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    1/31.7/03 - "McCain Reintroduces Ownership Diversification Act. WASHINGTON—January 31: As part of yesterday’s Capitol Hill "show and tell,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) re-launched his Telecommunications Ownership Diversification Act,” designed to help minorities and women compete better." More at www.radioink.com/.

  • And, www.insideradio.com/ has, "More support for McCain's "ownership diversification" bill. Spanish Broadcasting System Raul Alarcon says the original minority tax certificate program helped build his company. Congress killed that bill in the mid-1990s."

    1/31.6/03 - "As Expected, KSCA/Los Angeles Picks 'Piolin' For Mornings" and more at www.radioandrecords.com/.

    1/31.5/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. "Gunsmoke" is one of the better Westerns. "The Shadow," even with Orson Wells, often disappoints.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Gunsmoke"
    Episode: Brush at El Kader
    Original airdate: not available"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Shadow"
    Episode: The Death Triangle
    Synopsis: The Shadow helps an ex-con who has received a death threat.
    Original airdate: 11-12-37"

    1/31.4/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "The award-winning cast of "Will & Grace" joins Larry for the hour. Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally talk about the show's success and take your calls."

    1/31.3/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "RADIO NATION The Weekly's own Marc Cooper hosts The Nation magazine-derived show that features provocative activists and thinkers. KPFK 90.7 FM, 7-8 a.m."
  • "DEMOLISTEN Warning: May contain your band. Hosted by Devin, Fred Kiko and DJ Big TV. KXLU 89.9 FM, 7-8 p.m."
  • "KNX DRAMA HOUR This Week's episodes: Gunsmoke: "Brush at El Kader" and The Shadow: "The Death Triangle." KNX 1070 AM, 9-10 p.m."

    1/31.2/03 - "If you like RadioDailyNews.com, you're going to love TalkersDailyNews.com," says Larry's www.radiodailynews.com. There's not much at www.talkersdailynews.com/ yet except "Are you a talk show host, a talk show producer, a talk show booking agent? Hang in there ... TDN will be here soon ... Until then, feel free to talk among yourselves." P.S. - Sorry Larry, but most days I don't even have the time to scan your expanded format at www.radiodailynews.com, it's too big for me.

    1/31.1/03 - "Westwood One 16th largest public company in Los Angeles," is a headline at www.laradio.com/. WWI, as it is often abbreviated, has a rather high-content site at www.westwoodone.com/. Their talk shows are describes at www.westwoodone.com/talk_intro.asp, but I didn't notice streaming.

    1/31/03 - "Senators Press Clear Channel. Commerce committee grills the radio firm's chairman on claims that the company bullies artists and competitors. WASHINGTON -- Lawmakers grilled the chairman of Clear Channel Communications Inc. on Thursday..." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-clear31jan31.story.

    1/30.11/03 - Richard Wagoner column on KDL 103.1 FM, a reader doesn't like Richard. See radio-info.com/boards/la/index.cgi?read=762, the new sc groove bb. The original column, which I read but forgot, is at www.dailybreeze.com/content/rav/nm25601.html, or see my 1/21/03 Flash. P.S. - I don't agree with the reader.

    1/30.10/03 - FYI - "Mark Fuhrman Sued For Misidentifying Beating Suspect On-Air. SPOKANE—January 30: The former O.J. Simpson trial witness—now a radio show host—is being sued by a man who says he was incorrectly identified on the air in a Washington state beating incident." More at www.radioink.com.

    1/30.9/03 - "Michael Powell won’t attend LA ownership forum. While his fellow commissioners are expected to attend, the FCC chairman declined an invitation from the USC Annenberg School for Communication, which is sponsoring a hearing on media consolidation on February 18." From www.insideradio.com.

    1/30.8/03 - And, what part of yes or no don't you understand? "Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John McCain lobbed some pointed questions at Clear Channel Chairman/CEO Lowry Mays...and actually cut Mays off mid-sentence a few times in order to redirect him to provide a yes or no answer." Is McCain available for other interviews? This and more at www.radioandrecords.com.

    1/30.7/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. "Dragnet" is the classic LAPD police drama and becomes a new TV series soon. "Box 13" where writer hunts for stories is usually good.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Dragnet"
    Episode: The Big Wish
    Synopsis: [LAPD] Friday tries to stop drug dealers from selling to minors.
    Original airdate: 8-10-54"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Box 13"
    Episode: Round Robin
    Synopsis: Dan is instructed to make hotel reservations under an assumed name.
    Original airdate: 3-7-49"

    1/30.6/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "For more than 50 years, Americans have listened to the distinctive homespun voice of Paul Harvey. The radio legend joins Larry for the hour and takes your calls." Locally, Paul Harvey is on up to three times a day on KABC 790 AM. See his KABC page at www.kabc.com/showdj.asp?DJID=13653, but the most correct schedule may be on the 'DAY-BY-DAY' pages at www.kabc.com/programschedule.asp. Paul's site is at www.paulharvey.com/.

    1/30.5/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "BOOKWORM Michael Silverblatt and an author of the week. This week: Jonathan Franzen (How To Be Alone). KCRW 89.9 FM, 2:30-3 p.m."
  • "GENERATION DEATH Tinfoil the windows, lace up the vinyl and crank up the Bauhaus. DJ Wednesday spins darkwave, goth and ethereal material. KSPC 88.7 FM, 10-11 p.m."

    1/30.4/03 - "Clear Channel defends radio biz on Capitol Hill. WASHINGTON, Jan 30 (Reuters) - The head of Clear Channel Communications Inc.CCU.N sought on Thursday to convince skeptical U.S. lawmakers that the nation's largest radio station owner is not the arm-twisting brute portrayed by smaller rivals and musicians." More at www.reuters.com/financeNewsArticle.jhtml;jsessionid=CSSASDHCZXJGQCRBAEKSFEY?type=governmentFilingsNews&storyID=2143477. Moreover.com's tip.

    1/30.3/03 - 70 years ago? Can it be that long? "In 1933, the first episode of the "Lone Ranger" radio program was broadcast on station WXYZ in Detroit." From www.lmtonline.com/news/s5.htm; moreover.com's tip. Locally, it's on KNX 1070 AM Monday at 9:30p. Google found several links such as a short history at gaga.essortment.com/lonerangerradi_rlmb.htm.

    1/30.2/03 - Virus warning at www.wired.com/news/infostructure/0,1377,57467,00.html?tw=wn_ascii. calradio.tripod.com/'s tip.

    1/30.1/03 - "Clear Channel Is Facing a Lot of Static Inside the Capitol. Broadcaster lobbies hard against efforts to curb its growth but finds few are willing to listen. WASHINGTON -- Clear Channel Communications Inc., the nation's biggest radio broadcaster, is trying to beat its rap as the media conglomerate lawmakers love to hate. More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-clear30jan30001428.story. Almost the same as below.

    1/30/03 - "Clear Channel Fights Efforts to Curtail Expansion. A proposed bill would ban anti-competitive practices in the radio and concert industries. WASHINGTON -- Clear Channel Communications Inc., the nation's biggest radio broadcaster, is trying to beat its rap as the media conglomerate lawmakers love to hate." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-clear30jan30.story.

    1/29.10/03 - Message boards? Ran out of time. Check C&C.

    1/29.9/03 - The missing mother-to-be Laci Peterson and Scott Peterson are discussed live from Modesto, CA on the 'John and Ken' show, 3-7p, KFI 640 AM. Not much at www.johnandkenshow.com/.

    1/29.8/03 - FYI - "Spanish radio show attacked as too racy. Every weekday morning, "El Pistolero" and sidekick Memin crackle...They spin Mexican hits...They laugh a lot...Usually, their audience laughs with them." More at story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/trib/20030128/lo_trib/spanish_radio_show_attacked_as_too_racy. www.newradiostar.com/'s tip.

    1/29.7/03 - "How will Hispanic broadcasters react to the latest from Arbitron? Arbitron can't start language weighting until Winter 2006 -- though it's got an idea for adding it to its existing Hispanic Market Service." Says www.insideradio.com/.

    1/29.6/03 - Headlines at www.radioandrecords.com/:

  • "Feingold Bill Not Expected To Affect Ownership Rule Review"
  • "Michael Powell: Public Reaches FCC Without Field Hearings'
  • "Analyst Believes Feingold Bill Comes 'Too Late'"
  • "FCC 'Stopping The Clock' On HBC/Univision Merger"

    1/29.5/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. "The Third Man" can be ok, and "Tales of the Texas Rangers" sounds like it's from the '30.

  • "9:00 PM 60 MINUTES ll - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps.
  • "10:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Third Man"
    Episode: Love Affair
    Synopsis: Lime recounts his only marriage.
    Original airdate: 9-14-51"
  • "10:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Tales of the Texas Rangers"
    Episode: Night Chase
    Synopsis: The Rangers search for a cattle rustler.
    Original airdate: 1-27-52"

    1/29.4/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "Scott Peterson, husband of missing mother-to-be Laci Peterson, says his wife knew about his affair. Do you believe him? We debate the case with Court TV's Nancy Grace, attorney Mark Geragos and others."
  • Thursday 1/30 - "For more than 50 years, Americans have listened to the distinctive homespun voice of Paul Harvey. The radio legend joins Larry for the hour and takes your calls.
    Related link: paulharvey.com"

    1/29.3/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "RHAPSODY IN BLACK Bill Gardner takes Big Jay McNeely, Bull Moose Jackson and Muddy Waters wherever you go. KPFK 90.7 FM, 8-10 p.m."
  • "RADIO ALCHYMY is one of those creepy conspiracy shows you'll only find late at night, with host Eben Rey. KPFK 90.7 FM, 2-4 a.m. (Thurs. a.m.)"

    1/29.2/03 - "'El Cucuy' hits the snooze button, eyes film and TV. Saying the 3 a.m. wake-up call left him little time for other pursuits, the popular DJ moves his show to an afternoon slot." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney29jan29.story.

  • Also, "L.A. radio host moves to new time slot. LOS ANGELES (AP) - Top-rated radio host Renan Coello, known to his fans as ''El Cucuy de la Manana,'' or the ''Morning Boogeyman,'' will leave the morning show he has hosted for six years for an afternoon slot on the same station, company officials said Tuesday." More at www.montereyherald.com/mld/mcherald/news/state/5056286.htm. Moreover.com/'s tip.
  • Even, "El Cucuy heads to afternoons. The king of local morning radio says he wants more family time and Hollywood opportunities." More at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=22693§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=1&day=29. Moreover.com/'s tip.

    1/29.1/03 - "Yahoo Launches Subscription Radio Services on Internet. Yahoo Inc. is adding to its roster of paid-subscription services today with a set of commercial-free Internet radio stations." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-launch29jan29.story?null.

    1/29/03 - "Not every star is bright. Interviewing a celebrity isn't always easy. Just ask National Public Radio's Terry Gross..." and more in Randy Dotinga's Thursday column at www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html, a day early.

    1/28.12/03 - President's State of the Union address - 6-7p on KFWB 980 AM, KNX 1070 AM, and KCRW 89.9 FM says LAT, but with comments it can run till 8p. KFI 640 AM says they'll have it also.

    1/28.11/03 - KABC's new weekend program schedule, to start 2/8, is up at www.kabc.com/programschedule.asp. Overall, I would call this a negative change, but we'll see.

  • Bad News:
    --Ira Fistell is Saturday 9p-midn, only, not Sunday also.
    --Joe Crummey is back, Saturday 6-9p, but maybe the new Joe Crummey will be better.
    --The Computer Show with Marc Cohen & Mark Oleesky is reduced to two hours, 9-11a Saturday. Was almost three hours.
    --The Pet Show with Warren Eckstein is reduced to one hour.
    --Money Talk with Bob Brinker is six hours. Who has money?
    --They have about eight hours of repeats, but that could be good if you like the shows.
  • Good News:
    --Doug McIntyre get an extra hour, almost in wake-up time: Saturday 5-6a. Otherwise, you'll still have to tape his overnight shows.
    --Chef Talk with Chef Jamie Gwen gets two hours on Saturday 11a-1p. (Was one hour on KRLA)
    --The Travel Show with Peter Greenberg moves to Sun 11a-1p, perhaps a better time.

    1/28.10/03 - "Clear Channel signs 12-year lease in Burbank. Clear Channel Communications Inc. (NYSE: CCU) has signed a 12-year, nine-month lease for 95,000 square feet of space in a new 4.4-acre office complex in Burbank, Calif., the developer announced Monday." More at sanantonio.bizjournals.com/sanantonio/stories/2003/01/27/daily8.html. Tip from www.newradiostar.com, but it's an old story.

    1/28.9/03 - Stories at www.radioink.com:

  • "Supreme Court Rules Against FCC. WASHINGTON—January 28: Ruling in a telecommunications case, the Supreme Court said that the FCC was wrong when it repossessed wireless communications licenses from NextWave Telecom, which had fallen behind in payments."
  • "Talk America’s Mort Crim Broadcasts Live From Cuba. HAVANA—January 28: Mort Crim will be discussing events in Cuba, and is available for station interviews—but don’t ask him to bring back any cigars." See below for links, pervious stories, etc.

    1/28.8/03 - "Engineer Leonard Kahn petitions the FCC to halt the rollout of iBiquity's HD Radio. Kahn lists a menu of alleged problems, including the "huge costs" and "dramatic increase in interference" in AM signals, which he says "may force many independent rural stations out of business."" Says www.insideradio.com/.

    1/28.7/03 - 'Dragnet' started as a 1949 radio show. Some TV stuff at u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211~23544~1139947,00.html. Moreover.com's tip. This TV version could be nothing like the radio show, or even the previous TV series.

    1/28.6/03 - Old-time radio on the internet, whatever, is the one topic in today's special 'Senior' section of the L.A. Times, but I don't see it on their web site. You may have to read the paper, available in most local libraries.

    1/28.5/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. "The Frontier Gentleman" can be be dull but ok, "Nightbeat" is usually good, at some level.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Frontier Gentleman"
    Episode: Wonder Boy
    Synopsis: J.B. Kendall meets a fast gun.
    Original airdate: 8-17-58"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Nightbeat" Episode: Love Story
    Synopsis: Randy Stone is mistaken for a long lost love.
    Original airdate: 3-27-50"

    1/28.4/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "GENERIC AFTERNOON ROCK with Chris Checkman. KXLU 88.9 FM, 2-6 p.m."
  • "KNX DRAMA HOUR This Week's episodes: The Frontier Gentleman: "Wonder Boy" and Nightbeat: "Love Story." KNX 1070 AM, 9-10 p.m."

    1/28.3/03 - Hi-tech stuff in Robert Gonsett's newsletter at www.bext.com/_CGC/, #559, dated 1/28/03. KFWB needs engineers and more.

    1/28.2/03 - "U.S. Recordings Most Telling, Not Best-Selling. WASHINGTON -- Leave it to the Library of Congress to come up with one of the most eclectic playlists in America. Library officials on Monday unveiled the premiere collection of the National Recording Registry -- an evocative cultural snapshot of the nation over the last century, saluting equally the words of presidents and generals, the artistry of jazz and classical masters, and the raw energy of rock 'n' roll and hip-hop rebels." More at www.latimes.com/news/printedition/la-na-recordings28jan28001443.story. Some radio stuff is offered. And, "Access to some of the recordings will be made available at the library's site, www.loc.gov/rr/record."

