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3/99 Radio Flashes

3/29/99 - KRLA's new web site may be at latalk1110.com, but it's under construction. I was hit number 00001. About time, it should have been up about five months ago when they leaned towards talk. I just hope they can recover from the delay.

3/29/99 - I've heard the Chuck Howard show a few times and liked it, so I'll keep it on my favorites list for now. See the middle 3/23/99 flash for details. He was also on Sun from 7-9 a.m. to cover the missing Jayne and may also have been on Sun from 5-7 a.m. I'm also adding the Motley Fool at www.fool.com, on KFI, Sat, from 9-11 a.m. to my favorites list. They call it a financial show, but I've heard them discuss how to buy a car and how to pick the type of ISP service. So, that gets them on my list.

3/29/99 - KLSX did not follow their posted and revised schedule last weekend for the Kim Komando show. They followed the previous *2 hours on Sat and 2 hours on Sun* schedule. I'll revert to listing the old 2 + 2 schedule, but do consult the schedule at their web site if you notice a change.

3/27/99 - Tomm Looney was on the Conway & Steckler show on KLSX last friday, the last friday of the month. I heard him about 8:30 - 9 p.m. talking about radio. See the 3/19/99 flash. Also check next Friday, the first Friday, between 7-10 p.m.

3/27/99 - Kim Komando was on KLSX this morning from 7-9 a.m. although she was removed from their schedule. Something I didn't notice: she is listed for only one hour on Sunday, from 10-11 p.m. But check the air waves 10 to midnight for the real schedule.

3/26/99 - No changes do I see for the 3/25 thru 3/27 weekend at KIEV. KLSX did delete the Kim Komando show from their Sat schedule. I'll look around for any more changes. Remember, "Dishing with Jayne" is reported to depart in a week or two.

3/25/99 - My Radio Info page is starting to contain some references concerning shortwave listening. Even if you're not into that hobby, the references do contain good info about hardware, etc. which can be applied to local-radio listening.

3/25/99 - KLSX doesn't list Kim Komando on their Sat schedule; her time slot is listed as a sales show. I have sent the program director three emails over the last three weeks asking for all three hours of her show, still no response. Now she has even less time on L.A. air. Also, KIEV has not released their revised weekend schedule yet. I'll try to list the changes Friday.

3/25/99 - The guy who was program director when Michael Jackson was demoted to weekends and who hired and fired 26 people to do his "all-girl" idea on KABC, KMPC, KTZN, whatever, is now program director at all-news KFWB. Who knows what damage he can do there? Anyway, this guy got the whole "Around the Dial" radio column in today's Calendar Weekend section in the L.A. Times. I'm glad they have a radio column, but please get writers with better topics. What do these "writers" do, just publish press releases?

3/23/99 - What's new over the weekend? On Fri night, on the sad side, on Hour 25, Mike Hodel's wife Terry has also passed on. On Sat, the KABC Restaurant show on pizza will be 4/17/99. Traffic Jam will be on from about 7-10 p.m. (after sports) on 3/27/99. Kim Komando's show was a repeat, apparently she repeated it, not just KLSX (still no response from them). On Sun, the Movie Show may have a new email address, but I missed it. Also, Earthlink is setting up their next listener gathering, but it's probably full by now.

3/23/99 - KFI started two new shows yesterday, and I have added them to my lists. One is Karel & Andrew at www.karel-andrew.com which I've mentioned elsewhere on this site. They're on M-F, from 4-7 p.m. Normally, I don't hear the radio at that time, but I did tape their first hour, and they have to be one of the better general talk shows, and they're from L.A. Do get past the gay issue and enjoy the show. The only other mention I've seen was a review in today's L.A. Times Morning Report on page F2 by Shauna Snow. The other show is a call-in, consumer-advice show by Clark Howard, M-F, from 3-4 p.m. and 3-5 a.m at www.accessatlanta.com/partners/clarkhoward/. I haven't heard this yet, but it sounds like my kind of show. *Heard some, it's ok*. Both are on my Favorites list for now, *and are* on the ClickRadio list.

3/23/99 - 1650 AM went from all traffic to all music on 3/12/99 cause it didn't work. They will change their call letters from KGXL, to KKTR, and finally to KGIL on 3/29/99.

