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9/99 Radio Flashes

9/21.1/99 - The KPPC site works, just be sure to click on "98.3." I must have clicked elsewhere.

9/21/99 - There is a web site for "Challenging Hate Radio: A Guide to Activists" at www.fair.org/activism/hate-radio.html.

9/20/99 - My links to the KPPC web site don't work, they moved things. I'll look for the new site.

9/18.4/99 - Remember Steve Knight's old restaurant show on KIEV? He emailed to say he has a new email address at steveknight.is@gte.net. I asked for his current radio schedule and updates, and I'll post them when received.

9/18.3/99 - For the DeLaHoya & Trinidad fight tonight, if you can't find anything better, check KNX 1070 AM. Sometimes they announce round-by-round results.

9/18.2/99 - Steve Parker (The Car Nut) did a Highway 1 column in the 9/16/99 LAT. He says that GM with XM Satellite Radio and Ford with CD Radio will put 100-channel CD-quality satellite radio reveivers in their cars by the 2001 model year. Nothing about home use. Also, by the year 2000, Command Audio will have something he calls an eight-hour "VCR Plus for your radio." I'd love that.

9/18.1/99 - The 9/17/99 Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on page B1 reports that radio and print media are getting the highest ad revenues in years. For one mazazine, the highest income in 100 years. The reason -- dot.com ads. The local papers seem to receive the smallest increase.

9/18/99 - The LA Weekly paper has had radio picks for the last several weeks, but they can by hard to find. As an example, in the 9/17/99 paper, go to page 3, the Contents page. About 2/3 of the way down it lists Calendar Contents on page 69. Page 69, under Media, refers to Radio Picks on page 170.

9/16/99 - Added   830 KPLS AM, Catholic Family Radio, to the list of radio web sites.

9/14/99 - For the Ask the Mayor schedule, keep checking the KFWB web site. They only post the schedule maybe a week before it's on, and I ofter don't get it posted on this site. It's at kfwb.com/askmayor.html.

9/10/99 - KRLA went talk maybe a year ago, and they didn't have a web site. DUMP, DUMB, DUMB!!! Now they do. See 1110 KRLA AM. I'll start adding the good-looking shows on the Favorites page, even before I've heard them.

9/7/99 - 8/28/99 LAT says Stephanie Edwards has another show weekdays, 9 a.m. to noon, on KIEW, starting 9/7/99. She also keeps the Sunday, 7-8 p.m. show on sister station KKLA. [She did it weekdays before?] Remember, she's the red-head from the Rose-Bowl-parade coverage and the Lucky ads. Think it was the LAT said she had no work after losing those gigs. Glad she's back, but she may not belong on my list. Does anyone know what she talks about?? 9/16/99 - The 11 to noon hour with Peter Dills (Elmer's son) is on my list. They may talk about restaurants or whatever. He has judged chile cookoffs.

9/4.1/99 - Last week John & Larry Gassman reported they may take new jobs, have to move, and leave their old-time-radio show. If you can help, please support two of the world's nicest guys. Their show is on Sunday, from 5- 7 p.m., called "Same Time, Same Station" on 89.3 KPCC FM. Their web site is at members.aol.com/radiolog/gassman.htm, and that links to the show site and their email.

9/4/99 - Keep an eye on the KLSX air schedule. They're making changes. *Sam Rubin gets a weekday show on entertainment from 11 a.m. to noon. *Conway and Steckler move to 8-11? p.m. per LAT or 8-10? p.m. per site.

9/1/99 - On KIEV, starting Sept 7, Stephanie Edwards debuts weekdays 9 a.m.-noon, sharing the final hour with Peter Dills, son of restaurant authority Elmer Dills.

8/28.2/99 - The L.A. Weekly had a few 'Radio Picks' this week and also a few weeks ago. Didn't see them on their web site.

8/28.1/99 - Merrill Shindlers' Sunday show will move from 5-7 p.m. to 3-5 p.m. when football starts.

8/28/99 - Both Melinda Lee and Merrill Shindler have recipes at BristolFarms.com.

See my radio pages for more info. The * marks changes.