"The Cooking Show" on China Radio Internation (CRI)

3/31/99 - I did sent one last email on 3/17/99 asking them to be more specific about the content of their broadcasts and to announce it on their station and list on their web site. No response as of 3/31/99, and there are no specific details anywhere.

3/17/99 - Just got an email from CRI saying they are changing their English programs and "The Cooking Show" is not on the air. They do suggest using the URL. I will send one more email to suggest they return the cooking show, introduce and set a schedule for the topics on that day's show in the first minutes, and mention an overall schedule on the air and on their web site.

3/15/99 - I did hear the 0400 UTC show and the chef was not on. They did mention a change to their news schedule so it could have moved. I do wish they summarize the show in the first few minutes so I would know the content. I did send an email today asking for the correct schedule. I found the 3/13 web site with a search. The station says their site is at, but it goes to the 3/13 site. No mention of program content on the show or their web site. They have a very strong signal at 0300 UTC and the signal at 1500 UTC was weaker but ok.

3/13/99 - You'll need a short-wave receiver for "The Cooking Show" with chef Stuart on China Radio Internation (CRI). *Try Sunday about 0325 UTC on 9690 kHz and and 0425 UTC on 9730 kHz.* That day and time for the L.A area is Saturday about 7:25 and 8:25 p.m. (or 8:25 and 9:25 p.m. after the Summer time change). Do see their Frequency page for a complete list. Do use the west coast info for L.A. He cooks Chinese regional dishes and gives recipes. Don said he enjoyed the show, and it a good idea to tape it to record the recipes. Thanks to Don Jensen in the 4/99 Popular Electronics magazine. Or, check their web site at I didn't see anything about the show, but the Frequence page showed 9730 kHz at 0425 UTC. They do provide web audio. I haven't heard this show yet.

See the radio pages for more info. The * marks changes.