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  • Do you know the answers? See the questions at the very bottom of this page.
  • 6/10/03 - When did talk radio start? I'm checking. So far: Rebels on the Air - An Alternative History of Radio in America by Jesse Walker (of L.A.), New York University Press, 2001 says on page 74:
    "Second, Fass expanded the idea of what talk radio could be. The first call-in program had been launched in 1945, by Barry Gray of WOR-AM. But the idea didn't take off until the '50s...""
  • 6/11/03 - For an old posting on Barry Gray (above) try a search at musicradio.computer.net/wwwboard/.

    6/30/03 - Tips:

  • "LAX radio in air battle with broadcaster. DISPUTE: Local outlet says it needs more power in case of an emergency. But an opponent operates a station on a nearby frequency." - www.dailybreeze.com/content/news/nmblaxradio30.html. www.moreover.com/'s tip.
  • "RADIO Tuesday Radio Highlights." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio1jul01,0,7062890.story?coll=cl-radio. Nothing for today?
  • Saigon Radio from Westminster in Orange County is on 106.3 FM and 1430 AM, Mon-Fri 4-10p and Sat 5a-2p. Their site is www.saigonradiohaingoai.com/. This from their ad in www.sucsong.net/.
  • "Radio show is chock-full of advice – and fun. By HELOISE." And, "...Dr. Tom Vice...Web site www.TalkAmerica.com/...live on the Internet, 8-9 a.m..." - My hotlink. - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=45910§ion=ACCENT&subsection=ACCENT&year=2003&month=6&day=30. But, I didn't see the show on the TA site.
  • "CLEAR CHANNEL LAUNCHES NEW MUSIC MAGAZINE CO-BRANDED FOR LOCAL STATIONS..MUSIC GUIDE LIVE!" In L.A. KIIS will have it. www.newradiostar.com/'s tip. P.S. - Caution: one of their tip-links (on the right side) from the other day locked me up.
  • "What Radio Stations Are Actually Located in Hollywood?" Several comments at radio-info.com/boards/la/index.cgi?read=5670.
  • "KCSN Power Upgrade." Q&A? at radio-info.com/boards/la/index.cgi?read=5659. Didn't they increase power a few years back?
  • "Please do not post Arbitron ratings. Recently, we were ordered by Arbitron to remove the links to R&R's 12+ ratings pages, at the top of our message board..." Bullstuff. From radio-info.com/boards/southwest/index.cgi?read=3443.

    6/29/03 - Tips:

  • "Gary Lycan on radio" - July 4th and more - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=45616§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=6&day=29.
  • "Web Chat" - lots of stuff - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=45622§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=6&day=29.
  • "Hot Wave" - program listings - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=45621§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=6&day=29.
  • KNX 1070 AM:

    6/28/03 - Tips:

  • The Daily News and the Orange County Resister search functions haven't worked well for the last few day so I may have missed items from those papers. It happens.
  • "RADIO Saturday Radio Highlights." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio28jun28.story. Not much talk, but remember the KFI weekend schedule change, above.
  • "RADIO Sunday Radio Highlights." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-ca-radio29jun29,0,1063356.story?coll=cl-radio. A rather incomplete list, compared to what they have listed for Sunday.
  • Kim Komando, on her computer show this morning, pointed out that she was not listed on Lycos' list of the top 'searched-for' radio hosts (see Reminders). She also mentioned that Lycos only does about 2% of the searches. She is, she said, on Google's top list, and Google does about 30% of the searches. Where is Googles list? I'm looking. P.S. - the %s are approx/as I remember. Does she refer to directory.google.com/Top/Arts/Radio/Personalities/??
  • President Bush/Dems Saturday talks: Bush - www.macon.com/mld/macon/news/politics/6192803.htm, Dems - www.bradenton.com/mld/bradenton/news/politics/6193008.htm.
  • MeasureCast lists AOL as the top netcaster. The top-25 list has three talk outlets, 2 classical outlets, and more at www.measurecast.com/. Strange: of the top 25, 20 are internet-only outlets.
  • "Clear Channel buys the FCC !!! Clear Channel buys the FCC ! The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced today that it has agreed to be acquired by Clear Channel Communications (CCU) of San Antonio, Texas..." For real? More at www.musicradio77.com/wwwboard/messages/205067.html.
  • "Temporary FREE 100kw password. They're still having problems with the credit card processing...Username: free@scout.net Password: 123456" - radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=26731.
  • "Anyone know the rules governing public affairs programming?" Answers? under radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=26661.

    6/27/03 - Tips: (See the 6/26 Flash for three LAT items dated for today but posted yesterday.)

