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5/2000 Radio Flashes (to save space, for example, 6a means 6 a.m., 8p means 8 p.m., & midn means midnight)

5/31.1/00 - FCC may allow more media consolidation?? See today's L.A. Times (LAT), Daily Breeze, and Wall Street Journal (WSJ) - the front pages.

x/x/00 - Weekend Results - new static for the last 10 or so days prevents me from hearing the weaker stations at home till I can find and fix. Sat, 5/27/00 - Missed shows before 5a, but did hear parts of "Imag Thea" - enough to know KFMB was down between 3 and 4a. Can't hear Travel at 6a for static. Missed Home at 7a. Couldn't hear Wine at noon or Computers at 6p. Movies at 9p was ego jock again, will delete soon. Sun, 5/28/00 - soon

5/31/00 - Correction - KOGO 600 AM, www.kogo.com in San Diego says their Tu &* Th computer show moved from 6-7p to 7-8p, but this is not shown on the new site or on the old Yahoo schedule, and I have not verified. (See Air Schedules page for both links.) I can't print their schedule and site seems VERY slow. Looks like Kim on Wed is gone.

5/28/00 - UPDATES - For KIEV I updated my Sat & Sun Favorites per their 5/25 site schedule. I returned 5/27 and found other changes and changes to changes, so I give up till they get stable. Check their site for yourself. For KLSX I can't update for now, check for yourself. I'll just delete all references to them if I can't get into their site. See 5/27.1/00 Flash.

5/27.1/00 - #$%& KLSX - now you need to download specific versions of browsers to enter their web site, so I and I'm sure others can't get in. Real smart - &%$# KLSX!! Please fix. If anyone can contact them, please notify them; I can't get to their email.

5/27/00 - Memorial Day weekend - Especially on Monday 5/29/00 expect the big-name hosts to turn their shows over to small-name hosts who often do an interesting or even better show. Also, a few special shows, like on 5/29/00 try KCRW, 9a-5p & 7-9p for "Ten by Maugham" readings. And, KPCC 9-11p has "Revisiting Vietnam," 1-2p for "In Search of Global Justice," and 2-3p for "Gray Matter: Emotion and the Brain." On 7/3/00 KCRW has "The Zebra Striped Hearst" - a mystery by California-based Ross Macdonald. Per 5/25/00 LAT, page 26 in Calendar Weekend section. There must be others also.

5/26/00 - Schedule Updates - KIEV changes their weekend schedule faster than I can update Favorites, so watch their site. Also, no Steph Edwards Mon-Fri; Bob Dornan instead. Looks like KOGO deleted their Tue-Thu Computer shows, but I haven't had time to verify or delete from Favorites.

5/22.1/00 - Looking for a radio? Check www.ccradio.com. I know nothing about it, except I heard an ad for it.

5/22/00 - Weekend Results - deleted a few weekend show that weren't on recently. Do a 'view source' and check bottom of Favorites page to see some recent deletions till they get moved to the 'were on in L.A.' page. Sat, 5/20/00 - Missed shows from 2a and ending before 6a. For Travel at 6a, couldn't hear the station again. No idea why; it's not on some mornings?? Missed Wine at noon. News at 4p was "Infinite Mind" for at the least two weeks, not what I'd call 'news.' Home at 6p was sports, Computers at 6p was heavy static, and Music at 7 was sports which switched to music by 8p. Movies at 9p was some ego jock. Sun, 5/21/00 - Missed shows ending before 5a except got some of "Imag Thea.' Gardening at 7a was Nick's 11th year: congratulations. Cars at 10a was sports. At 2p missed business. CART at 7p was McLaughlin. At 9p Gardening was infomercial. At 11p no "Imag Thea." Missed MaLaughlin at 1a.

5/20/00 - out of time -- check KIEV for McLaughlin and Judicial and KFMB for Imagination Theater.

5/16.1/00 - KLSX has this fancy new web site that takes all day to load and crashed me. Try to find their program schedule!! I did, but I can't get a printout. What a mess!! KOGO has a new site, and I can't print their schedule either. What happened to checking out a site before putting it on the web?? Unlike my typo-free, broken-link-free, out-of-date-info-free, etc.-free site.

