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1998 Radio Flashes

12/26/98 - In the past, favorite shows were reviewed one to a page. Next is group reviews where, for example, all the cooking shows are reviewed on one page and compared. This should be faster and more informative. Expect the first reviews *sometime, cause I'm having more fun with other stuff.

12/24/98 - There are sure to be schedule changes for special holiday programs, especially at the non-commercial FM stations. For old time radio, try the Gasman brothers on KPCC? 89.3? tonight at 4 OR 7 p.m.? Enjoy.

12/21/99 - Doug Stephan has done a very good show and had good guests on M-F, 9-noon on 1110 KRLA. When Michael starts in this slot on 1/4/98, Doug will move to 3-5 a.m., seven days a week. He deserves a better time. Elmer Dills will start his Sat show 1/9/99. Sat 12/19/98 was full of preemptions for impeachment, sports, etc. Verification was not practical, so most comments were cleared. See Comments Read Me on the radio - favorite shows page for a description of the new format.

12/19/98 - Merrill Shindler is doing a special restaurant show on 97.1. Started at 10 a.m and goes for a while. Many shows are again preempted for impeachment.

12/17/98 - KLAC 570 AM started playing "When Radio Was" (old time radio). Heard it yesterday, but they didn't announce any schedule. It is listed under M-F till the days can be verified.

12/16/98 - The M-F, 9-noon host(s) on KRLA 1110 is/are better than Michael Jackson, but he'll have the slot about 1/4/99. Found a few new links which are listed on the radio - web sites page. 1600 wants to crash Newscape, and 1150 doesn't want to work.

12/15/98 - The Chef Piero show M-F is covered by two other stations till about sun up (6:57 a.m.) and even then it is weak. At night you'll hear a station in Seattle, WA.* Then around 6 a.m. you'll hear a Spanish station.*

12/14/98 - Chef Piero is on Sun and on Mon-Fri from San Diego (haven't heard yet). Many changes concern 870 KIEV. On 12/12/98, some of their schedule mistakes were quoted and their weekend schedule was misread. The first table (marked Sun) is Sat and the second table is Sun.

12/12/98 - Check the newest schedule at 870 KIEV. Among others, they now list old time radio, but they are not listed on these pages for now.* Too many changes at the station.* Also changes at KLSX 97.1 and others. *89.9, 90.7, 640 and maybe other stations are preempting shows to cover the impeachment issue.

12/4/98 - Cooking with Melanda Lee is on Sat & Sun. Elmer Dills keeps the Sun show and may have one on Sat also in a few weeks. Wine, Dine and Travel is only on Sun* at a new time. KRLA 1110 AM went from music to talk on 11/30/98. The guy on Mon-Fri* from about 10 a.m.? to noon? has had some good guests. The CBS Mystery Theater is not available to KNX. "60 Minutes #2"* on TV will start 1/13/99*; check for audio on KNX 1070 AM from 9-10 p.m. *Looks like KNX won't carry it. *They did.

11/10/98 - Michael Jackson, with 31 years at KABC?, left KABC 790 AM on 11/5/98*. The L.A. Times newspaper says he will go to 1110 KRLA AM, and they will change format from music to talk. Look for more schedule changes, but KABC has not yet changed their web site.

11/1/98 - Checkout new show about radio on 870 KIEV AM, on Sunday at 7 p.m.*

10/30/98 - Checkout the schedules on the web sites for KABC 790 AM (with a new program director) and KIEV 870 AM (with a new owner). The KIEV site is new, and I can now find a schedule on the KABC site.

See my radio pages for more info. The * marks changes.