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6/2000 Radio Flashes (to save space, for example, 6a means 6 a.m., 8p means 8 p.m., & midn means midnight)

6/29/00 - Remember, KNX changes their "Drama Hour" on 7/1/00. Looks like "Burns & Allen" returns 9:30p Sat, "Yours Truly, Jonny Dollar" returns 9p on Sun, and "Fort Laramie" is new 10:30p on Tues. Check their site at www.knx1070.com, they added old radio info, air dates, etc.

6/27/00 - Do try to read Columns & Columnists every week, but I often don't have the time. Like this week Gary Lycan has news about stations I've never heard.

6/26.1/00 - Some newspapers continue to show Stephanie Edwards on KIEV Mon-Fri, 9a to noon, but she's been gone for a few months, replaced by Bob Dornan. Don't know if Peter Dills is still around.

6/26/00 - Weekend Results for Favorites - Sat 6/24/00 - KXTA at 6a was fishing and gets deleted. Missed a lot: KRLA from 5-6a, both 6-7-8a shows, both 8-9a shows, all 11a-1p shows (except heard Food at noon), Cooking at 5p, and all 7-10p shows. Home at 6p was sports, and Computers at 6p was static. Sun 6/25/00 - missed.

6/24/00 - Talk about stations going Spanish, try the LAT yesterday, page A1. No time to update Favorites - check KIEV, KFMP, etc sites.

6/22/00 - KPLS 830 AM changed their site and schedule and added some news. It looks like all religious shows now. They got rid of the PC Club computer show a few months ago. Think I read it would be sold soon.

6/21/00 - Looks like I won't have time to update Sat & Sun Favorites until those days. Keep an eye on the page dates.

6/19.1/00 - www.adrenalineradio.com may do video of radio shows. Check for yourself, I don't do video.

6/19/00 - Weekend Results for Favorites - mostly excludes the 'check' shows - Sat, 6/17/00 - Again, for Drama at 2a, 4-5a was a repeat of the 2-3a shows. 'McLaughlin' was on at 4a. Gardening at 5a was infomercial again. Missed Travel at 6a. Forgot to check KXTA at 6a, so I'll add it as a reminder to me. "L.A. Speaks Out" at 8a with Jacky Stevens (?spell?) was on 8:08 to 9:17a for their 4th year. A Weekly show?? Pets at 8a is gone and becomes a Sunday-only show. Wine at noon was static. KFI did a beach special: Medicine at noon wasn't on and Cooking at 3p was 4-6p. Law at 1p was sports. News at 4p has been "Infinate Mind" and gets deleted. Not a bad show, but it was misrepresented as news. Movies at 5p was 'Imagination Theater' (Imag Thea) at 5:37p; don't have any details. Home at 6p was sports, Computers at 6p was static, and Music at 7p was sports. Old Radio Shows at 9p and 10p were delayed 15 minutes for fight reports. See 6/18/00 Flash. Sun, 6/18/00 - 'Judicial' was on at 3a. Missed both 6-7a shows. For Gardening at 7a, he says video of monolog was available at www.adrenalineradio.com, but I don't do video. CART was on at 7 and 8p; the KIEV site schedule was incorrect about no CART at 7p and 'Judicial' at 8p. 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' at 9p on KABC may become a radio show someday, but it gets deleted for now. Keep checking if you're a fan. Gardening at 9p was an infomercial again; assume it's only on when they don't have an infomercial.

6/18/00 - Remember, KNX often provides live, round-by-round reports on big-name fights. Like, Saturday 6/17/00 they delayed the 9p "Drama Hour" for 15 minutes to finish reporting on the Mosley/De La Hoya pay-per-view fight.

6/17/00 - Sat, KFI does big Beach show, and schedules change. Like Melinda Lee will be 4-6p.

6/15/00 - Korean radio station KFOX may not be allowed to continue their lease on the Torrance-owned land that holds their antenna. Neighbors mention problems like Korean music over their phone answering machines. Per 6/15/00 Daily Breeze, page A1.

6/14/00 - "Satellite Sisters" started about two weeks ago on Sunday on KCRW at 9-10a. Now their newest schedule shows it from 7-8a. Try both if you want to hear it, and I'll move to 7-8a on Sunday favorites. Their site is www.satellitesisters.com/ss/index.html.