5/16/00 - Weekend Results - Sat 5/13/00 - Missed shows ending before 6a. For Travel at 6a, couldn't hear the station, it can fade. Food at 9a is gone and will be removed. Missed Presidential at 10a, Law at 11:30, and Wine at noon. Nothing on Chiefs, will remove. News at 4p seems to be whatever show they want to play. Travel at 5p is gone; KUSC is almost all music. Home at 6p was sports. Music at 7p was sports but returned to music before 8p. Sun 5/14/00 - Added Imagination Theater, 2-4a, on KFMB, with good half-hour drama shows a few times over the weekend. Check for other times. Consumer at 5a is gone. Travel on KIEV at noon moved to 7a. Looks like Gardening at 8a and Computers at 11a are gone. Movies at 3p now starts at 2p. Talk with Kelly moves from 5-8p to 6-9p. CART auto racing was listed on KIEV from 7-10p, comes and goes, and was sports by 8p. Talk with Tomm and Political, both at 10p, must be gone and will be removed. Added 'McLaughlin' and 'Judicial' at 1a and 2a, but these shows move around, so check their schedule for the most correct times.

5/13/00 - Some stuff about L.A. radio this week in L.A. media. Check LAT and Richard Wagoner's site - ran out of time; do a search on this site for links.

5/8/00 - Weekend Results - Sat 5/6/00 - Missed shows after 2a and ending before 6a. Travel at 6a was Paul Harvey. Gardening at 8a had a temp host cause Bruce was at a remote. Food at 9a was still gone. KPCC was still fund drive. KPFK will start their fund drive soon. Missed Law at 11:30a. Law at 1p was sports. Still no Chiefs. Missed shows at 5p and 6p and shows after 9p. Music at 7p was only one-half hour again due to sports. Sun 5/7/00 - missed shows ending before 5a. Missed "Spotlight" at 6a, Food at 9a, and both Cars at 10a. KPCC was still fund drives. Computers at 11a must be gone. Travel at noon was infomercial. Missed shows starting after 7p and ending before 10p. Talk at 10p with Tomm still wasn't on.

5/6.1/00 - Looks like the FCC's idea for low-power FM (LPFM) is dead. Set to begin 5/30/00 in a few states including CA, the commercial broadcasters and now NPR and maybe even Congress oppose it. An FCC rep restated that L.A. would not get any 50- to 100-watt stations (no room) and had no comments concerning 10-watt stations. Dead in L.A. and maybe the whole USA?? See 5/5/00 LAT, page F23, for the whole story be Judith Michaelson. FCC - why not open up both ends of the AM dial, they're empty??

5/6/00 - For radio news in the LAT, skip the Thursday Radio column: it reads like a bad ad for some lame show, station, or radio person - for the last several years. Check Wed or Fri for better stuff in the A or F sections or page F2 Tu-Sa.

5/2/00 - 'Millionaire' on KABC-AM radio? It happened yesterday and may again cause KABC-TV is unavailable on Time Warner cable. Check for other shows also?? See today's LAT pages A1 and A2 for the story.

5/1.1/00 - For last month, 4/00, on Favorites there were 21 changes, and some are listed on Flashes.

5/1/00 - Weekend Results - Sat 4/29/00 - Missed shows ending before 7a and between 10a and noon. Food at 9a hasn't been on for about a month. KPCC ran a fund drive, see 4/30/00 flash. Who knows about the Chiefs; maybe some day? I'll leave it on the list for a while. Travel at 5p was music again. Sun 4/30/00 - No 'AM-FM' still or Consumer at 5a. Still KPCC was the fund drive. Forgot to list KRLA 8a Handyman, but it was Consumer this week - but not listed on site. Computers at 11a wasn't on again, for a few weeks. No Talk with Tomm at 10p, must be gone. Added Radio A Go-Go web site.

See the Radio pages on MENU for more info. The * marks changes.