    1/28.1/03 - "Radio Host to Quit A.M. Show. Renan Almendarez Coello of the top-rated 'El Cucuy' plans to move to an afternoon slot on KSCA-FM. Morning radio host Renan Almendarez Coello, who dominates his English- and Spanish-speaking competition in Southland ratings, is scheduled to announce today that he is leaving the program he has hosted for six years." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-fi-coello28jan28.story.

    1/28/03 - "Cold Contest," "Crummy Host," "Mas Music," and "Play Thing" in Richard Wagoner's Friday radio column at members.cox.net/rwagoner/, a few days early.

    1/27.8/03 - Lots of comments on the message boards. See my list at members.tripod.com/~chinesecookery/radio-info/columns.html/#message. Groove and others are talking about dance. New York is talking about WNEW, Infinity happenings, and links to a WNEW-only board (http://musicradio.computer.net/newboard/wwwboard/). Coast to coast has this and misc. And more.

    1/27.7/03 - Headlines and more at www.radioink.com/:

  • "Music Retailers Form Internet Download Venture. NEW YORK—January 27: Best Buy Co. Hastings Entertainment, Tower Records, Trans World Entertainment, Virgin Entertainment Group, and Wherehouse Music all are partners in Echo, a company that plans to offer songs for downloading from the Internet."
  • "WGAB-Newburgh, IN Seeking $2 Million Bid On eBay. NEWBURGH, IN-January 27: Bidding for the talk station started at $50,000, and the current price is $100,800; the auction ends Feb. 12." Want your own talk station? See http://www.radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/info?call=WGAB&service=AM.

    1/27.6/03 - Headlines and more at www.radioandrecords.com/:

  • "WNEW/New York's New Format Ready To Pop. The Infinity FM Talker dropped its format early this morning and is airing a music..." What about Infinity L.A.?
  • "Retailers Form Echo Digital-Music Consortium" Music for sale over the internet.
  • "KSCA/Los Angeles' 'El Cucuy' Readies Move To Afternoons"
  • "KWRP/Riverside Flips To Regional Mexican"

    1/27.5/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. "Mr. and Mrs. North" is different and fair. "The Lone Ranger" is mostly for kids.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Mr. and Mrs. North"
    Episode: The Heavenly Body
    Synopsis: A columnist’s story leads to murder.
    Original airdate: 1953"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "The Lone Ranger"
    Episode: Matter of Life and Death
    Synopsis: An Apache tribe captures The Lone Ranger.
    Original airdate: not available"

    1/27.4/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "No journalist has his White House access. Renowned investigative reporter Bob Woodward shares his views on a possible war with Iraq, the Bush administration and more."
  • Tuesday 1/28 - Larry recaps the president's State of the Union address with a panel of guests. We'll get reaction to the address from some of Capitol Hill's finest, including Sens. Bill Frist, John McCain, John Warner, Dianne Feinstein, Mitch McConnell, Joe Biden, Allen Simpson, George McGovern; and Reps. Jane Harman and Chris Shays. Also, CNN's Christiane Amanpour, author Judy Miller and Newsweek's Kevin Peraino weigh in on the issues brought up in the speech."

    1/27.3/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "THE CALIFORNIA REPORT Ten minutes of news, special reports and commentary relating to the greatest State of all. KPCC 89.3 FM, 6:50 a.m. (repeats 8:50 a.m.)"
  • "SEED OF CHAOS A techno show that's rarely appropriate for the dance floor. KXLU 88.9 FM, 1-2 a.m. (Tues. a.m.)"

    1/27.2/03 - "Radio reaches digital age. The digital revolution is finally coming to radio." There have been several of these, but there could be something you missed. More at www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2003/01/27/BU111088.DTL&type=business. Larry's tip.

    1/27.1/03 - "Mort Crim Broadcasts Live From Cuba," and it looks like they stream. See www.talkamerica.com/. Larry's tip, last week also.

    1/27/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/. I'll bet it's something to which I don't listen. R&R above says it's KSCA/Los Angeles' 'El Cucuy.'

  • "Morning Super Star to Move to Afternoons"
  • "LA cluster looking to bring in new morning show, moving high profile morning man to afternoon drive"

    1/26.4/03 - "Infinity format flips in NYC, San Antonio, D/FW, L.A., and S.F.: Any guesses? A question with several comments at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=19551, the ctc bb.

    1/26.3/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "7:00 PM 60 MINUTES - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps.
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour).
    Episode: The Awful Truth
    Synopsis: A divorced couple tries to spoil each other’s remarriage plans.
    Guest star: Bob Hope
    Original airdate: 3-10-41"
  • Movie review at us.imdb.com/Title?0028597?

    1/26.2/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "THE RECORD SHELF That would be the classical shelf, with Jim Svejda. This week: a conversation with French pianist Hélène Grimaud. KUSC 91.5 FM, 11 a.m.-noon."
  • "GET UP STAND UP All things reggae with hosts DJ Dredd Scott and Barbara Barbino. 100.3 FM THE BEAT, Sun., 7-10 p.m."
  • "RODNEY ON THE ROQ Hey, what're our beloved Rodney and his basement bands doing in such a crummy time slot? KROQ 106.7 FM, mid.-3 a.m. (Mon. a.m.)"

    1/26.1/03 - "Citizens Knocking on FCC's Door. You don't have to be an insider to get a private meeting with the agency's commissioners." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-fi-fcc26jan26.story.

    1/26/03 - Gary Lycan's OCR radio stuff:

  • Column: "Spanish out, dance in at 103.1 FM" and more at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=22318§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=1&day=26.
  • "Radio Calendar" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=22320§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=1&day=26.
  • "Hot Wave - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=22319§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=1&day=26.

    1/25.7/03 - "On Jan. 25, 1961, President Kennedy held the first presidential news conference carried live on radio and television." Moreover.com/'s tip.

    1/25.6/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. Comedy: "The Jack Benny Program" is usually ok, but I never got "The Great Gildersleeve."

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR —"The Jack Benny Program," starring Jack Benny.
    Guest: Fred Allen
    Original airdate: 1-14-45"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Great Gildersleeve"
    Episode: New Blood in the Water Department
    Synopsis: The mayor asks Gildersleeve to tell a friend about his job.
    Original airdate: 1-26-49"

    1/25.4/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "THIS AMERICAN LIFE Ira Glass' award-winning weekly identity crisis. KCRW 89.9 FM, 10-11 a.m."
  • "ATOMIC LOUNGE Get groovy with Sean Heitkemper. KKJZ 88.1 FM, 7-10 p.m."
  • "THE PLAY'S THE THING L.A. Theater Works' topnotch radio drama. This week: David Henry Hwang's M Butterfly with John Lithgow, Kathryn Layng, B.D. Wong and David Dukes. KPCC 89.3 FM, 8-10 p.m."

    1/25.3/03 - "Savage Nation (KPLS afternoons) debuts book #1 on NY Times list," says an older headline at www.laradio.com. Several talk hosts have had hit books recently, but they don't seem to last very long. KPLS 830 AM is that stupid talk station with a web page but no schedule. They deserve their non-existent ratings, for that reason alone.

    1/25.2/03 - FYI - TV - "Super Bowl Sunday: What else is on TV? For un-football fans, there are Meg Ryan movies, shows on style and design and even 'Gone With the Wind.'" More at www.latimes.com/business/custom/cotown/la-et-braxton25jan25001440.story.

    1/25.1/03 - "2 Firefighters Injured in Radio Station Blaze. Two firefighters suffered minor injuries Friday when a blaze swept through the second story of the Radio Free Vietnam building in Garden Grove, causing about $250,000 in damage." That's in Orange County. Slightly more at www.latimes.com/news/local/orange/news/la-me-ocbriefs25.1jan25.story?null. They don't mention which station, but I'm sure one could identify it.

    1/25/03 - Virus hits Internet reports KFI. They say it mostly hit servers, like all over the world, but maybe mostly in Asia. After only a few minutes thing appear normal here.

    1/24.10/03 - Super Bowl radio. The San Diego bb at members5.boardhost.com/KFMB/ comments, "KGB will have live coverage of the fireworks show on Saturday night." KGB 101.5 FM has a site at www.101kgb.com/ and lists Super Bowl activities. Fireworks is mentioned on their www.101kgb.com/jacor-common/sandiego/superbowl_page_all.html, after the concert. Caution - you may have to mega-click to back out of their site. I hate this.

  • Also, keep checking Reminders, above, which today says - Super Bowl, Sun 1/26/02, XTRA 690 AM and KNX 1070 AM. Undefined: pregame 1-2p?, kickoff 3:20p?. NFL and Super Bowl. Also, it was reported today, below, that XTRA 1150 AM will not carry the game, only XTRA 690 AM. Check the KNX and XTRA sites for info, but I didn't see anything on KNX.
  • Check www.nfl.com/ and www.superbowl.com/. Also, www.xtrasports690.com/ and www.knx1070.com/.

    1/24.9/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. "Gunsmoke" is one of the best westerns, but "The Shadow," even with Orson Wells, is only ok.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Gunsmoke"
    Episode: Trouble in Kansas
    Original airdate: not available"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Shadow"
    Episode: The Circle of Death
    Synopsis: The Shadow helps police track down a maniacal bomber.
    Original airdate: 11-28-37"

    1/24.8/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "MORNING BECOMES ECLECTIC Nic Harcourt spins music that all sounds the same on L.A.'s popular morning show. Today's guest: Irish singer Damien Rice (in the 11 a.m. hour). KCRW 89.9 FM, 9 a.m.-noon."
  • "SINATRA AT SIX Six back-to-back tunes by Ol' Blue Eyes on the station that has thankfully returned to oldies and standards after its unsuccessful try in the world of tired and trite talk. KLAC, 570 AM, 6 p.m."
  • "THE MUSIC NEVER STOPS Barry Smolin plays Grateful Dead concert tapes and other various psychedelia. Warning: May induce "kind veggie burrito" flashbacks. KPFK 90.7 FM, 8 p.m.-mid."

    1/24.7/03 - "New Katz study shows Arbitron response rates are down in the Fall book. Katz Radio Group's Shaunagh Guinness says the biggest culprit is the "significantly lower consent rates." Read the entire Katz report here." Get it at www.insideradio.com/.

    1/24.6/03 - FYI - "Talk America's Mort Crim To Air From Cuba. Crim will broadcast his daily five-minute News Your Care About from Havana next week - some 40 years since the Cuban missile crisis - and will focus on his first-hand impressions of life in one of the world's few remaining Communist countries. Talk America Radio Networks will also offer a special one-hour feature on Crim's trip to Cuba upon his return." Says www.radioandrecords.com/. I'm not sure where to hear this, but check google and C&C. Google found several links like www.mortcrimsecondthoughts.com/ and www.talkamerica.com/ which seems to stream.

    1/24.5/03 - "ABC Radio Networks Drops Mitch Albom Weekend Show. The WJR-AM/Detroit-based talk host will continue to host his Monday-Friday nationally syndicated program, but network brass has told affiliates it will no longer offer a weekend "best of" show." Says www.radioandrecords.com/. I never read his book either.

    1/24.4/03 - FYI - "BBC Laying Off 61 TV, Radio Journalists. The British Broadcasting Corp. said Friday it was laying off 61 journalists as part of an effort to save $800 million." And, "The BBC is publicly owned and largely funded through a $181 annual license fee paid by all television owners." Do radio owners still pay fees? Bet they do. www.gainesvillesun.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?Date=20030124&Category=APF&ArtNo=301240981&Ref=AR. Moreover.com's tip.

    1/24.3/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "Let's Dance!"
  • "KDL Dance format to complement Entravision's Super Estrella format"
  • "Another new format debut soon" KRLA??
  • "Tim Conway claims Doug McIntyre works overnights at KAARP"
  • "KNX boasts 5 Golden Mikes"
  • "Talk show host Michael Jackson writes daily column" and has for weeks and archives are available. See above.
  • "Kelly Lange teaches class on breaking into tv and radio"

    1/24.2/03 - "It Takes a Truckload of Talent. SAN DIEGO -- On media day this week, between sessions with Raider and Buccaneer players and coaches..." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-sp-tvcol24jan24.story. also:

  • "Westwood One/CBS Radio's pregame show will begin at 2 p.m., highlighted by Jim Gray's taped round-table discussion with Curt Gowdy, Pat Summerall, Dick Enberg and Michaels. Those four have done the play-by-play on 34 of the 36 previous Super Bowls.... Gray will have an interview with Commissioner Paul Tagliabue at halftime.... Calling the game on radio will be Marv Albert, working his first Super Bowl, and Boomer Esiason.... KNX (1070) and XTRA (690 only) will carry the radio coverage."
  • "The Super Bowl is being televised in 220 countries in 28 languages..."

    1/24.1/03 - "DJ voices in tune with the standards. Gary Owens and Geoff Edwards are returning to the air as key players in the duel between stations playing big band and pop classics." This and more at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney24jan24.story.

    1/24/03 - "Michael Jackson: Talk radio needs liberal, local views. Talk radio host Michael Jackson says more liberal voices are needed on talk radio." Plus KLAC and other schedule info and more. See u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%257E23540%257E1131184,00.html?search=filter.

    1/23.11/03 - Melinda Lee mentioned the cost of her web-site updates the other day. It costs her either $90 or $95 (per each update, whatever?). Does anyone recall the exact details? And, she does update her site every week at www.melindalee.com/.

    1/23.10/03 - FYI - Want to teach English in China, have a nice trip, and maybe write some of it off? Check out, "English chat opens doors in China." Also, of interest to me was, "One Chinese teacher of English told me that he and his colleagues advocate making English the official second language of China. By 2040, he hopes, China will be one of the largest English-speaking countries on Earth. Radio and television programs teach it to the public." More and other stuff at the rather short www.latimes.com/travel/advice/budget/la-tr-budget19jan19,0,638355.column?coll=la%2Dtravel%2Don%5Fa%5Fbudget. The group has a site at www.globalvolunteers.org/.

    1/23.9/03 - News from MeasureCast at www.measurecast.com/:

  • KFI 640 AM in L.A. is up to 25th place. No L.A. stations have been in the top 25 for a while.
  • Clear Channel Worldwide (CCC's streaming service) drops to third place (maybe cause some stations halted streaming??). MUSICMATCH is first, StreamAudio second.

    1/23.8/03 - "Clear Channel Is The Focus Of Senate Hearing Next Week. WASHINGTON—January 23: The Wall Street Journal reports today that Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John McCain (R-AZ) is planning a hearing next week on ownership concentration, focusing particularly on Clear Channel Communications." More at www.radioink.com/.

    1/23.7/03 - Headlines at www.radioandrecords.com/:

  • "Arbitron Focused On Renewing Infinity, ABC Contracts"
  • "Rep. Billy Tauzin Slams FCC For Regulating Free Speech"
  • "Sirius Now An Option In Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Vehicles"
  • "Analyst Outlook For 2003: 'The Case For Radio Strengthens'"

    1/23.6/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. "Dragnet," an early attempt at 'reality' police drama, is often interesting. Another TV version is due Monday??. "Box 13," writer hunts for stories, is usually good.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Dragnet"
    Episode: The Big Stand
    Synopsis: Friday [LAPD] investigates a shooting.
    Original airdate: 8-3-54"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Box 13" Episode: The Clay Pigeon
    Synopsis: Dan receives instructions to visit a doctor.
    Original airdate: 2-28-49"

    1/23.5/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "Her fiance was murdered two weeks before their wedding. Court TV's Nancy Grace talks about the tragedy that changed her life forever."
  • Friday 1/24 - "Comic legend Sid Caesar joins Larry for the hour. Hear what one of TV's original kings of comedy has to say at the age of 80." Once bumped, Sid returns to the schedule.

