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    7/30/03 - Tips:

  • I shall return about 8/2/03.
  • Bill Handel will have three Rep. candidates for Governor over the next three days. Thu will be U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, Fri will be Bill Simon, and Mon will be McClintauk (Spell??). All 7-8a on KFI 630 AM. Then catch John and Ken, 3-7p, for updates.
  • "Entertainment: Radio Recall takes talk radio by storm. By:RANDY DOTINGA - For the North County Times. If Gov. Gray Davis finds himself unemployed after the recall election in October, he'll have plenty of people to blame. At the top on his list will be Southern California radio talk-show hosts Roger Hedgecock, Rick Roberts, Stacy Taylor and "John & Ken." - www.nctimes.com/articles/2003/07/30/entertainment/radio/7_30_0314_00_23.txt.
  • "FCC Approval Seen for Bid by Univision. The panel is expected to affirm a staff report supporting the deal for Hispanic Broadcasting. WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission's staff has recommended that the agency approve Uni-vision Communications Inc.'s $2.3-billion acquisition of Dallas-based Hispanic Broadcasting Corp., according to people familiar with the situation." - www.latimes.com/la-fi-univisionjul30,1,857444.story.
  • "COMMENTARY Morning Becomes Apoplectic. By Rob Long, Rob Long is a contributing editor to the National Review...a notice from KCRW, Los Angeles' most prominent NPR radio station, reminding me to renew my membership..." - www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-oe-long30jul30,1,2990856.story.
  • "Internet Radio In Your Car. If you thought Satellite Radio was the only service that could offer you more choice and selection in Radio channels and programming, wait until Internet Radio is available in your car. All 100,000 audio streams. Interested? Read more." - Hot links at radio.about.com/.
  • "K-Mozart's Saul Levine strikes a unique alliance with L.A. pubcaster KPCC. This is about cross-promotion, not ad sales or underwriting dollars -- and it commits Levine's commercial classical KMZT-FM and adult standards "K-Surf" to a promotional alliance with non-com news/talker KPCC (89.3)." - details cost at www.insideradio/com/.
  • "Shock radio: paid speech or free speech? Loyal audiences create profits, and to media conglomerates nothing else matters..." - www.rabble.ca/news_full_story.shtml?x=23998. - www.newradiostar.com/'s tip.

    7/29/03 - Tips:

  • Gov. Gray Davis recall. Keep an ear on the John and Ken show, Mo-Fr, 3-7p, KFI 640 AM for coverage and updates. Bill Handel, 5-9a, same days, same station, may mention it also.
  • The papers are full of stuff about Bob Hope, with some mention of his life in radio, but I'll only list a few. Also, several links at my 'Radio Headlines.' Search around if you like. The LA Times had several. Did he get his first radio show in '37 or '38; I've seen both?
  • "He took the money and ran. Literally and figuratively. Hope made the most of his radio opportunities, then successfully transferred to television..." - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=49882.
  • "One heck of a show. If it seemed that Bob Hope was always on the road, it's because he was..." - u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%257E23544%257E1538376,00.html.
  • "BOB HOPE, 1903-2003 The Master of the One-Liner. Comic was especially loved by GI audiences. Bob Hope, the elder statesman of comedy whose extraordinary career spanned vaudeville, Broadway, radio, television, movies, books and makeshift concert platforms in war zones, has died..." - www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-hope,1,6873161.story.
  • Some headlines at www.laradio.com/.
    + " "My Grandfather Was Called Before HUAC" - Mr. KABC" Mr. KABC does an ok show, Mo-Fr, 9p-midnight, KABC 790 AM.
    + "Blacklisting subject comes up and Mr. KABC bristles. Find out why"
    + "Art Laboe's Killer Oldies Show on Sunday kills in the ratings!" What's this??
  • "New JavaScript Radio Guide 7-29-03! If you have JavaScript enabled, you may have noticed that I recently added a new feature to the main page of Cal Radio News (you know, the one you should visit first at this domain). There are two rotating JS radio guides on the calradio.tripod.com home page. The one at the very top right corner is the new quick "what's on now" guide featuring mostly my reccomendations of what I listen to or watch on TV, and just below it are about eight streaming radio stations on the Internet that I listen to on a somewhat regular basis." I'm not sure of what he speaks, but maybe I'm not enables. - calradio.tripod.com/.
  • "THE CGC COMMUNICATOR, CGC #585, Tuesday, July 29, 2003." Stuff like, "THE FCC'S MASTER SEARCH ENGINE - HOT STUFF. There is an obscure but very important search engine at the FCC..." - www.bext.com/_CGC/2003/cgc585.htm.
  • "Farah contracted for daily radio show. Program rolls out with 80 affiliates nationwide. Joseph Farah, founder, editor and chief executive officer of WorldNetDaily, has signed a two-year contract to host a daily, nationally syndicated radio show rolling out on a total of 80 affiliates." - www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=33804. www.moreover.com/'s tip. I didn't notice a list of affiliates except Sirius Sat. Something may stream.
  • "KABC offers embattled Governor Gray Davis two hours on the air. The California governor can take his two hours in morning drive, or during the syndicated Sean Hannity or Larry Elder shows. KABC's giving Davis until August 8 to respond." KFI offered him three hours, and he was a no-show. Rep. Darrell Issa has had over three hours on the John and Ken show, but, so far, he won't go on Bill Handel's morning show, and Bill is upset; all on KFI. - www.insideradio.com/.
  • "RAIN report: $tations to charge for online $tream. Kurt Hanson's RAIN, see Tuesday's edition: WTKS-FM in Orlando, Florida, is streaming on the net. The station wants to charge about $5 per month...." From what I've heard, streaming does cost money, and no one has yet made money with streaming. More sources are going to the pay-for-play format. But, why pay $5 per month for one station when the satellite services offer a hundred stations for like $12 per month? Sure, prices always go up. - Comments at www.radio-info.com/mods/board.php?Post=22828&Board=sandiego.
  • "" - www.
  • "" - www.
  • "" - www.