6/12/00 - Weekend Results - Melinda Lee next Sat is 4-6p. - This excludes the 'check' shows on Favorites. - Sat, 6/10/00 - Drama at 2a was dead air between 3:30-4a, and 4-5a was a repeat of the 2-3a show; not a good morning for KFMB. Gardening at 5a was an infomercial; also at 6a. Travel at 6a was hearable at 5a but fades out at 6a and 7a. Must be a Summer or sun-spot thing. Heard the end of something on 1150 AM just before 7a; maybe Gardening, nothing on their site?? 'L.A. Speaks' per LAT didn't & gets deleted. Pets at 8a is now Sunday only. Shopping at 10a returned after weeks off. Missed Law at 11a (normally 11:30a) and Wine at noon. News at 4a has been 'Infinate Mind,' not news and will be deleted. Restaurants at 4p - Amy is out with a new baby. Home at 6p and Music at 7p were sports. Missed both 9p shows. Sun, 6/11/00 - No reports on the 'check' shows. CART at 7p wasn't, but Judicial was at 8p. No 'Who' at 9p; it could become a Summer or Fall show? No Gardening at 9p. Political at 10p had another host - temp? Talk at 10p was Clark Howard. Will add a few shows soon.

6/11.1/00 - Check the Drama Hour section at the KNX site www.knx1070.com (www.knx1070.com/program/Dramafacts/factsdrama.html.com) for expanded info on the old radio shows.

6/11/00 - Some paper last week had a report on a radio fan in NYC - www.radiomanthecollector.com.

6/10/00 - In conjunction with 6/8/00, I will list a 'check' show just once a day, but it may be on several times. So, check the whole site schedule for that day.

6/8/00 - Changes - Some stations like KIEV and KFMB move their weekend shows almost every week, and I don't have time to update Favorites. Rather than delete the shows I'll mark them as "check" on Favorites, and if you want to hear them, go check their newest site schedule for the time. Their site may be correct.

6/7/00 - Weekend Results - Time changes, starting 6/3/00, for several KABC shows are not mentioned here but will be listed on Favorites as time allows. Keep an eye on their site schedule. Sat, 6/3/00 - missed shows ending before 5a. Gardening at 5a was infomercial and couldn't hear Travel at 6a for static. Pets at 8a becomes a Sunday-only show soon; he's just filling the slot. One new KABC show is Travel from 9-11a. Shopping at 10a was infomercial. Couldn't hear Computers at 6p. Music at 7p was only a half hour again due to sports. Movies at 9p wasn't on again and will be deleted. Sun, 6/4/00 - Missed shows ending before 5a. Travel on KIEV moved to 7a again; it's either at 7a or noon. On KFMB, 7a is another outlet for Travel "Expedia Radio," and Pets (was 7-10a) is reduced to 8-10a. New Show - "Satellite Sisters" on KCRW, 9a, started 6/4/00, is a woman's talk show. Missed Cooking at 2p. CART at 7p wasn't: it was McLaughlin at 7p and Judicial at 8p. Missed 9-10p shows. Drama at 11p started at 12:15a. Missed other shows after midnight.

6/3/00 - Several changes for weekend Favorites but no time for updates. See the new KABC, KLSX, KFMB, KIEV, etc site schedules till I can update Favorites. Can now get into KLSX but still can't print KLSX, KOGO, or KIEV schedules.

6/1.1/00 - KABC restaurant show moves to 4-6 p.m. starting this Saturday. I rate it as the best restaurant show on the air in L.A., but I like the others also. Check the KABC air schedule for other changes.

6/1/00 - Weekend Results - new static for the last 10 or so days prevents me from hearing the weaker stations at home till I can find and fix. Sat, 5/27/00 - Missed shows before 5a, but did hear parts of "Imag Thea" - enough to know KFMB was down between 3 and 4a. Can't hear Travel at 6a for static. Missed Home at 7a. Couldn't hear Wine at noon or Computers at 6p. Music at 7p was only one-half hour due to sports. Movies at 9p was ego jock again, will delete soon. Sun, 5/28/00 - missed shows ending before 5a. Talk at 5a was infomercial. Pets at 7a was Travel at 7a and Pets from 8-10a. Travel on KIEV has alternated between 7a and noon; try both and/or check their schedule. Movies at 2p was health at 2p and Movies at 3p. Who and Gardening at 9p weren't on; nor was Imag Thea at 11p. Missed shows after midnight. Check the KIEV, KFMB, and KABC (and other) schedules Friday night cause I don't have time to keep up with the changes now.

See the Radio pages on MENU for more info. The * marks changes.