    1/23.4/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "BOOKWORM Michael Silverblatt and an author of the week. This week: Mary Robison (Tell Me ). KCRW 89.9 FM, 2:30-3 p.m."
  • "LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT DJ Brian picks up and moves into prime-time with fuzzy noise, prog-rock classics and real-now, no-core sounds. KSPC 88.7 FM, 6-8 p.m."

    1/23.3/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "KDL: Land of 10,000 Dance Songs" [First 10,000 without commercials.]
  • "New Dance station has successful history - Dallas KDL went from 0.0 to 1.4 in first book"
  • "KABC's Doug McIntyre fires back at KLSX slam from Conway & Steckler"

    1/23.2/03 - "Take it as a sign they're listening. Watch out. That billboard you're driving by might be eavesdropping -- not on you but the radio station you're listening to. This month Alaris Media Network, an outdoor-advertising company based in Sacramento, is transforming its three electronic billboards in L.A. into "smart freeway signs." More at www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/calwknd/cl-wk-billboard23jan23.story. A previous story talked about these boards in San Francisco, or something.

    1/23.1/03 - "TV/radio knighted this Bishop. Not too long ago, a man walked into the Greek restaurant in San Diego's Seaport Village, peered at the owner, and blurted out: "Didn't you used to be Jerry G. Bishop?" And, more in Randy Dotinga's Thursday column at www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html.

    1/23/03 - "Former DJ knows radios inside and out. A 35-year broadcasting vet now restores vintage sets to museum quality. When Michael O'Brien retired in 1995 from life as a radio personality, he began restoring vintage radios – those built from 1922 through 1942 – to their original factory specifications." More at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=21740§ion=ACCENT&year=2003&month=1&day=23. See, the OCR has other radio stuff; I just don't have the time to find it all.

    1/22.14/03 - Chef Jamie Gwen, last on KRLA, already has a web page on KABC. She's not quite as good as Melinda or Jackie, but she's good and has a different view. Also, she has had interesting guests and give-a-ways. See www.kabc.com/showdj.asp?DJID=14468.

    1/22.13/03 - Kevin Mitnick is allowed to use a computer again, starting yesterday, and the word was he plans to start a computer security company. He has a site at www.kevinmitnick.com/ and hosted a computer show on KFI. Good luck to Kevin, he deserves it.

    1/22.12/03 - So Cal Groove bb is using their new board at www.radio-info.com/boards/la/. They still have stuff at members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/ but plan to stop posting here about 1/26/03.

    1/22.11/03 - Can I get the Super Bowl on the radio? Check www.westwoodone.com/Press%20Releases/01_21_03(superbowlXXXVII).asp. Stuff like, "New York, NY – January 21, 2003 – Westwood One/CBS Radio Sports’ exclusive live coverage of Super Bowl XXXVII will air on more than 575 radio stations nationwide in 100 of the top 100 markets in America, and on American Forces Radio Network. Affiliates include ... KNX-AM [1070], Los Angeles ... andXTRA-AM [690 & 1150], San Diego. Westwood One/CBS Radio Sports’ pre-game coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. ET [2p L.A. time], followed by kickoff at approximately 6:20 p.m. ET [3:20p L.A. time] on Sunday, January 26, 2003, as the Oakland Raiders face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII." For 'XTRA in San Diego', FOX Sports 1150 AM in L.A. and XTRA Sports 690 AM San Diego are now simulcasting as XTRA Sports 690 AM and 1150 AM, which can be heard in L.A.

    1/22.10/03 - "HERE COMES THE SUPER BOWL. (January 23, 2003 7:25am) Westwood One says their exclusive radio broadcast of Sunday's Super Bowl will be heard on 575 stations nationwide. Westwood One/CBS Radio Sport's live coverage begins at 4pm Eastern from San Diego." Says www.newradiostar.com/. That 1p L.A. time, but expect the pre-game show to start about now.

    1/22.9/03 - Stories and more at www.radioink.com/:

  • "Fox News Set To Launch Alan Colmes Show." NEW YORK—January 22: A Fox News source confirms that it’s set to launch a nightly radio talk show featuring Alan Colmes, the liberal half of the network’s Hannity and Colmes program.
  • "Sirius Teams Up With NBA. NEW YORK—January 22: Beginning in mid-February, Sirius will broadcast 40 NBA games per week as part of a package that includes the playoffs and NBA Finals."
  • "Salem-L.A. Launches Five Online Stations. LOS ANGELES—January 22: The five 24/7 Internet-only stations began streaming yesterday (Jan. 21)."

    1/22.8/03 - Items at www.insideradio.com/:

  • "Not everybody's ready for iBiquity's digital HD Radio."
  • "For Sunday's Super Bowl, Westwood says it's got all of the top 100 markets covered."
  • "Inside Info: Opie and Anthony’s staff has been fired."
  • "Fox goes it alone for the Alan Colmes syndication."

    1/22.7/03 - Other headlines at www.radioandrecords.com/. Some of these stories have been around for a day or more.

  • "Senate Approves Nationwide Amber Alert System"
  • "XM Readies More Portable Receivers"
  • "Sirius Scores NBA Audio Package"
  • "Salem/Los Angeles Offers Program Replays On The 'Net" [KRLA]

    1/22.6/03 - "Study: Listeners Again Ask Radio To Backsell. Most prefer that DJs ID songs after music sets. About 82% of those surveyed by Paragon Media Strategies answered that it was "important [vs. 'not important'] that radio DJs announce artist and title of the songs you hear on the radio."" More at www.radioandrecords.com/.

    1/22.5/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. "The Third Man" can be ok, but "Tales of the Texas Rangers" seem rather dated to me, which isn't necessarly bad.

  • "9:00 PM 60 MINUTES ll - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps.
  • "10:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Third Man"
    Episode: Ticket to Tangiers
    Synopsis: Lime is intrigued by an opportunity in Tangiers.
    Original airdate: 8-24-51"
  • "10:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Tales of the Texas Rangers"
    Episode: Blood Trail
    Synopsis: A doctor is seemingly killed without reason.
    Original airdate: 1-20-52"

    1/22.4/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "Broadcasting legend Art Linkletter is almost 91 years old and still married to the same woman. Tune in as he talks about everything from personal tragedies to 'kids say the darndest things.'"
  • For a while today the topic was switched to, "A jury Tuesday convicted fugitive Max Factor heir Andrew Luster on charges of raping three women. In an exclusive interview, one of his victims speaks out on the case for the first time." Art Linkletter got bumped for this.

    1/22.3/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "FEMINIST MAGAZINE "commemorates the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade" with testimonials from women who had abortions before the procedure was legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court. KPFK 90.7 FM, 7-8 p.m."
  • "TRILOGY Brought to you by three rotating hosts - Bonnie Barnett, new-jazzer Emily Hay and Michael Davis - who feature electro-acoustic tunes, meandering free jazz, cutting-edge music, and in-studio performances and interviews. KXLU 88.9 FM, 9-10 p.m."

    1/22.2/03 - FYI - "Area schools will get weather radios. COLUMBUS - The 42 public and parochial schools in Platte County will receive a belated Christmas gift this spring: Weather radios." More at www.columbustelegram.com/articles/2003/01/22/news/news3.txt. www.moreover.com/'s tip.

    1/22.1/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com. See below for some details.

  • "Joe Crummey returns to KABC after learning lesson from his youngster" Has new KABC show on 2/8/03, filling now.
  • "L.A. cluster streams 24/7 all talk shows" See KRLA.
  • "FM IBOC demonstrated" See KROQ.

    1/22/03 - "Amber Alert Expansion Gains. Senate OKs a bill to close national gaps in a system aimed at quickly finding abducted kids. House passage is still required." More at www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-amber22jan22.story?null.

    1/21.16/03 - Working - New KABC weekend schedule starts 2/8/03: (from LAT, Gary Lycan)

  • 6-9a - "Satellite Sisters," a talk show featuring sisters - was on NPR. sisters'
  • 9a-? - Computer show with Mark and Marc
  • 11a-1p - "Chef Talk With Chef Jamie Gwen" - cooking - was on KRLA. kabc's & Jamie's.
  • 6-9p - Joe Crummey - a minor ego jock?
  • 7-8a? or 8-9a? - "The Pet Show with Warren Eckstein." kabc's.
  • 11a?-1p? - "The Travel Show With Peter Greenberg"
  • 9p-midn - Joe Crummey (fills for Leo Terrell's till 3/4/03)
  • Gone Sat & Sun: Mark Davis and Mitch Albom

    1/21.15/03 - Gary Lycan's radio stuff from Sunday that my search missed. P.S. - I have bad luck searching the OCR, for some reason. See long URL, Richard Wagoner's board, for other tips.

  • "Hot Wave" - Six-day program schedule at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=21050.
  • "On the dial" - Sunday's program listing at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=21051.
  • For OCR searches, the tipper suggests: "In the future, use these links instead:"
    --"(on Sundays only, look for the "Radio" section) http://www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/section.do?section=SHOW"
    --"(for all other days, look for the "Radio" section -- only the article; won't have laradio.com wrap-up; calendar; calendar2) http://www.ocregister.com/columns/"
    --"(alternatively, use the search feature for "Gary Lycan" -- may require several pages to find all articles for that week)"

    1/21.14/03 - FYI - "THE SUPREME COURT'S COPYRIGHT EXTENSION DECISION: A Mickey Mouse Ruling." Thanks, but I'll wait for the movie or a better explanation. More at writ.news.findlaw.com/commentary/20030120_sprigman.html. www.newradiostar.com/'s tip.

    1/21.13/03 - FYI - "3 Atlanta radio stations rocked by audience shifts. Radio listeners abandoned three longtime favorites in droves last fall, causing soul-searching in corporate offices across Atlanta." More at www.accessatlanta.com/ajc/living/0103/21radio.html. www.newradiostar.com/'s tip.

    1/21.12/03 - "For Last Analog Holdout, Radio, a Time to Digitize. Thought much about digital radio lately? I didn't think so. But with all the buzz recently..." Introduces the new stuff and some prices. More at www.newsday.com/business/columnists/ny-pigear3097781jan21,0,4074899.column?coll=ny-business-columnists. www.newradiostar.com/'s tip.

    1/21.11/03 - "Not everybody's ready for iBiquity's digital HD Radio. There's already one filing at the FCC asking it to slow down. Is another on the way?" From www.insideradio.com. 'People' are still saying bad things about HD, so who knows.

    1/21.10/03 - Headlines at www.radioandrecords.com:

  • "FOX News Channel Pitching Alan Colmes To Radio"
  • "Another Commissioner Asks If Consolidation Leads To Indecency"
  • "Copps Says New Media Outlets Don't Equal Viewpoint Diversity"

    1/21.9/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. "The Frontier Gentleman" has been ok. "Nightbeat" is usually good.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Frontier Gentleman"
    Episode: The Cat Man
    Synopsis: Stealing cats for profit.
    Original airdate: 8-10-58"
  • 9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Nightbeat"
    Episode: A World All His Own
    Synopsis: Being a good Samaritan leads Randy Stone to trouble.
    Original airdate: 2-20-50"

    1/21.8/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "Former "All My Children" star Michael Nader lost his job because of drugs. Now, he says he has recovered and is suing to get back on the soap opera. He joins Larry to discuss the case."
  • Wednesday 1/22 - "Broadcasting legend Art Linkletter joins Larry for the hour. The straight-talking conservative discusses his private tragedies, public achievements and staying married to the same woman for 60 years."
  • Thursday 1/23 - "Her fiance was murdered two weeks before their wedding. Court TV's Nancy Grace talks about the tragedy that changed her life forever."

    1/21.7/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "GENERIC AFTERNOON ROCK with Chris Checkman. KXLU 88.9 FM, 2-6 p.m."
  • "THE ROOT Robert Mora spins critical beats, dub reggae and even a few spoken words. KPFK 90.7 FM, 8-10 p.m."

    1/21.6/03 - "'Satellite Sisters' Success Story...looking for a program where people seemed to enjoy talking to, rather than arguing with, one another." More at www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/01/17/earlyshow/leisure/main537022.shtml. Moreover.com/'s tip. This ex-NPR show moves to KABC 2/8.

    1/21.5/03 - "Salem Los Angeles Launches Five New Internet Stations. Beginning today, Tuesday, January 21, Salem Los Angeles will stream five new Internet-only stations, each featuring free continuous replays of top programs heard earlier in the day on the site’s terrestrial station." More at www.radiodailynews.com/salemstream.htm. Larry's tip.

    1/21.4/03 - Hi-tech stuff in Robert Gonsett's newsletter at www.bext.com/_CGC/, #558, dated 1/21/03. Stuff like and more:

  • "KROQ DEMONSTRATES HD-RADIO. FM IBOC, now on the air at KROQ-FM in Los Angeles, was demonstrated during a Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Chapter 47 event on Tuesday (Jan 14)..."
  • "LIST OF BROADCAST GROUPS SWITCHING TO HD-RADIO www.rwonline.com/dailynews/one.php?id=2443."

    1/21.3/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/. I know nothing yet.

  • "KLSX's Conway & Steckler poke fun at KABC's Doug McIntyre" [Why? Doug does a better show. Doug just needs a better time!]
  • "KFWB makes news"

    1/21.2/03 - FYI - "Al-Jazeera, BBC sign access pact." Al-Jazeera, the Arab satellite television channel that has broadcast statements from Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network, has extended its reach into the West after signing an agreement with Britain's BBC." More at www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/qtakes/cl-et-quick21.4jan21.story.

    1/21.1/03 - "Crummey to return to KABC." Talk show host Joe Crummey is returning to KABC-AM (790) as part of an overhaul of the radio station's weekend schedule. His is one of three new shows that will premiere Feb. 8..." He's not one of my favorites. More at www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/qtakes/cl-et-quick21.1jan21.story. P.S. - Chef Janie was not on KRLA 5-6p on 1/19.

    1/21/03 - "Gotta Dance," "Honors," and "Drama!"" in Richard Wagoner's Friday radio column at members.cox.net/rwagoner/, a few days early. The KNX program schedule is linked from above.

    1/20/03 - Holiday

    1/19.4/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM.

  • Pre-Empted "60 MINUTES"
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour).
    Episode: Sunset Boulevard
    Synopsis: A silent film star can’t let go of the past.
    Guest star: William Holden
    Original airdate: 9-17-51"

    1/19.3/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • "AMERICA'S TOP 20 WITH CASEY KASEM Find out what all the young'uns are listening to; then feel real old because all of it sounds the same - and like crap. KBIG 104.3 FM, 7-10 a.m."
  • "SERENATA DE TRIOS The enchanting sounds of Latin guitar. KXLU 88.9 FM, 6-7 p.m."
  • "OFF THE RECORD WITH JOE BENSON Music and conversation with rock's greatest celebs. This week: the music of (and conversation with) Van Halen and, let's hope, very little of the post-Dave "Van Hagar." ARROW 93 FM, 10-11 p.m."