3/20/99 - The Sun 7- 9 a.m. slot on KFI 640 AM is usually Jayne Bonfietti's "Dishing with Jayne" show. Now it is listed as a "Special Guest." What a good spot for Jackie Olden, and she would do a better show. *Gary Lycan's column in the OC Register says she and two other weekend people got pink slips. Hope it wasn't anything I said.* *I called the show Sun (she was on) and they said she would be on for a few more weeks.* *This would be a good spot for Jackie Olden if they could get her to return to L.A.*

3/20/99 - Karel and Andrew will have their own show starting Monday 3/22/99 on KFI 640 AM. Check the station's web site Monday for details. They can't announce the time and it won't be on the site till Monday. However, it will not be a late-night show. I do wish then good luck and hope they can keep talking about L.A., at least some of the time. Search the flashes for other references to them.

3/19/99 - It appears that KABC at www.kabc.com and KMNY at www.roadtosuccess.com have finished reconstructing their web sites, and they didn't crash Netscape 3. Not much changed at KABC, but KMNY is totally new and, for me, very hard to read because of the colors and script. On their Internet schedule, they are again listing "Wine Dine & Travel", but now five times over the weekend including Sat & Sun from 5-6 p.m. Also, they show "Entertainment ......" several times like Sat & Sun from 4-5 p.m. Their broadcast schedule only lists about three shows. There may be more in the future. I will not put these on my lists till I see some stability and can verify. Meanwhile, please check their schedule yourself.

3/19/99 - Just two minor changes in the Sat schedule at KIEV. These are on the Favorites and ClickRadio Favorites Sat pages. I try to look for more Sat if I have the time.

3/19/99 - KCSN 88.5 FM is running a "Film Days Fridays" show from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. today says Shauna Snow in today's Morning Report in the L.A. Times. I heard a few minutes. Other than Shauna, not many people at the Times care about radio, although yesterday's Radio column was better than most. I will report on this soon. There will be a "Film Days Fridays" show every week, but I don't have details yet.

3/19/99 - Tomm Looney wouldn't supply a schedule for his appearances on the Conway & Steckler show on KLSX , so I emailed them and got a next-day response. On this show, not his own show, he may mention radio.

>Question: "Dear Conway & Steckler,
I understand Tomm Looney is sometimes on your show. Do you have a schedule?

>Thanks, []"

>Answer: "He's on about once a month and always a great guest. He's usually on the first or last Friday of the month.

3/18/99 - I've sent two emails (last week and today) to the program director at KLSX asking for all three hours of the Kim Komando show. No response yet. One note to Kim's email brought the following almost instant response:

Thanks so much for being out [our] ears in LA. Yes we are very disappointed too to hear that KLSX is only broadcasting two hours of Kim live. Thanks for sending us a note. Although we are doing everything we possibly can on our end to get the Digital Goddess back on in full, it sure would be great if you personally let the station's programming department know how much you want to hear all three hours of Kim live!

Even if you've already called the station, tell your friends to call too!

The station's phone number is 213-383-4222. [My bold.]

Thanks again for listening to The Kim Komando Computer Show and for being one of Kim's biggest fans!

Mike :)
Listener Relations
Mike Gagnon
Listener Relations
The Kim Komando Show

>Home Page: www.komando.com"
3/16/99 - On the MENU page, the Radio section has been condensed. The ClickRadio items are on an index page. The misc radio items are on The Radio Info index page. I probably broke some links in the process, but I'll fix. Or leave me a note.

3/16/99 - Remember, "Larry King Live" started last night. See the 3/4/99 flash for details.

3/15/99 - I posted the group review pages for cars, computers, cooking, and restaurants. These aren't complete; I'll fill in more details when I have the time. All reviews are clickable from the Favorites page, the ClickRadio favorites page, and the new Review Index. KABC, which isn't doing so well in Arbitron, has the best restaurant show and almost came in a three-way tie for the best computer show. KFI, with better ratings, had the worst computer and cooking shows. And, KFI won the most-annoying-show awards for both of these. The new KRLA had the best car and cooking shows.

3/15/99 and 3/13/99 - "The Cooking Show" on China Radio Internation (CRI) has turned into a Read Me.

