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11/99 Radio Flashes

11/23/99 - Watch out for changes on the holidays. Some big hosts are replaced by better, small-name host. Some play special programs. On Wed KPPC does science at 5 p.m. & movies at 6 p.m.

11/22/99 - "Ask the Mayor" will be 11/24/99, 10 a.m., KFWB 980 AM.

11/21/99 - Marsha Clark (the ex-lawyer?) displaced Dr. Edell at noon today and was on 5-6 p.m. last Sunday on KFI. She doesn't offer much. Looks like "Radio AM-FM Live" on KIEV is gone, at least for a while.

11/20.1/99 - The 5-7 p.m. food shows on KRLA were displaced by sports. KSDO at 6 p.m. is static in my area, also KMNY. Looks like KIEV "Crime Line" detective is gone.

11/20/99 - KFI is listing Melinda Lee for Thursday 11/25 5-9 a.m., Saturday 11/27 3-6 p.m., and Sunday 2-5 p.m.

11/13/99 - Tomm Looney says Norm Lafave moved his "Autotalk" show to KMNY 1600 AM, Saturday, 7-9 a.m. I forgot to verify, and the dumb station doesn't list their air schedule.

11/10/99 - KSDO changes their Mon-Fri, 6-7 p.m. lineup. Looks like the only computer show in that slot is Wednesday with Kim Komando.

11/9/99 - Starting 10/13/99 Melinda Lee will be on KFI Sat & Sun afternoons, and with longer hours. "Car Talk" on KCRW on Sun morn went away. "Crime Line" has gone before only to return?

11/7/99 - There are a few changes/comments for Sunday morning on Favorites. KOGO changes their site URL (again??).

11/5/99 - KLSX changed their site URL again. Just go to http://www.fmtalk971.com, click to enter, and click on air schedule. I'll change my links soon.

11/3/99 - Remember for next year, KNX usually runs "The War of the Worlds" on Halloween Eve. They play the original 1938 version by Orson Wells and the Mercury Theater, based on the H.G. Wells' book.

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