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    1/1/03 - Happy New Year, Western style. I should return 1/2/03. See the 1/2003 page for a few items.

    12/31.7/02 - Holiday shows. Also check your favorite stations for more.

  • by Gary Lycan, OCR - "HOLIDAY LINEUP -
    ++Gil Gross is filling in for Keith Olberman on "Speaking of Everything" on the ABC Radio Network this week.
    ++KKJZ/88.1 FM plays the "88 jazz greats" New Year's Day, 6 a.m.-6 p.m.
    ++New Year's Eve, it airs National Public Radio's coverage starting at 7 p.m. Dave Brubeck, The Count Basie Orchestra, Taj Mahal and Freddy Cole are featured all night long.
    ++Jason Bentley and Garth Trinidad feature electronic, hip-hop and soul in KCRW/89.9 FM's New Year's Eve countdown." My ++'s.
  • Tue, 12/31/02, 2-4p - "Alice in Wonderland," a new production, Harry Shearer narrates - KCRW 89.9 FM.
  • Tue, 12/31/02, 10p-5a (into Wed.) - Art Bell's last show - KFI 640 AM. Site at www.artbell.com/ ends soon.
  • Wed, 1/1/03, 9a-3p - "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," all 12 episodes - KCRW 89.9 FM. Schedule.

    12/31.6/02 - "Art Bell is scheduled to do his last nightly radio show tonight. Premiere said back in October that Art may do some occasional fill-ins for new host George Noory. But tonight is Art's official farewell. Read Art's farewell message at ArtBell.com." Says www.insideradio.com/. Locally it's on KFI 640 AM, 10p-5a.

    12/31.5/02 - FYI - "China reports fast growth in radio ad revenue. Radio is now placed higher up among conventional media in China...in terms of the growth rate of advertising revenue... Advertising revenue from radio broadcast...(US$220 million)...up 20.23 percent...There are now 303 radio stations across China...which offer an average of 21,000 hours of broadcasting daily and programs broadcasted in a total of 43 languages, including 38 foreign languages, the Putonghua (the standard Chinese language) and four major dialects for overseas audience." More at english.eastday.com/epublish/gb/paper1/769/class000100001/hwz105008.htm. Tip from www.newradiostar.com/.

    12/31.4/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Johnny Dollar," starring Edmond O’Brien.
    Episode: The Blackmail Matter
    Synopsis: Johnny investigates a murder at a body building club.
    Original airdate: 5-5-53"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Dragnet," starring Jack Webb as [LAPD] Sgt. Joe Friday.
    Episode: The Big 17
    Synopsis: Teenage crime is on the rise.
    Original airdate: 9-6-51"

    12/31.3/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND "This highly produced Alice is a modern, sophisticated fantasy." And it's narrated by Harry "Smell the Glove" Shearer. KCRW, 89.9 FM, 2-4 p.m."
  • "TUESDAY LIVE Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson hosts this call-in show concerning local politics and social issues. KPFK 90.7 FM, 7-8 p.m."

    12/31.2/02 - "Fearful immigrants turn to radio. Station covers arrests by INS.
    LOS ANGELES (AP) - In the days following the arrests of hundreds of Middle Eastern men who voluntarily registered with the INS, a small Persian-language radio station became a powerful gathering place for the immigrant community, taking calls from those being detained and spearheading a rally that attracted thousands of protesters.
    KIRN-AM [670 AM] canceled its programming to provide round-the-clock coverage of the detentions of nearly 400 Middle Eastern men after they reported to the Immigration and Naturalization Service on Dec. 16. Anyone who had problems with their immigration documents were taken into custody."
    More at www.montereyherald.com/mld/mcherald/news/state/4839707.htm.

    12/31.1/02 - LAT radio tips from the paper today did get onto their web site, and I listed them below. Formatting required. Or see it at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-tvradio31dec31.story.

    "December 31, 2002
    Tips for Tuesday

  • Morning Becomes Eclectic: Nic Harcourt features highlights from "Morning Becomes Eclectic's" best in-studio performances from 2002, KCRW-FM (89.9). 9 a.m.-noon.
  • Alice in Wonderland: Harry Shearer narrates dramatization of Lewis Carroll's classic; with Vinessa Shaw (as Alice), Hector Elizondo (Mad Hatter), Julia Migenes (Red Queen), Joe Spano (March Hare), Elliott Gould (Cheshire Cat), Rhea Perlman (Dormouse), Orson Bean (Mock Turtle), Malcolm McDowell (Gryphon) and Dan Castellaneta (Dodo) (repeat), KCRW-FM (89.9). 2-4 p.m.
  • Sports Year in Review, KSPN (1110). 3-4 p.m.
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: BBC production of Douglas Adams' science-fiction parody; parts 8 and 9 of 12 (series in its entirety broadcast New Year's Day, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.), KCRW-FM (89.9). 7-8 p.m.
  • NPR's Toast of the Nation, KKJZ (88.1). New Year's Eve jazz specials from around the country include "Dave Brubeck at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center" and "Chick Corea at New York's Blue Note Club" (7-9:15 p.m.); "The Count Basie Orchestra Live From Orchestra Hall in Chicago" (9:15-10:30 p.m.); "Taj Mahal at Yoshi's in Oakland" (10:30-12:30 a.m.); and "Freddy Cole at Kennedy Center," repeated from 2001 (12:30 a.m.-2 a.m.). 7 p.m.-2 a.m.
  • Jim Svejda's New Year's Eve Bash, KUSC-FM (91.5). 7 p.m.-2 a.m.
  • New Year's Eve With Jason and Garth: "Metropolis" host and "Chocolate City" host Garth Trinidad play electronica, hip-hop and soul music, KCRW-FM (89.9). 8 p.m.-midnight


  • 6-9 a.m. - Don Crabtree, KDIS (710).
  • 9-11 a.m. - Playhouse Disney, KDIS (710).
  • 11 a.m.-1 p.m. - B.B. Good, live from Walt Disney World Resort, KDIS (710).
  • 1-5 p.m. - Squeege, KDIS (710).
  • 5-10 p.m. - Ernie D., KDIS (710).
  • 9-9:30 p.m., 2-2:30 a.m. - Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: Johnny investigates a murder at a body-building club (originally broadcast May 5, 1953), KNX (1070).
  • 9:30-10 p.m., 2:30-3 a.m. - Dragnet: Teenage crime is on the rise (originally broadcast Sept. 6, 1951), KNX (1070).
  • 10 p.m.-3 a.m. - Sheryl Brooks, KDIS (710).


  • 10:45 a.m.-2 p.m. - Sun Bowl: Washington (7-5) vs. Purdue (6-6), KSPN (1110).
  • 4-7 p.m. - Peach Bowl: Maryland (10-3) vs. Tennessee (8-4), KSPN (1110).
  • 7:30-10:30 p.m. - San Francisco Bowl: Air Force (8-4) vs. Virginia Tech (9-4), KSPN (1110).


  • 3-10:30 a.m. - Howard Stern, KLSX-FM (97.1).
  • 5-8:55 a.m. - Ken & Company, KABC (790).
  • 5-9 a.m. - Bill Handel, KFI (640).
  • 5-9 a.m. - Don Imus, KPLS (830).
  • 6-10 a.m. - Mark & Brian, KLOS-FM (95.5).
  • 9-11 a.m. - Bill O'Reilly, KABC (790).
  • 9-11 a.m. - Larry Mantle's Airtalk, KPCC-FM (89.3).
  • 9 a.m.-noon - Rush Limbaugh, KFI (640).
  • 9 a.m.-noon, 6-8 p.m. - Dennis Prager, KRLA (870).
  • 11 a.m.-noon - Sam Rubin, KLSX-FM (97.1).
  • Noon-2 p.m. - George Putnam, KPLS (830).
  • Noon-3 p.m. - Sean Hannity, KABC (790).
  • Noon-3 p.m. - Laura Schlessinger, KFI (640).
  • Noon-3 p.m. - Frosty, Heidi and Frank, KLSX-FM (97.1).
  • 1-2:30 p.m. - Talk of the City With Kitty Felde, KPCC-FM (89.3)"

    12/31/02 - "FCC Commissioner questions further industry consolidation. Not everyone at the Federal Communications Commission, the federal agency that oversees the nation's radio and TV stations, is for further deregulation of the broadcasting industry. One commissioner, Michael J. Copps, is worried about the effects of growing concentration of ownership in the hands of the fewer and bigger." More at u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%257E23540%257E1075381,00.html?search=filter. Somehow my search for his name didn't find this.

    12/30.10/02 - New Year's shows. Not many, but check your favorite stations for more.

  • Tue, 12/31/02, 2-4p - "Alice in Wonderland," a new production, Harry Shearer narrates - KCRW 89.9 FM.
  • Tue, 12/31/02, 10p-5a (into Wed.) - Art Bell's last show - KFI 640 AM. Site at www.artbell.com/ ends soon.
  • Wed, 1/1/03, 9a-3p - "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," all 12 episodes - KCRW 89.9 FM. Schedule.

    12/30.9/02 - "Study Shows Most Americans Happy With Local Radio. Some 78% of Americans believe local radio stations provide a "very important" or "somewhat important" role in providing valuable news and information considered relevant to their communities. In fact, according to a study by the Mellman Group commissioned by the NAB, just 3% of all survey respondents say local radio stations are "not at all important" in providing relevant community news and information." More at www.radioandrecords.com/.

    12/30.8/02 - KPLS 830 AM weekday program schedule. That's all they've posted on their web site; nothing about their weekend schedule. Well, now their site is down, for months. The following is from their ad in the 12/25/02 Pennysaver.

    KPLS 830 AM weekday program schedule per 12/25/02 Pennysaver.
  • 5-9a - Don Imus
  • 9a-noon - Laura Ingraham
  • noon-2p - George Putnam ['Mr. Nasty']
  • 2-3p - Right Brothers
  • 3-4p - Market Wrap
  • 4-7p - Michael Savage
  • 7-9p - Dana Roth
  • 12/30.7/02 - L.A. Times radio tips for Sunday, 69 program tips, were on page E55 in the Calendar section, not far from the chess problem. Doesn't it seem like the chess problems have been too easy recently?

    12/30.6/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. Westerns.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Gunsmoke," starring William Conrad.
    Episode: Puckett’s New Year"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Tales Of The Texas Rangers," starring Joel McCrea.
    Episode: The Lucky Dollar
    Synopsis: A sticky dollar with a missing corner leads to jail.
    Original airdate: 12-10-50"

    12/30.5/02 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "It's a jungle in here! Anything can happen with Jack Hanna. The animal expert and his marvelous creatures join Larry for the hour."
  • Tuesday 12/31 - "Spend New Year's Eve laughing yourself silly with Carol Burnett's legendary duo: Tim Conway and Harvey Korman."
  • Wednesday 1/1 - "In a rare, in-depth interview, former President Richard Nixon's daughter Julie Nixon Eisenhower talks about her father's legacy."
  • Thursday 1/2 - "A revealing interview with a legendary silver-screen beauty: John Wayne's leading lady Maureen O'Hara shares intimate Hollywood secrets."

    12/30.4/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "THE CALIFORNIA REPORT Ten minutes of news, special reports and commentary relating to the greatest state of all. KPCC 89.3 FM, 6:50 a.m. (repeats 8:50 a.m.)"
  • "AMERICAN MOSAIC Geoffrey Fontaine pieces together a pretty picture of classic and classical American sounds. KCSN 88.5 FM, 9 p.m.-mid."
  • "SEED OF CHAOS A techno show that's rarely appropriate for the dance floor. KXLU 88.9 FM, 1-2 a.m. (Tues. a.m.)"

    12/30.3/02 - "KCSN Seeks L.A. City Coverage With Booster. The Cal State Northridge-operated FM, which has a limited signal serving the San Fernando Valley region of Southern California, has successfully petitioned the FCC for a booster to its 88.5 MHz signal that would be located in West Los Angeles. The booster would significantly increase KCSN's signal, which is presently hindered by the Santa Monica Mountains that separate central Los Angeles from the valley." More at www.radioandrecords.com/.

    12/30.2/02 - "Signals crossed on fate of digital radio. The jury is out on digital radio. There's little agreement among broadcasters about the future of the format, a crystal-clear signal broadcast across the digital spectrum." But...! More at www.globetechnology.com/servlet/ArticleNews/gtnews/TGAM/20021228/RDIGI. Larry's tip. Also, www.newradiostar.com/ linked to it.

  • www.insideradio.com/ adds, "Canada struggles with its version of digital radio - partly because of America's HD radio. Seven years into its Eureka 147 out-of-band system, Standard Broadcasting CEO Gary Slaight tells the Globe & Mail "Nobody is listening." One problem -- lack of compatibility with the new U.S. system from iBiquity."

    12/30.1/02 - Headline at www.laradio.com/:

  • "KRLA's Michael Medved loses his flagship station in Seattle"
    I did listen to him once. Either he was kidding for an hour, or he's the most whacked-out host I've heard recently.

    12/30/02 - "EDITORIAL - FCC: Stay Tuned to Public. In the 1920s, so many budding broadcasters were trying out a growing technology called radio that stations canceled out one another in a mess of howls, screams and whistles." More at www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-ed-fcc30dec30.story?null.

    12/29.3/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "7:00 PM 60 MINUTES - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps.
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour).
    Episode: I Can Get it for You Wholesale
    Synopsis: A dress designer will cheat anyone to get ahead.
    Guest star: Susan Hayward
    Original airdate: 3-31-52" Movie review at us.imdb.com/Title?0043663.

    12/29.2/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "THE RECORD SHELF That would be the classical shelf, with Jim Svejda. This week: a conversation with violinist Hilary Hahn. KUSC 91.5 FM, 11 a.m.-noon."
  • "KNX DRAMA HOUR's Lux Radio Theater. Tonight's episode: I Can Get It for You Wholesale, starring Susan Hayward as a lying, cheating fashion designer. KNX 1070 AM, 9-10 p.m."
  • "OFF THE RECORD WITH JOE BENSON Music and conversation with rock's greatest celebs. This week: 2002 in review with Pete Townshend, Rick Wakeman, Geddy Lee, Graham Nash and others. ARROW 93 FM, 10-11 p.m."

    12/29.1/02 - "Iranian Anger on AM Dial. Persian station KIRN serves as a forum for immigrants upset by Dec. 16 detentions. As dozens of immigrant men were being jailed during a special INS registration, a small Persian-language radio station became a town plaza of the airwaves for friends and relatives -- a gathering place for the frustrated, the angry and the scared. The station, KIRN-AM (670)..." More at www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-iranradio29dec29001506.story?null.

    12/29/02 - Gary Lycan's radio stuff in the OCR:

  • Column: "O.C. loses another pop station" and more at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=18158§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=29.
  • "Radio Calendar" program tips at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=18159§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=29.
  • "Web Chat:" www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=18160§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=29.

    12/28.4/02 - "On radio, Hillary Clinton leads Democrats on unemployment benefits. ...Clinton said in the Democrats' weekly radio address." More at long url. Moreover.com/'s tip. See link and archines at 12/27.4/02 Flash.

    12/28.3/02 - "Mexico reaches out to migrant population through radio drama. Mexico's newest radio drama begins with a scene of dozens of unemployed day laborers, standing on Lankershim Boulevard in the Los Angeles area's San Fernando Valley, drinking coffee and waiting for work." More at www.azcentral.com/news/articles/1226border-radio26-ON.html. Moreover.com/'s tip. This was reported before.

