L.A. Talk Radio Air Schedules. These will take you directly to a radio station's air schedule or as close as I can get. Some sites won't let you go directly to subpages. Since they're so specific, they will get broken easier. If they do break, delete stuff after '.com/' and try again. For some sites I also linked to their Home page cause I linked to a frame file without a Home link. 4/8/03.

For other L.A. area schedules, see the station's sites listed at and click on the call letters.

AM -

 570 KLAC AM . . went back to music and sports 12/12/02. Their one talk show, for now, is, weekdays?, about 1-5a?.

 600 KOGO AM . . good signal from San Diego

 640 KFI AM . . number 1 talker, with some good shows.

 670 KIRN AM . . Site now opens in English, programs in Farsi. Their links to Farsi dictionary for translations, news, and more. Interesting tunes, like Sunday morning. Looks like they stream.

 690 XTRA AM . . not a schedule? . . sports talk

710 KSPN AM . . switched to sports 1/1/03.

 740 KCBS AM . . good signal from San Francisco after dark. Days are a local station.

 760 KFMB AM . . good signal & stuff from San Diego

 790 KABC AM . . Talk with only a few good shows left. Just lost their restaurant show 10/02.

 810 KGO AM . . also click Listening Guide. From San Francisco, strong signal after dark. Needs program comments/summary on schedule page.

 830 KPLS AM . . building (was 12/27/01

 840 KXNT AM . . from Las Vegas, NV puts a good signal into the San Fernando Valley, located northwest of L.A., at night and just slightly into the sunrise. Big talk shows, time shifted one hour?? 11/2/02.

 870 KRLA AM . . one listing for each day. Was KIEV. New URL and revised site 11/02.

 980 KFWB AM . . not a schedule?

1000 KOMO AM . . all news from Seattle, Washington. Heard ok with fade 1/1/03 about 10-11p.

  • Also, 1000 KCEO AM . . Hard to hear from San Diego, looking for web site

    1070 KNX AM:

    1110 KDIS AM . . 1/1/03 switched to Disney.

    1130 KSDO AM . . San Diego, daylight reception only, usually

    1150 KXTA AM . . sports talk . . not a schedule?

    1230 KYPA AM . . need new URL

    1270 KCMJ AM/ . . in Thousand Palms, CA. Probably can't hear in L.A.

    1450 KGAM AM . . looking for web site

    1530 KFBK AM . . may be hearable from Sacramento, but I haven't.

    1540 KMPC AM . . sports talk

    1600 KMNY AM . . now an Asian station without a site.

    FM - The first five FM stations are non-commercial, meaning they don't play commercials every few minutes. Instead, they have pledge drives a few times a year when they ask listeners for money. Just don't forget to come back when the pledge drive is over. They also play music.

     88.5 KCSN FM - Schedule - Site. Updated about 2/02. Streams. Their program chart is still too wide for my tube.

     89.3 KPCC FM:

     89.9 KCRW FM . . (Home)

     90.7 KPFK FM

     91.5 KUSC FM . . (Home)

     97.1 KLSX FM . . (Home). Very Slow. Yet another of their sites that doesn't work: no on-site email or schedule printouts. From Home page, for schedule, click on "Full Schedule" toward lower center.

    99.5 KKLA FM: Mo-Fi -   Sat -   Sun.

    105.1 KMZT FM & home . . was called KKGO. Mostly classical music.


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