    1/19.2/03 - Dance-music chat continues at members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/. Some are titled KDL, 103.1, music/dance, whatever.

  • Avoid, "HEY! CHECKOUT MY PICS - TANYA." It locked me up the last time.

    1/19.1/03 - "Mapping the Boundaries. Complete relaxation of the media ownership caps, as one analyst put it, could clear the way for a massive conglomerate called AOL Time Warner-NBC-Clear Channel-Gannett-New York Times-Tribune." More at www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/politics/la-fi-mediabox19jan19001523.story?null.

    1/19/03 - Gary Lycan's radio column. KABC changes etc.

  • Column - "Post-crisis Crummey returns" at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=21049§ion=SHOW&year=2003&month=1&day=19.

    1/18.8/03 New restaurant show, today, noon to 2p, on KFI 640 AM. Another KFI change puts Mario Martinoli, last on KABC, into this slot. He does do about the best restaurant/food show on the air. His old KABC page is still at www.kabc.com/showdj.asp?DJID=3660. Do you remember the station he was on before KABC and/or when Amy Strong was a regular on the show? One Answer: Cooking for Friends with Mario Martinoli, Sat noon-2p was on KYPA 1230 AM. Amy was full-time on that show.

    1/18.7/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Jack Benny Program," starring Jack Benny.
    Synopsis: Jack goes to New York.
    Original airdate: 1-7-45"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Great Gildersleeve"
    Episode: Leroy Has a Toothache
    Synopsis: Gildy tries to pull Leroy’s bad tooth.
    Original airdate: 1-19-49"

    1/18.6/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "THE CHEVRON/TEXACO METROPOLITAN OPERA RADIO BROADCAST This week: Bizet's Carmen, conducted by Yves Abel, with Mary Dunleavy, Denyce Graves, Neil Shicoff and Ludovic Tézier. KUSC 91.5 FM, 10:30 a.m.-1:45 p.m."
  • "AFRO-DICA DJ Nnamdi pilots a direct flight to Africa. KPFK 90.7 FM, 3-5 p.m."
  • "THE PLAY'S THE THING L.A. Theater Works' top-notch radio drama. This week: Donald Margulies' Sight Unseen with Adam Arkin, Jordan Baker and Randy Ogelsby. KPCC 89.3 FM, 8-10 p.m."

    1/18.5/03 - "Entravision Flips KSSC & KSSD/L.A. To Dance. The stations, which both air at 103.1 MHz, ceased their simulcasts of Spanish Contemporary KLYY, KSYY & KVYY/L.A. and KSSE (Super Estrella)/Riverside at 5pm today [1/17] to become "The Party Station, 103.1 KDL." "It was a question of wanting to maximize the opportunity with our combination of signals in the market," Entravision Radio VP/Programming Haz Montana tells R&R. "We felt there was an opportunity for this, and these were the perfect signals among all our assets to throw it on." The stations are airing 10,000 songs in a row commercial-free, and the first hour featured songs by Lasgo, Opus III, Nu Shooz, Stardust and Bob Marley & The Wailers. New call letters are pending for the stations, which are modeled after co-owned Dance-formatted KKDL/Dallas. KSSC & KSSD have a history of Dance programming: The two stations, formerly KACD & KBCD, were "Groove 103.1" in the late '90s and "Mars FM" in the early '90s. Super Estrella will stay on KSSE for now, but Montana says a format flip is imminent." www.radioandrecords.com/ had this yesterday. See the members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/ board for lots of comments, many with 'KDL' in the titles. Also, comments at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi, the ctcr bb.

    1/18.4/03 - "Radio enthusiasts celebrate Marconi's 1903 breakthrough. One hundred years ago today, a young Italian inventor named Guglielmo Marconi stood on a sandy bluff on Cape Cod and sent a 54-word greeting from President Theodore Roosevelt across the ocean to England's King Edward VII." More at www.dominionpost.com/a/news/2003/01/18/aq/. Moreover.com/'s tip.

  • A comment on the NYr bb adds, "I read an article from the AP news sevice about Marconi's daughter, Ellettra (sp) speaking to those on board the International Space Station to mark the anniversary, pretty cool!!" This is at www.nj.com/newsflash/national/index.ssf?/cgi-free/getstory_ssf.cgi?a0594_BC_MarconiCentennial&&news&newsflash-national, with stuff like, "...Princess Elettra Marconi told...commander of the international space station."

    1/18.3/03 - FYI - Ventura County - "And, No. 1 on your radio dial ... Gold Coast's Q104.7 FM parties on after Arbitron rating." More at www.staronline.com/vcs/business/article/0,1375,VCS_128_1679684,00.html. Moreover.com/'s tip.

    1/18.2/03 - KABC's new program schedule. Can you believe they're not displaying any program schedule - old or new? The schedule page just says, "Look for our new program schedule, effective February 8, 2003" Reminder - google probably has the old one.

    1/18.1/03 - "LETTERS Filling a void REGARDING "22% of Americans Get News From Talk Jocks"..." More at www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/cl-et-letters18.3jan18.story.

    1/18/03 - FYI - "Doubts on Diva's Airplay Numbers. Radio commercials for a Mariah Carey song fooled computers that tote up stations' spins." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-mariah18jan18001444.story. Once, they did use people to count such things; I didn't know computers were doing it.

    1/17.10/03 - Another Jeff Levy computer show schedule change. He lost an hour on Sunday, he was 2-5p, and the 'Best of' Dr. Laura Schlessinger gains an hour. Keep an eye on www.kfi640.com/programming.html.

  • Sat - 2-5p.
  • Sun - 3-5p.

    1/17.9/03 - Dr. Laura Schlessinger was scheduled for Larry King's radio show last night, but she wasn't on. I haven't seen or heard anything about why except that she wasn't suppose to discuss some topics. More if I get it.

  • However, the transcripts are available at www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0301/16/lkl.00.html. At first it disabled my edit functions so I couldn't copy, etc., but the second time it worked ok.

    1/17.8/03 - "Radio, Radio. Why not let the webcasters play?" Lots more at www.newarchitectmag.com/documents/s=7802/na0203g/index.html. www.insideradio.com/'s tip.

    1/17.7/03 - Headlines at www.insideradio.com/:

  • "Is Fox preparing to syndicate Alan Colmes to radio starting in May? First they did Bill O’Reilly, and now it’s the turn of Fox News Channel personality Alan Colmes — who did syndicated radio in the 1990s on the former Daynet." More.
  • "After 3 years, CNET turns off the lights at CNET Radio. The tech-oriented programming leaves the air at KNEW, San Francisco (910) at the end of the month."
    -- Also www.newradiostar.com has, "CNET RADIO WILL GO OFF THE AIR IN SAN FRANCISCO..Some 80 employees at high tech company will be laid off..."

    1/17.6/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p), KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Gunsmoke"
    Episode: The Coward
    Synopsis: A coward seeks revenge for being shown up.
    Original airdate: not available"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Shadow"
    Episode: The Death House Rescue
    Synopsis: The Shadow attempts to vindicate a man on death row.
    Original airdate: 9-26-37"

    1/17.5/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "CBS news anchor Dan Rather joins Larry for the hour from Baghdad where he is reporting on preparations underway for a possible war with Iraq. He'll discuss the showdown with Iraq and take your calls." On Wednesday Sid Caesar was the scheduled guest.

    1/17.4/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "LEFT, RIGHT & CENTER Conservative political journalist David Frum joins middle guy Matthew Miller, lefty Robert Scheer and the roving Arianna Huffington for today's issues from every angle. KCRW 89.9 FM, 2:30-3 p.m. (repeats at 7 p.m.)"
  • "JAZZ ON THE LATIN SIDE with José Rizo. KKJZ 88.1 FM, 7-11 p.m."
  • "STRICTLY JAZZ, so no joking, with Bo Leibowitz. KCRW 89.9 FM, 3-6 a.m. (Sat. a.m.)"

    1/17.3/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "FCC opens open hearings on media ownership rules at Columbia Law School" Many stories are available.
  • "Radio revenues up 10%" This was in the trades all week.
  • "New KABC weekend schedule announced" Soon.

    1/17.2/03 - "Switch to Spanish signals industry growth. Last week, when KMXN-FM (94.3) in Orange County abandoned its alternative music format, a few listeners certainly lost their favorite station. But by changing to Spanish-language country and hip-hop, it has the potential to attract hundreds of thousands more." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney17jan17.story.

  • "Re: Errors in the article." See members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/msg/14010.html, the cs groove bb.

    1/17.1/03 - "Media Ownership Rules Spark Debate at Forum. FCC chairman, artists and executives square off over proposals to relax the regulations. NEW YORK -- Proposals to relax media ownership rules are becoming a political hot potato even before a congressionally mandated review is complete." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-fcc17jan17.story. There have been several stories on this topic, and this is another.

    1/17/03 - "Radio Calendar," Gary Lycan's long list of radio-program tips is at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=20873§ion=SHOW&year=2003&month=1&day=17.

    1/16.8/03 - "Hispanic Broadcasting to air finance show. Hispanic Broadcasting Corp., the largest U.S. Spanish-language radio broadcaster, is launching a new one-hour, financial advice program Jan. 18. The show, hosted by bestselling author Julie Stav, will be heard on HBC Spanish-language radio stations in 10 markets: Los Angeles..." More at www.bizjournals.com/dallas/stories/2003/01/13/daily32.html. Moreover.com/'s tip. HBC has a site at www.hispanicbroadcasting.com/, but a quick look didn't find the schedule for this show. Their L.A. stations appear to stream and are linked from www.hispanicbroadcasting.com/coverageLA.htm.

    1/16.7/03 - FYI - "New place to talk about streaming radio" says radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=19065, the ctcr bb. The site is at www.radiofeeds.co.uk/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi, in the UK, with mostly? UK stuff.

    1/16.6/03 - www.radiodrops.com/forums/, a hugh complex of radio message boards, isn't working today. It started on 11/15/02 and only about three or four poeple ever joined. You had to join and provide a real email address to post on the board. Only two or three messages were ever posted. Who knows what happened; maybe the site is just having a bad day.

    1/16.5/03 - Headlines at www.radioandrecords.com/:

  • "Study Says Women Still Struggle To Get Top Radio Posts"
    -- www.allaccess.com adds, "Study: women hold only 19% of radio management positions."
  • "Latest Arbitrons: Ethnic Stations Up, Rockers Down In Dallas"

    1/16.4/03 - "Dr. Laura is Larry King's guest for the full hour tonight on CNN. It's her first interview since the death of her mom in late December." Says www.insideradio.com/. KFWB 980 AM, 8-9p.

  • King's site says, "Exclusive: Radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger joins Larry in her first interview since her mother's mysterious death. She is here for the hour and takes your calls."

    1/16.3/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p), KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Dragnet"
    Episode: The Big Match
    Synopsis: An auction house is robbed.
    Original airdate: 7-27-54"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Box 13"
    Episode: The Biter Bitten
    Synopsis: A doctor contacts Dan regarding a matter of life and death.
    Original airdate: 2-7-49"

    1/16.2/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "BOOKWORM Michael Silverblatt and an author of the week. This week: Sandra Cisneros (Caramelo). KCRW 89.9 FM, 2:30-3 p.m."
  • "GENERATION DEATH Tinfoil the windows, lace up the vinyl and crank up the Bauhaus. DJ Wednesday spins darkwave, goth and ethereal material. KSPC 88.7 FM, 10-11 p.m."

    1/16.1/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "Did FCC Chairman Powell Flip Flop on Deregulation or Is It a Clever Smoke Screen?"
  • ""I am concerned about media concentration, particularly in radio" - FCC chair Michael Powell testifying before Congressional committee"

    1/16/03 - "Online radio goes offline, again. Do you ever feel like there really are conspiracies in the world, that all those wackjobs with their black helicopters and government plots might actually be on to something?" This and more in Randy Dotinga's Thursday column at www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html.

    1/15.13/03 - FYI - Giant Lava Lamp - town wants to build it. See www.giantlavalamp.com/. Tip from the LAT at www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-lava12jan12.story?null, but they also had two pics and a map in the 1/12/03 paper, page A20. Stay tuned to Lava Lamp Central for new stuff. Also see the 1/10.11/03 Flash.

    1/15.12/03 - "Things Jeff Levy got wrong," a site they mentioned on Bill Handel's show, without comment, and google found this one. There could be others. Try home.earthlink.net/~duneboy79/tjlgw.html. Reminder: KABC, KRLA, and other stations have other (better) computer shows. And, the link above lists streamers.

    1/15.11/03 - Southern California Groove bb moves to www.radio-info.com. "...I will make another announcement when the new board is ready to go with the URL. Once the board is up and ready, you will no longer be able to post here but must post on the new board. You can also check at http://www.radio-info.com [www.radio-info.com/] to see if the Southern California board is up." More at members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/msg/13939.html. This is about the last major L.A. radio bb, but they're stuck on music and a few are busy being mean to each other. See C&C for other and newer bb's. The last L.A radio bb on www.radio-info.com folded 4/10/02, probably due to low usage.

    1/15.10/03 - Headlines at www.radioandrecords.com/.

  • "Michael Powell 'Troubled' By Clear Channel's Dominance. But, in response to a direct question from Sen. Ron Wyden yesterday concerning Clear Channel, Powell noted that it was congressional deregulation, not the FCC, that allowed the company to gobble up so many stations..."
  • "FCC Approves Sirius License Transfer To Creditors"
  • "Sirius Changes Name To Reflect New Focus...will begin identifying itself simply as Sirius..."

    1/15.9/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p), KNX 1070 AM. Note new times on Wednesday.

  • "9:00 PM 60 MINUTES ll - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps like "Patti Austin: She just may be the greatest singer you've never heard of. But you hear her all the time. Charlie Rose reports."
  • "10:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Third Man"
    Episode: Clay Pigeon
    Synopsis: A woman asks Harry Lime to help one of his worst enemies.
    Original airdate: 8-17-51"
  • "10:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Tales of the Texas Rangers"
    Episode: Clip Job
    Synopsis: A con man marks a newly widowed woman.
    Original airdate: 1-13-53"

    1/15.8/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "Exclusive: Although we've heard royal secrets from Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell, we've never heard from his wife, former royal housemaid Maria Burrell -- until now. In her first interview, Maria Burrell joins her husband to talk about living with, and working for, the royals."
  • Thursday 1/16 - "Exclusive: Radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger joins Larry in her first interview since her mother's mysterious death. She is here for the hour and takes your calls." Some might ask, "Where is Perry Mason when we need him?"
  • Friday 1/17 - "Comic legend Sid Caesar joins Larry for the hour. Hear what one of TV's original kings of comedy has to say at the age of 80." And, he looks good.

    1/15.7/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "HAITIAN COMPASS DIRECT, with Joseph Belgarde, exclusively features the seductive music of Haiti plus some funk, jazz and fusion. KXLU 88.9 FM, 6-7 p.m."
  • "KNX DRAMA HOUR This Week: Have Gun, Will Travel and X Minus 1, a classic science fiction series. KNX 1070 AM, 9-10 p.m." Old Info, see above.
  • "DARTH VADER'S DISCOTHEQUE "Grindcore,hardcore, sludgecore, snugglecore" - basically, all the cores. Often live bands. Hosts: Carlos Reveco and Sage Superhero. KXLU 88.9 FM, 11 p.m.-mid."