    12/28.2/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. Comedy.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Jack Benny Program," starring Jack Benny.
    Episode: Jack’s Christmas
    Original airdate: 12-26-53"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Red Skelton Show," starring Red Skelton.
    Episode: A New Year’s Puzzle
    Synopsis: Junior tries to help find Willy Lump Lump.
    Original airdate: 12-31-46"

    12/28.1/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION Garrison Keillor hosts this live variety show with comedic sketches, bluegrass interludes and his sublimely observant monologue, "the News from Lake Wobegon." KPCC 89.3 FM, 6-8 p.m."
  • "THE PLAY'S THE THING L.A. Theater Works' top-notch radio drama. This week: Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit with Rosalind Ayres, Shirley Knight and Ian Ogilvey. KPCC 89.3 FM, 8-10 p.m."
  • "THE SHEENA SHOW Sheena encourages all to call in and hassle her on her "talk-radio slumber party." 97.1 FM TALK, 12 mid.-2 a.m. (repeats Sun., 12 mid.)"

    12/28/02 - "A Kick in the 'Pants': NPR's Comedy Show Goes Splat. If it were a Broadway play, it might have closed after the first act. As it was, "I'd Rather Eat Pants" -- a bold experiment in making old radio drama new again -- went on for five days on NPR's popular "Morning Edition" program last week, largely over the objections of listeners." More at www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A46236-2002Dec27.html. Moreover.com/'s tip. Another story below, and it wasn't that bad.

    12/27.10/02 - Two bravenet.com message boards listed on C&C produce a message, "Bravenet has finished moving its hardware to its new location. If you are seeing this page, then you are being affected by whats called DNS Propagation. This issue can take anywhere from 24 hours to 5 days to take place...." They should return someday.

    12/27.9/02 - FYI - "Bush speaks to Iranians directly on the new Farsi-language Radio Farda. Which not only tells the Iranian target audience he's behind the Western-style music and news radio station -- it tells critics in Washington that Bush approves of the new government-sponsored service." Says www.insideradio.com/.

    12/27.8/02 - "Multicultural Radio Saves Pasadena, CA Theater. Arthur Liu's radio group is paying $3.5 million for the historic Raymond Theatre and an adjacent parking lot. The Pasadena Star-News reports..." More at www.radioandrecords.com/.

    12/27.7/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. Good stuff.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Suspense"
    Episode: The Shot
    Synopsis: A man refuses to take a shot at his opponent in a duel..
    Original airdate: 10-12-53"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Escape"
    Episode: Back for Christmas
    Synopsis: A man plots his wife’s murder.
    Original airdate: 12-24-47"

    12/27.6/02 - LA Weekly's program picks on their site today at www.laweekly.com/calendar/content/radio_all.php are dated "December 6 - 12, 2002," but they look like the tips for this week. These tips are not in their paper this week.

    12/27.5/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "LEFT, RIGHT & CENTER Conservative political journalist David Frum joins middle guy Matthew Miller, lefty Robert Scheer and the roving Arianna Huffington for today's issues from every angle. KCRW 89.9 FM, 2:30-3 p.m. (repeats at 7 p.m.)"
  • "DEMOLISTEN Warning: May contain your band. Hosted by Devin, Fred Kiko and DJ Big TV. KXLU 89.9 FM, 7-8 p.m."
  • "FRANK Four girlfriends blab about life and other stuff, just like Barbara Walters and her friends do on The View. 97.1 FM TALK, mid.-2 a.m. (Sat. a.m.)"

    12/27.4/02 - "Hillary Clinton Picked to Give Democrats' Radio Response. NEW YORK -- Democrats have chosen Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to give the party's response to President Bush's weekly radio address Saturday." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-na-hillary27dec27.story.

  • www.insideradio.com/ adds, "Hillary Rodham Clinton will drive 'em nuts doing Saturday's Democratic radio response to Bush. This could be the most high-profile radio speech in a long time. She was just announced as the Democrats' choice to handle the weekly chore."
  • Saturday on KNX 1070 AM:

    12/27.3/02 - "Hacker's Internet Cuffs Coming Off. Felon Kevin Mitnick's probation ends Jan. 20. He says he's starting a computer security firm." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-mitnick27dec27.story. Yesterday's news.

    12/27.2/02 - "LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Dr. Laura: Private Time for a Public Figure." Four letters at www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-le-binder27dec27.story.

    12/27.1/02 - "Angels score a new home with KDIS-KSPN switch. ...Anaheim Angels...back at 710 on the AM radio dial. The move is part of a reshuffling that takes effect Wednesday when the Southland affiliates of Radio Disney and ESPN -- KDIS-AM (710) and KSPN-AM (1110) -- switch frequencies." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney27dec27.story.

  • Also, "Art Bell will be saying farewell. Art Bell, whose overnight radio program "Coast to Coast AM" explores unexplained phenomena ranging from UFOs to Bigfoot, will relinquish the show following his New Year's Eve broadcast next week." And more.

    12/27/02 - Gary Lycan's "Radio Calendar," program listings, for the week, about 15 pages worth, are at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=17955§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=27.

    12/26.11/02 - "Ex-Computer Hacker Granted Radio License. WASHINGTON - A man the federal government once labeled "the most wanted computer criminal in U.S. history" has won a long fight to renew his ham radio license and next month can resume surfing the Internet. Kevin Mitnick, 39, of Thousand Oaks, Calif., served five years in federal prison..." More at www.siliconvalley.com/mld/siliconvalley/news/4818196.htm. Moreover.com/'s tip. Remember, he had a computer show on KFI. One site at www.kevinmitnick.com/.

  • Another version at www.signonsandiego.com/news/computing/20021226-1440-fcc-hacker.html.

    12/26.10/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. Good stuff.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Whistler," starring Bill Forman.
    Episode: Letter from Cynthia
    Synopsis: A doctor has an emergency patient.
    Original airdate: 12-25-49"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe," starring Gerald Mohr [LA PI].
    Episode: High Collared Cape
    Synopsis: A ballerina searches for her mentor.
    Original airdate: 4-25-50"

    12/26.9/02 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "Scandals, lawsuits and gorgeous women: "The Price is Right" host Bob Barker reveals all about his career on TV's longest running game show." What a guy!
  • Friday 12/27 - "Get up close and personal with "Inside the Actor's Studio" host James Lipton. He's famous for getting stars to spill their innermost secrets. Now, it's his turn in the hot seat."

    12/26.8/02 - FYI - "First chat line. Cape to mark 100 years since Marconi feat. In an era when most of the world still got around by horse and wagon, and ocean travel was the main way to bridge the world's continents, sending messages instantaneously to any point on Earth was considered magical. To Elettra Marconi, her father, Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the wireless telegraph, was a wizard." More at www.capecodonline.com/cctimes/firstchat26.htm. Moreover.com/'s tip.

    12/26.7/02 - FYI - "Israelis and Iranian Jews said detained in L.A. dragnet. According to Israel's consulate in Los Angeles, authorities conducting a dragnet in southern California aimed at "Middle Easterners" have detained at least 10 Israeli citizens and a number of Jews of Iranian origin, Israel Radio reported Tuesday." More at www.virtualjerusalem.com/news/usnews/?disp_feature=hpnM6d.var. Moreover.com/'s tip.

    12/26.6/02 - "NPR fails in attempt at humor in radio play. The Marx Brothers' A Night at the Opera. Chris Rock's stand-up routines. Christine Baranski in just about any comic role. All are funny. But, sad to say, National Public Radio's brand-new comic play - though born of an admirable impulse - wasn't...I'd Rather Eat Pants." More at www.sunspot.net/features/bal-to.tvradio25dec25,0,74741.column?coll=bal-features-headlines. Larry's tip. See my comments and audio link below.

    12/26.5/02 - "THE BEAST 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2002. Includes a few radio/media people at www.buffalobeast.com/article.php?path=2002/09/&article=01_0. Larry's tip, maybe not for kids.

    12/26.4/02 - Art Bell was a repeat last night, so I don't have any new news. But, tonight and Friday could be his last few shows. He is schedules to stop on or before 12/31/02. Try www.artbell.com/, but that will fold soon also. Site says, "Looking forward to the last program, Tuesday, Dec 31st, 2002." See Art Bell's final schedule and in 'Reminders,' above. (The webmaster continues at http://www.gototalk.com/, a pay service.)

    12/26.3/02 - Some headlines from www.laradio.com:

  • "Red-Eye Radio #1 All-Night in 5th Annual LARP Listening Poll"
  • "KABC's Doug McIntyre repeats as most listened to all-night show"
  • "LA Times mentions LARadio.com" at www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-only24dec24.story.

    12/26.2/02 - "Radio Offers Grim Drama on 'El Norte'. Mexico's newest radio drama begins with a scene of dozens of unemployed day laborers, standing on Lankershim Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley, drinking coffee and waiting for work." More at www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-radio26dec26.story. This was also reported a while ago.

    12/26.1/02 - "Entravision to Acquire 3 Stations From Rival Broadcaster. Entravision Communications Corp., one of the nation's biggest Spanish-language broadcasters, agreed to buy three Los Angeles radio stations for an estimated $137 million in cash and stock, the company said Tuesday." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-radio25dec25.story?null. This hit the news about 12/24.

    12/26/02 - "365 days, five lowlights. Ding, dong, the year is dead. Was it good for you? It was for your friendly neighborhood media critic." Five lows for the year in Randy Dotinga's Thursday column at www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html.

    12/24.9/02 - Happy Holidays. I should return 12/26/02.

    12/24.8/02 - Some program tips for the holidays are listed below. Check your favorite stations for more. Most are from Gary Lycan's column linked below, but I added and corrected some.

    Holiday Specials, 12/23-12/25.

  • All-Christmas music: KOST 103.5 FM, KBIG 104.3 FM, KRTH 101.1 FM, and KTWV 94.7 FM are among the best.
  • Mon 7p - "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," in 12 episodes, 12/23-1/3 - KCRW 89.9 FM.
    Also 1/1, complete series, 9a-3p. Schedule.
  • Mon 9-10p - "Gunsmoke" does 12th Night (Christmas Show) & "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" does Christmas Present - KNX 1070 AM.
  • Tue 2-4p - "Alice in Wonderland," a new production, Harry Shearer narrates - KCRW 89.9 FM.
  • Tue 6-7p - "A Christmas Carol," commercial free - KABC 790 AM.
  • Tue 7p for 24 hours - "Christmas Around the World" from Florida - KABC 790 AM.
  • Tue 9-10p - "A Christmas Carol," KNX Drama Hour - KNX 1070 AM.
  • Wed 5-9a - Cooking/food with Melinda Lee - KFI 640 AM.
  • Wed 6-10a - John Tesh guests with Ted Ziegenbusch and Lauren Kitchen - KFSH "The Fish" 95.9 FM.
  • Wed noon-2p - "Downtown Messiah," a New York City production - KCRW 89.9 FM.
  • Wed 2-3p - "A Christmas Carol," the classic - KCRW 89.9 FM.
  • Most from www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=17223.

    12/24.7/02 - "High-Tech Billboards 'Listen' To Car Radios. Electronic billboards that have the ability to switch the ads they display based on the radio stations drivers are listening to will debut on California roads in just a few weeks." More at www.radioandrecords.com/. Can anyone restructure that sentence?

    12/24.6/02 - "Entravision Gets Big City's L.A. Stations For $137 Mil. 'Viva 107.1' trimulcast sold in cash/stock deal." More at www.radioandrecords.com/.

  • www.radioink.com/ adds, "Entravision Buys Three Big City Stations. NEW YORK—Dec. 24: Financially strapped Big City Radio is selling three Los Angeles stations—KVYY/FM, KLYY/FM, and KSYY/FM—to Entravision in a deal worth $137 million. [CBS MarketWatch]"

    12/24.5/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. This is all they list. I'll link to www.stormfax.com/dickens.htm with text (click on book), pics, bio, etc.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "A Christmas Carol"

    12/24.4/02 - FYI - "Traffic radio station looks to upgrade signal. STAMFORD -- All traffic, all the time...The problem is that the stations rarely can be heard. The radio system is limited to operating at 10 watts or less..." More at www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/local/scn-sa-radio3dec24,0,7995399.story?coll=stam%2Dnews%2Dlocal%2Dheadlines. Moreover.com/'s tip. An L.A. station tried all-traffic a while back.

    12/24.3/02 - "Is my PC interfering with my AM radio? All of a sudden I can't pick up AM radio anywhere in the house. Even my car radio is useless when in the driveway." More Q&A at www.pcuser.com.au/pcuser/hs2.nsf/web/37375D9609908470CA256C9800747EB6. Larry's tip.

    12/24.2/02 - "KSDO AM 1130 sale was confirmed yesterday. The 10,000 watt highly-directional broadcast station was sold for a reported $10 million. The new owner, Hi-Favor Broadcasting from la Los Angeles area. The owner is Roland Hinz, who is a board member of Salem Broadcasting, a magazine publisher. He also owns other broadcast outlets in the Inland Empire and other areas." From www.sdradio.net/. Larry's tip. Has (had) a full talk schedule like Kim Komando, site at www.ksdo.com/ , but hard to receive in L.A.

  • www.insideradio.com/ adds, "Salem board member Roland Hinz buys San Diego's KSDO from Chase Radio Partners. Is KSDO his second AM in San Diego, or not? Back in October Hinz agreed to pay $8.5M for KURS -- though we don't see KURS on the map of stations owned by Hinz or Salem submitted to the FCC. Financial talker KSDO (1130) went to Chase Radio Partners in the Clear Channel-AMFM Inc. divestitures in September 2000."

    12/24.1/02 - "Robert Scheer: Is She Dr. Laura or Dr. Strange Love? OPINION. Some family values. Your 77-year-old mother lies dead and decomposing for two months in a condominium not far from the radio complex where you sternly hector millions about how to live a moral life while attacking those who "deviate."" More at www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-oe-scheer24dec24.story. Opinion, and links to recent columns.

    12/24/02 - "Cool Radio 94.3 FM - KMXN - is being sold. Station will change to a Spanish-language format." More at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=17571§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=24.

    12/23.11/02 - Top Shows, weekdays, per voting in the LA Radio.com 2003 Listener Poll at www.laradio.com/. I recall some other year when they had rather few votes. Is it 2003?

    Afternoon Drive, Top Shows, voting in the LARadio.com 2003 Listener Poll.
      1. John & Ken - KFI 640 AM
      2. Larry Elder - KABC 790 AM
      3. Tom Leykis - KLSX 97.1 FM
      4. Jed the Fish - KROQ
      5. Dave Zorn - KNX 1070 AM
      6. Ryan Seacrest - KYSR
      7. Joe McDonnell - KSPN
      8. Hugh Hewitt - KRLA 870 AM
      9. Lee Hamilton - XTRA 690 AM
    10. JoJo Kincaid - KRTH

    Evening, Top Shows, voting in the LARadio.com 2003 Listener Poll.
      1. Phil Hendrie - KFI 640 AM
      2. Mr. KABC - KABC 790 AM
      3. Conway & Steckler - KLSX 97.1 FM
      4. Al Rantel - KABC 790 AM
      5. KSPN Sports
      6. Stryker - KROQ
      7. Jim Ladd - KLOS
      8. Adam Carolla/Dr. Drew Pinsky (Loveline) – KROQ
      9. Karen Sharp - KOST
    10. Keri Tombazian - KTWV

    12/23.10/02 - "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," starts tonight 7p, in 12 episodes, 12/23-1/3, KCRW 89.9 FM. Also 1/1, complete series, 9a-3p. This was mislisted as starting on Tues. Check schedule for complex listing.

