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4/99 Radio Flashes

4/30/99 - Weekend changes. "Auto Talk" is not listed on the KLSX Sat morning schedule. No update on the 1650/1260 AM car show on Sat morning. "Kenny and Reed" show is on 6-10 p.m Sat night and will be on almost every Sat, but check their site for the schedule. KIEV Sun 7-8 p.m. old radio should run to 8:30. Also, see the 4/26/99 comments. Have a safe weekend.

4/29/99 - It may be safe to go back into the LAT radio column. They've had the Spanish-language radio thing under control in this and in the last issue. This column was about the Arbitron ratings by Kevin Baxter (Mr. Spanish radio), Judith Michaelson, Shauna Snow, and Reuters.

4/26/99 - Last weekend's changes - Big news: Kenny and Reed have done the "Traffic Jam" show from 2-4 p.m. for a while and started the "Kenny and Reed" show just to fill in some nights from about 7-10 p.m., all on Sat on KRLA. Well, the 7-10 p.m show is going to be on almost every Sat and will cover entertainment. Hours vary, next are 6-10 p.m. The show about radio a few weeks back was good. They have at least three web sites now at www.mrtraffic.com/jam.htm (Traffic Jam), www.mrtraffic.com/kennyreed.htm (Kenny & Reed), and www.kenny-reed.com/ (Kenny & Reed). Keep checking their schedules cause they change faster than I can keep up. Looks like Norm Fox won't have this slot; is he on anywhere? I'm starting to list the "Conway & Steckler" show on Friday night cause several times they had Tomm Looney talking about radio and last Friday they also has Surfer Val talking internet. They're actually on KLSX Monday thru Friday from 7-10 p.m. It's a general talk show and is listed only for the possibility of interesting guests. Melanda Lee will be preempted next Sat for sports. There was a new car show on Sat morning about 6:10 a.m. on 1260 and 1650 AM. I'll list it in the 6-7 a.m. slot till I can verify the hours. It could start earlier or run longer. "Auto Talk" on Sat morning was preempted by infomercial and has been before. Also, the Sun 7-8 p.m. old radio show on KIEV went till 8:30 p.m.

4/24/99 - I forgot to change the "Kenny and Reed" show which is only on one or two Saturadays a month on KRLA in the evening. See their sites.

4/23/99 - Don't see any other changes for the weekend. Will try to look around Sat. Have a good, safe weekend. Don't rely on the clickradio pages, they need to be updated.

4/23/99 - Today's LA Times (LAT) on page F1 & F2 says, "English-language music stations gained on Spanish-language leaders in the ratings." Among the talk stations they listed and which I list, KFI is still first but down, KNX is second and up, KABC is third and steady, KFWB and KLSX are tied for fourth and both are down, KRLA is next and up, and KIEV is last and down.

4/22/99 - KIEV deleted the dates from the schedule pages on their web site. Could that mean their schedule is stable? I added their updates and old-time radio shows to the Favorites page. I do wish they and everyone else would date their pages so we know the age of the info.

4/22/99 - Flash - The LAT can use the radio column for subjects other than Spanish-language radio. Today's about the Karel and Andrew show by Judith Michaelson was one of her best. Her last few columns have been NPRish, bad-program-directorish, or other such subjects.

4/22/99 - I will add L.A.'s mayor Richard Riordan's show to my list. It's on once a month, but I don't see an exact schedule. Check kfwb.com/askmayor.html for details.

4/20/99 - Calendar - I've been looking for a basic calendar for use on these Flashes pages. See above. On the 1998 page, you'll have to change it to 1998 each time cause it won't stay on 1998. Anyone know of a better calendar? *CAUTION: the calendar worked good on one system, but wouldn't show itself on another and a reload locked up IE.*

4/20/99 - KMNY has broadcast-schedule information on their web site for about a dozen shows. I want to start listing Wine, Dine & Travel and Entertainment Inside & Out, but they're only listed on their internet broadcast schedule. You can check their schedules yourself at www.roadtosuccess.com.

4/19/99 - Weekend Results. Melinda Lee was preempted or time shifted both Sat and Sun because of sports. She usually knows and announces it the week before, but I've been missing a lot of her show. Kim Komando seems to be doing all three hours Sun night (recorded) and is missing from Sat morning, both on KLSX. LAT was wrong about the "Film Freak" being on Fri night, but I tuned in and instead Tomm Looney was on, talking about radio. I ment to verify the KSDO shows: computer on T & T is correct; still need to check Kim on M, W, F, & Sat; and I think I heard wine on Sat, but I forgot to write it down. "Auto Talk" on KLSX Sat morning was preempted completely by infomercials. I missed a lot of the Sat shows, so there may have been other changes. Remember, Kim does her show live on Sat morning, so everything else is recorded. If you want to call her, check her web site www.weststar.com/listeners.html for the exact schedule.

4/16/99 - Weekend Changes. I added three programs to my favorites list from KSDO so, maybe, I'll remember to verify them. See the 4/5/99 Flash for details. The LAT says the "Film Freak" will be on Friday p.m., but it is not listed at the KLSX web site, and I doubt if it is true, but I listed it. *It was not, but Tomm Looney was*. No changes at KIEV this weekend, again. If they get stable I might start listing their old-radio shows, but see their schedule in the mean time. If you missed the Kenny & Reed show last Saturday, you missed three hours of talk about radio. Do email and ask them to do it again. Remember, the Pizza show is Sat from 8-10 a.m. on KABC.

4/16/99 - Yesterday's radio column in the LAT was again full of it, Spanish-language radio that is. See the 4/8/99 Flash. I'm trying to remember if I ever enjoyed this column; it has been bad for so long.

4/9/99 - Took a quick look at some web sites and don't see any changes for my weekend schedule, not even at KIEV. But do check below for for some comments. Will look around Sat if time allows.