  • "Stern Repeats As Web Users’ Most Popular Radio Talk Personality." But note, "Information is based on The Lycos 50, a weekly list of the most popular people, places and things users are searching for online." Not that they listen to these hosts. - www.radioink.com/HeadlineEntry.asp?hid=109697&pt=todaysnews. www.radioink.com/is tip.
  • "Radio: Satellite option adds to knell of formats" and more in Richard Wagoner's Friday radio column which isn't on his site yet. - www.dailybreeze.com/content/rave/nm10982.html.
  • "Senators Target More FCC Media Rules. WASHINGTON — Congressional fallout from the Federal Communications Commission's relaxation of media ownership rules continued Thursday as a Senate panel again voted to reverse part of the agency's recent action." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-media27jun27,1,3543464.story.
  • "EDITOR'S NOTEBOOK The little band that could. Back on Aug. 26, Costa Mesa's Riley Breckenridge, the drummer for melodic-hardcore band Thrice, graciously answered questions from Los Angeles' KROQ-FM (106.7) morning show, "Kevin and Bean," about the sound and popularity of his band." - www.latimes.com/news/local/pilot/columnists/la-dpt-paul27jun27,1,6444697.story.
  • "Station poised to go from Spanish to English " suggests www.laradio.com/ with no details for free.
  • FYI - "Seattle restaurateur Tom Douglas talks food on the radio." - seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/artsentertainment/135103907_douglas270.html. Maybe they stream? Larry's tip.
  • How good are antenna coverage maps? - musicradio.computer.net/wwwboard/messages/205448.html.
  • KNX 1070 AM. Expect changes: Sam Spade, Crime Classics, and Have Gun, Will Travel start 7/1/2003, all starting at 9p. "Gunsmoke" good, "The Shadow" wishes it were.
  • Did you notice Ben Dover is gone from the KFI Sun lineup? He did a better-than-average show and had a detailed site.

    6/26/03 - Tips:

  • Art Bell returns, Th & Fr, 10p-5a, KFI 640 AM.
  • "Top Radio Hosts 2003" and "...Most Popular Radio Talk Personality with Web Users..." - 50.lycos.com/ and www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-26-2003/0001972291&EDATE=. Larry's tip.
  • "FCC's Final Media, Phone Rules Due Soon. WASHINGTON — Final versions of rules governing media ownership and local phone competition probably will be released Monday..." - www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-fcc26jun26,1,5242698.story.
  • "RADIO Thursday Radio Highlights." A long list which wasn't and usually isn't in Thursday's paper. - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-wk-tvradio26jun26.story.
  • 6/27 - "RADIO Friday Radio Highlights." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio27jun27,0,4256354.story?coll=cl-radio.
  • 6/27 - "AROUND THE DIAL Band's faith pays off. MercyMe's "I Can Only Imagine" doesn't hide its Christian message, but that hasn't stopped it from showing up on mainstream playlists..." - and more at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney27jun27,0,5512978.story?coll=cl-radio.
  • 6/27 - "RADIO Clear Channel, program director reach agreement. After a contract impasse had Jhani Kaye poised to leave the stations he's led for two decades, he reached an agreement with his bosses at Clear Channel Communications...Kaye will remain the company's director of adult-contemporary programming in Los Angeles, but he'll hand off his former duties..." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-steve27jun27,0,7795201.story?coll=cl-radio.
  • "Matt Drudge sits in for John & Ken and trashes all stations that KFI beat in recent Arbitron Trend." From last week, from www.laradio.com/.
  • "ABC L.A. RADIO STATIONS RAISE OVER $500,000 FOR SOUTHLAND MILITARY FAMILIES." Larry's tip - www.radiodailynews.com/abcradiothon.htm.
  • "European radio vs. US." Q&A at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=26615.

    6/25/03 - Tips:

  • 6/28 - KFI 640 AM weekend schedule changes - Schedule. New: Mario Martinoli's very good restaurant/food show is Sat 3-5p and Captain Dale Dye gets shows Sat and Sun 5-7p.
  • "Broadcast standards take a dive. RANDY DOTINGA, North County Times. Editor's note: This is the first in a two-part series about changing broadcast standards on the radio airwaves..." From Randy Dotinga's Thursday radio column at www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html, a day early.
  • "RADIO KNX off the air for 36 minutes. Some early-morning commuters were deprived of their news fix Tuesday when a transmitter problem knocked KNX-AM (1070) off the air for 36 minutes..." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-quick25.5jun25,0,5809567.story?coll=cl-radio.
  • "Is KFWB in jeopardy following Senate Commerce Committee's rejection of ownership dereg ruling?" Asked www.laradio.com. I'll bet nobody knows yet.
  • "Doug McIntyre, host of Red Eye Radio (weekdays, midnight – 5 a.m.) on TalkRadio 790 KABC-AM in Los Angeles, has been nominated for the 2003 Humanitas Prize for his episode, "Liberty or Death" from the critically acclaimed PBS series, Liberty’s Kids (read)." Larry's tip with a hot link to www.radiodailynews.com/abchumanitas.htm.
  • "HOT or NOT!?! Hey there L.A.!! This is JizzHornay from AZ, right now I run a small radio show on the am dial..." No time to check this out at radio-info.com/boards/la/index.cgi?read=5620.

    6/24/03 - Tips:

  • "RADIO Wednesday Radio Highlights" - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio25jun25,0,3076702.story?coll=cl-radio.
  • "Commercial break at KLSX is almost 19 minutes" says www.laradio.com. The break before Kim Komando on Sat morn is about 10 minutes. The one after Stern is long also.
  • 6/24 CGC tech newsletter #580 - www.bext.com/_CGC/2003/cgc580.htm.
  • "Vacation week for Talk Radio?? Curious: At least four hosts on four different stations are taking a vacation day today: 1 - WABC - Mark Levine filling in for Sean Hannity..." - musicradio.computer.net/wwwboard/messages/205159.html.
  • -"San Francisco format flip coming. Here's something we don't see everyday: a major-market AM station, the only country station in its market, is flipping formats to CLASSICAL!!! Apparently it's true. The station, in San Francisco, is currently stunting with an all-Beethoven format!..." More at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=26510. "San Francisco's getting a second classical station," adds www.insideradio.com.