    12/23.9/02 - Some program tips for the holidays moved to the 12/24.8/02 Flash.

    12/23.8/02 - The new "J and J Show" on KFI 640 AM, mentioned yesterday, isn't much. Today, maybe all week, they'll fill for "John and Ken," 3-7p. I don't even see J & J listed on the KFI site. It's a him versus her, one side versus the other side, they don't agree, political, financial, whatever show.

    12/23.7/02 - "The Year in Review" in Richard Wagoner's Friday radio column at members.cox.net/rwagoner/, several days early. But, I believe HD came from 'HD TV,' not HD audio. P.S. - both his site and bb are rather slow today.

    12/23.6/02 - Radio Ink and New Radio Star at www.radioink.com/ and www.newradiostar.com/ take the day and maybe the week or more off. Others will also.

    12/23.5/02 - "Mark Larson Reelected To San Diego Radio Broadcasters Assn. The current morning host and former GM of KCBQ & KPRZ/San Diego will serve his sixth consecutive term as President of the association, which is 25 stations strong. His show also airs on KRLA/Los Angeles." From www.radioandrecords.com/ cause it's a slow day. Does L.A. have an association? San Diego's is at www.sandiegoradio.com/sandiegoradio/default.htm, and it links to their member stations, etc.

    12/23.4/02 - Tomm Looney was on KFI this morning, the Bill Handel time slot, but Bill and the crew were gone. Maybe, Tomm, ex-writer, ex-webmaster, ex-radio host, is still with KFI. But his site, www.looneynews.com/ or whatever, is gone. Try www.xtrasports1150.com/tommlooney.htm. Did he have his voice changed or what? He didn't sound that way when he was on KLSX a few years ago.

    12/23.3/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Gunsmoke," starring William Conrad.
    Episode: 12th Night (Christmas Show)"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Tales Of The Texas Rangers," starring Joel McCrea.
    Episode: Christmas Present
    Synopsis: Two Santa’s rob a bank.
    Original airdate: 12-24-50"

    12/23.2/02 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "After his son was murdered, he became a crusader for keeping kids safe and bringing criminals on the run to justice. John Walsh, host of "America's Most Wanted," joins Larry for the hour."
  • Tuesday 12/24 - "Do you believe in miracles? Richard Thomas, host of Pax TV's "It's a Miracle," joins various people to share amazing-but-true experiences. Tune in for an hour of unexplained events that you have to see to believe. Related link: PAX TV's "It's a Miracle""
  • Wednesday 12/25 - "An accident put Pat Boone's grandson into a coma a year ago, but he's fighting his way back from near death and winning. Hear how the musical legend uses faith and the power of prayer to help his family continue to recover from tragedy."

    12/23.1/02 - "ROLLY & WELLS: Public Radio Bracing for a Zap Attack ...But under Federal Communications Commission regulations, noncommercial stations can bump those with weaker signals [NPR] off the dial.
    According to a Sept. 15 story in The New York Times, a mushrooming network of Christian radio stations is deliberately targeting NPR stations because its leaders loathe their "liberal" content." More at www.sltrib.com/2002/Dec/12182002/utah/12421.asp. Larry's tip.

    12/23/02 - Hi-tech stuff in Robert Gonsett's newsletter at www.bext.com/_CGC/, #554, dated 12/23/02.

    12/22.6/02 - "...Disney Radio KDIS/710 AM and ESPN Radio KSPN/1110 AM are swapping frequencies Jan. 1." Gary Lycan, below, reminds us. Several dates have been suggested for this switch, so don't get upset if the date switches again. Actually, I do tune to KDIS 710 AM sometimes for the kiddie tunes, like Sunday morning 7-8a, but don't tell anyone. But, I don't have either station on a preset.

    12/22.5/02 - New show today, 4-7p, KFI 640 AM, something called the "J and J Show," or whatever. It's new today, and they didn't say anything about content, but about every host today has mentioned it.

    12/22.4/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "7:00 PM 60 MINUTES - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps.
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour).
    Episode: It’s a Wonderful Life
    Synopsis: A man thinks he’s failed in life but a guardian angel comes to his rescue.
    Guest stars: Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed
    Original airdate: 3-10-47"
  • Movie review at us.imdb.com/Title?0038650. Can you believe, I enjoy the stars but have never seen this movie?

    12/22.4/02 - FYI - "Weather radios available for rural residents. Citizens need to register by Feb. 7 for $11 cut rate. Even though they can't be wrapped and placed under the tree, weather radios make great Christmas presents, according to one county official. The radios also have features designed for non-weather related emergencies, such as Amber Alert, to keep children safe. Rural Jefferson County residents are eligible for one weather radio per household at a discounted price of $11." Why can't I get one for $11? More at www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=6461072&BRD=1139&PAG=461&dept_id=142642&rfi=6. Moreover.com/'s tip.

    12/22.3/02 - "Why talk radio runs to the right. The conservative dominance of talk radio isn't a given. Progressive voices can find their audience if the formula is right.; Why. "All Democrats are fat, lazy, and stupid," the talk-show host said in grave, serious tones as if he were uttering a sacred truth." More at www.dfw.com/mld/startelegram/news/editorial/4795181.htm. Larry's tip. Rather long, but you can skip directly to "First, a very brief history:," a brief history of talk radio, which I haven't heard before.

    12/22.2/02 - "Bush's Radio Address Has a Holiday Theme. In his weekly radio address, President Bush asked Americans to help the poor and to keep U.S. troops in their thoughts. Then he left for a Christmas break at the Camp David compound in Maryland and his Texas ranch.
    "Our country is prosperous, yet we must also remember there are pockets of despair in America," Bush said.
    Bush also sent holiday greetings to U.S. troops."

  • He's on about every week and the Dems also. From www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-briefs22.1dec22.story.

    12/22.1/02 - L.A. Times radio tips for today cover almost two, long columns. Again, in the paper only, not their web site, the tips are on pages E66 and E67 in the Calendar section, and nothing indexes to them. There are a few holiday tips and at least one mistakes, but most of them must be correct. One, "Rock & Roll Christmas Music," 10-11p, KCBS 93.1 FM, with comments from rock people, almost sounds interesting.

    12/22/02 - Gary Lycan's stuff in the OCR:

  • Column - "KDIS and KSPN do a little trading," "FABULOUS 570," and "Holiday Specials" at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=17223.
  • "Hot Wave" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=17199§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=22.
  • "Radio calendar" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=17224§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=22.
  • "Radio Listings" - a mess by whom? - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=17207§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=22.

    12/21.9/02 - KMXN 94.3 FM, the bb's say, will be sold and change format. Site at www.cool943.net/. The sc groove bb has "Don Barrett headline tonight! Art Astor is selling Cool to Lieberman. Lieberman owns the 94.3 in the Valley and will simulcast. Don said an LMA will probably take effect in 2 weeks."

  • The ctcr bb has more at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=17271.

    12/21.8/02 - "I'd Rather Eat Pants," the new, five part NPR comedy/play, finished Friday. Are five eight-minute segments better than one 40-minute play? With people so accustomed to commercial interruptions, maybe so. Anyway, I'd rate it as ok but nothing special, and they say you can hear it at NPR's site at www.npr.org, or go directly to www.npr.org/programs/morning/features/2002/dec/eatpants/index.html. Who was that doing the knock-knock joke?

    12/21.7/02 - RadioDailyNews by Larry Shannon has revised it's front page at www.radiodailynews.com/. Many item have been moved to other pages, like most news links are at www.radiodailynews.com/index2.htm#Search%20Sites, where I'm linked. But, I do wish he'd return to short-format headlines (one line); those long, multiple lines provide too much info for me to quickly find stuff. And, I read yesterday's headlines, tell me what's new for today? Also, I don't 'get' the two groups of headlines; it slows me down. But I can't blame Larry for headlines, even newspapers today print poor headlines with no content clues. The headlines should be checked daily, since most days I only have time for a quick scan.

    12/21.6/02 - FYI - "Voice of America Seeks Lower Profile. WASHINGTON – Voice of America is now distancing itself from its own broadcast operations in the Middle East and their teeny-bopper formats on Radio SAWA and Radio FARDA. The latter is a new service aimed specifically at Iran, and was scheduled to begin operations Wednesday." More at www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2002/12/18/202012.shtml. Larry's tip.

    12/21.5/02 - MeasureCast's top 25 this week lists no L.A. outlets, 13 of 25 outlets are internet-only, two news/talk, one sports/talk, two holiday music, three classical music, and one Christian-music outlet. Details at www.measurecast.com/.

    12/21.4/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. Comedy tonight, usually ok for kids, except this was the 1940's.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Jack Benny Program," starring Jack Benny.
    Synopsis: Jack argues about his new singer’s salary.
    Original airdate: 11-12-44"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Red Skelton Show," starring Red Skelton.
    Episode: Christmas Show
    Synopsis: Junior wants Santa’s job.
    Original airdate: 12-24-46"

    12/21.3/02 - Email comments at www.laradio.com/:

  • "Adult Standards Format Needs to be Full-Service"
  • "More Michael Jackson"
  • "Are Our Public Airwaves Really Public?"

    12/21.2/02 - "The radio as rabbit hole: Alice comes to KCRW. The premise sounds as nonsensical as anything from the pen of Lewis Carroll: a storybook's extraordinary illustrations prompting the creation of a play for radio."

  • "..."Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"...KCRW-FM (89.9)...2 to 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve, and at the same time on New Year's Eve."
  • The second topic is "Messages to the people of Iraq."
  • More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney21dec21.story. Their usually Friday column moves to Saturday this week.

    12/21.1/02 - "Mother of 'Dr. Laura' Found Dead. The body of radio host's estranged parent was in her Beverly Hills condo for up to two months. Police are investigating case as a homicide." Locally, she's on KFI, Mon-Fri, noon-3p, but other hosts like John and Ken and Bill Handel will be gone next week. (Check for repeats? Melinda Lee fills for Bill 12/25 5-9a.) This could become a big, long story cause there isn't much news over the holidays. More at www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-laura21dec21.story.

  • "Radio Headlines" above links to several more stories via Moreover.com/.
  • A tip on the ctcr bb said the Dr. announced no new show till 2003.

    12/21/02 - "Jingle Ball has the hits, but not the fire. The annual KIIS-FM Jingle Ball concert treated pop fans to some of 2002's bigger hit-makers on Thursday at the Arrowhead Pond. Yet the assortment of divas, crooners and sassy teens amounted to little more than a few trinkets (and a lump of coal or two) wrapped up in a giant, flashy package topped with cascades of glittery fake snow." But, did you enjoy the concert? More at www.calendarlive.com/music/cl-et-nichols21dec21.story.

    12/20.10/02 "April Winchell will appear with Mr. KABC tonight to do the Christmas show she was unable to do after being fired by KFI" says www.laradio.com/.

  • Mr. KABC is now Mon-Fri, 10p-1a (into Sat), KABC 790 AM, page at www.kabc.com/showdj.asp?DJID=3659, site? at www.kabc.com/goout.asp?u=http://www.mrkabc.com.

    12/20.9/02 - "MURDER MYSTERY: DR LAURA'S MOTHER LAY DEAD FOR MONTHS IN APARTMENT." See www.drudgereport.com/.

    12/20.8/02 - Wolfman Jack was in the news this month because of his new museum, and I didn't report it. For some info see groups.msn.com/losangelesradio/general.msnw?action=get_message&mview=1&ID_Message=400, the bb on msn.

    12/20.7/02 - "LARGE RADIO OWNERS END YEAR WITH RASH OF STATION BUYS...Salem, Citadel, Clear Channel..others in the mix... It must have something to do with taxes and/or the bottom line as the biggest week in some time of large companies buying new stations takes place..." and more at www.newradiostar.com/, from yesterday.

    12/20.6/02 - "Bob Brinker's recent shows on ABC Radio Networks will be available online -- for a fee. "MoneyTalk On Demand" offers "virtually commercial-free repeats" of archived shows. Basic subscription fee is $4.95." Says www.insideradio.com/. I may not care for such a trend, but I'm thinking.

    12/20.5/02 - Headlines at www.radioandrecords.com/:

  • "FCC Chimes In On 'Do Not Call' Registry" [See why]: "...callout efforts in the radio industry, along music research companies and even Arbitron, all of which rely heavily on telephone research."
  • "Radio Talker Rhona Raskin Debuts New TV Show"

    12/20.4/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. Sounds good for tonight.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Suspense"
    Episode: Action
    Synopsis: A man worries about numbness in his body.
    Original airdate: 10-5-53"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Escape"
    Episode: Papa Benjamin
    Synopsis: A dark tale of Jazz and voodoo in New Orleans.
    Original airdate: 1-21-48"

    12/20.3/02 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "You may think you know his views, but do you? Dr. Bob Jones III, president of Bob Jones University, speaks out on his role in the Sen. Trent Lott controversy. The conservative religious leader joins Larry for the hour and takes your calls."
  • "Also, Sen. John Warner and former Sens. Howard Baker and George Mitchell offer their reactions to Sen. Lott's resignation."

    12/20.2/02 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • ""I'm Burning Every Last Bridge in a Blaze of Christmas Glory" - April Winchell"
  • "April Winchell will appear with Mr. KABC tonight to do the Christmas show she was unable to do after being fired by KFI"
    [Mr. KABC, Mon-Fri, 10p-1a (into Sat), KABC 790 AM, page at www.kabc.com/showdj.asp?DJID=3659, site? at www.kabc.com/goout.asp?u=http://www.mrkabc.com.]
  • "Clear Channel stranglehold in San Diego"
    [Check http://calradio.tripod.com/, the anti-CCC voice in San Diego.]

    12/20.1/02 - "There's Tumult at ESPN Radio. There must be something about sports talk radio that makes things so turbulent. Or, as Bob Costas might say, it's a wacky business." More at www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-tvcol19jul19,0,5337042.column.

    12/20/02 - Gary Lycan's "Radio Calendar" of program tips from the OCR, with one polka listing, at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=17041§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=20.

    12/19.13/02 - "Which Way, L.A.?" and host Warren Olney, KCRW 89.9 FM, go on vacation till next year.

    12/19.12/02 - Michael Jackson fans should keep an eye on his new web site at www.michaeljacksontalkradio.com/. He's been posting news and comments almost every day, sometimes twice a day, and it's all archives under 'MJ's Journal.' However, he does need a method to index the archives and provide easier access to the archives.

    12/19.11/02 - Richard Wagoner's bb isn't working at this moment. Try pub8.bravenet.com/forum/show.php?usernum=680610666&cpv=1. Now it works.

    12/19.10/02 - "A 1925 Christmas" with "Over at the Huntington Beach Music store, radios were the hot item." More at www.latimes.com/news/local/indynews/columnists/la-hbi-person19dec19.story.

    12/19.9/02 - "City Approves Sign Honoring Filipino Center ." But I'm posting this because, "A newspaper, church, radio station, stores and businesses catering to Filipinos are at the center at 4515 Eagle Rock Blvd." I'm not sure of which station. More at www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-filipinodec19.story?null. Somehow this appeared on their site after I had done today's search.