    7/28/03 - Tips:

  • Bob Hope, at 100, is gone. "Same Time, Same Station" (Su 5-7p KCSN 88.5 FM) and maybe KNX someday might play his old radio shows.
  • "Bob Hope's Radio Years. Today it was reported that Bob Hope passed away. For some excellent links including Hope's page at the Radio Hall of Fame, his biography and free Bob Hope Radio programs, Click HERE. The Library of Congress has a phenomenal page dedicated to Bob Hope's Radio experiences including great graphics and related historical documents. Radio: Bob Hope and American Variety (Library of Congress)" - see radio.about.com/ for hot links.
  • "Bob Hope: Thanks For The Memories. The legendary American comedian best known for his self-depreciating one-liners and long association with the USO died yesterday at his home in the Los Angeles suburb of Toluca Lake, CA. Hope was 100 years old, and died peacefully with his family at his side. Born in England, Hope first found national fame on the vaudeville circuit and by 1930 landed roles in Broadway musicals such as Ziegfeld Follies. His career reached new heights thanks to gaining regular work on a Bromo Seltzer radio program in the mid-1930s. In 1938, he was hired to host his own program, sponsored by Pepsodent. The radio program then led him to a long and successful career in both films and television. Hope is survived by his wife of 69 years, Dolores Hope, sons Anthony and Kelly, daughters Linda Hope and Nora Somers and four grandchildren. Linda Hope said her father's burial would be private and that it was the subject of one of her father's last jokes. She commented, "My mother asked him where he wanted to be buried and he said, 'surprise me."' In a tribute to Hope's career in radio, Sirius is broadcasting a 10-hour retrospective of the life and comedy of Bob Hope on SIRIUS Radio Classics, stream 133. The program began at 3pm ET today and will re-air on the stream tomorrow." - www.rronline.com/Subscribers/TodaysNews/homepage.htm.
  • "Cable Radio Network Adds Two KFI Shows. CRN, which reaches a reported 26.5 million homes on more than 225 cable television systems across 38 states, is adding KFI/Los Angeles morning host Bill Handel and afternoon hosts John and Ken to its lineup of live weekday broadcasts available on CRN Channel 4. Los Angeles-based CRN offers continuous talk, news and sports programming to subscribers via cable, satellite and the Internet on six different digital radio networks." Also from R&R, linked above. CRN also carries Chef Piero; see www.cableradionetwork.com/WhatsCkn.htm. But, where did they get that picture; his yearbook? CRN is at www.cableradionetwork.com/. P.S. - Piero's bio doesn't state that he was born in the USA, which I may recall is true.
  • Some headlines at www.laradio.com/.
    + ""Crank Caller Made Vicious Personal Attacks Against Me" - Michael Savage"
    + "Michael Savage explains what happened on July 4th weekend that led to the cancellation of his MSNBC show." Old news?
    + "Matt Drudge reveals salacious dirty sex secrets in Kobe Bryant case on KFI show, but for some reason doesn't post story on his own Web site. Hmmmmmmmmmmm?"

    7/27/03 - Tips:

  • "Gary Lycan on radio." Much stuff. Like, "Look for KPFK/90.7 FM to make additional program changes soon. "The Car Show" is firm at 1 p.m., Saturdays." - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=49523.
  • "Talk Radio Beats the Drum for Recall. SACRAMENTO — The architects of the recall of Gov. Gray Davis had many disagreements over the course of their now successful campaign to get the matter on a special ballot. But they all agree on this: Without talk radio hosts stirring up the populace, they never would have gotten this far." - www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-talkradio27jul27001421,1,7397503.story. Locally, check 'The John & Ken Show,' Mo-Fi, 3-7p, KFI 640 AM.

    7/26/03 - Tips:

  • "Clear Channel in Federal Probe. The Justice Department is investigating antitrust allegations against the radio station giant, which denies the claims..." - www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-clear26jul26,1,4919723.story.
  • "THE NATION The Internet Is Reshaping Bryant Story. Web gossip about the athlete and his accuser is driving competition, even among mainstream media. Some outlets retain strict limits..." - www.latimes.com/news/printedition/la-et-media26jul26234425,1,3490722.story.
  • "David Tanny Runs For California Governor 7-26-03. Platform: to outlaw sleepy and boring radio stations..." - calradio.tripod.com/.

    7/25/03 - Tips:

  • Listen for some new show(s) on Sa and Su, KFI 640 AM, 5-7p since Captain Dale Dye did his last show last weekend. There's nothing new on the KFI schedule yet. But, see next item.
  • "It'll be a Jill Stewart weekend. The Capitol Punishment columnist will be doing a special "Live from Sacramento" radio show about the recall on KFI Saturday and Sunday from 5 to 7 PM, says L.A. Radio. She also is supposed to have a piece on the New York Times Sunday op-ed page. Stewart's column appears in the Pasadena Weekly, among other places." - www.laobserved.com/.
  • "Also on radio this weekend: Barbara Osborn talks with John Stauber, author of Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush’s War on Iraq, on "Deadline L.A." (Sunday at 1 p.m., KPFK)." - www.laobserved.com/.
  • "Radio: KPWR still the power in L.A. By RICHARD WAGONER. KPWR won again in the just-released Los Angeles radio Arbitron ratings..." - www.dailybreeze.com/content/rave/nm7876.html.
  • "Maple Park celebration set for Saturday. SOUTHEAST GLENDALE...music and an appearance by workers from the radio station KBIG-FM (104.3). Admission is free and open to the public." - www.latimes.com/news/local/glendale/news/la-gnp-briefspg8jul25,1,5132831.story.
  • "Larry Stewart: TV-Radio Talk Radio Playlist: Bad Taste. Once Kobe Bryant was charged with sexual assault, it was as though sports talk radio took it as permission to go crazy..." - www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-tvcol25jul25,1,3764173.story.
  • "RADIO 'Marketplace' host leaves for PBS show. David Brancaccio, host for the last decade of "Marketplace," the irreverent business-news program on public radio, is leaving the show at the end of August to co-host "NOW With Bill Moyers" on PBS..." And, "It ['Marketplace'] airs from 2 to 2:30 p.m. weekdays on KCRW-FM (89.9), and a half-hour later on KPCC-FM (89.3)." - www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/cl-et-steve25jul25.story.
  • "AROUND THE DIAL Seeing the light of 'Day.' Calling it "long overdue," NPR launches a midday features-style magazine that's aimed at younger listeners." And, "KCRW [88.9 FM] plans to air the program at noon..." And, "KPCC [89.3 FM] also plans to join the show's debut, but the air time was still not set as of Thursday morning." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney25jul25.story. This was posted yesterday at a different URL.
  • Some headlines from www.laradio.com/.
    + "KFI broadcasts live from Sacto this weekend with a focus on the recall." See today's second item.
    + "Former KFI afternooner produces movie." Cap Dale D??
    + "Big promotion for former KFI pd" Is it David G. Hall?
  • "[Talk host Michael] Savage to run for governor of California?" And a comment - musicradio.computer.net/wwwboard/messages/208323.html.
  • MeasureCast screws up. In what was their top-25 outlet list, rather than state it's a radio station in some city or an internet outlet, now they just state 'commercial' or 'non-commercial.' Dumb! However, this list now covers the top 50 outlets, and their old top-10-netcaster list now has the top 20. - www.measurecast.com/.