    6/23/03 - Tips:

  • "KCRW-FM becomes transcontinental" - www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-et-carney23jun23.story.
  • "RADIO Monday Radio Highlights" - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio23jun23,0,1897050.story?coll=cl-radio. A rather long list, good for most weekdays.
  • "RADIO Tuesday Radio Highlights" - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio24jun24,0,2486876.story?coll=cl-radio.
  • From www.laradio.com:
    +"Michael Jackson's wife Alana has stroke - "She will walk again!""
    +"KNX wins three Southern California Journalism Awards"

    6/22.4/03 - More on KFI weekend changes. Looks like Jeff Levey will be 1-3p both Sa and Su starting Saturday. This corrects the 6/21/03 Flash - Saturday starts a new schedule like: 6-10a Bill Handel, 10a-1p Melinda Lee, 1-3p Jeff Levey. Sunday could be 7-9a(?) Ben Dover, 10a-1p Melinda Lee, 1-3p Jeff Levey. No other details are available now.

    6/22.3/03 - Art Bell fills for George Th and Fr and Mo-We will be 'best of' as George takes time off from Coast to Coast AM.

    6/22.2.7/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "7:00 PM 60 MINUTES - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps.
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour).
    Episode: Ride The Pink Horse
    Synopsis: Romance gets in the way of blackmail.
    Guest stars: Robert Montgomery, Wanda Hendrix
    Original airdate: 12-8-47"
  • Movie review at us.imdb.com/Title?0039768, which suggests this could be one of the better unknown movies.

    6/22.1/03 - LAT radio highlights. Nothing today and not usually listed on their site, but they did list tips for the last few days last week at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/more/.

    6/22/03 - Nothing in the OCR or LAT today, but it doesn't look like the LAT site has been totally updated for today, as of noon.

    6/21.5/03 - Pres Bush/Dems Saturday talks on KNX 1070 AM, above:

  • Bush - www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2003/06/20030621.html.
  • Dems - www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/6141136.htm. (www.moreover.com/'s tip)

    6/21.4/03 - Tonight's fight. Remember KNX 1070 AM can carry round-by-round reports on pay-per-view fights, but they may not cover tonight's fight, the first heavy-weight championship fight in L.A. since the 1958. Typically, it would start between 6 and 8p and be over around 9p. However, the sports stations will carry news before and after the fight (like 690, 710, 1150, 1540 AM, whatever). Story at www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-boxadv21jun21,1,3120345.story.

    6/21.3/03 - "RADIO Saturday Radio Highlights." LAT's rather long but not complete list of radio shows appears again, but doesn't list much for evening shows. Check www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio21jun21.story.

    6/21.2/03 - Happy first day of Summer in L.A. Be sure to take a warm coat and your umbrella. The radio reports rain in parts of L.A.

    6/21.1/03 - "TalkRadio 790 KABC's 'Operation: Lend-A-Hand' Radiothon is under way NOW!...Join us for our 65 hour Radiothon beginning today at 7AM through midnight, Sunday, June 22nd." To help the troops, but it seems KABC will follow their regular schedule also.

    6/21/03 - Weekend Changes at KFI 640 AM. Today Mario Martinoli and his restaurant show are noon-2p. He does about the best restaurant show on the air, but he hasn't been on much, since he left KABC, reason unknown. Next Saturday starts a new schedule like: 6-10a - Bill Handel, 10a-1p - Melinda Lee, 1-2p - Jeff Levey. More as I get it, but Captain Dale Dye could be history. Too bad, cause he did an ok show.

    6/20.8/03 - "Big Dan Kemosabe Board. To many of us, Dan Ingram is one of the greatest radio personalities of all time. With Dan's announcement that he has finished his almost 12 year run on WCBS-FM, it seems like a good time to wish him luck. Feel free to discuss his departure and the controversy surrounding it." It's at musicradio.computer.net/ingboard/wwwboard/.

    6/20.7/03 - "GORE PLOTS LIBERAL TV, RADIO OUTLET. Now that he's out of politics, Al Gore is working on the ambitious project of building a liberal TV and radio empire, a new report says. Gore has been talking with fat-cat Democrats about putting up big bucks for the project, which Gore views as an antidote to the influence of conservative talk-radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Time reported on its Web site yesterday." More at www.nypost.com/business/1331.htm. www.newradiostar.com/'s tip.

    6/20.6/03 - "WABC/New York Drops Michael Savage. Despite recent ratings success by the Talk Radio Network-syndicated talker, ABC Radio's Big Apple flagship has yanked Savage from his nightly 7-9pm slot until a dispute over his local contract with ABC Talk sister KSFO/San Francisco - where he is also off the air - gets resolved." More at www.radioandrecords.com/ with free news. Locally, he's on Mo-Fr, 5-8p, KRLA 870 AM, but I don't listen much. Actually, I should listen 7:30-8p due to lack of other stuff.

    6/20.5/03 - Bill Handel fills for John and Ken today, 3-7p, KFI 640 AM. Matt Drudge filled Tu-Th and did an ok job, but what do you think?

    6/20.4/03 - Talk Radio Now at www.talkradionow.com/ doesn't seem to be working today.