    12/19.8/02 - FYI - "COMMUNITY RADIO GIFT: TRT 'plans to rule airwaves'. Outcry over Public Relations Dept's move to set up stations for tambon administrative organisations. The ruling Thai Rak Thai Party has been accused of trying to seize control of the country's community-radio network through indirect political and budget manipulation." We don't even have a 'community-radio network.' More at www.nationmultimedia.com/page.news.php3?clid=2&id=6205&usrsess=1, but it can be slow. Moreover.com/'s tip. There was a previous Flash on this topic.

    12/19.7/02 - Some radio-news site on vacation. The ctcr bb mention that sites like www.100000watts.com/ and www.allaccess.com/ could be on vacation over the holidays.

    12/19.6/02 - "Formal public hearings in L.A.," by the FCC, at forums.delphiforums.com/laradio/messages/?msg=115.1, a new bb. This was in the news, but I may not have mentioned it.

    12/19.5/02 - FYI - "KUGN-Eugene Pulls Plug On Michael Savage. EUGENE, OR—Dec. 19: Local media outlets claim the show was dropped because of “disparaging, on-air remarks about women, immigrants, Hispanics and Jews.” But could it be his politics? [katu.com]" Says www.radioink.com/. I don't think I've heard him, not much anyway.

    12/19.4/02 - Headlines at www.radioandrecords.com/:

  • "Cumulus Won't Hire In-House Record-Label Liaison After All" [The 'payola' story from the other day.]
  • "Report: FCC Studies Suggest Consolidation Hurts Diversity"
  • "WNWV/Cleveland Applies For HD Radio License" [aka IBOC]
  • "New Neuros Device Plays MP3s On FM Radio" [and records]

    12/19.3/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. Good stuff, but you'll need to pay attention to the details.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Whistler," starring Bill Forman.
    Episode: Guilty Conscience
    Synopsis: A man breaks out of jail but finds it hard to lead a normal life.
    Original airdate: 9-9-51"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe," [L.A. PI] starring Gerald Mohr.
    Episode: Vital Statistic
    Synopsis: A woman hires Marlowe to track down a mysterious person.
    Original airdate: 3-14-50"

    12/19.2/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today follow. Picks for next week are not available on their site or in their paper. Check old Flashes for previous tips.

  • "BOOKWORM Michael Silverblatt and an author of the week. This week: Frances Sherwood (The Book of Splendor). KCRW 89.9 FM, 2:30-3 p.m."
  • "PREACHIN' THE BLUES Ed Archer heals with gospel, blues and boogie-woogie. KPFK 90.7 FM, 8-10 p.m."
  • "GENERATION DEATH Tinfoil the windows, lace up the vinyl and crank up the Bauhaus. DJ Wednesday spins darkwave, goth and ethereal material. KSPC 88.7 FM, 10-11 p.m."

    12/19.1/02 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/. [There isn't much on the commercial L.A. stations in the evening, but even a half hour of Phil is too much for me.]

  • "Man of 42 Different Characters Voted Best Evening Personality in 2003 LARP Listening Poll"
  • "KFI's Phil Hendrie most listened to evening personality in LARP Listening Poll"
  • "Karel busy filling in at KGO-San Francisco" [KGO is hearable in L.A., try 810 AM.]

    12/19/02 - "Driven to succeed. The Highway Radio group targets a unique audience: travelers on the roads into Sin City. Aside from brush and billboards, there isn't a whole lot to see on the 270-mile drive from L.A. to Las Vegas. There's even less to listen to, at least on the FM dial." Or, you can listen to the radar. More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-wk-alt19dec19.story. P.S. - I did a quick check on google for "Highway Radio" and found an interesting link for a radio system but not this specific item.

    12/18.9/02 - d.t. does pick-your-favorite-station poll for L.A., San Diego, and internet stations. See posting and comments at members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/msg/12988.html, the sc groove bb. That's David Tanny.

    12/18.8/02 - Los Angeles Downtown News, their search function, seems to work again. Lots of searches will be required to catch up.

  • However, their dates can't be correct. This story, "Howard Stern vs. Dr. Laura" by Tomm Looney (and five others), are dated Dec. 16 2002 but could be several years old. See www.downtownnews.com/archives/index.inn?o=0&l=&s=&r=&q=radio.

    12/18.7/02 - "Mr. Nice Guy, for once. It's that time of the year again, when there's more pretending going on in most households than you'll find in a whole year of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood." More in Randy Dotinga's Thursday column at www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html, a day early.

    12/18.6/02 - More headlines from www.radioandrecords.com/:

  • "CC/N.Y. Demands AFTRA Vote On Voicetracking Issue"
  • "Media Audit: 18% Of Web Users Visit Radio Sites" With, "Dallas leads the markets surveyed, with 28%, followed by San Diego, with 25%. San Jose and Atlanta tie at 23% each, and fifth is Seattle, with 22%. The average for the top 10 markets is 22.7%." [L.A. is in the top 10.]
  • "Lee Chambers Named ABC Radio/L.A. Multimedia Mgr." With, "...will oversee the multimedia efforts of ABC's KABC, KDIS, KSPN & KLOS. Chambers has a web-design company..."

    12/18.5/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "8:00 PM 60 MINUTES ll - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps. [This week seems better than usual.]
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Have Gun, Will Travel"
    Episode: Young Gun
    Synopsis: Paladin tries to steer a young man away from a life of crime.
    Original airdate: 7-12-59"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "X Minus 1," classic science fiction.
    Episode: The 7th Order
    Synopsis: A robot from another galaxy tells Earth that his is the vanguard of an invading army.
    Original airdate: 5-8-56"

    12/18.4/02 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Today - "It's a question everyone's asking: Will there be a war with Iraq? Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld goes one-on-one with Larry to discuss the potential for war and his recent visit to the Persian Gulf."
  • Thursday 12/19 - "Will her new album charm the public? Pop superstar Mariah Carey joins Larry for the hour to share the true story behind her breakdown, what it's like to be the target of tabloids and why she says she's never been in love. Related Link: Official Mariah Carey Website"

    12/18.3/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "TONY PALKOVIC'S JAZZ-FUSION SHOW The most far-out jazz found on L.A. radio. KSPC 88.7 FM, 12 noon-2 p.m."
  • "KNX DRAMA HOUR This Week: An episode of Have Gun, Will Travel from 1959, in which Paladin tries to steer a young'un from a life of trouble; then X Minus 1, a classic science-fiction series, where a robot vanguard from another galaxy warns Earth that a large, invading army is on its way. KNX 1070 AM, 9-10 p.m. 11 p.m.-mid."

    12/18.2/02 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "John & Ken Dominate 2003 Afternoon Drive LARP Listening Poll" [Is it 2003 already?]
  • "John & Ken top LARadio Listening Poll in afternoon drive"
  • "Conservative talk show hosts do lose their jobs - Doug McIntyre" [Not Doug, I hope, but I can't listen much now.] Page at www.kabc.com/showdj.asp?DJID=4003 and a 'site' at www.kabc.com/goout.asp?u=http://www.dougmcintyre.net.
  • "Dr. Laura attends first seder at Bill Handel's home" [I bet that was fun.]

    12/18.1/02 - FYI - TV - "FCC May Ease Cap on Cable Ownership. Flexible approach would allow one firm to control as much as 45% of the pay-TV market. The Federal Communications Commission is considering easing the national cable ownership cap to permit a single cable company to control as much as 45% of the national pay-television market, sources said Tuesday." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-fi-cable18dec18,0,1345863.story?coll=cl%2Dtvent.

    12/18/02 - "Cumulus to Leave Liaison Off Payroll. Cumulus Media Inc., one of the nation's biggest radio chains, has decided not to hire an independent record promoter as an employee, company officials said Tuesday." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-radio14dec18.story. This hit the Flashes yesterday.

  • www.radioandrecords.com/ has "Cumulus Won't Hire In-House Label Liaison After All. Following yesterday's Los Angeles Times report that longtime Jeff McClusky & Associates staffer John Kilgo..."

    12/17.15/02 - "Vidal Passes," "Fabulous 570," and "Benson Christmas" are topics in Richard Wagoner's Friday radio column at members.cox.net/rwagoner/, a few days early.

    12/17.14/02 - 'Ask the ...': police chief 12/18, mayor 1/22. Details at 'Ask the Mayor/Chief/School' on Wednesdays (usually) 10a KFWB 980 AM.

    12/17.13/02 - Bill Handel on Tomm Looney. Did anyone hear Bill Handel's show this morning? Did he say Tomm Looney, radio want-to-be, was no longer with KFI or what? Please leave a note on my message board.

    12/17.12/02 - "I'd Rather Eat Pants," the new NPR comedy play, part two, today, was ok. It's this week (Mon-Fri) on KPCC 89.3 FM and KCRW 89.9 FM at 4:40a, 6:40a, and 8:40a.

    12/17.11/02 - "A hand, please, for network radio. Ratings are up, ad $s too, as data gets better. Although stuck with a reputation for being an afterthought among ad-supported media, network radio may finally be getting a little respect." More about the newish 'Network Radio' at www.medialifemagazine.com/news2002/dec02/dec16/2_tues/news1tuesday.html. Moreover.com/'s tip.

    12/17.10/02 - "Most radio stations target females?" And several comments at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=17016, the ctcr bb.

    12/17.9/02 - "Satellite Analyst Says XM, Sirius Are Not Done Yet. Jimmy Schaeffler, a subscription services analyst at The Carmel Group, remains bullish on the market opportunity for satellite radio." Says www.radioink.com/.

    12/17.8/02 - "ELMSOFT FOUND NOT GUILTY IN DMCA TRIAL! A San Jose, Calfornia jury brought back a verdict of "not guilty" in the criminal copyright trial of Russian software company, Elmsoft today. The case was a huge test of the criminal provisions of the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Elmsoft had written a program that would crack the copyright protection on Adobe's eBook..." and more says www.newradiostar.com/.

    12/17.7/02 - "Statutory Webcast License Terms Set. The Small Webcasters Settlement Act expired on Sunday, and SoundExchange yesterday released the terms..." and more says www.radioandrecords.com/. They also link to www.soundexchange.com/.

    12/17.6/02 - "Jim Duncan To Fold Radio Publications. After 28 years of serving the radio industry...demand for the products has been declining since the industry consolidated..." and more says www.radioandrecords.com/.

    12/17.5/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Johnny Dollar," starring Edmond O’Brien.
    Episode: Missing Mouse Matter
    Synopsis: Johnny investigates the disappearance of a very talented mouse.
    Original airdate: 12-23-56"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Dragnet," starring Jack Webb as [LAPD] Sgt. Joe Friday.
    Episode: Big Little Jesus
    Synopsis: A religious icon is missing from a church.
    Original airdate: 12-22-53" [One of their better shows.]

    12/17.4/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "RABBIS WITH ATTITUDE That would be Rabbi Yitzchock Adlerstein and Rabbi Yitchak Etshalom yakking it up. KCSN 88.5 FM, 6:30-7 p.m."
  • "SAMM BROWN'S FOR THE RECORD Samm covers the music biz with genuine record weasels. KPFK 90.7 FM, 10-11 p.m."

    12/17.3/02 - Hi-tech stuff in Robert Gonsett's newsletter at www.bext.com/_CGC/, #553, dated 12/17/02.

    12/17.2/02 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/.

  • "Is Talk Programming Live or Memorex?"
  • "Stations are repeating prime show hours in prime time. A new trend?"
  • "FCC Commissioner attempts to slow down relaxation of ownership rules"
  • "Stevie Wonder Week at KTWV to promote House Full of Toys" [Site at www.947wave.com/. What a messed-up site!]

    12/17.1/02 - FYI - "Tell U.S. Story, but Openly. The United States has a good story about democracy, free markets, individual rights. U.S. embassies should be telling it loudly abroad, their voices amplified by U.S.-financed broadcasting operations like Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty." More at www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-ed-pentagon17dec17.story.

    12/17/02 - "Cumulus Considers 'In-House' Liaison. Radio station chain Cumulus Media Inc. is considering hiring an independent record promoter as an "in-house" liaison to record labels, a move that critics say smacks of payola." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-radio17dec17.story.

  • Also at www.radioandrecords.com/: Report: Cumulus To Hire Record-Label Liaison"
  • www.insideradio.com/ has: "L.A. Times says Cumulus may hire John Kilgo as its rep to the labels. Kilgo might be named something like in-house director of label relations -- or he could function as an outside contractor."

    12/16.14/02 - 'Ask the ...' school chief 12/17, police chief 12/18, mayor 1/22. Details at 'Ask the Mayor/Chief/School' on Wednesdays (usually) 10a KFWB 980 AM.

    12/16.13/02 - Mr and Mrs North at www.otrcat.com/mrandmrsnorth.htm.

    12/16.12/02 - "I'd Rather Eat Pants," the new NPR comedy play, was better than I expected, as I listened to part one today. See the 12/15.2/02, 12/14.7/02, and 12/14.1/02 Flashes for details, but it's Mon-Fri on KPCC 89.3 FM and KCRW 89.9 FM at 4:40a, 6:40a, and 8:40a.

    12/16.11/02 - KLAC vs KSurf - how do they sound? Comments under members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/msg/12957.html, the sc groove bb.

    12/16.10/02 - Free Sirius. "Great Listening at Your Desk Without Commercials. Check out www.sirius.com/. They're streaming their home-produced channels, and it's great for listening at your desk while you work without commercials, and it's free!..I love it." From the sc groove bb.

    12/16.9/02 - The 2003 KNX Drama Hour schedule is posted at www.knx1070.com/program/drama.html and below. They say, "(*Note: The Drama Hour on Wednesday nights only will move to 10 PM starting Jan. 8, 2003)." Maybe "60 Minutes II" moves to 9p as before. 'New' shows for 2003 include: Mr. and Mrs. North, The Frontier Gentleman, Night Beat, The Third Man, Box 13, The Shadow, and The Great Gildersleeve. Sam Spade, Crime Classics, and Have Gun, Will Travel start 7/2003.

    KNX Drama Hour, 1/2003-6/2003, KNX 1070 AM (also 2-3a and streaming) (* marks favorites)
    Types of shows: C is comedy, D is drama, P is police, PI is private investigator-like, SF is sci fi, and W is western.
  • 9:00p - Mr. and Mrs. North (PI) ?
  • 9:30p - The Lone Ranger (W)


  • 9:00p - The Frontier Gentleman (W)
  • 9:30p - Night Beat (PI-ish) *
  • Wednesday [will be 10-11p starting 1/8/02]
  • 9:00p - The Third Man (D) *
  • 9:30p - Tales of the Texas Rangers (W)


  • 9:00p - Dragnet (P)
  • 9:30p - Box 13 (PI-ish) *


  • 9:00p - Gunsmoke (W) *
  • 9:30p - The Shadow (D) ?
  • Saturday
  • 9:00p - The Jack Benny Program (C)
  • 9:30p - The Great Gildersleeve (C)


  • 9:00p - Lux Radio Theater (?) (one hour)
  • 12/16.8/02 - Drudge does 3.5 hours per week, or so says a poster on the ctcr bb. "Matt Drudge also does a 30-minute segment Sundays from 9:30-10 P.M. Eastern time only for WABC in New York. Thus, those with Internet connections can get 3 1/2 hours of Matt Drudge through streaming audio--9:30-12 Midnight (EST) on WABC's website, and 12 Midnight-1 A.M. (EST) on KFI's website." From http://radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=17010, the ctcr bb, without links.