    1/15.6/03 - "LARadio.com Top 10 LARP Stories of 2002. See www.laradio.com/2002top10.htm. You may have to 'X' out the sign-in box a few times to see this.

    1/15.5/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/. This is from the free stuff.

  • ""Steve Woods Was a Star on AM Radio" - Jim Maddox at Woods' Memorial Service"
  • "Steve Woods remembered as a pioneer in L.A. black radio"
  • "San Diego Talk show host Roger Hedgecock's numbers are "pathetic""
  • "KLAC confusion"
  • "Sam Rubin turns down debate with Gloria Allred" She'd take him in a fist fight also.

    1/15.4/03 - "Local radio stations move to Burbank. Clear Channel consolidates eight stations to the Pinnacle building in Media District West. MEDIA DISTRICT WEST -- The reputed media capital of the world is furthering that reputation with the announcement that eight radio stations will set up shop in the city." More at www.latimes.com/news/local/burbank/news/la-blr-radio15jan15.story. This is about their third story on this issue, in case you missed it.

    1/15.3/03 - "Is this the last stand for media diversity? The dictionary defines "diversity" as "difference, variety." But is just having more, by itself, better? And is the near-sacrosanct ideal of free expression served if many alternatives are controlled by only a few?" More at www.latimes.com/business/custom/cotown/la-et-lowry15jan15001435.story.

    1/15.2/03 - "FCC Chief Reassures Panel on Media Limits. Michael Powell signals to lawmakers that he probably won't throw out ownership rules. WASHINGTON -- The government's chief communications regulator told lawmakers Tuesday that he shares their concerns about growing media consolidation and hinted that he's unlikely to completely eliminate existing broadcast ownership rules, as some have suggested he might." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-powell15jan15.story?null.

    1/15.1/03 - "L.A. is Sinatra's kind of town. Radio: Top radio stories of 2002. The year began with Los Angeles Frank Sinatra lovers..." More at u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%257E23540%257E1099868,00.html?search=filter. This didn't appear on previous searches, so, for sure, newspapers searches are a hit and miss deal.

    1/15/03 - "Fall Arbitrons" is the topic at Richard Wagoner's Friday radio column at members.cox.net/rwagoner/, a few days early.

    1/14.12/03 - "Ask the Chief" Wednesday, 1/15/03, 10-11a, KFWB 980 AM. Also, watch for, ""Ask the Dodgers" generally airs the first Wednesday of each month, at least into Spring Training."

    1/14.11/03 - "Ask the ...." schedule. This often doesn't work, but here's their plan, KFWB 980 AM, 10-11a. Keep checking www.kfwb.com/inside.asp".

  • 1st Wednesday - "Ask the Dodgers," at least into Spring Training.
  • 2nd Wednesday - "Ask the School Chief" with LAUSD Superintendent Roy Romer.
  • 3rd Wednesday - "Ask the Chief" with Chief of Police William Bratton.
  • 4th Wednesday - "Ask the Mayor" with Mayor James Hahn. Next 2/3/03.

    1/14.10/03 - Hi-tech stuff in Robert Gonsett's newsletter at www.bext.com/_CGC/, #557, dated 1/14/03. More items of consumer interest than usual.

    1/14.9/03 - FYI - "Interesting Use of FM Subcarrier." How about AM talk? More and comments at musicradio.computer.net/wwwboard/messages/188893.html, the NYr bb.

    1/14.8/03 - "IBOC Audio Samples. For those who have not heard IBOC in it's latest software incarnation, WOR has kindly provided samples and, perhaps, nails for it's coffin." More, links, and comments at musicradio.computer.net/wwwboard/messages/188862.html, the NYr bb.

    1/14.7/03 - KIIS-FM transmitter for sale. See cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=4660&item=3107707464, with pics, specs, etc. Tip from the engineering bb.

    1/14.6/03 - "AP Signs NPR To Multi-Year Deal. Associated Press Radio has signed National Public Radio (NPR) to a multiyear agreement to provide them around-the-clock audio, a full stream of text news and information for on-air and online use, and licensing to distribute AP content to key clients." More at www.radioink.com/HeadlineEntry.asp?hid=100430&pt=Ink+Headlines.

    1/14.5/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Frontier Gentleman"
    Episode: Nebraska Jack
    Synopsis: J.B. Kendall meets an eccentric character.
    Original airdate: 8-3-58"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Nightbeat"
    Episode: The Night is a Weapon
    Synopsis: Darkness is used as a weapon.
    Original airdate: 2-13-50"

    1/14.4/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "GENERIC AFTERNOON ROCK with Chris Checkman. KXLU 88.9 FM, 2-6 p.m."
  • "THE ROOT Robert Mora spins critical beats, dub reggae and even a few spoken words. KPFK 90.7 FM, 8-10 p.m."

    1/14.3/03 - "Digital Radio Debuts. At first it sounded like just another AM radio broadcast...Then a few seconds later, the sound quality changed. It grew depth, clarity, bass and warmth. It sounded almost as good as an FM stereo radio broadcast, suitable once again for music." More at www.forbes.com/home/2003/01/14/cx_ah_0114tentech.html.

    1/14.2/03 - "The Buzz is about Boortz! For the third year in a row, the readers of Radio&Records Magazine have nominated Neal Boortz as “Talk Show Personality of the Year!”" More at coxradiosyndication.com/press/index.html#buzz. Larry's tip. Locally, he was on KPLS 830 AM, but I don't see him on the current schedules. His site at www.boortz.com/ seems to stream, but it doesn't have a list of his stations - bumb, unless there aren't many stations.

    1/14.1/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "KFI Talk show host with longest tenure is out" Must be Nick Federoff. See 1/10.12/03 and 1/11/03 Flashes.
  • "Hamming it up at CGC Communicator" Soon.
  • "KFI announces new weekend line-up" See the schedule at the 1/9.16/03 Flash and links above.

    1/14/03 - "Sirius Satellite May Face Bankruptcy. Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. said it may be forced to file for Bankruptcy Court protection if the company, which offers more than 100 radio channels that can be heard across the U.S., can't complete a refinancing by June." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-rup14.10jan14.story.

    1/13.14/03 - "2002 Broadcast Totals" from radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=18945, the ctcr bb. "From the FCC press release dated January 13, 2003. AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2002..."

  • "There are 13,331 radio stations, of which 4804 are AM, 6173 are commercial FM, 2354 are non commercial FM.
  • There are 1,719 television stations, of which 755 are UHF commercial, 583 are VHF commercial, 254 are UHF Educational, 127 VHF Educational.
  • There are 591 Class A TV stations.
  • There are 8,559 Translators, of which 3825 are FM Translators & Boosters, 2640 are UHF translators, and 2094 are VHF translators.
  • There are 2,119 Low Power TV stations...
  • LPFM's are not listed? or are they in the 2354?

    1/13.13/03 - Different computer show on KRLA 870 AM, Sunday, noon-1p. Now it's L.A. Jason (or whatever) with a site at www.lajason.com/ that contains info, tips, etc. The 1/12/03 show was his first, about viruses, he's some sort of a computer tech, but he did ok. Next week he'll have someone from Norton anti-virus. It's a brokered show which means he pay for the time up front and tries to sell ads to recover the money. Try the show. He takes calls and gave Norton AV to many callers last week.

    1/13.12/03 - The L.A. Times radio tips for Sunday were in the Calendar section. Not in Part I nor in Part II, but in the other Part I, the thin Part I section. I forget the page number, but they had almost a column and a half of tips.

    1/13.11/03 - A transistor radio collection was mentioned and linked from the NYr bb. It's at www.transistor.org/collection/collection.html. It could contain hundreds of radios. Comments under musicradio.computer.net/wwwboard/messages/188608.html.

    1/13.10/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. "Mr. and Mrs. North" is different and slightly interesting.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Mr. and Mrs. North"
    Episode: Dead Giveaway
    Synopsis: A woman is killed after a fight with her husband.
    Original airdate: not available"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "The Lone Ranger"
    Episode: Flood Waters
    Original airdate: not available"

    1/13.9/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "The search continues for Laci Peterson, weeks after the pregnant woman disappeared in Modesto, California. Members of her family, including her mother, Sharon Rocha, and her father-in-law, Lee Peterson, join Larry for the hour."
  • Tuesday 1/14 - "The "60 minutes" men spend an hour with Larry. Co-editors Ed Bradley and Steve Croft talk about everything from the possibility of war in Iraq to catching "bad guys" on camera."

    1/13.8/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "TRUE CONFESSIONS OF THE REAL WORLD Peter Bergman of Firesign Theater gets three minutes to sound off about anything and everything. KPCC 89.3 FM, 7:30 a.m. (repeats 5:30 p.m.); also Wed. & Fri."
  • "AMERICAN MOSAIC Geoffrey Fontaine pieces together a pretty picture of classic and classical American sounds. KCSN 88.5 FM, 9 p.m.-mid."
  • "SEED OF CHAOS A techno show that's rarely appropriate for the dance floor. KXLU 88.9 FM, 1-2 a.m. (Tues. a.m.)"

    1/13.7/03 - "iBiquity predicts 100 stations be on the air with HD Radio by the end of March." From www.insideradio.com/.

    1/13.6/03 - "Most Clear Channel Streams To Resume Soon. The company's New York station streams returned Thursday and more are on the way..." From www.radioandrecords.com/.

    1/13.5/03 - The Car Nut is still around at www.steveparker.com/EVENTS/2003_LAAutoShow.htm. Larry's tip. He had a show on L.A. radio.

    1/13.4/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "John & Ken Nominated for R&R Award"
  • "KFI afternooners [J & K] nominated in the category of Best Local Talk Show Hosts of the Year by R&R"
  • "KLSX #1 in Men 25-54 from 5 a.m. - 8 p.m. per Bob Moore" [I don't think real men (or women) listen weekday/daytime because of the shock jocks.]
  • "Bee Gees music playing at KBIG when death of Bee Gee hits wire"

    1/13.3/03 - "Thousands Rally Against War in Iraq, Push Peace. Thousands of people protesting a looming U.S.-led war against Iraq marched through downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, with many chanting, "We want peace!" And, "Sponsored by KPFK-FM (90.7) radio and several peace organizations..." More at www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/wire/la-me-protest12jan12.story. See 1/11/03 Flashes for minor info, but I don't recall mention that KPFK was a 'sponsor.'

    1/13.2/03 - "NPR awarded $14 million from MacArthur Foundation. National Public Radio is being awarded the largest grant in its history, $14 million, as part of $42 million in gifts announced today by the philanthropic John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation." More at www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/cl-et-carney13jan13.story.

  • Also, "NPR Gets $14-Million MacArthur Grant," a shorter notice, at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-na-briefs13.3jan13.story.

    1/13.1/03 - "Local radio stations moving next door. Clear Channel consolidates eight stations, including Glendale's KBIG and KOST, to Burbank." Another version of last week's story at www.latimes.com/news/local/glendale/news/la-gnp-radio11jan13.story.

    1/13/03 - Gary Lycan's column from the OCR:

  • yesterday's column - "KPWR keeps grip on top ratings spot" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=20059.
  • There may have been other Lycan/radio stuff on their site Sunday, but the OCR may not provide it for free. The above is all I could find for free today.

    1/12/03 - see 1/13/03.

    1/11.6/03 - Anti-Iraq-war rally live from L.A. from 2-4:30p on KPFK 90.7 FM. Also, the host from noon-2p on KFI took a few calls from witnesses. Also, if you speak Farsi you might keep an ear on KIRN 670 AM.

    1/11.5/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR —"The Jack Benny Program," starring Jack Benny.
    Guest: Walter Winchell
    Original airdate: 12-3-44"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Great Gildersleeve"
    Episode: French D.P.
    Synopsis: Gildy tries to do a good deed and take in a young French visitor.
    Original airdate: 1-11-50"

    1/11.4/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "L.A. SPEAKS OUT Jacquie Stevens interviews people who make a difference in the community. KJLH 102.3 FM, 8-9 a.m."
  • "THE FILM FREAK Leo Quinones has a zest for Hollywood; maybe you do, too. 97.1 FM TALK, 7-9 p.m." [Not movie reviews; rather it's guy talk about movies.]
  • "THE PLAY'S THE THING L.A. Theater Works' top-notch radio drama. This week: George Bernard Shaw's The Doctor's Dilemma with Roy Dotrice, Martin Jarvis, Doug Weston and Paxton Whitehead. KPCC 89.3 FM, 8-10 p.m."

    1/11.3/03 - "A Statement from the Non-Streaming CCU stations." See radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=18665, the ctcr bb.

    1/11.2/03 - FYI - "KGO Good As Gold. The Bay Area's perennial chart-topper [all-news KGO] once again takes top honors in San Francisco and San Jose, where KGO opens up a 2.2-share lead over No. 2 KYLD." From www.radioandrecords.com. KGO 810 AM comes in will in L.A. Strange how news/talk is at the top in some areas and lower in others.

    1/11.1/03 - "Digital Radio in 2003? With financial backing from major broadcasters and technology companies, start-up company iBiquity is looking to make 2003 the year of broadcasting digitally." More on yesterday's story and link at www.atnewyork.com/news/article.php/1568211. Moreover.com/'s tip. ibiquity is at www.ibiquity.com/.

    1/11/03 - Corrections and additions.

  • I need to corrrect the new KFI schedule in the 1/9.16/03 Flash. In the Mo-Fi column, Lee Klein is Mo only and, George is midn-5a except Mo is 1-5a.
  • For my comments on Nick Federoff in the 1/10.12/03 Flash I added an archived google link. And, it's strange that KFI - where the FI means Farm Information - now has no farm/gardening show.

    1/10.12/03 - Nick Federoff's "Garden Talk," recently Sat 5-6a, once Sat & Sun on KFI 640 AM, is gone. Bill Handel said (or something like) that Nick, the then-senior host on KFI, was offered the 4-5a slot (on Sat?) but left instead. May 2003 would have been about the 14th year for Nick. www.google.com probably has archived stuff like www.kfi640.com/hosts/nick/nick.html. Bill is now the senior host, starting about 1989? Nick's site is at greatdayamerica.com/thingsgreen/, and it may stream.

  • For 1/11/03 I added, "And, it's strange that KFI - where the FI means Farm Information - now has no farm/gardening show."

    1/10.11/03 - FYI - Combine Lava Lamps, random numbers, and crypto and you have www.lavarnd.org/, my new favorite graphic site. They plan to update soon. This was in the 'Computer Factoid' column, titled 'Random This' in the 1/2003 www.thetechmag.com/, but I don't see it on their site yet.

    1/10.10/03 - San Diego - "Clear Channel Losing Local Listeners Big Time! With the exception of KOCL-FM which played Christmas songs during this period..." More at members5.boardhost.com/KFMB/msg/333.html, the SD bb.