    7/24/03 - Tips:

  • "Clear Channel good for LA radio? On Fresh Air with Terry Gross, the CEO of Clear Channel says that his network's buying up of stations has increased the format diversity of Los Angeles radio. He cites the nostalgia station at 570 AM and some others. I was in the car, couldn't remember them all. The show is finishing now on KCRW (began at 3 PM) but it will air tonight at 7 PM on KPCC (89.3 FM)." With hot links and more. - www.laobserved.com/. 'Find' for radio.
  • "AROUND THE DIAL Seeing the light of 'Day.' Calling it "long overdue," NPR launches a midday features-style magazine that's aimed at younger listeners." "KCRW [88.9 FM] plans to air the program at noon..." And, "KPCC [89.3 FM] also plans to join the show's debut, but the air time was still not set as of Thursday morning." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney25jul25,0,3809036.story?coll=cl-tv-features. Dated for 7/25.
  • "House Votes to Restore Media Ownership Cap. Lawmakers reject the FCC's move to relax restrictions on big TV broadcasters." - www.latimes.com/news/printedition/la-fi-media24jul24002437,1,747394.story.
  • Some headlines at www.laradio.com/ where details cost.
    + ""There's No Such Thing as a Right to Privacy" - Tom Leykis"
    + "Tom Leykis reveals name of alleged victim in Kobe case and media firestorm ensues"
  • "Radio Talk-Show Host Names Kobe Bryant's Accuser. The 19-year-old woman who accused Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant of rape was named on Tuesday by a nationally syndicated talk-show host and on the Internet, pushing her into the spotlight despite pleas for privacy from her family..." - www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=topNews&storyID=3138038. Larry's tip at www.radiodailynews.com/.
  • "Bryant case opens debate about listing names of alleged rape victims." - www.philly.com/mld/philly/sports/basketball/nba/6376775.htm. Tip from www.moreover.com/, with several other links.
  • "103.1 signal issue and why they WON't get SF valley coverage." - www.radio-info.com/mods/board.php?Post=20392&Board=la.
  • "[Sean] Hannity Blows It Big Time." Many comments from non-fans also. - musicradio.computer.net/wwwboard/messages/208047.html.
  • A warning? "Radio DJ Reality Show: It's a Scam. The following article appeared in today's New York Post: "Fast-buck artists target reality-TV hopefuls..."" - www.radio-info.com/mods/board.php?Post=20752&Board=ctc.

    7/23/03 - Tips:

  • "Entertainment: Radio From 91X song-picker to home seller. By: RANDY DOTINGA - Chris Muckley is now on the other side of the business of selling. The hordes of insistent record promoters have vanished from his life, replaced by another potentially pesky breed ---- looky-loos. Yep, the music director at 91X has become, of all things, a real estate agent." - www.nctimes.com/articles/2003/07/23/entertainment/radio/7_23_0314_43_52.txt. Looks like the NCT has a new format, and it's harder to find Randy's radio column. How about his archives??
  • "Director Oliver Stone has signed Angelina Jolie to star in his epic "Alexander." She'll play Olympia, the mother of the Macedonian conqueror, who will be played by Colin Farrell." From the L.A. Times at http://www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/qtakes/cl-et-quick23.3jul23.story. But, it could be a good movie anyway. This relates to the 7/21 Flash about Captain Dale Dye being the second-unit director.
  • Some headlines from www.laradio.com/:
    + "Summer offer! Do you read the headlines and think you know what is inside LARadio.com? Sign-up for a free one-week subscription and find out."
    + "RIAA Killed Internet Radio"
    + "Veteran takes the record industry to task for what is ailing the business"
    + "Hip-hop #1 in Ventura County"
  • "Radio personality Bobby Harper, whose on-air antics inspired a character on the TV show ``WKRP in Cincinnati,'' died Tuesday of lung cancer. He was 64. Harper, of Smyrna, was the basis for WKRP's scruffy, spacey Johnny Fever, said Hugh Wilson of Charlottesville, Va., who created and produced the sitcom that ran on CBS from 1978 to 1982 (read Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (Harper's 440 radiography) (read AP)" - See Larry's hot links at www.radiodailynews.com/. Remember when Johnny tried to sneak up on the blond, and she knew it?
  • Some stories at R&R with free news - www.radioandrecords.com/.
    + "Copps To Hold 'Town Meetings' For Station License Renewals." That's an idea.
    + "Nine Programmers Depart Sirius"
    + "Tom Leykis Reveals Identity Of Kobe Bryant's Accuser"
  • " Latest research: Diarykeepers now prefer exact frequencies to call letters" says www.insideradio.com/ where details cost. Also, let's drop the stupid nick names like Kiss and Arrow: I can't tune my radio to Kiss, yet.
  • "Expanded Band AM stations...why not more of them?" And comments - www.radio-info.com/mods/board.php?Post=19022&Board=ctc.