    12/16.7/02 - Art Bell's replacement, George Noory, has a web site at www.coasttocoastam.com/. But will any stations carry the new show? Tip from the ctcr bb at http://radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=16990, the ctcr bb. What about Barbara Simpson, a former-one-day-a-week host?

    12/16.6/02 - "iBiquity To Showcase HD Radio At CES. Company plans all-out promotion, including live digital broadcasts and data transmission, at the Consumer Electronics Show next month in Las Vegas." Says www.radioink.com/. Story at www.radioink.com/HeadlineEntry.asp?hid=98901&pt=Ink+Headlines.

    12/16.5/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. After football, 9:30-10p-ish.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Gunsmoke," starring William Conrad.
    Episode: Man Who Lives by the Sword"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Tales Of The Texas Rangers," starring Joel McCrea.
    Episode: Room 114
    Synopsis: The Rangers thought they had their killer until he turned out to be the victim.
    Original airdate: 12-3-50"

    12/16.4/02 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "Straight talk and Texas sass: The always outspoken former Texas Gov. Ann Richards speaks out on Trent Lott, Iraq and more."
  • Tuesday 12/17 - "In a CNN exclusive, Attorney General John Ashcroft and Solicitor General Ted Olson join Larry for their first joint interview. The nation's top justice officials discuss the war on terrorism's impact on civil liberties, the potential for war with Iraq, the new Department of Homeland Security and more."

    12/16.3/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL Yes, it's true, men do invent these elaborate games just so they can touch one another. Tonight's game: The Tennessee Titans vs. New England's Patriots. KNX 1070 AM, 6-10 p.m." [Drama Hour follows, between about 9:30-10p.]
  • "INNERVISION: THE ALAN WATTS TAPES Lie back, relax and let Alan blow your mind. KPFK 90.7 FM, 11 p.m.-mid."
  • "SEED OF CHAOS A techno show that's rarely appropriate for the dance floor. KXLU 88.9 FM, 1-2 a.m. (Tues. a.m.)"

    12/16.2/02 - "KLAC's Gil Gross out of work for only one day" is a headline at www.laradio.com/.

    12/16.1/02 - "Univision Deal Said to Be Close to U.S. Approval. A finding that Spanish-language TV, radio do not compete for same audience may speed clearance for acquisition." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-univision16dec16.story.

  • Also, "HBC May Sell Dallas, L.A. Stations To Close Univision Merger" says www.radioandrecords.com/.
  • Even, "JP WILL GIVE OKAY TO UNIVISION'S BUY OF HISPANIC BROADCASTING. The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that the Justice Department has decided to let Univision buy Hispanic Broadcasting." Says www.newradiostar.com/ with hot links.

    12/16/02 - "Quiet FCC Maverick Raises His Voice on Media Rules. Commissioner putting pressure on Chairman Powell over his move to relax ownership limits." More at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-copps16dec16.story.

    12/15.6/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "7:00 PM 60 MINUTES - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps.
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour).
    Episode: Come to the Stable
    Synopsis: Nuns seek aide in building a hospital.
    Guest star: Loretta Young
    Original airdate: 3-24-52" Movie review at us.imdb.com/Title?0041257.

    12/15.5/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "ST. PAUL SUNDAY Bill McGlaughlin hosts. This week: The Dorian Wind Quintet. KUSC 91.5 FM, 10-11 a.m."
  • "NOTHIN' BUT THE BLUES with Doug MacLeod. KKJZ 88.1 FM, 2-7 p.m."
  • "THE ART LABOE SUNDAY SHOW Slow jam requests and dedications the kids used to call "cushion pushers." KCMG 92.3 FM, 6 p.m.-12 a.m."

    12/15.4/02 - "Surfing the Waves: Radio thrives on the Web. Web Specials Archives Issue." More at www.utne.com/web_special/web_specials_archives/articles/418-1.html. Larry's tip.

    12/15.3/02 - LAT program tips for today, all 16 of them, are on page E39 in the L.A. Times Calendar section.

    12/15.2/02 - 4:40a, 6:40a, and 8:40a. Concerning the 12/14.7/02 and 12/14.1/02 Flashes, the playlets will air this Mon-Fri at 4:40a, 6:40a, and 8:40a on KPCC 89.3 FM and KCRW 89.9 FM. P.S. - these times were in the paper as a side box, but it didn't get onto the LAT web site. I hate it when they mess up like this, captions also.

    12/15.1/02 - Those who miss April Winchell can check her site at www.aprilwinchell.com/. Gary's tip.

    12/15/02 - Gary Lycan's stuff and more:

  • Column - "KPWR keeps the ratings power" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=16063§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=15.
  • Program listings - "Radio calendar" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=16068§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=15.
  • Plus Program listings - "Hot Wave" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=16066§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=15.
  • And news - "Web Chat" - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=16079§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=15.

    12/14.9/02 - Clark Howard and Dr. Dean Edell. Those who miss their shows on KLAC can hear them both on KXNT 840 AM in Las Vegas. I can hear the station ok, mostly at night, but try other times. Schedule at www.kxnt.com/programs.asp. Check 'Air Schedules' above for other stations. Like, Clark Howard is on KFMB 760 AM in San Diego with an ok signal.

    12/14.8/02 - The "Tom Lycus is an Atheist Pig" bb posting, mentioned in the 2/13.13/02 Flash, has been deleted or at least it's gone. This morning there were about seven messages under groups.msn.com/losangelesradio/general.msnw?action=get_message&mview=1&ID_Message=387, and now there's nothing.

    12/14.7/02 - Show time. Concerning the 12/14.1/02 Flash - "NPR goes a little show biz" - The shows are Monday 12/16 - Friday 12/20, time not specified, on KPCC 89.3 FM and KCRW 89.9 FM.

  • "a five-part radio play running this week on the network's most popular news program, "Morning Edition With Bob Edwards.""
  • ""I'd Rather Eat Pants," recorded Nov. 1 at the Museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills, is an L.A. Theatre Works production of a Peter Ackerman play specially commissioned for NPR. Each 8 1/2-minute segment will air locally on public radio stalwarts KCRW-FM (89.9) and KPCC-FM (89.3)."
  • "One thing is certain: The exposure will be good for Loewenberg, whose company performs in "The Play's the Thing" -- a show airing Saturdays at 8 p.m. on KPCC."
  • "I'd Rather Eat Pants".

    12/14.6/02 - "I am already in conversation with more than one network and, with any luck, I'll be back on the air in the not too distant future. Nothing is set, yet. I'll keep the website informed." From Michael Jackson's new web site at www.michaeljacksontalkradio.com/. A previous posting on 'MJ's Journal' included a statement that he had announced this URL on his show (but I couldn't hear it), and when I returned that statement was replaced with this new one, all done today, Saturday.

    12/14.5/02 - MeasureCast's top 25. Only one talk outlet and that's sports talk and no L.A. outlets this week. There are a few classical, holiday, and Christian outlets. Doesn't it seem like more of the top 25 are internet-only? Maybe, 15 are internet-only. See www.measurecast.com/

    12/14.4/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. Comedy tonight.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Jack Benny Program," starring Jack Benny.
    Synopsis: How Jack spent Thanksgiving
    Original airdate: 11-26-44"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Red Skelton Show," starring Red Skelton.
    Episode: I Caught the Devil, Part 2
    Synopsis: Junior causes world peace.
    Original airdate: 3-14-51"

    12/14.3/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "ALMA DEL BARRIO Twelve commercial-free hours of award-winning Cuban son, salsa and Latin jazz. KXLU 88.9 FM, 6 a.m.-6 p.m."
  • "THE PLAY'S THE THING L.A. Theater Works' top-notch radio drama. This week: Israel Horowitz's Park Your Car in the Harvard Yard, with Judith Ivey and Jason Robards; then stay tuned for an interview with Horowitz. KPCC 89.3 FM, 8-10 p.m." "SARCASTIC FRINGEHEAD The station lets broadcast majors take over for god-knows-what (the Cramps, Diamanda Galás, the Pixies and the like). KCSN 88.5 FM, mid.-5 a.m. (Sun. a.m.)"

    12/14.2/02 - "Michael Jackson stays at KLAC" is an older headline at www.laradio.com/. Someone could do a live morning show, but who knows? MJ is better than most.

    12/14.1/02 - "NPR goes a little show biz. "Morning Edition" will run a serial radio play with Hollywood actors, plus the program's host and a reporter." Check for show times and more at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-ca-dutka15dec15.story.

    12/14/02 - "Is talk radio fair without the Fairness Doctrine? Rush Limbaugh (KFI-AM 640, weekdays, 9 a.m. noon) once boasted that to balance his show under the government's Fairness Doctrine, station owners would "have to go out and get two liberal shows. Or maybe three. Even three might not be enough."" More at u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%257E23540%257E1049167,00.html?search=filter.

    12/13.14/02 - KRLA 870 AM posts weekend schedule. The last time KRLA rebuild their web site, they didn't post much info about their weekend schedule. Now it looks about complete. Their site is at www.krla870.com/. Their schedule is at www.krla870.com/programguide870.asp, and you'll need to 'Select A Day' and click on 'VEIW' on the right side. But, remember, they'll sell time to anyone, so things change; only a few of their show schedules are stable.

    12/13.13/02 - "Tom Lycus is an Atheist Pig." From groups.msn.com/losangelesradio/general.msnw?action=get_message&mview=1&ID_Message=387, the MSN-connected board. But, tell us how you really feel, since I don't listen to Tom.

    12/13.12/02 - Hi-tech/computer show - "AnchorDesk Radio". Another at www.zdnet.com/anchordesk/stories/story/0,10738,2835517,00.html. Moreover.com/'s tip. I haven't tried it.

    12/13.11/02 - "Women Still Stuck Below Radio’s Glass Ceiling. WEST PALM BEACH—Dec. 13: Women hold only 15 percent of all general manager positions in the top 100 markets and 30 percent of general sales manager jobs. Only 10 percent of program directors are women." More at www.radioink.com/.

    12/13.10/02 - "Over 100 Low Power FMs [LPFM] are now on the air. John Broomall of the Christian Community Broadcasters keeps close tabs on LPFMs -- and he tells Inside Radio it's been 20 months since the first CP was issued in April 2001. Broomall believes there are now 106 operating LPFMs." From www.insideradio.com/. How many in L.A.? Zero!

    12/13.9/02 - "Clayton: 'Satellite Radio Will Force Local Radio To Adapt'. Sirius may expand beyond satellite radio. Sirius President/CEO Joe Clayton (pictured) said during his Credit Suisse First Boston presentation that with the advent of satellite radio and IBOC, local radio "will have to change to be more competitive and rethink how it does business," though he was quick to point out that satellite radio can't replace terrestrial radio." More at www.radioandrecords.com/.

    12/13.8/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. Good stuff.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Suspense"
    Episode: Hellfire
    Synopsis: An oil field fire rages out of control.
    Original airdate: 9-28-53"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Escape"
    Episode: Second Class Passenger
    Synopsis: A traveler finds himself embroiled in a Mozambique murder.
    Original airdate: 1-7-48"

    12/13.7/02 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM. He could open with Trent Lott.

  • Tonight - "Is there someone you'd like to reach on the "other side?" It's Friday the 13th, and our guest says she can talk to the dead. Psychic Rosemary Altea joins Larry for the hour and takes your calls."

    12/13.6/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "RADIO NATION The Weekly's own Marc Cooper hosts this Nation magazine-derived show that features provocative activists and thinkers. KPFK 90.7 FM, 7-8 a.m."
  • "STUDIO 360 Kurt Andersen, the profoundly hilarious windbag behind Turn of the Century, hosts this "one-hour look at the myriad intersections between the arts, popular culture and everyday life." KCRW 89.9 FM, 3-4 p.m."
  • "CARIBBEAN JAZZ Hosted by Eric Kohler. KKJZ 88.1 FM, 11 p.m.-1 a.m."

    12/13.5/02 - Trent Lott goes live, again. It started at 2:28p on KABC 790 AM and maybe other stations.

    12/13.4/02 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "SURF Staff Pickets KLAC Launch Party"
  • ""We're prepared for a battle" - Saul Levine"
  • "SURF demonstrations at Museum of TV & Radio KLAC launch event stir up competitive feelings"
  • "Michael Jackson stays at KLAC" [There was a story that they might keep a live morning show.]
  • "English-language Galaxy soccer broadcasts at KMPC 1540 AM"

    12/13.3/02 - "New competition for an old format. KLAC's switch from talk back to pop standards angers a station with a similar playlist." Also, "Although he has nothing new lined up yet, [Michael] Jackson scotched any suggestion that he'll retire." www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney13dec13.story. They also link to Michael Jackson's new web site at www.michaeljacksontalkradio.com/.

    12/13.2/02 - "Super Station Update. Sports talk radio stations XTRA and KXTA will become one on Jan. 6 and be known as "XTRA Sports 690 and 1150." The merger was to have happened Monday but was delayed because of vacations." More at www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-tvcolumn13dec13.story.

    12/13.1/02 - Program tips, Gary Lycan's Friday column, are at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=15860§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=13. This looks like his Monday-Friday picks; last Friday's column started with his weekend picks. For a list of his most recent stuff, a search such as www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/search.html?ul=&ps=20&np=0&q=Gary+Lycan seems to work, today.

    12/13/02 - "John & Ken take on Beverly Hills lawyers" and IBOC. Richard Wagoner's Fiday column isn't on his site yet, but as usual you can get the RAVE! version, this week at www.dailybreeze.com/content/rav/nm2252.html.

    12/12.11/02 - "Web Site Offers WWII Radio Broadcasts. A new Web site offers a unique collection of radio broadcasts, music and film footage from World War II." But, I don't see a URL. More at story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ibsys/20021212/lo_kmbc/1419205. Larry's tip. Google found something at www.umkc.edu/lib/spec-col/ww2/.

    12/12.10/02 - KRMB 1430 AM has web site and new call letters. Their 'about us' page is at www.am1430.net/about/about.htm. The main page at www.am1430.net/ and the other pages are mostly in Chinese. The station is around San Gabriel/Pasadena, and radio-locator has them at 5,000 watts.

    12/12.9/02 - KLAC comments. Check the usual bb's, like cs groove and ctcr, at members.tripod.com/~chinesecookery/radio-info/columns.html/#message for comments.

    12/12.8/02 - Headlines at www.radioink.com/ with more, links:

  • "Handyman Show with Glenn Haege Wins Excellence Award. The home-improvement show won an Award of Excellence in the 2002 Communicators Awards Audio competition." I believe you can hear him on the air in L.A. somewhere.
  • "Well-Educated, Upper-Income People Listen To Radio More. An advance report from Arbitron’s RADAR division suggests that radio listening is highest among well-educated, upper-income consumers."
  • "RCS Launches Online Player On WOR. What sets this apart from other personalized online music services is that RCS has license agreements with all five major record labels."

    12/12.7/02 - "Latest Los Angeles Phase II Arbitrends don't show quick rebounds for Spanish radio. Though Liberman's "Que Buena" simulcast has probably its best monthly ever. Other Spanish operators in L.A. are still steaming over the Summer book." Says www.insideradio.com/.

