories of the year. Can anyone tell me which paper or owner or manager is connected with what paper????

    12/17/98 - The Los Angeles Times newspaper, about a month or two ago, announced layoffs of 250 people. Yesterday they announced another layoff of 500 more people. They say they only lost 30 people in the editorial section. Watch for the expected increase in quality and depth of news coverage. *Phase 3, which they call the last of the layoffs, could be announced in late December.

    The * marks new stuff.

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