    6/20.3/03 - Some headlines from www.laradio.com/:

  • "Weird DXing explained" I'm glad someone knows the answers.
  • "Matt Drudge sits in for John & Ken and trashes all stations that KFI beat in recent Arbitron Trend"
  • "Now Available - An Audio Montage of 50 Years of LA Radio, Volume 1...One-Hour CD Only $9" Check site for content and details; not a bad price.

    6/20.2/03 - "AROUND THE DIAL The enduring appeal of Frank Sinatra" and "Is your humidor running?" in LAT's Friday radio column at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney20jun20.story.

    6/20.1/03 - "RADIO Friday Highlights." LAT's list of program picks is usually in the daily paper but seldom on their web site. Well, here it is at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio20jun20.story. However, Sean Hannity is not on KABC today, but it looks like he streams at www.hannity.com/.

    6/20/03 - "Senate Panel Votes to Reject New FCC Rules. Measure would go beyond reviving stricter media ownership limits. Some initial supporters oppose the tougher bill. WASHINGTON — A Senate committee Thursday called for a substantial tightening of media ownership rules that were eased only weeks ago by the Federal Communications Commission." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-media20jun20,1,7414675.story.

    6/19.3/03 - Quickies:

  • National Assn. of Broadcasters - http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-nab18jun18,1,1568088.story.
  • Thur radio tips - http://www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-wk-tvradio19jun19.story. Not usually on their site, but a good idea.
  • LAT radio tips for Fri - http://www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio20jun20,0,127572.story?coll=cl-radio. Unusual to see on site.
  • LAT's Fri "Around the Dial" - http://www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney20jun20,0,1384196.story?coll=cl-radio.
  • 6/17 CGC - http://www.bext.com/_CGC/2003/cgc579.htm
  • out of time

    6/19.2/03 - "The pompatus of weird song lyrics. RANDY DOTINGA. Some rock lyrics get misheard all the time, perhaps the most famous being " 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky'" from Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze."" And more plus last week's column and others - Randy Dotinga's Thursday column at www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html.

    6/19.1/03 - "Daytime History" and more at Richard Wagoner's Friday radio column at members.cox.net/rwagoner/, early.

    6/19/03 - A working link today for the 6/16.1/03 Flash was www.politicalposts.com/news/index.asp?id=179270. See my message board for this tip and several links.

    6/17&18/03 - busy.

    6/16.3/03 - 6/16/03 L.A. Arbitrons at 6/16/03 Arbitrons. KFI is in second place.

    6/16.2/03 - OCR/Gary Lycan's radio stuff from yesterday:

  • "Relive O.C.'s radio past online" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=43640. With, "MOVES TO KPLS. Doug Stephan, ex-KRLA, is now on KPLS/830 AM Orange County. His "Good Day" show airs 3-5 a.m.; his "TalkRadio Countdown" airs 3-6 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.
  • "Web Chat" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=43642§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=6&day=15.
  • "Radio calendar" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=43659§ion=SHOW&subsection=LISTINGS&year=2003&month=6&day=15.
  • "Hot Wave" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=43641§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=6&day=15.

    6/16.1/03 - "re: 6/14.4/03. Editorial Observer: "Driving Down the Highway, Mourning the Death of American Radio." Brent Staples / June 8, 2003. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/06/08/opinion/08SUN3.html?ex= 1055649600&en=e01ff60e9ed3ed2e&ei=5062&partner=GOOGLE. Source: news.google.com" (My periods, quotes, and hotlink.) A link from my message board to a story mentioned in the 6/14.4/03 Flash, for which you must login? Thanks for the tip. Or try query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F00B17F73C5D0C7B8CDDAF0894DB404482. But it looks like you must pay to get the whole thing.

    6/16/03 - Music Review - Sarah Brightman's new "Harem" CD mixes Near-Eastern themes with a Puccini tune, a couple of standards, rich orchestrations, strong melodies, and Sarah's beautiful voice. "Harem" may be welcomed by Sarah's fans, like me, but it may not be strong enough to attract many new listeners. Like, my favorite may still be her heavy-duty, almost-over-the-top "Classics" CD. "Harem" is Angel 7243 5 37180 2 2. Try www.sarah-brightman.com/ and www.angelrecords.com/. P.S. - A sticker on my CD refers to "16 new recordings," but I only found 14 tracks.

    6/15/03 - busy

    6/14.11/03 - "Lowest Power Commercial Stations? Does anyone know what the lowest powered commercial stations are?" More and many comments under radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=26068.

    6/14.10/03 - "100.7fm in hollywood off the air. It looks like they pulled the plug on 100.7 in hollywood. I drove through there twice this week, and nothing but static on 100.7fm. Im sure gonna miss it. I noticed that 104.7fm, was playing some hiphop, some dance remixes of rb music. There audio process sounded really bad. R.I.P. 100.7fm after 3years of being on the air. : (" A comments suggests they often go off air. From radio-info.com/boards/la/index.cgi?read=5127.

    6/14.9/03 - "Expanded Band Shutdowns" at radio-info.com/boards/engineering/index.cgi?read=1884 . Does this refer to the new top end of the AM band, like 1700 kHz?