    12/12.6/02 - R&R headlines. More at www.radioandrecords.com/:

  • "Sean Hannity To Speak At R&R Talk Radio Seminar...March 6-8 in L.A...The nationally syndicated Sean Hannity Show reaches an estimated 10 million listeners weekly — perhaps the reason Sen. Trent Lott chose to use the show yesterday to apologize for remarks he made at Sen. Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday party..."
  • "Radio Listening Highest Among Most Affluent, Educated Persons. A sneak-peek...shows that over the course of a typical week, radio reaches more than 223 million people, or 94% of all people over the age of 12...77% of all persons over the age of 12 listen to radio on Saturdays and Sundays..."

    12/12.5/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Whistler," starring Bill Forman.
    Episode: The Witness
    Synopsis: A female client of an architect wants to off his fiancé.
    Original airdate: 7-18-51"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe," starring Gerald Mohr [as L.A. PI].
    Episode: The Ladies Night
    Synopsis: Marlowe is hired to find a missing writer.
    Original airdate: 2-21-50"

    12/12.4/02 - LA Weekly's program picks on their site today are dated "December 6 - 12, 2002," but they look like the tips for next week.

    12/12.3/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "BOOKWORM Michael Silverblatt and an author of the week. KCRW 89.9 FM, 2:30-3 p.m."
  • "DOWN HOME WITH CHUCK TAGGART Washboards, lap steel and banjos aplenty. KCSN 88.5 FM, 7-9 p.m."
  • "THE UNDERGROUND OLDIES RADIO SHOW L.A.'s original oldies station revisits the music that inspired countless horny teenagers in the back seats of cars. KRLA 870 AM, mid.-2 a.m. (Fri. a.m.)"

    12/12.2/02 - "Pacifica Foundation Governing Board Unanimously Passes Resolution On FCC Media Ownership Proposals. WASHINGTON, D.C. -- At its December meeting in Washington, D.C., the Pacifica governing board expressed alarm at Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposals to eliminate media ownership caps for radio, television and cable companies." More at athena.tbwt.com/content/article.asp?articleid=2125. Moreover.com/'s tip.

    12/12.1/02 - "L.A. Galaxy and Radio Korea sign one-year deal. The 2002 MLS Cup Champion Los Angeles Galaxy and Radio Korea have entered into a one-season broadcasting agreement...Radio Korea 1230 AM..." More at www.sportsnetwork.com/default.asp?c=sportsnetwork&page=soc-mls/news/AHN2353936.htm. Moreover.com/'s tip. Don't expect sports news on this site. Have they changed their call letters? Anyway, 1230 AM has a site at www.radiokorea.com/. The navigation bars are in English, but most of the text is in Korean, strange.

    12/12/02 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • ""I Love Radio With a Passion" - Michael Jackson"
  • "Michael Jackson, Gil Gross and Leslie Marshall say goodbye to Talk KLAC"
  • "KLAC Launches Adult Standards format with Museum of TV & Radio event at high noon" [Before 5a they played a sports show. Then it was a ticking clock for hours.]
  • "Art Bell shuts down his Web site for good...or until discovered in another galaxy" [Yes, about 12/31/02, but you can buy the CD.]

    12/11.15/02 - Larry King change:

  • Tonight - "Sen. Trent Lott. Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott is under fire for controversial comments he made last week. He talks to Larry about his remarks."
  • "Plus, a No. 1 best-selling author debates the No. 1 question: Will there be war with Iraq? Renowned investigative reporter Bob Woodward takes your calls and speaks out on Iraq, the Bush administration and more."

    12/11.14/02 - FYI - "Community radio a basic right: Anand. People should have the right to operate community radio, which is de facto speaking, which is not illegal, former prime minister Anand Panyarachun said yesterday." More at www.nationmultimedia.com/page.news.php3?clid=3&id=5759&usrsess=1. How much community radio does L.A. have? P.S. - That's from the rather slow web site for a newspaper in Thailand. Moreover.com/'s tip.

    12/11.13/02 - "Dr. Dog has both bark and bite. Sometimes, talk radio sounds like a zoo. Turn to almost any AM station and you'll hear snakes, weasels, foxes and a few dodo birds who should have gone extinct years ago. But only one local show is actually about our four-legged friends." More in Randy Dotinga's Thursday column at www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html, two days early.

    12/11.12/02 - Is KLAC 570 AM streaming? I don't stream, but try www.570klac.com/jacor-common/streaming_disclaimer.html. Their new site is up at www.570klac.com/main.html.

  • "Re: www.570klac.com. With the exception of a few board ops who are being let go, most all the staff has already exited.
    Unlike other L.A. Clear Channel stations, there will be no board ops on Fabulous 570, it will simply be on prophet except morning drive. Last I heard on Monday, management had agreed to the money that Paul Freeman was seeking for the morning show gig. But I haven't heard an official word if he got the gig." From sc groove bb at members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/msg/12805.html.

    12/11.11/02 - Phil Hendrie's show live. A question came up on a bb about when Phil's show is live. His site says "4 to 7 pm pacific," that's L.A. time. KFI plays the show from 7-10p, on delay. Phil's site is www.philhendrieshow.com/, and it looks like it streams. There's also a list of affiliates and who plays the show live. Did I mention I don't care for the show?

    12/11.10/02 - Air checks for sale. This was posted on a couple of bb: www.davesairchecks.com/. It also links to his "Top 100 Audio Websites!" Some other air-check sites are linked on C&C.

    12/11.9/02 - L.A.'s Arbitron ratings for today are at www.radioandrecords.com/Subscribers/ratings/homepage.htm. Click on Market #2 or L.A. Talk and news are generally down, only two are steady, except KRLA is slightly up. Classical KMZT is steady, and newish standards KSUR is slightly down. But, these are only a month's worth of changes.

    12/11.8/02 - Another talk-radio site. Here's another site with talk-show links: vgi2.tripod.com/, streaming? From the ctcr bb.

    12/11.7/02 - "Infamous stunts have taken some of the juice out of shock radio. Will 2002 go down as the year shock radio short-circuited? Consider two high-profile cases that cost three disc jockeys their livelihoods..." More at www.post-gazette.com/ae/20021211shock1211fnp2.asp. Tip from the NYr bb.

    12/11.6/02 - "SBS Stresses It Will Close On KXOL/L.A. That's despite the fact that negotiations are still ongoing between SBS and seller International Foursquare Church on the $250 million deal. SBS CFO Joseph Garcia says that one possibility is a swap of SBS's class A L.A. stations..." More at www.radioandrecords.com/.

    12/11.5/02 - "Powerful Trend In L.A. Emmis CHR/Rhythmic KPWR is once again No. 1 in Los Angeles, posting a 5.2-5.4 gain in the fall 2002 Phase Two Arbitrends. KROQ keeps pace in second with a 4.4-4.6 move, and simulcast KIIS & KVVS remains in third with a 4.4-4.2 trend. The highest-ranked Spanish-language station: KSCA, which climbs from seventh to sixth." From www.radioandrecords.com/, but they haven't posted the ratings yet. Soon.

    12/11.4/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "8:00 PM 60 MINUTES ll - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps.
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Have Gun, Will Travel" Episode: North Fork
    Synopsis: Paladin defends peace loving citizens.
    Original airdate: 6-21-59."
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "X Minus 1," classic science fiction.
    Episode: Skulking Permit
    Synopsis: A peaceful but out of touch colony defies conscription by Earth.
    Original airdate: 2-15-56"

    12/11.3/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "HAITIAN COMPASS DIRECT, with Joseph Belgarde, exclusively features the seductive music of Haiti plus some funk, jazz and fusion. KXLU 88.9 FM, 6-7 p.m."
  • "ARTS IN REVIEW Host Julio Martinez speaks with performers and producers from L.A.'s live arts communities. KPFK 90.7 FM, 10-11 p.m."
  • "INNERVISION WITH NITA VALLENS Ms. Vallens specializes in relationship troubles and stress reduction while quoting both Jung and The Eagles. KPFK 90.7 FM, 11 p.m.-mid."

    12/11.2/02 - Hi-tech stuff in Robert Gonsett's newsletter at www.bext.com/_CGC/, #552, dated 12/11/02.

    12/11.1/02 - Headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "KFI weekender April Winchell replaced by The Best of Phil Hendrie." She tried, but I didn't enjoy the show. Not that Phil's any better, to me.
  • Michael Jackson signs off at KLAC this morning. He's not sure what he'll do." I only heard a few minutes today, after the beginning of the show, and he didn't mention himself.

    12/11/02 - "FOR THE RECORD. Radio station -- A article about KRTH-FM in Friday's Calendar mistakenly said the old pop station KHJ-AM was at frequency 980 on the dial. It was at 930." The L.A. Times prints lots of corrections like this from http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/asection/la-a2-correx11.13dec11.story, but I don't usually report them.

    12/10.11/02 - FYI - The headline: "City asks radio station to pay sewer fees." Not worth reading at news.mywebpal.com/partners/870/public/news404544.html. Moreover.com's tip.

    12/10.10/02 - "New FCC commissioner wants more review of media ownership limitations. WASHINGTON (AP) - The newest addition to the Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday he would welcome more public hearings on the government's review of rules limiting ownership of newspapers and radio and television stations." More at www.bakersfield.com/24hour/business/story/669080p-4998128c.html. Moreover.com's tip.

    12/10.9/02 - L.A.'s new Arbitron ratings are due tomarrow but could be up somewhere today. Tomarrow afternoon check www.radioandrecords.com/Subscribers/ratings/homepage.htm, market #2.

    12/10.8/02 - The old KLAC site seems to be dead. www.570klac.com/ just brings up their logo. A link to their old schedule page finds nothing. The bb's reported www.570klac.com/fabulous570/ could be the new site, but who knows. The switch from talk to music is scheduled for noon Thursday, 12/12/02 (after Michael Jackson's show - will he get to do his 9a-noon show?). Gary Lycan suggests the new site could be www.fabulous570.com, but that hasn't worked for me.

    12/10.7/02 - "XM/DELPHI INTRODUCE NEW PORTABLE SATELLITE RADIO ..Car..Home..and now, the Beach. The world's first satellite boom box has hit the street, and will be available at your local Circuit City next week. The new SKYFi Audio System..." More at www.newradiostar.com/.

  • www.radioink.com/ has "new SKYFi portable satellite radio receiver will be available at Best Buy and Circuit City next week..."

    12/10.6/02 - "Avis tries harder than Hertz -- and is cheaper -- when it comes to satellite radio," says www.insideradio.com/. One has one, and the other has the other.

    12/10.5/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Johnny Dollar," starring Bob Bailey.
    Episode: Burning Car Matter
    Synopsis: Johnny looks into a suspicious fire.
    Original airdate: 12-9-56"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Dragnet," starring Jack Webb as [LAPD] Sgt. Joe Friday.
    Episode: The Big Speech
    Synopsis: A doctor is robbed and beaten by a narcotics addict.
    Original airdate: 4-129-51"

    12/10.4/02 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "Tune in for an in-depth interview with country music superstar Tim McGraw. He'll take your calls and discuss his career, his new album and life with his recording star wife Faith Hill. Related Link: Buzzalong" [Hot linked on site.]
  • Wednesday 12/11 - "His book is on top of the New York Times' bestseller list and he has a lot to say. Renowned investigative reporter Bob Woodward takes your calls and speaks out on Iraq, the Bush administration and more."
  • Thursday 12/12 - "Before she was Marilyn: The Hollywood legend's first husband and an actress who says she was her best friend reveal intimate revelations about the Marilyn Monroe you never knew."

    12/10.3/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "GENERIC AFTERNOON ROCK with Chris Checkman. KXLU 88.9 FM, 2-6 p.m."
  • "KNX DRAMA HOUR This Week: Johnny Dollar with Edmond O'Brien, and Dragnet with Jack Webb as Sgt. Friday. KNX 1070 AM, 9-10 p.m."

    12/10.2/02 - reminder - David Tanny's radio news (aka San Diego Dave). His new radio news is at calradio.tripod.com/.

    12/10.1/02 - "Clear Channel praises Michael Jackson and Gil Gross on their professionalism in light of format change," is a headline at www.laradio.com.

    12/10/02 - music - "Like Santa, Coldplay and Beck deliver. They bring an energy that was sorely lacking to KROQ-FM's Almost Acoustic Christmas benefit concert. This has been the most exciting year for adventurous rock 'n' roll in nearly a decade..." More at www.calendarlive.com/music/cl-et-hilburn10dec10.story.

    12/9.10/02 - SteveBlodgett.com becomes EarthSignals.com. SteveBlodgett.com had L.A. radio-station info but EarthSignals.com, while full of shortwave stuff, doesn't. I may have to remove it from near the top of the C&C listing. The site is now at www.earthsignals.com/, and the web cams are still available.

    12/9.9/02 - "98.7-FM's Not So Silent Night. Another in the growing ranks of radio station-sponsored Christmas shows, Star 98.7's eclectic contribution..." is sold out. More at events.calendarlive.com/top/1,1419,L-LATimes-Search-X!EventDetail-63789,00.html.

    12/9.8/02 - FYI - "Saudi opposition gets radio voice. Dissenting voices have been silenced before now. A new radio station run by a Saudi opposition group has gone on air in Europe." More at news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/2560313.stm. Moreover.com/'s tip.

    12/9.7/02 - FYI - "Internet radio station offers a platform for a plethora of talk shows. Sally Cravens knows what she wants. And several months ago, the Vista resident decided she wanted her own radio show..." More at www.signonsandiego.com/news/computing/20021209-9999_1c9netradio.html. Moreover.com/'s tip. The wsradio site is at www.wsradio.com/, and double click to back out. Sally's site is described at

    12/9.6/02 - "JILL STEWART: RADIO TALK-SHOW HOST. Former LAT/New Times writer Jill Stewart was the host on KFI tonight, and she was really good. 12/08/2002 02:11:23 AM Comment (5)" Says www.laexaminer.com/, a must-read site, with hot links. I heard her but didn't think about who she was.

    12/9.5/02 - The Miami Herald Payola stories:

  • www.radioink.com/ links to one of their stories "Pay to play on Spanish-language radio" at www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/entertainment/4690681.htm.
  • The other story "A different road for English-language radio" is at www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/entertainment/4690677.htm.

    12/9.4/02 - "SBS Accused Of Payola. Pay-for-play 'rampant' in Spanish radio. A front-page expose in yesterday's Miami Herald breaks open the pay-for-play scandal in the Spanish-language music industry..." More at www.radioandrecords.com/. This was leaked on Friday, and like I said Friday, this could happen in any language. Other headline:

  • "SBS Accused Of Payola By Former Executive"
  • "Spanish-Language Radio 'Riddled' By Payola"

    12/9.3/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Gunsmoke," starring William Conrad.
    Episode: Legal revenge"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR - "Tales Of The Texas Rangers," starring Joel McCrea.
    Episode: The Broken Spur
    Synopsis: A broken spur leads to a suspect.
    Original airdate: 7-29-50"

    12/9.2/02 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM.

  • Tonight - "Two teenage boys in prison for killing their father: Derek and Alex King's mother Kelly Marino speaks out about the trial that shocked the United States."