    1/10.9/03 - "40 Markets to Broadcast HD Radio in Early 2003. iBiquity Licenses Over 35 Broadcast Groups for Digital AM/FM Conversion Across U.S." More at biz.yahoo.com/prnews/030110/phf012_1.html, the NYR bb and source of this tip. Also see the 1/10.3/03 Flash.

    1/10.8/03 - "CC stations to resume streaming - including NYC... Today's Radio and Internet Newsletter reports that 45 Clear Channel stations are set to resume streaming, under a new deal with streaming provider Hiwire. From the report:
    "Clear Channel markets that are resuming streaming include New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Denver, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Minneapolis-St.Paul, and Sacramento, according to Brian Parsons, Clear Channel Director of Technology."
    Read the full article at this link: RAIN Website." For RAIN see above or the following link. From musicradio.computer.net/wwwboard/messages/188548.html, the NYr bb.

  • RAIN also says, "Streaming to continue full-force in Los Angeles, Chicago, elsewhere. Parsons told RAIN that Clear Channel's clusters in Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Memphis, Portland, and St. Louis have elected to continue full-force with streaming in 2003."

    1/10.7/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. "Gunsmoke" is one of the better Westerns. "The Shadow," even with Orson Wells, is only average.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Gunsmoke"
    Episode: The Photographer
    Original airdate: not available"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Shadow"
    Episode: The Plot Murder
    Synopsis: The Shadow helps a man wrongly accuses of sabotage.
    Original airdate: 2-27-38"

    1/10.6/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "END OF THE WEEK ENCORES Two different versions of the same tune, played back to back, all day long on the newly re-installed swing and standards station. KLAC 570 AM, all day."
  • "LEFT, RIGHT & CENTER Conservative political journalist David Frum joins middle guy Matthew Miller, lefty Robert Scheer and the roving Arianna Huffington for today's issues from every angle. KCRW 89.9 FM, 2:30-3 p.m. (repeats at 7 p.m.)"
  • "SUPER TWIN TURNTABLES OF SOUL Fred C. Soul brings the funk. KXLU 88.9 FM, 9-10 p.m."

    1/10.5/03 - "Bill Gates Reveals New Microsoft “Wrist Radio” LAS VEGAS—January 10: Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show In Las Vegas, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced the development of a new watch designed to receive data over FM radio spectrum leased by Microsoft, a system the company calls DirectBand. [Yahoo!]" Says www.radioink.com/. More non-compatable stuff.

    1/10.4/03 - Headlines at www.insideradio.com/:

  • "iBiquity predicts 100 stations be on the air with HD Radio by the end of March. The big public push is on: Bob Struble tells the CES in Las Vegas he expects stations across 40 markets to crank up digital radio soon. Almost every big and medium-size group is signed up."
  • " The early results on the all-Christmas tactic -- it paid off for many stations."

    1/10.3/03 - Headlines at www.radioandrecords.com/:

  • "More Than 40 Radio Groups Jump On The Digital Bandwagon"
  • "Kenwood Unveils First HD Radio Tuner"
  • "Clear Channel/L.A. To Consolidate Operations" - yesterday's news

    1/10.2/03 - "KPFK Archival Benefit" is a headline at www.laradio.com. The KPFK site probably has the details.

    1/10.1/03 - "22% of Americans get news from talk jocks. Rush Limbaugh...Bill O'Reilly...Talk-radio pioneer Michael Jackson went even further, calling the findings "extremely sad." "I wouldn't want my most ardent listeners to think of me as their major source of news,"..." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney10jan10.story.

    1/10/03 - Gary Lycan's "Radio Calendar" of program picks, today about 11 pages, at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=19868§ion=SHOW&year=2003&month=1&day=10. It's hard to keep such a big list up-to-date, I know, but check his listings. P.S. - their site is rather quick today, not as slow as most days. And, search seems to work today.

    1/9.17/03 - Christmas music results, a few comments at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=18515, the ctcr bb. Positive results, it seems.

    1/9.16/03 - Your pocket guide to the new KFI schedule. Clip and save.

    New KFI 640 AM Program Schedule, 1/9/03 & corrected 1/18/03
    See the KFI site for content, details, and links.
    Check bolded shows - Mario Martinoli added 1/18/03 is restaurants, Bill Handel: M-F is news, etc; Sat is law. John and Ken is issues. George Norry is UFO's, etc. Melinda Lee is food/cooking. Jeff Levy is computers. Benjamin Dover is consumer. Matt Drudge is political.
    [Monday only
  • midn-1a - Lee Klein
  • 1-5a - George Norry]
  • midn-5a - George Norry
  • 5-9a - Bill Handel
  • 9a-noon - Rush Limbaugh
  • noon-3p - Dr. Laura Schlessinger
  • 3-7p - John and Ken
  • 7-10p - Phil Hendrie
  • 10p-midn - George Norry
  • midn-5a - George Norry
  • 5-9a - Handel on the Law
  • 9a-noon - Melinda Lee "Food Talk"
  • noon-2p - Mario Martinoli? - restaurants/food? - just once.
  • 2-5p - Jeff Levy "On Computers"
  • 5-7p - Wayne Resnick
  • 7-10p - Best of Phil Hendrie
  • 10p-midn - Lee Klein
  • midn-1p - Lee Klein
  • 1-5a - Best of George Norry
  • 5-7a - Jesus Christ
  • 7-9a - Benjamin Dover
  • 9a-noon - Melinda Lee "Food Talk"
  • noon-3p - Dr. Laura Schlessinger "Best of"
  • 3p-5p - Jeff Levy "On Computers." Was 2-5p.
  • 5-7p - Wayne Resnick or various hosts
  • 7-10p - Matt Drudge
  • 10p-midn - Lee Klein
  • 1/9.15/03 - KFI's new schedule is posted at www.kfi640.com/programming.html. I can't believe they'll keep the 'best-of' shows. Expect (or wish for) more changes.

    1/9.14/03 - "FEINGOLD CONTINUING WITH BILL TO STOP CONSOLIDATION. Wisconsin Congressman Russ Feingold told a gathering of the Future of Music Coalition in Washigton that he was continuing to pursue his bill to stop radio and the music business consolidation." More at www.newradiostar.com/ which is often too slow for me due to all the graphics. Just the news please.

    1/9.13/03 - "Spending more time in traffic? Arbitron's new study on commuter patterns shows drive-time commutes are up in all 286 metros in the last decade -- up an average 13.8%." Says www.insideradio.com/.

    1/9.12/03 - "FCC Yanks Trust Authorization For KFWB/L.A. The commission initially granted Viacom's request to place the News station into a trust - something the company needed because its acquisition of KCAL-TV/Los Angeles put it over the FCC's ownership limits. But now the FCC admits it may have acted hastily in authorizing the trust." More at www.radioandrecords.com/.

    1/9.11/03 - FYI - "Digital radio sales go through the roof. The number of digital radios in the UK more than doubled over Christmas as the new £99 set became the year's must-have gift." More at media.guardian.co.uk/radio/story/0,12636,870943,00.html. Moreover.com/'s tip.

    1/9.10/03 - How did the talk stations do this month? From the links below.

  • place - station - results.
  • 6 tie - KFI - way down by 0.9.
  • 15 tie - KLSX - up 0.2.
  • 17 - KABC - down 0.1.
  • 18 - KNX - up 0.1.
  • 21t - KMZT - flat (classical)
  • 25 - KFWB - up 0.2.
  • 35 tie - KRLA - down 0.1.
  • 35 tie - KKLA - flat.

    1/9.9/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Dragnet"
    Episode: The Big Heel
    Synopsis: [LAPD] Sgt. Friday seeks out juvenile housebreakers.
    Original airdate: 7-20-54"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Box 13"
    Episode: Killer at Large
    Synopsis: A man contacts Dan with an unusual request.
    Original airdate: 1-10-49"

    1/9.8/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM. Fluff week concludes with:

  • Tonight - "Jermaine Jackson speaks out on his brother, Michael, and growing up Jackson. He joins Larry for the hour and takes your calls."
  • Friday 1/10 - "Spiritual medium James Van Praagh says he talks to heaven. Do you need to reach someone there? He takes your calls."

    1/9.7/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "PREACHIN' THE BLUES Ed Archer heals with gospel, blues and boogie-woogie. KPFK 90.7 FM, 8-10 p.m."
  • "THE UNDERGROUND OLDIES RADIO SHOW L.A.'s original oldies station revisits the music that inspired countless horny teenagers in the back seats of cars. KRLA 870 AM, mid.-2 a.m. (Fri. a.m.)"

    1/9.6/03 - "Warren Duffy, KKLA 99.5 FM’s Award-Winning Broadcaster. To Leave "LIVE FROM L.A" in January, 2004. Earlier this week during his ninth anniversary program on KKLA 99.5 FM, veteran radio personality Warren Duffy announced to listeners that he would be leaving "DUFFY & COMPANY/LIVE FROM L.A." following his10th anniversary show, airing Friday, January 2, 2004." More at www.radiodailynews.com/duffynrb.htm. Larry's tip. Their only 'big' show.

    1/9.5/03 - "Radio Ditches Webcasts En Masse. First came the fuss over double compensation for the radio-commercial actors. Then the flap over royalties for recording artists. Now the slap-happy Internet radio business is reeling from another hit, this time from the nation's most popular network of online stations." More at www.wired.com/news/digiwood/0,1412,57134,00.html. Larry's tip. See the link to other misc Randy Dotinga stories.

    1/9.4/03 - Hi-tech stuff in Robert Gonsett's newsletter at www.bext.com/_CGC/, #556, dated 1/8/03.

    1/9.3/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "KPWR Powers Lead By a Full Point over #2 KROQ"
  • ""Power 106" moves to 5.4 share over #2 KROQ at 4.4"
  • "KFWB afternoon drive news anchors live all week from LA Auto Show"

    1/9.2/03 - "MY FAVORITE WEEKEND KROQ's Kevin Ryder. Kevin Ryder is half of KROQ radio's morning team, Kevin and Bean; Ryder claims he's "the more heterosexual of the two."" More at www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/calwknd/cl-wk-fav9jan09.story.

    1/9.1/03 - "RADIO 106's staying power. The rap outlet remains on top in ratings. Coello, Harvey dominate mornings. Rap outlet KPWR-FM (105.9) widened its lead as the Southland's top radio station..." And, "And Bill Handel at talk station KFI-AM (640) fell from second to fifth as his audience share plunged from 5.5% in the summer to 4.3% in the fall." More at www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/calwknd/cl-wk-carney9jan09.story. P.S. - In the paper they had the top 25 positions listed in an easier-to-see table. And, I do seem to have notices a decline in the quailty of Bill Handel's news.

    1/9/03 - "Local music makes a splash. Sometimes you just can't believe the headlines, like the ones on the tabloids at the supermarket: "Hitler predicted rise of J. Lo!" "Pope goes on Zone Diet!" More in Randy Dotinga's Thursday column at www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html.

    1/8.7/03 - Computer shows on the radio moves. Out of time - see my bb.
    "New Home for Computer Talk Radio Links
    Posted by Jack on 1/8/2003, 2:45 pm
    I have finally decided to move up to Broadband. Unfortunatly with the move I will be loosing my free web space with my current ISP. A link to my site is listed within this site and I would like to leave the new address.
    Thanks for the update on the Jeff Levy show - site has been updated.
    Link: Computer Talk Radio Links"

    1/8.6/03 - FYI - Expect some heavy-duty group commitments to "HD" digital radio in Vegas. Inside Radio hears Greater Media's Peter Smyth is committing well over $1M to convert all 19 of his stations - as quickly as the end of this year." From www.insideradio.com/.

    1/8.5/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. New times for Wednesday. "The Third Man" even with Orson Wells is only ok.

  • "9:00 PM 60 MINUTES ll - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine. Preview and recaps.
  • "10:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Third Man"
    Episode: See Naples and Live
    Synopsis: Harry Lime pursues a priceless emerald.
    Original airdate: 8-10-51"
  • "10:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Tales of the Texas Rangers"
    Episode: Breakdown
    Synopsis: A brutal killer blazes a trail from Montana to Texas.
    Original airdate: 1-12-32"

    1/8.4/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "THE TREATMENT The New York Times' Elvis Mitchell speaks with actors, writers and directors. KCRW 8.9. FM, 2:30-3 p.m. (repeats Tues., 7:30 p.m.)"
  • "TEENAGE WASTELAND Here's another student DJ who tends to mumble on air and play too many songs in a row, but Sam makes up for that with straight-ahead rock, punk and garage music. KSPC, 88.7 FM, 10-mid."

    1/8.3/03 - Today's L.A. Arbitrons:

  • See www.radioandrecords.com/Subscribers/ratings/homepage.htm, and click on Market #2 or L.A.
  • R&R say, "Ratings See Major Moves Emmis CHR/Rhythmic KPWR now enjoys a stunning one-share lead in Los Angeles thanks to a 5.1-5.4 climb in the fall 2002 Arbitrons. KROQ remains in second with a 4.9-4.4 dip, while KSCA rebounds 3.2-3.9 to tie for third with KOST. KIIS and simulcast partner KVVS dip 4.8-4.1 to take fourth."
  • Also at www.radiodailynews.com/losangelesjan8.htm. Larry's tip. More soon.

    1/8.2/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/ and that's all for free.

  • "Why Do Radio Stations and Formats Disappear Overnight?"
  • "Clear Channel to move all L.A. stations under one roof in Burbank" and linked elsewhere.
  • "New talk show debuts on KLAC"
  • "Howard Stern and Robin Quivers on Ryan Seacrest"
  • "High winds interfere with Don Imus broadcast at KPLS"
  • "State of the State speech covered by KNX and KCRW" See below, about 5-6p.
  • "Tom Leykis subject of article in women's publication"

    1/8.1/03 - "Clear Channel Stations to Broadcast From Burbank. Clear Channel Communications Inc. will consolidate its eight Los Angeles-area radio stations in a new Burbank office building with a 95,000-square-foot...for FM stations KIIS, KHHT, KBIG, KYSR and KOST, and for AM stations KFI, KXTA and KLAC." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-clear8jan08.story?null.

    1/8/03 - Quickies, all on KNX 1070 AM:

  • 2-3p - Hi Tech Hour
  • 5-6p - State of the State Address - Gov Gray (Joe) Davis
  • 9-10p - 60 Minutes II (new time 0n Wed)
  • 10-11p - KNX Drama Hour, with Orson Wells as "The Third Man" (new time on Wed)

    1/7.5/03 - KFI's weekend schedule changes. Nothing new today. Check yesterday's Flashes for stuff.

    1/7.4/03 - "First U.S. IBOC Station Debuts In The Motor City. Radio One's Urban AC WDMK/Detroit becomes the first commercial station to broadcast using iBiquity's HD Radio in-band on-channel digital broadcast technology, and Radio One President/CEO Alfred Liggins says his company will continue to transition its stations to HD Radio in several of its markets throughout 2003. HD Radio was officially endorsed by the FCC as the recommended delivery method for digital broadcasting in the U.S." Says www.radioandrecords.com/, but there are about three other stations on the air. They have a site which won't let you back out at http://www.1027kissdetroit.com/1027/index.htm, and it doesn't say anything. Just say no; don't go!