    6/14.8/03 - "Stations Happy With Early HD Radio Results. Infinity West Coast Regional Engineer Scott Mason — who oversees the company's legendary KROQ/Los Angeles — says that station's transition to digital is proving worthwhile. "KROQ's HD Radio signal offers surprising coverage for such a low power level," he says. "Any doubt we had about coverage was erased when we heard from a local receiver-manufacturing executive that he was receiving a perfect signal 44 miles away." Meanwhile, Tom Ray, Director/Engineering for News WOR-AM/New York owner Buckley Broadcasting, says the sound quality of the station's digital signal is on par with FM stereo. WJLD-AM/Birmingham owner Gary Richardson agrees, saying, "Switching between analog and digital was like switching from AM to FM." From www.radioandrecords.com/. Nothing new yet on the AM-band HD problem.

    6/14.7/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. "The Jack Benny Program" is usually good.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Jack Benny Program," starring Jack Benny.
    Synopsis: Jack dreams of winning a horse race.
    Guest: Unavailable
    Original airdate: 10-21-45"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Great Gildersleeve"
    Episode: Gildy and Leila Go House Hunting
    Synopsis: Gildersleeve and Leila squabble as they look for a house.
    Original airdate: 5-16-43"

    6/14.6/03 - "In Pivotal Year for Radio and Record Industries, Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to Address R&R Convention 2003 in Los Angeles. More at biz.yahoo.com/prnews/030612/lath107_1.html. www.talkradionow.com/'s tip.

    6/14.5/03 - Matt Drudge interview at radarmagazine.com/features/issue_02/drudge.html. www.talkradionow.com/'s tip.

    6/14.4/03 - One-liner from www.laradio.com; "Mary Beth Garber responds to NY Times story about "Mourning the Loss of American Radio." Anyone have the NY Times link?

    6/14.3/03 - sports - "Delayed Show Offers Old News ." Specifically, "It's just another example of delayed programming not working on talk radio. A big advantage radio has over print media is that it is live. Airing a show delayed negates that advantage." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-sp-tvcol13.txtjun13.story.

    6/14.2/03 - "DAVID BRINKLEY 1920-2003 TV News Anchor Known for Dry Wit, Singular Style" at www.latimes.com/news/printedition/la-me-brinkley13jun13001435,1,3458516.story.

    6/14.1/03 - "AROUND THE DIAL L.A. may get even more traffic. Traffic reports every six minutes on KNX-AM (1070), or "on the ones" at KFWB-AM (980), aren't frequent enough — or comprehensive enough — for a pair of L.A. city councilmen." Also, FCC stuff and more at www.latimes.com/classified/jobs/news/la-et-carney13jun13,1,7777194.story.

    6/14/03 - John & Ken, Mo-Fr, 3-7p, KFI 640 AM will be on vacation next week. Matt Drudge fills one day, and Bill Handel fills Friday. The 6-7p hour will be a best of J&K replay.

    6/13/03 - busy

    6/12/03 - Quick picks:

  • FYI - Iraq media - http://www.latimes.com/business/custom/cotown/la-et-moaveni11jun11,1,2330914.story
  • free up airways - http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-rup12.1jun12,1,6913320.story
  • sports - http://www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-sp-lakeradio12jun12.story
  • KROQ's Rodney - http://www.calendarlive.com/movies/cl-wk-screen12jun12.story
  • www.laradio.com has:
    +"Builder of many Southland radio stations dies"
    +"What's wrong with NPR? "KCRW and KPCC respectively have just about as many listeners 25-54 as KLSX in the DMA" - Ed Mann"
  • CGC - http://www.bext.com/_CGC/2003/cgc578.htm
  • KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer - www.laweekly.com - a few stories.
  • Pay for CCC streaming? - http://radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=26052
  • "Tom Leykis Takes On Canadian Radio & TV Commission. The Westwood One syndicated talker's show was recently dropped from CHMJ-AM (MOJO Radio)/Vancouver, BC..." because of content, at www.radioand records.com.
  • "R.I.P., David Brinkley -- who was covering the White House for NBC Radio when he was just 23." www.insideradio.com.
    +Also, "A possible drunk driver nearly took out KGO's [San Francisco] tower."
  • "New Device Hijacks Radio Signal. JACKSONVILLE— June 13: Three Florida agencies -- including the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department -- plan to implement a new device that alerts drivers to approaching emergency vehicles by interrupting the radio programming in their cars." www.radioink.com. What if they're playing a CD?

    6/11/03 - Satellite-radio network comments at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=25997.

    6/10.2/03 - "A new spin on KROQ's Rodney Bingenheimer. Known in local music circles for 26 years on the air at alt-rock powerhouse KROQ-FM (106.7)..." More at u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%257E23514%257E1445290,00.html.

    6/10.1/03 - "Valenzuela is Back!" and more in Richard Wagoner's Friday radio column at members.cox.net/rwagoner/, a few days early.

    6/10/03 - "An old San Diego Arbitron diary.
    It's from the fall of 1996. One thing I found interesting was KSDO being among the leading stations in teh city, while KOGO was near the bottom. What was KSDO doing then what KOGO didn't?" Comment at radio-info.com/boards/la/index.cgi?read=5107.

    6/9.2/03 - "Did Radio Get Higher Quality Vinyl?" Many comments under musicradio.computer.net/wwwboard/messages/203372.html. Could be, I know I got all the low-quality pressings. Many wouldn't play well right out of the box.

    6/9.1/03 - "100,000Watts.com. See comment under radio-info.com/boards/engineering/index.cgi?read=1858.