    7/22/03 - Tips:

  • A free week of LARadio.com and "six years of Archival." See www.laradio.com/.
  • "IN BRIEF / LOS ANGELES Cuba Denies Jamming Satellite Broadcasts. The Cuban government on Saturday said that it had not jammed Los Angeles-based satellite broadcasts to Iran and that it blocked only radio and television signals beamed illegally at Cuba..." - www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-briefs20.3jul20,1,4288502.story. This story is a few days old, but as a follow up, I heard it only cost Cuba about $100 for the hardware to jam this signal. Thus, the U.S. will give up on this project, or something.
  • Some headlines from www.laradio.com/:
    + "Are the Airwaves Public?"
    + "Veteran takes us through "ownership" of the airwaves and his essay will enlighten you"
    + "John North remembers original all-News station in Southland." Wasn't it KNX?? Anyone know??
    + "Free lunch for San Diego Radio People"
  • "THE CGC COMMUNICATOR - CGC #584 - Tuesday, July 22, 2003." Tech stuff like, "IBIQUITY LAYS OFF GLYNN WALDEN AND TWO OTHER EXECUTIVES." Is there a problem at "HD Radio?" - www.bext.com/_CGC/2003/cgc584.htm.
  • "...On a lighter note, L.A. radio talker Larry Elder says of the Kobe Bryant scandal: "Robert Blake has to be the happiest man in America." (L.A. Radio)..." - www.laobserved.com/.
  • KNX 1070 AM: "9:00PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Have Gun, Will Travel"
    Episode: Diamond Springs
    Synopsis: Meeting up with an old friend leads Paladin to tragedy.
    Original airdate: 2-28-60"
  • "9:30PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Nightbeat"
    Episode: Otto the Music Man
    Synopsis: Randy Stone witnesses and helps a hit and run victim.
    Original airdate: 6-15-51"

    7/21/03 - Tips:

  • Captain Dale Dye, who did a good show on KFI, Sa & Su 5-7p, did his last show yesterday, for a while. He will leave for North Africa, etc. as second-unit director for a new Oliver Stone movie about Alexander the Great. This could be a good movie. Dale could return to the air in early 2004.
  • "Gary Lycan on radio By GARY LYCAN." And, "KFI/640 AM's Bill Handel was No. 1 overall in morning drive..." The Arbitrons. - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=48487§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=7&day=20.
  • "TALK RADIO CROSSES THE LINE." Like, "Take the L.A.-based John & Ken Show, for example." - www.american-reporter.com/2141/1.html. www.newradiostar.com/'s tip. P.S. - he got the time wrong - it's 3-7p, still KFI 640 AM, Mo-Fr. Even J & K admit they're talk-show hosts, not journalists.
  • "LETTERS Tuning In to a New Voice. Thanks to your article about KFI host Johnny Wendell ("Colloquy With a Screaming Liberal,"..." - www.latimes.com/features/printedition/magazine/la-tm-letters29.2jul20,1,6828696.story.
  • "RADIO Weekend radio is abuzz about Bryant. Tenor of comments by callers and hosts changes after charges are filed against the Laker." Mentions the sports stations. - www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/cl-et-carney21jul21.story.
  • "ABC's KGO finishes #1 12+ for 100 straight books -- 25 years." Says www.insideradio.com/. KGO is the big (Liberal?) talk station in San Francisco, which can be heard in L.A. at 810 AM, especially at night. But, frankly, L.A. talk radio is more interesting.
  • "Radio’s “Most Influential Women” Offer Website HelpLine. PRINCETON, NJ— July 17: Through Southern California Broadcasters Association President Mary Beth Garber’s idea, female radio executives and upper and middle management will have the chance to contact individual “Most Influential Women In Radio” for help or advice." From www.radioink.com/.
  • "" - www.

    7/20/03 - busy

    7/19/03 - Tips:

  • "Digital Village," the better-than-average computerish show, moves to 11a-noon, still Saturday on KPFK 90.7 FM. Site at www.kpfk.org/programs/program_DV.shtml.
  • "LISTENING IN K-Mozart vs. Clear Channel? By Sandy Wells." And more. This about-every-two-week radio column isn't printed in the Daily News, but could be found through their site. - u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%257E23540%257E1519682,00.html?search=filter.
  • "Radio: Broadcasters feel backlash of FCC ruling. BY RICHARD WAGONER." And more. - www.dailybreeze.com/content/rave/nm23421.html.
  • "Radio calendar" by OCR's Gary Lycan from yesterday. " - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=48293§ion=SHOW&subsection=LISTINGS&year=2003&month=7&day=18.
  • "Future unClear for radio giant. RANDY DOTINGA. The devil is in the details. Or, if you're the biggest radio company in the United States, the guy with the pitchfork just might show up in the footnotes." - www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html.
  • "AROUND THE DIAL Spanish Broadcasting System has reasons to celebrate." - www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/calwknd/cl-et-carney18jul18.story.
  • "KCRW adds new show from L.A. They are juggling the lineup a bit at KCRW (89.9 FM) to make room for Day to Day, the first news magazine show to be produced at National Public Radio's West Coast studio in Culver City. Slate magazine is a partner in the show, which will be hosted by NPR correspondent Alex Chadwick. Starting July 28, "Day to Day" slips into the noon-to-1 pm slot Monday through Friday. "The World" moves to 3 pm, displacing "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross, and Kurt Andersen's "Studio 360" vacates Fridays to air on Sundays at 11 am." - www.laobserved.com/. They link to www.npr.org/about/press/030512.prslate.html and other related sites.

    7/18/03 - busy

    7/17/03 - Tips:

  • Tripod quite working after I entered there two items.
  • "Future unClear for radio giant. RANDY DOTINGA. The devil is in the details. Or, if you're the biggest radio company in the United States, the guy with the pitchfork just might show up in the footnotes." His Thursday radio column - www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html.
  • "RADIO KPWR remains a powerhouse. FM's hip-hopper is No. 1 for the fifth straight quarter; KFI talks its way into third place." This month's L.A. Arbitrons. - www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/calwknd/cl-wk-carney17jul17.story. Seems like they must have changes the numbers since 7/15, for this 7/16 report; thus, my report of 7/15 differs.