    1/7.3/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. I don't recall "The Frontier Gentleman." "Nightbeat" usually has a good story; just don't let the newspaper theme turn you off.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Frontier Gentleman"
    Episode: Daddy Buckbucks
    Synopsis: J.B. Kendall has a strange encounter with the richest man in the West.
    Original airdate: 5-4-58"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Nightbeat"
    Episode: Zero
    Synopsis: Randy Stone encounters a woman in a panic.
    Original airdate: 2-6-50"

    1/7.2/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "THE TWO-MARTINI LUNCH Hear two tunes in a row by folks like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Ella Fitzgerald on this new and improved lounge-revival station. KLAC 570 AM, noon-1 p.m."
  • "TUESDAY LIVE Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson hosts this call-in show concerning local politics and social issues. KPFK 90.7 FM, 7-8 p.m."
  • "MOLOTOV COCKTAIL HOUR Don't swing and drive! KXLU 88.9 FM, 11 p.m.-mid."

    1/7.1/03 - Stuff from www.moreover.com/:

  • "Mazingo adds classic radio shows and FOXSports highlight videos" at www.geek.com/news/geeknews/2003Jan/bpd20030107018030.htm.
  • "AnchorDesk Radio: Recent shows" at www.zdnet.com/anchordesk/stories/story/0,10738,2902129,00.html.

    1/7/03 - "KLAC Gets Some Personality," "Big Fan," and "Ibiquity Deal" in Richard Wagoner's Friday radio column at members.cox.net/rwagoner/, a few days early. See below for newer KLAC stuff.

    1/6.7/03 - "KFI shakes up weekends" says www.laradio.com, but he doesn't give any details for free. I'm on the case. Check the 1/4.13/03 and 1/5.5/03 Flashes for some info, and keep an eye on www.kfi640.com/programming.html, but not much yet. So far, looks like:

  • Sat, 6-9a - Bill Handel's "Handel on the Law" (was 6-10a)
  • Sat & Sun, 9a-noon - Melinda Lee's "Food Talk" (was 1-4p)
  • Sat & Sun, 2-5p - Jeff Levy's "On Computers" (was 10a-1p)
  • Sat only?, 5-7p? - Wayne Resnick's "Saturday Night Fiasco" (chatter talk was 4-7p)

    1/6.6/03 - More public affairs shows on KOST and KBIG. Maybe I'm nuts or maybe I heard public affairs shows on KOST 103.5 FM and KBIG 104.3 FM on Sunday between about 6-7a. I did check their web sites, but I didn't see any info. More if I find it.

    1/6.5/03 - Less is more but still too much. Few seem to listen to sports radio in L.A., but this newest story is in the media, like at forums.delphiforums.com/laradio/messages/?msg=128.1, a new bb, who says, "FOX SPORTS AM 1150 in L.A. and XTRA SPORTS 690 San Diego are now simulcasting as XTRA SPORTS 690 AND 1150."

    1/6.4/03 - Overnight talk on KLAC 570 AM. I warned you. See comments at members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/msg/13583.html, the sc groove bb. It's also on the ctcr bb at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=18151. See the 1/3.17/03 Flash for a few details. The Bozo site is at www.thebozo.com/, and it mentions the show being on KLAC and links to the KLAC site.

    1/6.3/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. If I recall corectly, I may like "Mr. and Mrs. North." However, sorry, but "The Lone Ranger" was meant as a kid's show.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Mr. and Mrs. North"
    Episode: The Premature Corpse
    Synopsis: A woman flirts with her husband’s brother with predictable results.
    Original airdate: 1953"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "The Lone Ranger"
    Episode: The Midnight Rider
    Original airdate: 11-29-55"

    1/6.2/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM. Fluff this week.

  • Tonight - "Doctor Robert Atkins -- one of the world's most controversial diet gurus -- has been criticized for years; but was he right after all? He joins Larry for the hour."
  • Tuesday 1/7 - "Sarah Ferguson joins Larry for the hour and takes your calls. The Duchess of York opens up about royal scandals, her divorce and the friends lost on September 11."
  • Wednesday 1/8 - "In a CNN exclusive, Larry talks with Princess Diana's former lover, James Hewitt. Will he sell the love letters Diana wrote him? He's here for the hour to take your calls."

    1/6.1/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "MORNING BECOMES ECLECTIC Nic Harcourt spins music that all sounds the same on L.A.'s favorite morning show. Note to Nic: Per your Joe Strummer obit set on Dec. 23 - Joe did not sing "Should I Stay or Should I Go" or "Train in Vain." We weren't sure if you knew it or not, but the Clash had two different singers. KCRW 89.9 FM, 9-noon."
  • "RESTLESS SOUL Soul, house, funk and jazz with Kristi Lomax. KPFK 90.7 FM, 8-10 p.m."
  • "INNERVISION: THE ALAN WATTS TAPES Lie back, relax and let Alan blow your mind. KPFK 90.7 FM, 11 p.m.-mid."

    1/6/03 - FYI - "Hispanic Deals Get Done. In a series of moves that is sure to crank up competition for the Spanish-language radio audience, four Hispanic radio groups struck deals last week to add to their station clusters in Los Angeles and Chicago." More at www.adweek.com/adweek/headlines/advertising_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1787429. Moreover.com/'s tip.

    1/5.6/03 - "Former KFI'er Rabbi Mentz, has created a Web site, as he is anxious to get back on the air. It's www.rabbimentz.com/." From Gary Lycan's "Web Chat" linked below.

    1/5.5/03 - Weekend schedule changes at KFI 640 AM are being mentioned this weekend and will start next weekend. Keep an eye on www.kfi640.com/programming.html, but they haven't posted any changes yet. So far only Melinda and Jeff seem secure:

  • Sat & Sun, 9a-noon - Melinda Lee's "Food Talk"
  • Sat & Sun, 2-5p - Jeff Levy's "On Computers"
  • Other hosts have suggested times or had little comment which may suggest they don't know their new schedule or even if they'll be on next weekend. See the 1/4.13/03 Flash for other stuff.

    1/5.4/03 - L.A. Times radio tips for today are in the Calendar section, on page E32 - about three half-columns of tips. I'm sure it contains mistakes, like the Rabbi has been gone for weeks.

    1/5.3/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "7:00 PM 60 MINUTES - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps.
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour).
    Episode: Remember the Night
    Synopsis: A prosecutor falls for a shoplifter.
    Guest star: Fred MacMurray
    Original airdate: 12-22-41" Movie review at us.imdb.com/Title?0032981.

    1/5.2/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "TRAVELSCOPE Joseph Rosendo tells you how to travel prudently, cheaply and adventurously. 870 AM, 7-8 a.m."
  • "CAFÉ L.A. Tom Schnabel roams the world for that perfect beat. KCRW 89.9 FM, noon-2 p.m. (repeats at 7 p.m.)"
  • "THORNTON CENTER STAGE The best live performances by USC's Thornton School of Music. This week: In With the New, featuring pieces with something newly fandangled about them. KUSC 91.5 FM, 8-9 p.m."
  • "OFF THE RECORD WITH JOE BENSON Music and conversation with rock's greatest celebs. This week: the music of the Moody Blues and a chat with Justin Hayward and John Lodge. ARROW 93 FM, 10-11 p.m."

    1/5.1/03 - "Heard It on the Radio. Soap opera warns of hard times in U.S. LOS ANGELES TIMES. Los Angeles - Mexican officials, worried about the problems and dangers facing Mexican immigrants in the United States, are dramatizing the issues to their people with a radio soap opera." More at www.newsday.com/news/printedition/ny-wolati053074395jan05,0,3685054.story?coll=ny%2Dnews%2Dprint. Moreover.com/'s tip. This story has been reported before.

    1/5/03 - Gary Lycan's radio stuff in the OCR:

  • Weekly column - "Gary Owens joins KLAC lineup" and more - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=19080.
  • "Radio Calendar" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=19058§ion=SHOW&year=2003&month=1&day=5.
  • "Web Chat" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=19081§ion=SHOW&year=2003&month=1&day=5.

    1/4.15/03 - The NOAA weather channels on my Sony radio always had poor reception, but the other day I noticed I could hear reports on five of the seven channels, and two of these channels were strong. The other two channels were just noise. Maybe it's winter or the San Fernando Valley, or whatever.

    1/4.14/03 - LA City.com - a new radio info page. These guys linked to me and have L.A. radio info at developer2.imssoft.com/lacity_live/Default.asp. Try it.

    1/4.13/03 - Weekend schedule changes at KFI 640 AM are being announced today for next weekend. Keep an eye on www.kfi640.com/programming.html, but they haven't posted any changes yet. This will give us a chance to see what the new PD Robin Bertolucci (who replaced David G. Hall) can do. She needs to fill holes and voids in the schedule. So far:

  • Sat & Sun, 9a-noon - Melinda Lee's "Food Talk"
  • Sat & Sun, 2-5p - Jeff Levy's "On Computers"
  • Sat only?, 5-7p - Wayne Resnick's "Saturday Night Fiasco" (chatter talk)
  • This is good and bad. Now you can listen to a better computer show on Saturday on KABC 790 AM: "Marc Cohen & Mark Oleesky - The KABC Computer Show - (10:00am-12:45pm)." Except, you'd miss most of Melinda Lee.

    1/4.12/03 - Talk Radio Now, a newish site, at www.talkradionow.com/. Found it on the NYr bb. One comment was, "Re: Re: Re: And so it starts for the Art Bell cancelations...>>www.talkradionow.com<<... Great site ... good replacement for talkradioroundup. Thanks for posting the link." This could be the new version of www.talkradioroundup cause it already has a link to me, and I'll link back.

    1/4.11/03 - FYI - "Iraqi soldiers urged to lay down arms in latest American propaganda effort. US and British forces have been stepping up propaganda efforts to encourage Iraqi soldiers to lay down their arms – dropping millions of leaflets over major cities and encouraging the troops to tune in to special anti-Saddam radio broadcasts." More at news.independent.co.uk/world/americas/story.jsp?story=366463. www.moreover.com/'s tip.

    1/4.10/03 - "HEY! CHECKOUT MY PICS - TANYA 1/3/2003, 11:00 am." This was on a few bb's yesterday, and it locked me up. Don't bother. It's still on the San Diego bb.

    1/4.9/03 - "Larry Elder Set For WLS/Chicago Overnights. His ABC Radio Networks-syndicated show fills the midnight-3am slot previously held by Premiere's Coast To Coast AM; that show, hosted by George Noory since Art Bell's Dec. 31, 2002 retirement, will follow Elder's program. The Larry Elder Show, based out of KABC-AM/Los Angeles, is set to debut on WLS on Tuesday. Elder is widely known in Chicago as the host of the syndicated TV show Moral Court." From www.radioandrecords.com/ where they do update the site on Saturday. 'Someone' said George Noory's numbers were up, but stations could reduce or drop the show if his numbers drop.

    1/4.8/03 - Michael Jackson on talk radio. His site, linked above, says, "In the first week of January look for Michael's article on Talk Radio in the 'Daily Variety.'" I didn't see anything today, but it's not all free. P.S. - I returned to his site today, and this notice was deleted. What's up?

    1/4.7/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. Comedy tonight. Check the date and location of the "The Jack Benny Program." "The Great Gildersleeve" was never one of my favorites, but give it a try.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Jack Benny Program," starring Jack Benny.
    Synopsis: From the Corona Naval Hospital.
    Original airdate: 11-19-44"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Great Gildersleeve"
    Episode: Engagement Notices
    Synopsis: Throckmorton decides to write Marjorie’s engagement notice.
    Original airdate: 1-4-50"

    1/4.6/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "LIVIN' LA VIDA POLKA Lace up the lederhosen, dust off the accordion and hold on tight for Bill Hill's weekly jaunt through polka land. KSPC 88.7 FM, 9-11 a.m."
  • "THE PLAY'S THE THING L.A. Theater Works' top-notch radio drama. This week: Ronald Harwood's Another Time, with Lars Carlson, Stacy Keach and Alice Kruge. KPCC 89.3 FM, 8-10 p.m.
  • "TOE TAPPIN' MUSIC Woo-wee pardner! All the best in classic country with heaps of Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn and Lefty Frizzell. KXLU 88.9 FM, 11 p.m.-mid."

    1/4.5/03 - FYI - Radio...someone sitll loves you. The myth of the radio being a poor cousin of television has been shattered... says Hardeep Singh Chandpuri." From India with radio news, etc., at www.tribuneindia.com/2003/20030104/windows/main1.htm. Larry's tip.

    1/4.4/03 - Hi-tech stuff in Robert Gonsett's newsletter at www.bext.com/_CGC/, #555, dated 1/3/03. It also says, "...Steve Blodgett, W7RNA, will assume the helm as Letters Editor."

    1/4.3/03 - "LETTERS Getting to the root of raunch. MANY try to imitate Howard Stern...I hear real people speaking the way we do while among friends." I resist comment. More at www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/cl-et-letters4.1jan04.story.

    1/4.2/03 - "FAMILY TIME Dr. Laura deserves a fair shake." More at www.latimes.com/news/local/pilot/columnists/la-dpt-smith04jan04.story.

    1/4.1/03 - "LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The FCC Looks at the Rules ." Two at www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-le-spiegelman4jan04.story.

    1/4/03 - A reminder. Gary Lycan's top-10 stories of 2002 are still listed in his last-Sunday column at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=18158, but they may not be available for free starting tomarrow.

    1/3.18/03 - Concerning Jackie Olden on KCMJ, you probably won't receive the station in L.A. See the 1/2.11/03 Flash for details. The KCMJ daytime (5,000 Watts) coverage map is estimated at www.radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/pat?call=KCMJ&service=AM&status=L&hours=D. Nights (750 Watts) are even worse, check www.radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/pat?call=KCMJ&service=AM&status=L&hours=N.

    1/3.17/03 - Watch for an overnight show on KLAC starting Monday, suggested the Bill Handel show this morning on KFI. Details when available. Or, keep an eye on www.570klac.com/, but I didn't notice anything yet.

  • It sounded something like I mentioned in 11/02: "11/10.7/02 - KLAC gets The Truckin' Bozo? See www.thebozo.com/ which says, "570-KLAC-Los Angeles Starting In December." Is it a joke? Who knows? Tip from radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=15184, the ctcr bb."
  • The bozo site says, "570-KLAC-Los Angeles 1AM - 5AM Pacific Time January 6, 2003"

    1/3.16/03 - For Spanish-radio fans:
    "Hispanic star turns focus to airwaves. Syndication for radio talk show pursued in major U.S. cities, Mexico, other regions. lga Breeskin has been one of Mexico's most popular all-around entertainers for decades."
    And, "Olga Breeskin hosts an entertainment talk show on KRLV-AM, featuring live interviews with the biggest and brightest of Latin America's stars. The show is expected to be syndicated in major U.S. cities and Mexico by the end of the month."

  • More at www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2003/Jan-03-Fri-2003/news/20401021.html. www.moreover.com/'s tip.

    1/3.15/03 - Concerning "Salem may be buying KPLS" below, KPLS may have good shows, but no one knows what or when. A sale could be a good thing. KPLS has been unable to assemble a program schedule on their web site or even keep the site up. However, Salem usually can, but changes can take a while. And, KPLS never gets good Arbitron numbers.