3/12/99 - The Radio - Favorite Shows page has been updated with several KIEV changes. Also added Chuck Alpert on Sat from noon-1p.m. who answers questions about the law for free. Good Deal. Just checking for other changes and trying to get them into ClickRadio also.

3/12/99 - Just got an email from Jackie Olden saying she is still on KGAM 1450 AM, Mon-Fri, from 2-4 p.m. If anyone can hear her cooking show and post up-to-date verifications for the show, I might list it again.

3/11/99 - The Radio - Favorite Shows page now links to the group review for cars. I don't listen to some of the shows much, so I'll fill in more datails later.

3/11/99 - Karel and Andrew report they will once again fill in for Tim and Neal, "This Thursday and Friday night, 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. ..." [How is 3 a.m. the night??] They won't be on my favorites list cause they are a general talk show, but they are more interesting than most and the show is done in L.A. *The first hour was about why you love or hate L.A. and was interesting. Glad they're an L.A. show and can talk about L.A.*

3/9/99 - The Radio - Favorite Shows page has been updated with last weekends results. The Sat "Film Freak" and the Sun "The Movie Show" both now have web sites, and the Sun "The KABC Computer ..." has a new email address. I also linked directly to some show sites that were linked from the station sites. Two weekends back Melinda Lee said she had recipes on the Bristol Farms web site, but I can't get it to work. It may take a while to put these changes on other pages.

3/8/99 - Warning: the Boot Camp computer show on KNX has it's own web site (www.bootcamp.com), but it shows code and crashed my Netscape. Also, it was on the air Sun at about 11:55 p.m.

3/8/99 - Just found: Looks like KSDO 1130 AM in San Diego carries all three hours of Kim Komando on Sat, from 6-9 p.m. KLSX only carries two of her three hours as of last weekend; see my review. Also, Kim is on Mon, Wed, & Fri from 6-7 p.m. and some other computer show may be on Tue & Thu. See www.ksdo.com for their schedule. Their site produces JaveScript error messages but no crash. *That's the good news.* *Bad news: just once, I could hear it fade into the South Bay tonight.*

3/8/99 - Check Gary Lycan's column for stuff about KFI and KABC. See the 2/16/99 radio flash for the link to the web site.

3/8/99 - Priorities. My goal has always been to update the Radio - Favorite Shows page every week. Next, I'll update the ClickRadio favorites. Last, I'll update ClickRadio All, but this could be once a month or less. When you readers and I determine which one we prefer, I may drop the others.

3/8/99 - I added a group review of the cooking shows. From the Radio - Favorite Shows page, click on Cooking or Food. Group reviews for the computer and restaurant shows were added about 2/20. The computer review page was deleted and reentered, so you will see some changes (and mistakes for now).

3/8/99 - ClickRadio favorites are almost done. I just need to add references to the reviews. ClickRadio All is just starting, but you can see where it's going. ClickRadio All will not be updated very often *if ever*.

3/5/99 - KIEV returns "Radio AM-FM Live" to Sat at 6 a.m. Have a good weekend.

3/4/99 - I sent an email to the program director at KLSX asking them to update the out-of-date schedules on their web site. Sure enough, a few days later they had new schedules, new shows, and different hours for the existing shows. May have been a coincidence. Relevant changes are on my schedules.

3/4/99 - The KABC web site is crashing my Netscape again. Big improvement.

3/4/99 - KIEV has not posted their weekend changes yet.

3/4/99 - KFWB will carry "Larry King Live" on weeknights starting 3/15/99 at 8 p.m. Thanks to Shauna Snow in the *3/3/99 L.A. Times Morning Report. I don't usually list this type of show, just mention it here. *L.A Times tips says it will be on 3/8/99 from 8-9 p.m. and is a repeat of the 6 p.m. CNN-TV broadcast.* *It was not on.*

3/1/99 - It's not official, but "Traffic Jam" keeps showing up sometimes between 7-10 p.m. on 1110, in addition to their regular show, all on Saturday. They will announce it between 2-4 p.m. or check between 7-10 p.m. (or starting between 7-8 p.m. if you hear sports). *See their web site or my group review for the schedule*.

See the radio pages for more info. The * marks changes.