    7/16/03 - busy

    7/15/03 - Tips:

  • 7/16 L.A. Arbitrons - KFI becomes number 2, KFI & KABC talkers up, all-news & KLSX down, some steady - www.radioandrecords.com/Subscribers/ratings/ratmain.asp?mkt=los.
  • Some headlines at www.laradio.com/ where details cost.
    + "Savage Firing: Disingenuous at Best!"
    + "Karel writes essay on MSNBC's decision to fire Michael Savage and the reasons may be a big surprise"
    + "Two suitors sniffing around available news/talker" What??
  • "Local chatter matters most, talk-radio listeners declare. Talk radio took a jolt to the ears last week, and this time it wasn't over peddling mystical air purifiers or miracle weight-loss pills. Nearly 1,000 listeners in 100 cities finally got to sound off without waiting for open phone lines between January and April this year. Their message: Local talk radio is better than any network bigmouth..." - www.dfw.com/mld/startelegram/news/columnists/bud_kennedy/6306676.htm. Larry's tip.
  • "The Cell Phone-Satellite Radio Connection. Pretty soon you'll be able to receive streaming audio and video on your cell phones. And although that sounds entertaining, it won't be near as interesting as when you're able to receive satellite radio..." - radio.about.com/.
  • "Rush Limbaugh Moves To KTTH/Seattle. The Premiere Radio Networks' syndicated talker will leave his longtime home at Fisher-owned Talker KVI to join the lineup at crosstown Entercom Talk competitor KTTH as of Oct. 10. Limbaugh's show will air live 9am-noon PT on KTTH, which will bump Westwood One's Bill O'Reilly, who currently airs in that slot, to a delayed split shift on the station with the first hour airing from 3-4pm and the second hour from 7-8pm. KTTH's line-up already includes local morning host Mike Siegel along with syndicated talkers Michael Medved, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Michael Reagan and Rusty Humphries rounding out the rest of the day." - www.radioandrecords.com/. Locally, he's now on KFI 640 AM, Mo-Fr, 9a-noon.
  • Question: "best portable fm walkman. I am looking for a digital walkman that has good or better recption like a car that blocks out bleed and pulls the signal in. any suggestions? I need to get a new potable walkman soon. also do the make fm boosters for potable walkman. I'd love to know any Idea how reception is on the new sony walman with am/fm/wb/tv with cd and also mp3. I'd love to know if you know. thanks." No answers yet - www.radio-info.com/mods/board.php?Post=16731&Board=engineering.
  • "" - www.

    7/14/03 - Tips:

  • "RADIO After its rebellions, a new KPFK. Among the hallmarks of truly independent thinkers is that they're impossible to manage." Even more about KPFK with program comments. - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-fi-golden14jul14.story.
  • "KPFK stories all over the place. The situation at KPFK -- where sweeping on-air changes take full effect tomorrow -- makes the cover of today's Los Angeles Business Journal and is the subject of Michael Hiltzik's "Golden State" column [above] in the L.A. Times business section..." - www.laobserved.com/.
  • KPFK changes. Keep an eye on their site for the newest changes and info, but updates could take a while. - www.kpfk.org/.
  • "Clear Channel Helps Salem's KCBQ/San Diego Stay On The Air. The future of Salem Communications' Christian Talk & Teaching KCBQ was recently placed in peril when the company's request to relocate the station's broadcast tower to the Muth Valley area was denied by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. Now, in a good-faith act, Clear Channel has decided to help keep KCBQ on the air by allowing Salem to use the KPOP/San Diego tower for KCBQ's transmitter..." - www.radioandrecords.com/.
  • Some www.insideradio.com/ items, where details cost.
    + "Rush Limbaugh gets to live a football fan's dream on ESPN. Limbaugh was once interested in the Monday Night Football gig, and now he'll be a regular on ESPN's Sunday "NFL Countdown", beginning September 7."
    + "The latest Low Power FM research submitted to the FCC opens up a can of worms." What??
  • "NEW PEW RESEARCH REPORT SHOWS AMERICANS AWARE OF MEDIA OWNERSHIP CHANGES....and they don't like it. (July 14, 2003 12:01am) According to a new research poll released today, more Americans are aware of the FCC's decision to loosen media ownership restrictions, and even more believe it will have a negative impact on the country..." - www.newradiostar.com/.
  • AM radio - will it stick around? Comments at - www.radio-info.com/mods/board.php?Post=14945&Board=la.

    7/13/03 - Tips:

  • "KPFK overhaul draws some fire. By GARY LYCAN." And more. - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=47486§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=7&day=13.
  • "Web chat. A look at what Don Barrett is reporting on his laradio.com Web site:" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=47487§ion=SHOW&subsection=RADIO&year=2003&month=7&day=13.
  • "One savage talk-show host gets the hook. But why did he, and others like him, get on the air at all? By Tim Rutten, Los Angeles Times." Does he have an opinion? This wasn't in the LAT? Why? - www2.dailycamera.com/bdc/editorials/article/0,1713,BDC_2489_2103524,00.html. www.moreover.com/'s tip.
  • "7:00 PM 60 MINUTES - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps.
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour).
    Episode: Magnificent Obsession
    Synopsis: A drunken playboy mends his ways and becomes a respected doctor.
    Guest stars: Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche
    Original airdate: 11-13-44"
    Movie review at us.imdb.com/Title?0026667.