    1/3.14/03 - Clear Channel streams in L.A. and San Diego. "Clear Channel Stops Streaming of San Diego Stations only KOGO is still streaming. 91X's website still has a "streaming is back" page, but the stream seems to have been discontinued as well. From Los Angeles, KIIS-FM is still streaming, and so is KBIG 104, KOST 103.5, Star 98.7, Hot 92.3, KFI 640, and KLAC 570. Fox Sports 1150 is offline until January 6th." From members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/msg/13479.html, the sc groove bb.

    1/3.13/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. "Gunsmoke," one of the better Westerns, moves to Friday, and "The Shadow" hasn't been played for a while. I don't remember if I liked it or not.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Gunsmoke"
    Episode: Doc’s Reward
    Synopsis: Brotherly love prevails after a man is injured along a trail.
    Original airdate: not available"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Shadow"
    Episode: Society of the Living Dead. [Kool title.]
    Synopsis: The Shadow rescues a kidnapped man presumed to be dead.
    Original airdate: 1-23-38"

    1/3.12/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "SINATRA AT SIX Six back-to-back tunes by ol' blue eyes on the station that has thankfully returned to oldies and standards after its unsuccessful try in the world of tired and trite talk. KLAC 570 AM, 6 a.m. & 6 p.m."
  • "TOSTITOS FIESTA BOWL This is the mother bowl that decides the national championship, by the way, and Miami is the big, bad ogre that always has a questionably easy schedule during the year and inevitably wins No. 1 ranking; so root for the other guys - Ohio State - please. Thank you. Their colors are better too. ESPN 1110 AM, 8-11 p.m."
  • "MUSIC FOR NIMRODS Host Reverend Dan is sorta like a hip Dr. Demento (MC5, Ramones, Dick Dale, "Pico & Sepulveda"). KXLU 88.9 FM, 3-6 a.m. (Sat. a.m.)"

    1/3.11/03 - "From RAIN Newsletter www.kurthanson.com. Their spin on the CCU [CCC] streaming." Details at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=17958, the ctcr bb.

    1/3.10/03 - The message board are saying:

  • "KLAC lineup. Gary Owens is joining the KLAC lineup, 1 to 4 PM. The lineup so far: PD Brad Chambers in the morning, Jim Duncan 9 AM to noon, and Mel Torme's daughter Daisy after Gary Owens. The noon to 1 hour will be continuous -- we assume, jockless -- music." From forums.delphiforums.com/laradio/messages/?msg=127.1. More soon.
  • "...In other news in his email teaser, Don reports that Gary Owens will be a part of the new lineup at KLAC, and that Salem may be buying KPLS." More at groups.msn.com/losangelesradio/general.msnw?action=get_message&mview=1&ID_Message=410.

    1/3.9/03 - Headlines from www.radioink.com/:

  • "FCC Receives Flurry Of Last-Minute Ownership Comments. WASHINGTON—January 3: The FCC’s deadline for submitting written comments on proposed media ownership changes expired last night, leading to a flurry of petitions from writers, producers, advertisers, consumer groups—and broadcasters. [Washington Post]"
  • "NAB Urges FCC To Change Ownership Rules. WASHINGTON—January 3: No surprise: the National Association of Broadcasters filed comments asking the FCC to relax rules on TV ownership and newspaper cross-ownership. [emonline]"
  • "Unions Petitions FCC To Retain Ownership Limits. WASHINGTON—January 3: No surprise here, either, as AFTRA and the Writers Guild claim that "viewpoint diversity must continue to be the commission's primary goal in its mission to protect the public interest.""

    1/3.8/03 - Other headlines from www.radioandrecords.com/.

  • "About Half Of Clear Channel 'Net Streams Now Down"
  • "AFTRA Calls Current Ownership Limits 'Necessary & Appropriate'"
  • "Larry Elder Set For WLS/Chicago Overnights"

    1/3.7/03 - "FCC Clears Move Of KFWB/L.A. Into Trust. Infinity could end up running station again. Without much ado, the official paperwork for the placement of Infinity's News KFWB/Los Angeles into a trust controlled by former Shamrock Broadcasting President Bill Clark received the commission's green light today. The move was necessary to allow Infinity parent Viacom to proceed with its purchase of KCAL-TV/Los Angeles, which put the company over market ownership limits. Still, Infinity is expected to regain control of KFWB following the expected abolishment of the FCC's cross-ownership rules." From www.radioandrecords.com/.

  • www.insideradio.com/ adds, "The FCC okays Infinity's trust arrangement for KFWB, Los Angeles. Bill Clark will hold the license in an independent trust -- while Viacom works to change the FCC rules to let it keep all-newser KFWB (980)."

    1/3.6/03 - "Clear Channel Stops Streaming of Most San Diego Stations." A headline at calradio.tripod.com/, David Tanny's radio news.

    1/3.5/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "Insiders report that Salem may be purchasing KPLS 830AM"
  • "Gary Owens part of the new KLAC jock line-up" [More on KLAC above.]
  • "Gary Lycan's Top 10 radio news stories of 2002" [See his last Sunday column.]

    1/3.4/03 - silly - "Shoe-Bomber Is Denied Use of Radio in His Jail Cell. A federal judge rejects Richard Reid's request after prosecutors argue that he could try to contact the outside world with the device...posed a national security risk." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-na-reid3jan03.story.

    1/3.3/03 - "Surveys seem to conflict. Which is correct?: (a) Americans love radio and say it gives them everything they want and need, or (b) they're fed up with homogenized radio playlists and yearn for more diversity. Well, it's both..."

  • Also, "KCSN asks to boost its signal. Among the Southland's choices of public-radio stations -- news and eclectic music on KCRW-FM (89.9), jazz on KKJZ-FM (88.1), news and talk on KPCC-FM (89.3) and classical music on KUSC-FM (91.5) -- often overlooked is KCSN-FM (88.5), the station of California State University, Northridge..."
  • More at www.latimes.com/business/custom/cotown/la-et-carney3jan03.story.

    1/3.2/03 - "Networks Petition FCC on Ownership Limits. Top TV broadcasters say studies show that the media restrictions are not needed to ensure competition, diversity. WASHINGTON -- Three of the nation's top television networks urged the federal government Thursday to scrap all remaining media-ownership rules, which they said are no longer needed to spur competition among broadcasters and ensure diversity on television." Right. More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-media3jan03.story?null.

    1/3.1/03 - "Radio calendar" of program tips by Gary Lycan from the OCR, about 15 pages worth, are at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=18858§ion=SHOW&year=2003&month=1&day=3.

    1/3/03 - "Another local indie station sold," "XM Christmas," "Switch," and "The Play" in Richard Wagoner's Friday column at www.dailybreeze.com/content/rav/nm6495.html. It's not on his site yet.

    1/2.11/03 - "Jackie Olden updated info.
    Posted by Debbie on 1/2/2003, 8:43 am.
    Here's the latest schedule info on Jackie Olden. She's on every morning, Monday thru Friday.
    Link: www.desertfun.com/RecipeOfTheDay/recipe.html."

  • This is from my message board where the link doesn't work due to double 'http://' which I'll fix soon. Thanks Debbie - I've been hoping she'd get a site or something. I'm a long-time fan. I don't see streaming, but you can ask the station.
  • This is KCMJ 1270 AM in Thousand Palms, CA with a page at www.desertfun.com/kcmj/. Jackie is on Mon-Fri 7-9a, and her recipes are available.

    1/2.10/03 - Clark Howard and Dr. Dean Edell, gone from KLAC, are also on KXNT 840 AM from Las Vegas. The station may be on the same time as L.A. or could be an hour different. See www.kxnt.com/programs.asp for their schedule. KXNT often puts a good signal into L.A., especially on winter nights.

    1/2.9/03 - KOMO 1000 AM came in last night, into the San Fernando Valley, between 10-11p like a local station, but they did fade in and out. It's all news from Seattle, Washington. There's also a San Diego station (KCEO) on 1000 AM which I couldn't hear. KOMO has a site at www.komo-am.com/. P.S. - This is the season for longer nights, so check for distant stations. 740 AM, 810 AM, 840 AM, etc. also came in well.

    1/2.8/03 - Headlines at www.radioandrecords.com/:

  • "NAB Asks FCC To Repeal Cross-Ownership Restrictions"
  • "John Hogan: 'Consolidation Will Continue'"

    1/2.7/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Dragnet"
    Episode: The Big Rescue
    Synopsis: Two robbers are terrorizing the city.
    Original airdate: 9-13-54"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Box 13"
    Episode: The Dead Man Walks
    Synopsis: A woman requests Dan’s help on behalf of her father.
    Original airdate: 1-3-49"

    1/2.6/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT DJ Brian picks up and moves into prime time with fuzzy noize, prog-rock classics and real-now, no-core sounds. KSPC 88.7 FM, 6-8 p.m."
  • "THE UNDERGROUND OLDIES RADIO SHOW L.A.'s original oldies station revisits the music that inspired countless horny teenagers in the back seats of cars. KRLA 870 AM, mid.-2 a.m. (Fri. a.m.)"

    1/2.5/03 - "Radio station sponsors blood drive at Pasadena Town Square Mall. Pasadena Town Square Mall was chosen to be one of the collection sites for KSBJ Radio's 16th Annual Share Life Blood Drive. The blood drive started Tuesday and will continue through Saturday." More at www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=6569074&BRD=1579&PAG=461&dept_id=181233&rfi=6. Moreover.com/'s tip.

    1/2.4/03 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "KFI Best Programmed Station in LARP Listening Poll"
  • "KFI tops 5th annual LARP listening poll as Best Programmed Radio Station"
  • "Two LARPs host the most watched Rose Parade coverage" [probably one was S.E., the red-head lady]

    1/2.3/03 - FYI - "ON TV King Stern's legacy: He launched the raunch. Given the excitement that customarily surrounds year-end awards..."On TV" begins its own tradition by naming a media person who best represented the state and tone of television in 2002... congratulations, Howard Stern." More at www.latimes.com/business/custom/cotown/la-et-lowry01jan01001440.story, from yesterday.

    1/2.2/03 - "RADIO Making (air)waves. Radio star Renan Almendarez Coello evokes admiration and ire. For five years, Renan Almendarez Coello -- "El Cucuy de la Manana," or "morning Boogeyman" to his radio audience -- has ruled morning radio in Los Angeles." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-mena1jan01.story, from yesterday.

    1/2.1/03 - "Diversity Is Urged in Media Ownership. Major ad agency will tell FCC that consolidation will drive up advertising costs, stifle innovation." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-fcc2jan02001438.story.

    1/2/03 - "KSDO to try a new path. KSDO, toward the right end of the AM dial, has more history than half the other radio operations in town put together. But it's struggled for years, and now a new owner has come in to try his luck." More in Randy Dotinga's Thursday column at www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html. KSDO is 1130 AM in San Diego with a site at www.ksdo.com/. Under good conditions it can be heard in L.A., and they have (had) a interesting talk schedule.

    1/1.4/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. About "The Third Man," http://classictheatre.tripod.com/thirdman/ says, "It started as a brilliant novel by Graham Greene, "The Third Man" which became a smash hit movie for 1949. Then, in 1951 to '52 it became a weekly radio show starring Orson Welles as the infamous Harry Lime..." But first:

  • "8:00 PM 60 MINUTES ll - KNX simulcasts the CBS news magazine." Preview and recaps.
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Third Man"
    Episode: Too Many Crooks
    Synopsis: Harry Lime receives an unusual telegram about a bank robbery in Budapest.
    Original airdate: 8-3-51"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Tales of the Texas Rangers" Episode: Quicksilver
    Synopsis: A family is murdered without a trace of clues.
    Original airdate: 8-12-50"

    1/1.3/03 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Today - "In a rare, in-depth interview, former President Richard Nixon's daughter Julie Nixon Eisenhower talks about her father's legacy."
  • Thursday 1/2 - "A revealing interview with a legendary silver-screen beauty: John Wayne's leading lady Maureen O'Hara shares intimate Hollywood secrets."
  • Friday 1/3 - "Formal sentencing of Danielle Van Dam's killer David Westerfield is scheduled for January 3. Danielle's mother, Brenda Van Dam, joins Larry to share her reactions to the sentencing."

    1/1.2/03 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY This BBC production, in 12 parts, features Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect and Zaphod Beeblebrox musing on life, the universe and pretty much everything else - inspired by Douglas Adams' classic. KCRW 89.9 FM, 9 a.m.-3 p.m."
  • "THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT "Crazy children's stuff" hosted by Uncle Don, Professor Cantaloupe and Maki. KXLU 88.9 FM, 7-8 p.m."
  • "HEADSETS WITH JIM LADD Jim gets weird, sometimes commercial-free. KLOS 95.5 FM, mid.-1 a.m. (Thurs. a.m.)"

    1/1.1/03 - Art Bell and Coast to Coast AM. Art's last show was 12/31/02 and into 1/1/03, and his web site www.artbell.com/ will be deleted soon. Art will be replaced by George Noory and Barbara Simpson who have a web site at www.coasttocoastam.com/. However, it's not clear to me which stations, if any, will carry the new show without Art. These local stations carry the show now.

  • KOGO 600 AM (San Diego - weakish) - Mo-Fr 9p-4a and weekends.
  • KFI 640 AM - Mo-Fi, 10p-5a and repeats Sa & Su after midnight (on Sa & Su only carried Art Bell's repeats?).
    P.S. - I've only heard Barbara Simpson a few times, but she seems to do a better, more practical (educational, non-fiction) show.

    1/1/03 - 710 AM and 1110 AM switch. Today, KDIS 710 AM (kids) and KSPN 1110 AM (sports) switch frequencies. KSPN 710 AM will be sports and KDIS 1110 AM will be kids. A story at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney27dec27,0,3027178.story?coll=cl%2Dradio. Too bad, cause I receive 710 better than 1110.

  • - The 2003 KNX Drama Hour schedule is posted at www.knx1070.com/program/drama.html and below. They say, "(*Note: The Drama Hour on Wednesday nights only will move to 10 PM starting Jan. 8, 2003)." Maybe "60 Minutes II" moves to 9p as before. 'New' shows for 2003 include: Mr. and Mrs. North, The Frontier Gentleman, Night Beat, The Third Man, Box 13, The Shadow, and The Great Gildersleeve. Sam Spade, Crime Classics, and Have Gun, Will Travel start 7/2003.

    KNX Drama Hour, 1/2003-6/2003, KNX 1070 AM (also 2-3a and streaming) (* marks favorites)
    Types of shows: C is comedy, D is drama, P is police, PI is private investigator-like, SF is sci fi, and W is western.
  • 9:00p - Mr. and Mrs. North (PI) ?
  • 9:30p - The Lone Ranger (W)


  • 9:00p - The Frontier Gentleman (W)
  • 9:30p - Night Beat (PI-ish) *
  • Wednesday [10-11p starting 1/8/02]
  • 9p - 60 Minutes II
  • 10:00p - The Third Man (D) ?
  • 10:30p - Tales of the Texas Rangers (W)


  • 9:00p - Dragnet (P)
  • 9:30p - Box 13 (PI-ish) *


  • 9:00p - Gunsmoke (W) *
  • 9:30p - The Shadow (D) ?
  • Saturday
  • 9:00p - The Jack Benny Program (C)
  • 9:30p - The Great Gildersleeve (C)


  • 9:00p - Lux Radio Theater (?) (one hour)
  • See the Radio pages on MENU for more info.

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