    6/9/03 - Some headlines from www.laradio.com/ where details cost.

  • "A Peaceful Celebration of Survival at KPFK"
  • "KPFK thanks supporters of listener supported station with a Saturday barbecue" Below.
  • "Talker Michael Jackson involved in tragedy" Check his site linked in last month's Reminders: http://www.michaeljacksontalkradio.com/Michael_Jackson_Journal.html.

    6/8.2/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "7:00 PM 60 MINUTES - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine. Preview and recaps.
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour).
    Episode: Vacation from Marriage
    Synopsis: A dull couple is rejuvenated by wartime romance.
    Guest stars: Van Heflin, Deborah Kerr
    Original airdate: 5-26-47"
    Movie review at us.imdb.com/Title?0037980.

    6/8.1/03 - "Angela does the Wango Tango! Could you picture today's most popular artists..." And, "Wango Tango was created by one of the most popular local radio stations, 102.7 KIIS FM, and is officially the biggest single-day multi-artist festival in America." More at u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%257E23515%257E1439992,00.html?search=filter.

    6/8/03 - OCR's/Gary Lycan's radio stuff:

  • "Leeza's a big fan of Retro Bill" at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=42583§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=6&day=8.
  • "Web FM" at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=42592§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=6&day=8.
  • "Hot Wave" at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=42591§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=6&day=8.

    6/7.4/03 - Captain Dale Dye is off today. He'll be on tomarrow, Sunday, 5-7p, KFI 640 AM.

    6/7.3/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. Saturday is Comedy.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Jack Benny Program," starring Jack Benny.
    Synopsis: Jack hires a publicity agent.
    Guest: Unavailable
    Original Airdate: 10-7-45"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Great Gildersleeve"
    Episode: Leroy Orders Rabbits From a Mail Order Catalog
    Synopsis: Chaos multiplies in the Gildersleeve household when Leroy gets rabbits.
    Original airdate: 4-25-43"

    6/7.2/03 - "FCC not watching the watchdogs. Will the government allow media companies' pursuit of profit to eclipse their public responsibilities?" More at www.lenconnect.com/articles/2003/06/07/news/news08.txt. www.moreover.com/'s tip.

    6/7.1/03 - President Bush/Dems Saturday talks. www.moreover.com/'s tip.

  • Bush - "Bush Calls for Innovation in Medicare" at www.bradenton.com/mld/bradenton/news/politics/6037420.htm.
  • Dems - "Democrats Push for Child Tax Credit Boost" at www.bradenton.com/mld/bradenton/news/politics/6037442.htm.

    6/7/03 - "RADIO KPFK caps drive with open house. KPFK-FM (90.7), the local affiliate of the Pacifica radio network, is holding an open house and barbecue from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today so listeners can see the new studio and production facilities made possible by the station's first $1-million fund drive, completed last winter. The open house will feature music by the DJs of the station's "Divine Forces" program. The event completes a 10-day fund drive that the station hopes will raise $800,000 for outreach, training and newsroom programs. KPFK is at 3729 W. Cahuenga Blvd., North Hollywood." Compacted from www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/cl-et-radioshort7jun07.story

    6/6.11/03 - FYI - Art Bell's loop antenna. I did a search on the ctc site for Art's new antenna, which he said generates 400 volts (which seems rather unlikely). A search for 'loop antenna' found this: www.coasttocoastam.com/search_results.html?query=loop+antenna.

    6/6.10/03 - "Which stock radio's perform the best?" Comments at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=25775.

    6/6.9/03 - PRESIDENT ORDERS MOST EXTENSIVE REVIEW OF SPECTRUM USE IN U.S. HISTORY...year long study meant to speed up new technology" says www.newradiostar.com/ with free stories. Also below.

    6/6.8/03 - "Martha Stewart stays on the radio" says www.insideradio.com/. Actually, I didn't know she was on; she isn't on in L.A.

    6/6.7/03 - Some headlines at www.radioandrecords.com/ with free stories:

  • "Rep. Maurice Hinchey Confident Bill Will Win House Support"
  • "Capitol Hill Resistance Mounting To New FCC Ownership Rules"
  • "Oliver North Retires From Radio"
  • "House Bill Seeks Return To 'Public Control' Of Airwaves"
  • "ABC News Radio To Simulcast Hillary Clinton Interview" This was mentioned below.

    6/6.6/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM. "Gunsmoke" good; "The Shadow" has neat titles.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Gunsmoke"
    Episode: Sunday Supplement
    Synopsis: Unavailable
    Original airdate: Unavailable"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Shadow"
    Episode: White God
    Synopsis: The Shadow comes to the aid of anxious ship owners.
    Original airdate: 7-10-38"

    6/6.5/03 - "Hillary Rodham Clinton calls into Ken & Company on TalkRadio 790 KABC, Tuesday, June 10th at 6:10 a.m. She'll be discussing the release of her new book, Living History, with Ken Minyard and Dan Avey. The 10-minute interview segment will be repeated in the 8:00 a.m. hour (Web site)." Larry's tip. KABC should be streaming.

    6/6.4/03 - Some headlines from www.laradio.com/ where details cost.

  • "Fernando returns to Dodger Stadium" Below.
  • "60-hour radiothon kicks off today" Below.
  • "KFI's Dr. Laura Schlessinger moves" A new house?