    7/12/03 - Tips:

  • "RADIO Saturday Radio Highlights." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio12jul12.story.
  • "KPFK keeps the Car Show! The Car Show hosted by John Retsek and Art Gould is apparently back on the Saturday lineup at KPFK -- at least for now. Retsek emails that the show (on KPFK since 1973) will move to 1 p.m. as of July 19 and air for an hour each week..." From www.laobserved.com/. I did hear the show today, I believe at it's normal time.
  • "Savage back on the L.A. air. KRLA (870 AM) has ended its suspension of Michael Savage, says L.A. Radio.com. Earlier: KRLA yanks Savage." Also from www.laobserved.com/ with hotlinks. Actually, I don't remember he was off, maybe Tuesday?
  • "Radio: Clear Channel wears white hat in this one. BY RICHARD WAGONER." Friday's radio column and more. - www.dailybreeze.com/content/rave/nm9813.html. Correction?: on Richard's site someone posted, "Correction to the July 11 column - this station is actually KGSR (http://www.kgsr.com) "In fact, right now I'm listening to KSGR in Austin, Texas through the internet ... an interesting AAA station with a Texas twist.""
  • "Clear Channel Must Cut Stations. The firm's San Diego setup, which includes outlets in Mexico, exceeds new FCC limits." - www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-radio12jul12,1,720816.story.
  • "AROUND THE DIAL Pacifica radio network is returning to its Berkeley roots. The move from Washington is the culmination of efforts by disaffected listeners, who charged the network was going mainstream." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney12jul12,0,1318660.story?coll=cl-radio.
  • "L.A. Noncomm KCRW Attacks Consolidation In Latest Pledge Drive." - www.radioandrecords.com/Subscribers/TodaysNews/homepage.htm.
  • "Study: Talk radio listeners prefer local hosts." - sanantonio.bizjournals.com/sanantonio/stories/2003/07/07/daily22.html. www.newradiostar.com/'s tip, but Warning: some of their links won't back out. I do wish I had the time to put together a list of local-only hosts, rather, check Air Schedules, above.
  • Old Friday tips - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio11jul11.story.
  • "The L.A. Alternative Press, one of 39 free papers to take the place of the deceased New Times, trots out what might be the most predictable Best of L.A. issue in the history of local alt-weekly publishing. Best margarita? El Coyote! Best coffeehouse? The Coffee Table! Best Radio DJ? Nic “Sourpussy” Harcourt!..." And, "BEST RADIO STATION KCRW 89.9 FM." Tip and hot link at www.laexaminer.com/. 'Find' for 'radio' at www.laalternativepress.com/v02n06/features/bestofla.php for a few items.
  • Sam Spade info: (Monday, 9-9:30p, KNX 1070 AM)
    + List of shows - otr.us/listingsEntry.asp?ID=3462&PT=Old+Time+Radio+Shows.
    + KNX 'Fast Facts' (a few pages) - www.knx1070.com/program/Dramafacts/factsSpade.html.
    + Several audio/streaming links - www.dean-barrett-thailand.com/Old%20Time%20Radio%20Sam%20Spade.htm.
    + List of works with links - www.thrillingdetective.com/spade_sam.html.

    7/11/03 - busy

    7/10/03 - Tips:

  • "RADIO Friday Radio Highlights." Today's wasn't in the paper or on their site. - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio11jul11,0,7472203.story?coll=cl-radio.
  • "RADIO KRLA radio puts Savage on suspension. KRLA-AM (870) suspended incendiary talk radio host Michael Savage on Tuesday, the day after the cable network MSNBC fired him for making anti-gay remarks on his TV program." This isn't exactly true; he was still on We and Th - I heard him. - www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/calwknd/cl-wk-carney10jul10.story.
  • "Frontlines - Conflict Revolution," about the trouble at KPFK, is in the 7/10/03 printed issue of Los Angeles ValleyBeat, but I don't see it on their site. - lacitybeat.com/index.php.
  • "Setting new STANDARDS." And, "...KLAC-AM (570) and KSUR-AM (1260 and 540)..." - u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211~23540~1503029,00.html.
  • Some headlines at www.laradio.com/:
    +"KNX - a SHOCKING scandal!"
    +"KLAC and KSUR profiled in Daily News this morning." See above.
    +"Study shows Rush most recognized radio talk show personality - runner-ups may surprise you"
    +"New Talker in town." Anyone know what this is??

    7/9/03 - Tips:

  • "RADIO Wednesday Radio Highlights." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio9jul09.story.
  • John and Ken will be on vacation Th and Fr. Rep. Darrell Issa will host their show on Friday, and Gov. Gray (Joe) Davis has been invited to host Thursday. No answer from Joe as of 7p Wednesday. Their show is Mo-Fr, 3-7p, KFI 640 AM.
  • "Mickey Mouse operation closes shop. Randy Dotinga, North County Times. Local kids who were addicted to Radio Disney will have to live in Fantasyland, at least for a while." And more. - www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html.
  • "IN BRIEF / SAN DIEGO . An AM radio station has become the first to begin targeting San Diego's Asian community, introducing a format of music in Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese." - www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-sbriefs8.1jul08,1,6947949.story.
  • "Senators Scold Radio Chain for Tuning Out Dixie Chicks." - www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-cumulus9jul09,1,7895431.story.
  • "RADIO Sports station backs Kobe." I heard two stations now back Kobe. - www.calendarlive.com/printedition/calendar/qtakes/cl-et-quick9.5jul09.story.
  • Some www.laradio.com/ stuff:
    +""Clear Channel's Action is So Transparent, So Petty, but They Picked on the Wrong Guy!" - Saul Levine." Linked below.
    +"Saul Levine explores legal action to prevent Clear Channel's sales partnership with KUSC"
    +"KUSC gm chronicles the new CC relationship from initial phone call"
    +"Charlie Rahilly of CC/California wants to be "good, corporate citizen" in KUSC partnership"
    +"Michael Savage yanked off KRLA"
    +"LAX radio station wants to boost power from 10 watts to 100 watts." Linked below.
  • CGC newsletter, 7/8/03 - www.bext.com/_CGC/2003/cgc582.htm.