4/8/99 - Radio station web sites: KOGO had one and now it doesn't work. XTRA had one and now some other company has it. KRLA is building one, months too late. KLAC still doesn't have one. KMNY lists only three programs on their broadcast schedule for the last weeks. KABC still doesn't list a real schedule on their site. 1650 AM changed their call letters a few times, *ending up as KGIL, with all music, so they're off my lists*.

4/8/99 - This week's radio column in the Calendar Weekend section of the L.A. Times newspaper is a good example of something that belongs, if anywhere, in the back pages of some Spanish-language sports publication. This guy is obsessed with Spanish-language radio. Do Spanish-speaking sports fans read this column in English? Is anyone even interested in sports radio; in Spanish or otherwise? Can sports radio in any language make money? Can I make money, week after week, plugging Spanish radio or sports radio? Enough is enough with this guy.

4/8/99 - Tomm Looney says: "Radio Orgy. If you like to hear radio people talk about radio on the radio, check out the Kenny & Reed show this Saturday night (7 p.m. 10 p.m.) on KRLA as Tom Looney, [deleted], Tom Leykis, Michael Jackson, Gary Lycan [www.ocregister.com click columns], Michael Harrison from Talkers Magazine [talkers.com/] , Jack Silver and others wax loquaciously about radio ...."

4/7/99 - Today's Wall Street Journal says the FCC wants to slow the rush to consolidate radio stations. For example, just one pending deal would transfer control of 234 radio stations. Try their web sites at wsj.com and www.fcc.gov/.

4/5/99 - Yesterday's (Sunday's) L.A. Times tips said to try KLAC 570 AM for "When Radio Was," the old-time radio show. Is it back? When? For how long? I didn't see anything at www.whenradiowas.com, but they don't keep their radio-station list current. *Oh, let's check the KRLA web site for a schedule -- can't, these nuts don't have a site, not even an announcer to talk about a schedule. They deserve what they get.*

4/5/99 - KSDO 1130 AM in San Diego puts an ok signal into the South Bay during the daylight hours, so the "Whitley on Wine" show *from noon to 1 p.m.* Saturday may be hearable. I forgot to check. See the 4/2/99 Flash. Remember, they also carry all three hours of Kim Komando on Sat, from 6-9 p.m. Also, Kim is on Mon, Wed, & Fri from 6-7 p.m. and some other computer show may be on Tue & Thu. As day light gets longer, more of the evening shows may come into L.A. See the 3/8/99 Flash and www.ksdo.com for their schedule. Their site produces JaveScript error messages but no crash.

4/5/99 - Over the weekend: Kim Komando did all three (unique) hours of her show on Sunday night and talked about a current issue so it wasn't a repeat. She was also on Sat morning, for at least one hour, so I will resume listing her despite the web site schedule. Sports is again shifting and preempting Melinda Lee and perhaps other shows. Also, "Auto Talk" and "Traffic Jam" ran longer than scheduled on their web sites.

4/5/99 - The radio tips for yesterday (Sunday) in the L.A Times were also much better than usual. See the 4/3/99 Flash. Usually, they fill the space starting will the music and other dull shows. They seldom get to the good stuff at the bottom of their list like Drama-Comedy-Family, Health-Consumer, and Talk-Interview. Well, yestereday they did list some of the good shows. And it worries me, what dastardly plan is awaiting us? P.S. - a few of their listings from Sat & Sun were incorrect; as are mine from time to time. I just dislike it when they make the same mistakes month after month or omit some shows. For example, Melanda Lee hasn't been on KLSX for months. *And next week they were sure to totally delete Melinda from their listings*.

4/3/99 - The radio tips in todays L.A. Times were much better than usual. Maybe they read my email and looked at this site. They listed many of the shows I list and some others I'll have to check out. Try travel with Norm Fox tonight from 8-10 p.m. on KRLA 1110 AM. He is due back after some sports season. *But it was sports*. Other tips disagree with schedules posted at stations' web sites, but the sites have been incorrect. For example, KLSX deleted Kim Komando from their Saturday a.m. web schedule, but she was on anyway.

4/2/99 - Weekend changes: a couple at KIEV. KLSX's web site now shows Kim Komando only on Sun night but for three hours from 9-midnight. Maybe all three hours are back, and thanks to the program director and the listeners who communicated with the station if they are. I'll work on getting these and any other changes into the Favorites list, or you can check their web sites. The weekend changes may not be ready till Sat afternoon.

4/2/99 - The Daily Breeze says, "Daily Breeze wine columnist Robert Whitley will host 'Whitley on Wine,' a weekly wine show beginning at noon Saturday on San Diego radio station KSDO 1130 AM..." They say you might hear it locally and it will feature winemakers, wine picks, chefs, and phone calls. I don't remember reading a wine columnist in the Breeze.

4/1/99 - Remember, there was to be a show called "Film Days Fridays" on KCSN? See the 3/19/99 Flash. It hasn't appeared on the web site schedule yet, so I emailed the web master, Dan, and got this instant response.

"Film Days Fridays is an all-day favoring of playing film scores with the classical music. It's new, and I'm behind on the web page--but it's nice to see someone using the page.


It couldn't hurt if we all emailed our favorite web masters and other radio people and thanked them for their efforts. I hereby officially thank everyone in radio, those connected with their web sites, the listeners, and everyone else who helps to promote radio. And, this isn't an April fools' joke.

4/1/99 - For some reason, today's L.A. Times Calendar Weekend section did not contain the weekly radio column. I didn't see any explanation, but maybe someone there read it. I emailed to ask about this, their radio tips, and their general lack of interest in radio coverage (except maybe Shauna Snow).

See my radio pages for more info. The * marks changes.