Original Message
email to the Los Angeles Times
Sent: Friday, August 17, 2001
Subject: more radio coverage please

Dear Readers' Rep,

Could you please include more Radio coverage in your Calendar/Entertainment section of the "Los Angeles Times," both in your paper and on your web site? Specifically:

--Could you please place the Radio Tips/Highlights/Listings/whatever from the paper onto the web site also? It seems like the paper never has enough space for the whole list - the site would have the space. Some items are sometimes out-of-date, but for people who don't read my web site, they're better than nothing.

--The "Morning Report" occasionally mentions Radio, but, surely, there must be a radio item almost every day. Don Barrett has several items each day on his web site, and I try.

--The "Around the Dial" column, in the past on Thursday and now occasionally on Friday, would make a good weekly addition to the paper and web site. I have criticized the column in the past for sounding like a Public Relations release, so a small adjustment in topics and slant would be welcome.

Thank you for your help. Can we L.A. radio listeners look forward to increased radio coverage from the "Los Angeles Times" paper and web site?


Thank you for your suggestions. I will forward copies of your e-mail both to the radio editor and to the website.

Deputy Readers' Representative