    6/6.3/03 - FYI - "U.S. to Review Airwave Allocation. Yearlong study ordered as pressure grows to expand public safety and commercial access." Not AM/FM at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-fi-airwave6jun06.story.

    6/6.2/03 - Fishing show. "HOOKED ON FISHING. Also on Saturday morning, the very popular fishing radio show "Let's Talk Hookup" will broadcast live from Anglers Center's fishing expo and parking lot sale in Newport Beach. You will have the opportunity to meet the radio show's co-hosts, Pete Gray and Marty Milner, during their live broadcast on San Diego's XERB, "the Mighty" 1090 AM, from 7 to 9 a.m." More at www.latimes.com/news/local/pilot/columnists/la-dpt-harborcolumn06jun06,1,5011046.story.

    6/6.1/03 - "AROUND THE DIAL From New York to L.A., it's 'The Next Big Thing.' The East Coast variety show, now heard on KPCC, has nationwide appeal, the host says." It's ""The Next Big Thing"... an hourlong variety show that features plays, humor, music and interviews, on KPCC-FM (89.3)...originates at WNYC-FM in New York... went into national syndication in January, and debuted on KPCC this week, airs Sundays from 7 to 8 p.m..."

  • Also, "Radiothon for Mexico shelter. Fans who can't get enough of "El Cucuy," the charismatic, enthusiastic ratings king of Spanish-language radio, can get an earful of him this weekend, with Enrique Iglesias and Los Tigres del Norte thrown in for free...a weekend-long radiothon...For 60 hours...today through Sunday...From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day...KSCA-FM (101.9)."
  • More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney6jun06.story.

    6/6/03 - "LISTENING IN Mass Media "D-Day'' brings change to radio. By Sandy Wells." The FCC changes, Larry Elder, and more in this about-every-two-week radio column at u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%257E26698%257E1437629,00.html.

    6/5.6/03 - "Univision makes eleventh-hour rush to seal Hispanic radio deal. It launches a lobbying blitz and defends its commitment to Latinos as lawmakers urge the FCC to delay approval of purchase." From yesterday with more at at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-fi-univision4jun04.story. http://www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-fi-univision4jun04.story

    6/5.5/03 - Sports - "Thompson to fill XTRA slot. After 15 weeks of tryouts with a variety of guests, XTRA (690 and 1150)..." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-sp-nwbox5jun05.story.

  • Also "Fernando in Dodger Radio Booth" at www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-fernando5jun05,1,7434319.story.

    6/5.4/03 - "College Webcasters to Pay Discounted Royalty Rates. The recording industry has granted college radio stations and other noncommercial broadcasters deep discounts on the fees they pay for transmitting music over the Internet, wrapping up a series of hard-fought deals with Webcasters." More at www.latimes.com/la-fi-webcast4jun04,1,2568142.story.

    6/5.3/03 - "Senate Committee to Take On FCC Rules. Sen. John McCain opens the door for a bill to change the commission's new ownership limits. The controversy over the Federal Communications Commission's loosening of media ownership rules moved to center stage..." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-fcc5jun05,1,6331507.story.

    6/5.2/03 - "Static for Clear Channel. RANDY DOTINGA, For the North County Times. That sound you heard on Monday was the hallelujah chorus from broadcasters and publishers as the Federal Communications Commission voted to loosen rules that prevent large companies from controlling the media in big cities." And more in Randy Dotinga's Thursday column at www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html.

    6/5.1/03 - Hi-tech stuff in Robert Gonsett's newsletter at www.bext.com/_CGC/, #577 dated 6/3/03.

    6/5/03 - "100000watts Announces Prices. It will be $59.95 a year, and $44.95 for loyal users. It becomes a pay site on June 23." And cimments at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=25699.

  • Also "6-23-2003 & 100000watts.com" with many comments at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=25668

    6/4/03 - busy.

    6/3.8/03 - Message boards and trades, out of time, check:

  • boards - members.tripod.com/~chinesecookery/radio-info/columns.html/#message.
  • trades - members.tripod.com/~chinesecookery/radio-info/columns.html/#more.
  • P.S. - Boards - forums.delphiforums.com/laradio/ and www.radiodrops.com/forums/ may be gone. Their links haven't worked for a few days.

    6/3.7/03 - "How the new FCC rules differ from the old. Here's how the Federal Communications Commission changed the rules for media ownership:" More at www.tcpalm.com/tcp/nation_world_news/article/0,1651,TCP_1022_2006298,00.html. www.moreover.com/'s tip, with several others links.

    6/3.6/03 - Even more at Larry Shannon's www.radiodailynews.com/. A daily 'must check' - especially like today when I don't have the time.

    6/3.5/03 - Even more FCC regulation changes and more at David Tanny's calradio.tripod.com/.

    6/3.4/03 - Some headlines from www.laradio.com/:

  • "Infinity/LA Big Winner in New FCC Rules"
  • "KFWB stays put in Infinity/LA cluster"
  • "Infinity is able to add another L.A. station"
  • "Clear Channel "deeply disappointed" with FCC vote"
  • ""It doesn't matter who owns this place. If we don't get ratings, we're gone!" - LARP pd"
  • "KOGO-San Diego drops news format and Rush Limbaugh for "riveting radio"" Soon.