    7/8/03 - Tips:

  • "Have Gun, Will Travel," maybe the best western ever, returns tonight, Tuesdays, 9p, KNX 1070 AM.
  • "RADIO Tuesday Radio Highlights." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio8jul08,0,3191679.story?coll=cl-radio. The LAT search function isn't working right now, this is from their radio page.
  • "MSNBC fires Michael Savage for anti-gay comments. MSNBC on Monday fired Michael Savage for anti-gay comments. The popular radio talk show host who did a weekend TV show for the cable channel referred to an unidentified caller to his show Saturday..." - u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%257E28461%257E1499176,00.html. P.S. - some news outlet (radio?) tried to make it clear that this was not an anti-gay comment cause, something like, it wasn't established that the caller was gay, whatever.
  • Also, "Savage gets the boot after on-air anti-gay outburst. MSNBC cancels "Savage Nation" after host's comments. The channel's decision was "not difficult."" - www.calendarlive.com/tv/lowry/cl-et-lowry8jul08,0,4844975.story?coll=cl-home-more-channels.
  • Even, "Ex-MSNBC Host Savage Apologizes for AIDS Remark. Michael Savage, the conservative talk show host fired by cable news channel MSNBC for wishing AIDS on a caller, on Tuesday apologized for his remarks." - www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?storyID=3056346. www.moreover.com/'s tip.
  • Stuff from www.laradio.com/:
    +"NFL makes news at KFWB"
    +"Battery-operated radios needed"
    +"Clear Channel partners with Classical KUSC." Linked below.
    +"KFI weekender featured in LA Times Magazine." It's the Johnny Wendell www.latimes.com/features/printedition/magazine/la-tm-crwendell27jul06,1,3061032.story?coll=la-headlines-magazine story linked below.
    +"Music programming particularly hard hit at KPFK"
  • "L.A. Radio Station Takes Concert Promotion to East Coast. LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - It is almost unheard-of for a radio station to promote shows outside of its home market. But that's precisely what Los Angeles-based KCRW-FM is undertaking in New York." - www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=topNews&storyID=3042266. Larry's tip.
  • "Internet audience helps small, eclectic radio stations survive. Kellie Rogers searched the radio dial in vain for a station that consistently plays music she likes." - www.modbee.com/technology/story/7088968p-8021834c.html. Mentions KCRW. www.moreover.com/'s tip.
  • "KNX documentary on nun sex abuse. KNX will be airing a special investigative report on the sexual abuse of nuns by priests Thursday night at 6:30. "Ending The Silence" will be hosted by Kari Moran, and it sounds inter..." From the MSN L.A. board at http://groups.msn.com/losangelesradio/_homepage.msnw?pgmarket=en-us.
  • "Mt. Wilson FM Broadcasters To Challenge CC/USC Deal. President/GM Saul Levine tells R&R that he's presently talking to his company's FCC attorneys and plans to file a formal opposition with the FCC to Clear Channel's agreement to handle underwriting for noncommercial Classical KUSC/Los Angeles." www.radioandrecords.com/'s tip.

    7/7/03 - Tips:

  • 7/8 - "RADIO Tuesday Radio Highlights." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio8jul08,0,3191679.story?coll=cl-radio. No listing on their site for today.
  • "KUSC sees no evil in alliance. In a move skeptics might call a deal with the devil, but those involved see as a match made in heaven, public radio station KUSC today is announcing a partnership with the nation's largest radio company, Clear Channel Communications. KUSC-FM (91.5)..." - www.latimes.com/technology/business/innovation/la-et-carney7jul07,1,3387595.story.
  • "RADIO Music that's heard everywhere except on the radio. Spanish-language stations resist rock en español despite its growing popularity." - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-lechner7jul07.story.
  • I didn't see any radio stuff in the Sunday OCR or from Gary Lycan.
  • "" - www.

    7/6/03 - busy

    7/5/03 - Tips:

  • All the radio-info.com/ message boards have new URLs, and it looks like log-ins are required to post. Updated URL soon. Till then, start at radio-info.com/ or the boards are listed at www.radio-info.com/mods/boardmain.php. P.S. - To get a log-in they want your real email address so they can send you the log-in info, but they say you can use a fake email address after that.
  • Want a Liberal-Democrat Host? - dated for 7/6/03 - "RADIO Colloquy with a screaming liberal. Johnny Wendell is stretching his wings on an unlikely perch for a passionate liberal Democrat: KFI-AM (640), home to conservative talk radio giants such as Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura Schlessinger." An interview. - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-tm-crwendell27jul06,0,2519073.story?coll=cl-radio. He's Sa & Su 10p (till 1a), with a page at www.kfi640.com/johnnywendell.html.
  • "3rd Degree. For more than a decade, Warren Olney has been Los Angeles's moderator laureate, a postmodern peacemaker and digital-age inquisitor who has helped shape debate and open eyes to, as he puts it, “the issues Southern Californians care about.”...KCRW's (89.9 FM) groundbreaking Which Way L.A.? daily public affairs show [Mo-Th 7-7:30p]...To the Point (weekdays at 1 p.m. on KCRW)." - www.lacitybeat.com/article.php?id=86. Interview, but not much about radio. "Which Way, L.A.?" is one of the best local-interest news shows.
  • "Radio: ABC raises money for military families. BY RICHARD WAGONER." And more. His Friday radio column isn't posted on his site yet. - www.dailybreeze.com/content/rave/nm22801.html.
  • Again, or is it still, the Daily News search function doesn't work. You're on your own to find radio stuff.
  • "Rival Seeks FCC Delay in Univision Ruling. Spanish-language network Telemundo is asking federal regulators to delay a decision on rival Univision Communication Inc.'s proposed $3-billion purchase of Hispanic Broadcasting Corp." - www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-rup4.6jul04,1,3283548.story.
  • "AROUND THE DIAL Weekly presidential address gives radio listeners an earful. The audiences are dwindling, but the medium still helps the commander in chief send a clear message. Seventy years ago, when he initiated his fireside chats, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had Americans surrounding their radios, rapt with attention." - www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/politics/whitehouse/la-et-carney4jul04194422,1,1952321.story. Worth reading if you're into radio, and see link in Shows, above and next.
  • President Bush/Dems talk: both at www.bradenton.com/mld/bradenton/news/politics/6239907.htm. www.moreover.com/'s tip. Also, Saturday KNX 1070 AM Bush 7:06a, Dems 8:06a.
  • FYI - "U.S. to Begin Nightly News Broadcasts to Iran. The U.S. government will launch a nightly news broadcast to Iran on Sunday to provide information to Iranians opposed to their conservative leaders..." And, "The news broadcasts are in addition to Radio Farda, a 24-hour U.S.-run Persian-language radio service, and two other weekly television programs." - www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-voa4jul04,1,1284540.story.
  • "KIIS-AM becomes KHTS-AM. Correction: KIIS-AM 1220 in Canyon Country has changed their call letters to KHTS-AM. There is no merger between the KIIS and KHTS FMs. Thanks to Howard Fine for clarifying the confusing headline found at laradio.com: "KIIS changing calls to KHTS"." - calradio.tripod.com/.
  • "Internet, Satellite Radio Aren't Substitutes For Terrestrial Radio. Among the items the FCC discusses in its just-released full text of its new ownership rules is a statement in which the agency disagrees with those who argue that the definition of the radio marketplace should be broadened to include both Internet-only broadcasters and satellite radio broadcasters XM and Sirius." - www.rronline.com/Subscribers/TodaysNews/homepage.htm.
  • "Emmis renews L.A. morning star "Big Boy" -- and is still talking with Hot 97's "Star"." - www.insideradio.com/.