    12/9.1/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "TRUE CONFESSIONS OF THE REAL WORLD Peter Bergman of Firesign Theater gets three minutes to sound off about anything and everything. KPCC 89.3 FM, 7:30 a.m. (repeats 5:30 p.m.); also Wed. & Fri."
  • "RESTLESS SOUL Soul, house, funk and jazz with Kristi Lomax. KPFK 90.7 FM, 8-10 p.m."
  • "IMPACT For 14 years, Frank Sontag has been digging deep into environmental issues, social problems and the like on this late-night call-in show. KLOS 95.5 F.M. mid.-5 a.m. (Tues. a.m.)"

    12/9/02 - FYI, TV, MO - "Cafe Where Bakker Plans to Carry Daily Broadcast Opens. The cafe where Jim Bakker plans to carry daily broadcasts has opened. Now, the fallen televangelist must persuade TV stations to carry his talk show. Diners at Studio City Cafe will be the studio audience..." That's not Studio City, CA. More at www.kolr10.com/Global/story.asp?S=1041993&nav=0RXJCnXE. Moreover.com's tip.

    12/8.7/02 - "Fabulous 570 KLAC" chat at members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/msg/12692.html, the sc groove bb.

    12/8.6/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "7:00 PM 60 MINUTES - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps [they misdated the info:12/1 is 12/8].
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour).
    Episode: My Blue Heaven
    Synopsis: Two radio stars try to adopt a child.
    Guest star: Betty Grable
    Original airdate: 2-25-52" Movie review at us.imdb.com/Title?0042767.

    12/8.5/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "LE SHOW Give Harry Shearer an hour, he'll give you 60 minutes of the best enunciation on the airwaves. KCRW 89.9 FM, 10-11 a.m."
  • "THE SEVENTH DAY A nostalgic whole-album rock show for those of us who remember the phrase, "Hey, why doncha flip it over?" KLOS 95.5 FM, 5-9 p.m."
  • "OFF THE RECORD WITH JOE BENSON Music and conversation with rock's greatest celebs. This week: the music of John Lennon and a recent interview with Double Fantasy producer Jack Douglas. ARROW 93 FM, 10-11 p.m."

    12/8.4/02 - "Why the Right Rules the Radio Waves. THE traffic is murder out there, and Ed on the car phone wants to know: Why can't those liberal weenies mix it up?" More at www.nytimes.com/2002/12/08/weekinreview/08LELA.html?ex=1040014800&en=6602063045edd5cf&ei=5040&partner=MOREOVER. Moreover.com's tip. Strange, the NYT usually makes you register to get in.

    12/8.3/02 - David Tanny's radio news (aka San Diego Dave) says he moved his radio stuff to calradio.tripod.com/.

    12/8.1/02 - LAT program tips for today are in the Calendar section, page 24, all 18 tips. Don't knock yourself out.

    12/8/02 - Gary Lycan's radio stuff:

  • Column: "KLAC's music debuts Thursday, JACKSON LEAVES," and more at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=14962§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=8. Concerning Jackson: "Jackson said it is too soon to talk about his plans, "but I do have plans." What will he say Thursday?"
  • Radio Calendar: www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=14965§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=8. About six pages of program tips.

    12/7.7/02 - Cave Bat's favorites list. I found a link to my mirrored site at www.cavebat.com/links.html, under "Talk, News." See if you can use any of his probably strange links.

    12/7.6/02 - "LETTERS - Blame KLAC."

  • "EVERY time I'd tell one of my friends that Michael Jackson was once again on the L.A. airways, they were unaware he was back. Yes, let the market decide, as Jess Cortland asked in his letter (Nov. 30) -- but KLAC-AM did almost no promotion of his show, and that's the real crime."
  • "To me, Jackson will always be the quintessential talk show host. Let's hope he finds a home in L.A. soon with a station that can promote and nurture his brand of "intelligent talk.""
  • From www.latimes.com/entertainment/printedition/calendar/la-et-letters7.3dec07,0,20914.story?coll=la%2Dheadlines%2Dcalendar. P.S. - I saw this letter in the paper, but keyword searches for KLAC and Michael Jackson didn't find it on their site. A search for 'letter' finally found it. I don't know why; did I do something wrong?

    12/7.5/02 - NORAD tracks Santa at www.noradsanta.org/, in six languages, with music and history, etc. This was on the ctcr bb.

    12/7.4/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. Do leave time in your week for Comedy, and the kids can listen also. Or, tape it for the younger kids already in bed or for your drive to work.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR —"The Jack Benny Program," starring Jack Benny.
    Synopsis: Jack finally finds a singer for his show.
    Original airdate: 11-5-44"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Red Skelton Show," starring Red Skelton.
    Episode: I Caught the Devil, Part 1
    Synopsis: Junior locks the devil in his closet.
    Original airdate: 2-18-51"

    12/7.3/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "THE WEEKLY PRESIDENTIAL RADIO ADDRESS Tune in and hear George W. overuse the phrase "evil regime." KNX 1070 AM, 7:06-8 a.m."
  • "DEMOCRATIC RESPONSE Tune in and hear Senators like Chuck Shumer and Reps. like Nancy Pelosi speaking on education, affordable health care and careful diplomacy. KNX 1070 AM, 8:06 a.m."
  • "CHUCK CECIL'S THE SWINGIN' YEARS Swing and big band from a man who was there. KCSN 88.5 FM, 1-5 p.m."
  • "THE PLAY'S THE THING L.A. Theater Works' top-notch radio drama. This week: Jon Robin Baitz's Mizlansky/Zilinsky with Julie Kavner, Nathan Lane and Paul Sand. KPCC 89.3 FM, 8-10 p.m."

    12/7.2/02 - Gary Lycan's Friday radio calendar (program listing) seems to have become an almost weekly feature, in addition to his usually Sunday program listing. Yesterday's is at www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=14730§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=6. It's long and detailed, like 15 pages. I'm confused, but I think he starts with Saturday, then Sunday, followed by weekday shows.

    12/7.1/02 - "Signs you're a radiogeek: 2002 Edition." Stuff and comments under radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=16568 from "The Golden State Radio Guide by Timothy Fangthe" at www.radio-info.com/goldenstate/.

    12/7/02 - Bob Steele, long-time radio host, reported nice guy, died yesterday. I almost mentioned it, but I didn't recall actually hearing him. There are comments on the NYr bb under musicradio.computer.net/wwwboard/messages/185885.html. Also, Larry links to a story at www.newsday.com/news/local/wire/ny-bc-ct--obit-steele1206dec06,0,4639355.story?coll=ny-ap-regional-wire, and I have seen it elsewhere.

    12/6.15/02 - Michael Jackson, the talk-radio guy. No hints yet on where he could land, if anywhere, when KLAC goes talk on 12/12, a sad day for L.A. talk radio. Not that they've done much with the KLAC talk format. Just to say you have heard him, you can get his schedule for new and repeat shows at www.570klac.com/onairschedule.html. He does tip to the left, which is not as popular today, but I'll listen to him since he'll listen to everyone else. And, he a gentleman about it; not many left today. I do hope he lands on the air somewhere. P.S. - my current schedule keeps me from hearing him live, so don't expect announcements from me. I can't find a web site for Michael Jackson, but if you find one please post it on my message board, so we can keep in touch.

    12/6.14/02 - Music Radio. You may already know I don't usually report on music radio, but here are a couple:

  • "The Egil Has Landed. Swedish Egil wants to put dance back on the air." More at ocweekly.com/ink/03/12/music-asch.php. A poster on the SC groove bb linked to this.
  • "Meet the new boss. Little Steven takes quality radio personally. IT'S RADIO the way it used to be -- varied playlists, knowledgable DJs and a presentation that doesn't hurt your head." More at u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%257E23540%257E1022450,00.html?search=filter. Fred Shuster is their music (and co-radio) writer so you might want to search for and read all his stuff.

    12/6.13/02 - Lawyer scam. John and Ken are doing their show live at the Trevor Law office to expose this 'mistake' in the law and how it is hurting small businesses. The show is 3-7p, KFI 640 AM. See details, map, etc on their site at www.johnandkenshow.com/.

    12/6.12/02 - "Bill Moyers Buys Ad To Rebut Bill O’Reilly. NEW YORK—Dec. 6: Moyers claims O’Reilly made a “vicious personal attack” after O’Reilly accused him of “profiting from taxpayer money” through sales of videotapes of some of his PBS programs.[Yahoo!]" www.radioink.com/ has the link.

    12/6.11/02 - Headlines from www.insideradio.com/:

  • "Americans are getting much harder to reach on the phone. That’s why Arbitron says response rates for all telephone research are near their lowest levels in 20 years."
  • "Here’s one reason Arbitron is no longer asking about programming and personalities. Arbitron’s...says “we’ve had some pretty ugly conflicts” between stations..."

    12/6.10/02 - "Miami Herald Exposes Spanish Radio Payola. R&R has learned that the newspaper's Dec. 8 editions will feature a front-page expose by reporter Jordan Levin that breaks open the payola scandal in the Spanish-language music industry." It could have been any language. More at www.radioandrecords.com/.

    12/6.9/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Suspense"
    Episode: The Empty Chair
    Synopsis: A teacher rents a room from the mother of one of her students.
    Original airdate: 9-21-53"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Escape"
    Episode: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
    Synopsis: An adaptation of the classic Ambrose Bierce tale.
    Original airdate: 12-10-47" [My name should have been Ambrose Bierce, but something went wrong with the paper work.]

    12/6.8/02 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM. Revised schedule tonight.

  • Tonight - "Exclusive: Winona Ryder's attorney Mark Geragos takes us inside today's courtroom drama and gives us his reaction to his client's sentence. And what outraged Ryder in court? Her lawyer takes your calls."

    12/6.7/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT DJ Brian jump-starts your day with fuzzy noize, prog-rock classics and real-now, no-core sounds. KSPC 88.7 FM, 8-10 a.m."
  • "PHILOSOPHERS, FIDDLERS AND FOOLS Just in time for Hanukkah, KCRW general manager Ruth Seymour hosts this annual salute to Yiddish. KCRW 89.9 FM, noon-3 p.m."
  • "JAZZ ON THE LATIN SIDE with José Rizo. KKJZ 88.1 FM, 7-11 p.m."

    12/6.6/02 - San Diego Dave's, David Tanny's, site has worked all week but not today. I check when it comes up.

    12/6.5/02 - Hi-tech stuff in Robert Gonsett's newsletter at www.bext.com/_CGC/, #551, dated 12/4/02.

    12/6.4/02 - Headlines, no details, at www.laradio.com/. More as it becomes available.

  • "Bill Handel Wins 2003 LARP Listening Poll in Morning Drive"
  • "Bill Handel and Howard Stern battle for LARadio.com reader ears"
  • "KFWB is where readers go for traffic news"
  • "Should Saul Levine flip KMZT to Dance format and put Classical on 1260AM?"
  • "Update on the 690/1150 Super Sports Stations"

    12/6.3/02 - FYI only. Only one of these even mentions radio:

  • "Arledge in 'Another League'. ...Arledge, the former ABC Sports and ABC News president, died Thursday at 71..." More at www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-tvcol6dec06.story.
  • Also, "Arledge's Creativity, Calm Captivated Young Ebersol. Chairman of NBC Sports recalls former boss' clear thinking while covering the Munich massacre." More at www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-arledge6dec06.story.
  • Even, "ROONE ARLEDGE: 1931-2002 - TV Executive Revolutionized the Coverage of News, Sports. More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-me-arledge6dec06,0,1741493.story?coll=cl%2Dtvent.
  • Or, did I mention "Visionary, Showman Helped Usher In a New Era". More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-me-lowry6dec06,0,7107327.story?coll=cl%2Dtvent.

    12/6.2/02 - "Spinning oldies that don't sound moldy. K-Earth marks its 30th anniversary by continuing to fine-tune its formula for what constitutes a classic." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-carney6dec06.story.

    12/6.1/02 - "Delay Seen in Univision Merger. A media analyst says antitrust concerns may push back approval of the L.A. firm's deal for Hispanic Broadcasting." Mentions radio and more at www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-univision6dec06.story?null.

    12/6/02 - "Pacifica seeks to save its historical recordings. Founded two years after the commencement of the Cold War by World War II conscientious objector Lew Hill, Pacifica Radio in North Hollywood has since amassed a remarkable audio record of American political and cultural history..." This topic was in the news weeks ago, but this may contain new info. More at u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%257E23540%257E1032069,00.html?search=filter. P.S. - Have you read about their new, short, file-name format?

    12/5.14/02 - "How to annoy 100 million people. Answer: use copy protection to make it so CDs can't be played in computers. At least that's what one might conclude from a story in today's Radio and Records..." With a link to R&R. More at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=16494, the ctcr bb.

    12/5.13/02 - Comments on Mexican-radio listening, a story from yesterday, at members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/msg/12615.html, the sc groove bb. Also, linked at the 12/5.10/02 Flash.

    12/5.12/02 - "Competition Will Come From All Directions, Say Radio Execs. Newspaper, cable, television, Internet, or maybe some new technology that has yet to emerge...A recent poll of some top radio executives found a wide range of answers:..." More at www.radioink.com/HeadlineEntry.asp?hid=98261&pt=Ink+Headlines.

    12/5.11/02 - Headlines at www.insideradio.com/:

  • "Jones renews talker Clark Howard through 2005." The consumer-protection guy.
  • "Bush signs the small webcasters relief bill." Previously mentioned.

    12/5.10/02 - "Arbitron Study Shows Higher TSL In Mexico Than In U.S. Media users in the central Mexican city of Guadalajara spend an average of 52% of their weekday time with radio, compared to 44% for all consumers in the U.S." www.radioandrecords.com/ has yesterday's story and more.

    12/5.9/02 - "JVC Develops Radio That Slows Speakers' Words. In just a few days, Japanese consumers will be able to buy a tuner that records an announcer's voice and then uses voice signal processing technology to slow down the speed of pronunciation of the first part of each sentence. The broadcasts will remain in real time...is designed for older listeners and foreign-language students... will retail for ¥35,000 (about $280)." More at www.radioandrecords.com/. Or, try the 'slow English' broadcasts on VOA.

    12/5.8/02 - "iBiquity Changes IBOC Test Station's Frequency. VP/General Counsel Al Shuldiner tells R&R the company sought approval from the FCC to switch from 650 kHz to 1670 kHz in Frederick, MD..." and some more at www.radioandrecords.com/. This is the third US digital station, previously announced. The new name for this is HD radio, where HD doesn't mean anything, I recall.

    12/5.7/02 - "Arledge Dies. Roone Arledge, the broadcasting icon who led ABCNEWS for 20 years, died today at 71." www.drudgereport.com has this and more. KABC-AM announced it about 2p.

  • The NYr bb links to the story at abcnews.go.com/sections/us/DailyNews/arledge_obit_021205.html.

    12/5.6/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Whistler," starring Bill Forman.
    Episode: The Clayton affair
    Synopsis: The brother of a man just buried suspects that his wife killed him.
    Original airdate: 4-29-51"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe," [L.A. PI]starring Gerald Mohr.
    Episode: The Torch Carriers
    Synopsis: Marlowe helps a woman recover her bracelet.
    Original airdate: 1-7-50"

    12/5.5/02 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM. These could change your like, right? What happened to hard news, Larry?