    6/3.3/03 - FCC regulation changes per the Los Angeles Times:

  • "REWRITING THE RULES - Giants of Radio, Unlike TV, Face Toughened Rules. The Federal Communications Commission just turned down the volume on major radio conglomerates." - www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-fccradio3jun03,1,2976682.story.
  • "NEWS ANALYSIS - Revised Regulations Already the Status Quo. Critics of the Federal Communications Commission's new rules on media ownership say the changes probably will have a negative effect on everything from the education of children to the welfare of our democracy." - www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-lowry3jun03,1,1734941.story.
  • "FCC Relaxes Limits on Media Ownership. A party-line agency vote gives broadcasters more freedom to grow and to merge with newspapers. Critics fear fewer sources for news, entertainment." - www.latimes.com/la-fi-fcc3jun03,1,660419.story.
  • and a few more, try a search for FCC and radio.

    6/3.2/03 - FCC regulation changes per the Daily News:

  • "FCC relaxes ownership rules. Conglomerates could control more of the media, but look for court challenges." - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=42001§ion=NEWS&subsection=FOCUS_IN_DEPTH&year=2003&month=6&day=3.
  • "Merger frenzy looks remote. FCC ruling will lead to piecemeal purchases, not megadeals, experts say." - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=41980§ion=NEWS&subsection=FOCUS_IN_DEPTH&year=2003&month=6&day=3.

    6/3.1/03 - "Media Changes" and more in Richard Wagoner's Friday radio column at members.cox.net/rwagoner/, a few days early.

    6/3/03 - The New World Press, the June 2 to June 23 issue, interviews Big Boy of Power 106 on their radio page.

    6/2.1/03 - Some stuff from www.laradio.com/:

  • ""AFTRA Lost the Voicetracking Battle" - Howard Stern"
  • ""Let 'em voicetrack the whole God damn radio station. Who cares? It's not good radio. It always sounds canned." - Howard Stern"
  • "FCC votes today. Powell expected to have Republican solidarity"
  • "Clear Channel has taken over Santa Barbara radio"
  • "Born Again Radio launched"
  • "Former long-time KABCer thinks that Doug McIntyre may be "the best broadcast talent on the station.""

    6/2/03 - "FCC Votes to Ease Media Ownership Rules. WASHINGTON -- The government's top media watchdogs approved a sweeping deregulation of broadcast industries today." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/la-060203fcc_lat,0,1219253.story?coll=cl%2Dtv%2Dfeatures. More details will be available over the next few days.

    6/1.8/03 - More when time.

    6/1.7/03 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p (except Wed 10-11p) and 2-3a, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "7:00 PM 60 MINUTES - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine."
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour).
    Episode: Love is News
    Synopsis: An heiress decides to get even with a reporter by announcing that she's marrying him.
    Guest stars: Bob Hope, Madeleine Carroll, Ralph Bellamy
    Original airdate: 9-16-40"

    6/1.6/03 - Art Bell's station and comments at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=25486. The station's site is at www.knye.com/.

    6/1.5/03 - "How the FCC has influenced what you see, hear, read. Regulations: With an easing of media ownership rules likely to be approved tomorrow, the agency will again make its mark, as it has for 70 years." More at www.sunspot.net/business/bal-bz.fcc01jun01,0,135573.story?coll=bal%2Dbusiness%2Dheadlines.

    6/1.4/03 - "Media Matters Heard the local news? It may soon be harder to find. The Federal Communications Commission is about to make big, powerful media corporations in this country even bigger and more powerful." More at www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/suncal/cl-ca-shaw1jun01.story.

    6/1.3/03 - "REWRITING THE RULES: AN ESSAY So Now What's on Los Angeles TV? A lack of creative programming has always plagued local media. And that probably won't change soon." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-choice1jun01001423,1,6477556.story.

    6/1.2/03 - "COMMENTARY It Speaks Spanish, Not Republican. There are valid reasons to be dubious about the proposed merger that would make the 800-pound gorilla of Spanish-language TV, Univision, even bigger than it already is." More at www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-oe-delolmo1jun01,1,4790226.story.

    6/1.1/03 - "COMMENTARY Big Media's Value to Consumers. Deregulation leads to a wider range of choices for the public at better prices." More at www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-oe-gillespie1jun01,1,1492762.story.

    6/1/03 - Gary Lycan/OCR's radio stuff:

  • "Get ready for a little less Larry" and more at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=41652§ion=SHOW&subsection=SHOW_COLUMNS&year=2003&month=6&day=1.
  • "Web chat. Here's a look at what Don Barrett is reporting on his laradio.com Web site:" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=41665§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=6&day=1.
  • "Listing of radio programs and formats" - about 15 pages at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=41642§ion=SHOW&subsection=LISTINGS&year=2003&month=6&day=1.
  • "Hot Wave lists radio programs" about three pages at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=41667§ion=SHOW&subsection=LISTINGS&year=2003&month=6&day=1.

  • Do you know the answers?. If you listened to Bill Handel the other day (from 3/7/03), you may know the real name of the person they called SHMBO (say swim-bow). Can you name this person, what does SHMBO mean, and if it's from an old movie, which one? Big money could reward correct answers, but it's not likely. Hint: I haven't heard it used as an abbreviation before, it was spoken as a phrase. 4/19/03 - About 4/17 Neal Boortz used the whole spoken phrase.
    See the Radio pages on MENU for more info.

    Click Here!