    7/4/03 - happy holliday

    7/3/03 - Tips:

  • "Their endless love." Specifically, "In 1952, John Poole founded the KBIG AM and FM radio stations, whose studios were on Sunset Boulevard. The station's AM transmitter — ridiculed by all as crazy — was and still is on Catalina Island. "The offshore radio transmitter allowed us to reach a far wider coastal audience than an inland receiver," John Poole said. The FM receiver is still atop Mt. Wilson... " - www.latimes.com/news/local/pilot/news/la-dpt-marriage03jul03,1,5014414.story.
  • Newsletter, CGC, 7/1/03, #581: - www.bext.com/_CGC/2003/cgc581.htm.
  • "The Beam, a new company owned by Michael Spears, has a new project that syndicates the President's personal physican, Dr. Ken Cooper (father of the American aerobics movement) in a 2 hour Saturday morning call-in series. The show is in LA on KBRT 740 AM, KCSC in the Bay Area and KCBQ, San Diego. Cooper now has 60 nationwide affiliates. The home station is DFW's KRLD 1080. News of more syndication features is upcoming (e-mail for details and updates)." Larry's tip, linked above.
  • "LA Radio dot com reports: KIIS changing calls to KHTS + With KFI weekday growth zooming, management turns attention to the weekends with line-up shuffling..." Larry's tip, linked above.
  • "Michael Stung By SavageStupidity.com. NBC11.com is reporting that conservative talk-show host, Michael Savage, has lost his bid to take possession of SavageStupidity.com, a website critical of his radio program..." Tip from and links at radio.about.com/.
  • "FCC RELEASES FINAL VERSION OF OWNERSHIP RULES CHANGES..Adelstein calls it "destructive"..." - www.newradiostar.com/.

    7/2/03 - Tips:

  • "A way with (bad) words: Part II. Randy Dotinga. North County Times. Even in these days of free-falling standards, you're unlikely to hear a few choice dirty words on the radio. And you have comedian George Carlin, of all people, to thank..." - www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html.
  • "LETTERS A critic's wife. Over the years I have clipped out and made many of your recipes with varying degrees of success..." - www.latimes.com/features/food/la-fo-letters2.2jul02,1,3436717.story.
  • "RADIO Wednesday Radio Highlights" - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio2jul02,0,7652716.story?coll=cl-radio. Actually, this was posted on their site yesterday, so I may post these only the day before.
  • "KFI Emphasizing "More Stimulating Weekends"," "With KFI weekday growth zooming, management turns attention to the weekends with line-up shuffling," and "KCRW/KPCC's Marketplace voted Best of the Best" comments www.laradio.com. See Reminders above for KFI schedule link.
  • "Jen Aronoff: There are about 50 nearly-identical KISS stations across the country, dotting the map like a burst bag of Hershey's candy, scattered from New England to Los Angeles..." See Larry's site above for more and the link.
  • Best radio DJ and station: do a find at - www.laalternativepress.com/v02n06/features/bestofla.php.

    7/1/03 - Tips:

  • "RADIO Tuesday Radio Highlights" - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio1jul01.story.
  • "RADIO Wednesday Radio Highlights" - www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio2jul02,0,7652716.story?coll=cl-radio.
  • "Mayor of KROQ and the Sunset Strip in new movie" and "News station in San Barbara up for sale" says www.laradio.com/ where details cost. See last month Flashes about 'Mayor.'
  • "KLOS is giving away concert tickets to Crosby, Stills, Nash tickets for the Greek-- giveaways run now thru July 11th (details, details)." See Larry's site, linked above.
  • "RADIO-INFO.COM. We're currently converting over to the new site. Your patience is much appreciated." Looks like they're all down today.
  • It's time for the 2003.5 "KNX Drama Hour" changes. The complete 2003.5 KNX Drama Hour schedule is posted at www.knx1070.com/program/drama.html and below. 'New' shows for 2003.5 include: Sam Spade, Crime Classics, and Have Gun, Will Travel (maybe the best Western ever) starting 7/2/2003, and all Drama Hour shows start at 9p, for now.

    KNX Drama Hour, 7/2/2003-1/2004, KNX 1070 AM (also 2-3a and streaming) (* marks favorites)
    Types of shows: C is comedy, D is drama, P is police, PI is private investigator-like, SF is sci fi, and W is western.
  • 9:00p - Sam Spade (PI) ?
  • 9:30p - The Lone Ranger (W)


  • 9:00p - Have Gun, Will Travel (W) **
  • 9:30p - Night Beat (PI-ish) *
  • Wednesday
  • 8:00p - 60 Minutes II
  • 9:00p - Crime Classics (?) ?
  • 9:30p - Tales of the Texas Rangers (W)


  • 9:00p - Dragnet (P)
  • 9:30p - Box 13 (PI-ish) *


  • 9:00p - Gunsmoke (W) *
  • 9:30p - The Shadow (D) ?
  • Saturday
  • 9:00p - The Jack Benny Program (C)
  • 9:30p - The Great Gildersleeve (C)


  • 7:00p - 60 MINUTES - KNX simulcasts the CBS-TV newsmagazine.
  • 9:00p - Lux Radio Theater (misc.) (one hour)
  • See the Radio pages on MENU for more info.

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