  • Today - "In his first live, primetime interview, former royal butler Paul Burrell discusses the controversy surrounding his legal battles with the royal family."
  • Friday 12/6 - "In an exclusive interview, supermodel Naomi Campbell joins Larry to talk about her career, her troubles with the tabloids and more."

    12/5.4/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "GENERATION DEATH Tinfoil the windows, lace up the vinyl and crank up the Bauhaus. DJ Wednesday spins darkwave, goth and ethereal material. KSPC 88.7 FM, 10-11 p.m."
  • "THE UNDERGROUND OLDIES RADIO SHOW L.A.'s original oldies station revisits the music that inspired countless horny teenagers in the back seats of cars. KRLA 870 AM, mid.-2 a.m. (Fri. a.m.)"

    12/5.3/02 - FYI - "Beijing keeps Web under tightest grip. SHANGHAI China has the most extensive Internet censorship in the world, regularly denying users access to 19,000 Web sites..." And, "Among the sites that users had trouble reaching in the test period were those of National Public Radio, the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and Time magazine." More at www.iht.com/articles/79128.html. Moreover.com's tip. I do have hits from several Asian countries, but I don't recall one from (the old mainland) China. This current hit counter on MENU is very poor at indicating the associated country.

    12/5.2/02 - "NPR's 1st Black female host reflects a shift in the network's philosophy. Former newspaper reporter and TV correspondent Michele Norris...National Public Radio's "All Things Considered," for which she had just been hired to co-host." More at long URL. Larry's tip. Here's the story from yesterday.

    12/5.1/02 - "Radio station firebombed. Arson attempt fails to disrupt broadcasting. BARSTOW — A local radio station was firebombed late Monday, but continued to broadcast uninterrupted while the flames died for lack of anything to burn." More at www.desertdispatch.com/cgi-bin/newspro/viewnews.cgi?newsid1039024237,34867,. Larry's tip. If you have any idea who may have done this, please turn them in. P.S. - Barstow is about 100+ miles north east of L.A.

    12/5/02 - "FCC to Hold Hearing on Ownership Rules. Bowing to political pressure, the Federal Communications Commission said it would convene a formal public hearing in February..." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-fi-rup5.8dec05,0,5837883.story?coll=cl%2Dtvent.

  • R&R has "FCC Will Hold Field Hearing On Media-Ownership Rules After All. Copps calls it 'a step in the right direction'" And more.

    12/4.16/02 - Universal Talk Network. ***Caution*** - one of these links crashed me twice. Concerning the 12/4.10/02 Flash, Google found a few links under their old name like www.unitedtalknetwork.com/ and www.amatteroftaste.com/radio_show.html. But, those may have to change along with the name change.

    12/4.15/02 - "Cities with the largest number of all Christmas stations," and comments at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=16430, the ctcr bb. But, is a high number good or bad?

    12/4.14/02 - "RADIO RESEARCH BEING CONDUCTED BY ELON UNIVERSITY . ...This month, Elon University in North Carolina is conducting a research study on radio today, how people use radio and it's future within society." More, link, and form at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=16440, the ctcr bb. Please try lower-case.

    12/4.13/02 - FYI - "Mexicans Listen Longer in Mexico." The 'why' and comments at members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/msg/12615.html, the sc groove bb.

  • Also, "Mexicans May Listen To Radio More Than Americans." Tip from www.radioink.com/ which links to www.radioink.com/HeadlineEntry.asp?hid=98191&pt=Ink+Headlines.

    12/4.12/02 - FYI - "Finnish taxi drivers to pay royalties for backseat music," says www.newradiostar.com/. They also link to "Ananova" which didn't show me anything.

    12/4.11/02 - "No, Infinity’s new senior execs aren’t “recycled Clear Channel guys.”" Continues www.insideradio.com/ about another of yesterday's story.

    12/4.10/02 - Talker network has another new name. "The name's now "Universal Talk Network." The aggressive legal action by New York-based United Stations Radio Network deters the new San Francisco-based company from calling itself "United Talk Network."" From www.insideradio.com/, following up on yesterday's story. But, do they have content?

    12/4.9/02 - "Inside Radio Web-Extra: Howard Stern and Tom Joyner top the list of syndicated morning shows. ...ranking 25 different syndicated morning shows by audience....Only Stern and Joyner “share the rare air of million-person-plus listenerships during weekday morning drive.”" More at www.insideradio.com/. Detailed report at media.radcity.net/ZMST/RadioTrends2002.pdf, in Adobe which I hate, and it never seems to work correctly. But, who's Joyner? What's Stern? P.S. - this could be a joke since Joyner isn't even on "Talkers" top 25 list. Check Joyner out at www.tomjoyner.com/ where it looks like they stream.

    12/4.8/02 - Matt Drudge and Bill O'Reilly. Sunday night on his radio show Matt mentioned there would be big news about Bill O'Reilly that could hurt Bill, his show, or whatever. I haven't heard anything yet.

    12/4.7/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. But first:

  • "8:00 PM 60 MINUTES ll - KNX simulcasts the CBS news magazine." Preview and recaps.
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Have Gun, Will Travel" Episode: Bitter Wine
    Synopsis: Paladin is hired to prevent an oil well from turned into a vineyard.
    Original airdate: 6-14-59"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "X Minus 1," classic science fiction.
    Episode: Cave of Night
    Synopsis: An astronaut is trapped in orbit.
    Original airdate: 1956"

    12/4.6/02 - If your kids were listening to 'The Sean Hannity Show' today between 1-2p, the band 'Kiss' was talking about sex, drugs, etc. It may be past the time to have 'that' talk with your kids.

    12/4.5/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "MIDDLE EAST IN FOCUS An important show to tune in to right about now. KPFK 90.7 FM, 2-2:30 p.m."
  • "TEENAGE WASTELAND Here's another student DJ who tends to mumble on air and play too many songs in a row, but Sam makes up for that with straight-ahead rock, punk and garage music. KSPC, 88.7 FM, 10-mid."
  • "CONNECTIONS Scott Silva connects the dots between all genres of dance and pop. KCRW 89.9 FM, mid.-3 a.m. (Thurs. a.m.)"

    12/4.4/02 - "NPR's first black female host reflects a shift in the network's philosophy... Chicago Tribune reg Wed Dec 4" says www.moreover.com/, but you must log in to the CT to read it.

    12/4.3/02 - "It Sounds A Lot Like Christmas...dozens of radio stations across the country have turned their airwaves over to Christmas..." More at www.mediapost.com/dtls_dsp_news.cfm?newsID=188821. Larry's tip and he has other links.

    12/4.2/02 - "SOLOMON: If Commercial Radio Actually Trafficked in News. Listeners don't get much news these days if they tune into commercial radio stations." More at www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=14663. Larry's tip. That's why there's NPR - and talk radio?

    12/4.1/02 - headlines at www.laradio.com/:

  • "5th Annual LARP Listening Poll Released" The last one I saw, I believe, used a very small sample.
  • "KFI tops first two categories"

    12/4/02 - "New chapter for Clear Channel bashing. "Neener-neener!" "Takes one to know one." "Your mother wears combat boots!"" And more in Randy Dotinga's Thursday column at www.nctimes.com/preview/radio.html, a day early.

    12/3.15/02 - "Ask the Mayor," with Mayor Jim Hahn, Wednesday 12/4/02, 10-11a, KFWB 980 AM. Page at www.kfwb.com/inside_special_ask_mayor.asp.

    12/3.14/02 - "Major shakeup at Infinity. Major shakeup at Infinity, engineered by John Sykes and John Fullam -- three senior VPs are out, three new ones are in." Says www.insideradio.com. I'll wait for the movie.

  • R&R also has: "...Clancy Woods is named SVP/Western Region... report to President/COO John Fullam, who will continue to directly oversee Infinity's properties in New York and Los Angeles." I wonder if this is connected to KFWB going into trust?

    12/3.13/02 - "125 th Birthday for the Phonograph. ...but TOMORROW (December 4th) is the 125th Anniversary of the Invention of the Phonograph..." with a link to the history at radio-info.com/boards/ctc/index.cgi?read=16412, the ctcr bb.

    12/3.12/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM.

  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Johnny Dollar," starring Bob Bailey..
    Episode: Big Scoop Matter
    Synopsis: A reporter is attacked while working on a story.
    Original airdate: 11-11-56"
  • "9:30 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Dragnet," starring Jack Webb as [LAPD] Sgt. Joe Friday.
    Episode: The Big Threat
    Synopsis: A holdup victim refuses to report a crime.
    Original airdate: 4-12-51"
  • P.S. - "Dragnet" the new TV series will appear soon, but don't expect anything like the old series. "Only the name is the same, ma'am."

    12/3.11/02 - Larry King, Mon-Fri, 8-9p, KFWB 980 AM. Soft news, all last week and this week also.

  • Tonight - "Join Larry for an exclusive, moving interview with Brenda van Dam nine months after the murder of her daughter Danielle Van Dam. She speaks out on the conviction of David Westerfield, her daughter's murder, and his upcoming sentencing."
  • Wednesday 12/4 - "In a one-hour exclusive interview, comedian Paula Poundstone speaks out on her legal battles and the fight to get her children back."

    12/3.10/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "DnA: Design and Architecture Frances Anderton on West Coast architecture. KCRW 89.9 FM, 2:30-3 p.m. (first Tuesday of every month)."
  • "BLUEPRINT Plan on people like Fela Kuti, Moby and Thomas Mafumo, courtesy of Kevin Lincoln. KCRW 89.9 FM, mid.-3 a.m. (Wed. a.m.)"

    12/3.9/02 - List of streaming stations, partial I'm sure, some outside the US, is at streamaudio.com/, a ctcr bb tip. Today they list 17 CA stations.

    12/3.8/02 - "Talking Back To Talk Radio" with links and comments at musicradio.computer.net/wwwboard/messages/185295.html, the NYr bb.

    12/3.7/02 - FYI - "Changes at KJLH." Urban AC on KJLH and a few comments at members3.boardhost.com/scgroove/msg/12603.html, the ctcr bb.

    12/3.6/02 - "Wolfman Jack gets his own statue -- in Del Rio, TX," says www.insideradio.com.

  • R&R has: "Plans Laid For Wolfman Jack Museum. The city of Del Rio, TX - where Robert Weston Smith turned himself into legendary nighttime personality Wolfman Jack while on the air on XERF/Ciudad Acuna, Mexico..."

    12/3.5/02 - "Adelstein Sworn In At FCC. Jonathan Adelstein is now officially an FCC Commissioner...", reports www.radioandrecords.com.

    12/3.4/02 - "United Stations Gets Restraining Order Against United Talk Network. R&R reported on Oct. 31 that legal representatives for United Stations Radio Networks notified just-launched UTN that the new San Francisco-based company was infringing upon USRN's name." More at www.radioandrecords.com yesterday. I don't know what shows they carry, but I should check.

    12/3.3/02 - "KROQ and KCRW concerts reviewed," headlines www.laradio.com. Check on the KCRW concert if interested. There have been several comments on the KROQ concert.

    12/3.2/02 - "Diversity ... well, almost. The annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas shows..." More at www.calendarlive.com/tv/radio/cl-et-knowpop2dec02.story.

    12/3.1/02 - FYI - "In Print, Another Vietnam War " Mentions Vietnamese radio in Orange County like, "Some 45 newspapers and magazines, and roughly a dozen radio programs, fiercely compete to serve Southern California's 300,000 Vietnamese Americans, most of them in or near Orange County's Little Saigon." More at www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-lavietmedia2dec02.story?null. No specific stations are mentioned.

    12/3/02 - "Portable Satellite, Gift Guide, Lennon Tribute" in Richard Wagoner's Friday radio column at members.cox.net/rwagoner/, days early.

    12/2/02 - sick

    12/1.5/02 - Links to streaming L.A. radio in Japanese and internet, etc. See www.yujirootsuki.com/live/index-j.htm.

    12/1.4/02 - The L.A. Times radio tips for today, Calendar page E34, list more shows than usual. One show they also listed last week, but which wasn't actually on, was "The Radio Detective" 10p-midnight on KPLS 830 AM. Google.com found such a show at www.radiodetective.com/ (and others), about restoring old radios, but who knows if that's it? One of the high-numbered PBS TV stations also ran a series on restoration a few years ago. KPLS hasn't posted a schedule on their site for their weekend shows and currently doesn't have any info on their site.

    12/1.3/02 - Merrill Shindler and his restaurant show, normally Sunday 5-7p, KLSX 97.1 FM, may return to this normal schedule if Sunday football is early like today or over. His Saturday schedule has remained the same.

    12/1.2/02 - KNX Drama Hour, daily, 9-10p, KNX 1070 AM. But first:

  • "7:00 PM 60 MINUTES - KNX simulcasts the CBS newsmagazine." Preview and recaps: "About 500 years ago the “old masters” began painting the human figure with such lifelike detail that a new theory says they used projection devices and may have traced the images." That's how I'd do it.
  • "9:00 PM KNX DRAMA HOUR — "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour).
    Starring: Burt Lancaster
    Episode: Branded
    Synopsis: Outlaws use a man to impersonate a rancher’s long lost son..
    Original airdate: 1-28-52" Movie review at us.imdb.com/Title?0042279.

    12/1.1/02 - LA Weekly's program picks for today:

  • "TRAVELSCOPE Joseph Rosendo tells you how to travel prudently, cheaply and adventurously. 870 AM, 7-8 a.m."
  • "SAME TIME, SAME STATION A sort of old-timey radio show, see? KCSN 88.5 FM, noon-2 p.m."
  • "SERENATA DE TRIOS The enchanting sounds of Latin guitar. KXLU 88.9 FM, 6-7 p.m."
  • "OFF THE RECORD WITH JOE BENSON Music and conversation with rock's greatest celebs. This week: the music of Queen and a recent interview with Brian May and Roger Taylor. ARROW 93 FM, 10-11 p.m."

    12/1/02 - Gary Lycan's stuff:

  • Column - "Prager to address O.C. singles" and lots more - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=14048.
  • Radio Calendar - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=14052§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=12&day=1.
  • 11/29/02 Radio Calendar - www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/ocr/article.do?id=13759§ion=SHOW&year=2002&month=11&day=29

    New KNX Drama Hour schedule, 7/1/02, 9-10p (below), 2-3a, and internet starting 7/1/02. The only three changes for mid-year are marked with a +. Most shows are very good, but my very favorites are marked with an *. "Have Gun, Will Travel," perhaps my most favorite show, was one of the last radio Westerns, and one of the few shows that started on TV and went to radio. Types of shows: C is comedy, D is drama, P is police, PI is private investigator-like, SF is sci fi, and W is western.

  • Mon - " Gunsmoke" (W)* & "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" (W) Delayed by football, try 9:30-ish.
  • Tue - "[Yours Truly,] Johnny Dollar" (PI)* & "Dragnet" (L.A. P)
  • Wed - 8p: "60 Minutes II (TV news) - 9p: "Have Gun, Will Travel" (W)*+ & "X Minus 1" (SF)*+
  • Thu - "The Whistler" (D)* & "The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe" (L.A. PI)*
  • Fri - "Suspense" (D)* & "Escape" (D)*+
  • Sat - "The Jack Benny Program" (C) & "Red Skelton Show" (C)
  • Sun - 7p: "60 Minutes" (TV news) - 9-10p: "Lux Radio Theater" (movie/play/etc?)
    See the Radio pages on MENU for more info.

    Click Here!