9/12/00 - Several 'were on shows' are still on the "Favorites" pages. Till I move them here, do a 'view source' and look at the bottom of the pages to find them.

Web Radio?? - these were removed from L.A. radio, but may be on web or cable radio somewhere.

Stephanie Miller last show was 3/2/00

*  7- 9p    Talk/comedy with Stephanie Miller
              790 KABC AM  

3/8/00 - More on Stephanie Miller. She learned 3/6/00 that her syndicated show was on hold and just playing reruns. See today's LAT, page F5 for details. **3/10/00 ===>>> her site is stephaniemiller.com. See "why I got fired." Most local station is KGEO 1230 AM in Bakersfield.

3/4/00 - Stephanie Miller was just listed M-F, and 3/2/00 was her last local show. See LAT, 3/3/00, page F20 for details. Her national show may continue.

The next eight shows were moved here 2/14/00, but they ended months ago (1999).

Sat 8- 9 a.m. ???Cars "Auto Show" carguykgil@aol.com (moved from 6-7 a.m. about 7/99) 1260 KGIL AM & 1650 KGX AM (KGX is stronger, 1/15/00 was music?, couldn't hear) endlate 1999

Sat 7- 9 a.m. ???Cars with Norm Lafave "Autotalk" (1/15/00 heavy static, couldn't hear) 1600 KMNY AM ended late 1999?

Sat 10-11 a.m. Movies with Rod Lurie "The KABC Movie Show" 790 KABC AM Gary Lycan said 7/3/99 was Rod Lurie's last show.

Sat - * 6- 7 p.m. ????Food with Chef Harry "Star Grazing" (1/1/00 was last show??) 1110 KRLA AM

Sun* 11-mid- Science with Ira Flatow "Sounds Like Science" (last of series?) night 89.3 KPCC FM (11/21 was "Beyond Computers")

Sat/Sun 6- 7 p.m. ????Private detective with www.wcdetective.com "Crime Line" 870 KIEV AM (not on site schedule, could be gone) end 11/99 Sat.

Sat/Sun 7- 7:30 ????"Radio AM-FM Live" Interviewed radio person. (not on 11/21/99 schedule) a.m. 870 KIEV AM end 11/99 Sun.

Day?? 7- 8 p.m. ????Community issues with Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraaigosa (per LAT) 1110 KRLA AM (was 7/26 only but could return?? or move to KIEV??)

*Sat, 8-10 p.m. Entertainment with Kenny Morse, called "Saturday Night." On most weeks, but check the web site for days & hours. Was on 1110 KRLA AM. Also maybe after sports?). Stopped about 8/99.
*Sun, 8- 8:30 p.m. "Radio AM-FM Live" Interviewed radio person. 870 KIEV AM. Last on about 7/99. Morning show is still on.
- Rod Lurie left radio, was on KABC till 7/3/99.
-"Radio Movie Classics" and "Radio Super Heroes." See schedule. Was on 870 KIEV AM.
-Politics with Jackie Mason, "Jackie Mason Show", was on 870 KIEV AM.
-Cooking with Chef Piero, see 5/10/99 Flash), was on 1110 KRLA AM "Chef Piero Food and Wine Show"..
-Cooking with Chef Piero, San Diego 1000 KCEO AM & 1050 KTRJ AM Bakersfield, not heard or verified.
-Old Radio Shows, "Radio Super Heroes," See schedule was on 870 KIEV AM.
-Computers with Gina Smith. "[Get?] Connected with Gina Smith." Was in L.A. Might hear Sacramento, 1530 KFBK AM.
-Cars with Norm Lafave "Auto Talk". Was on 97.1 KLSX FM
-Movies with Allan Prell, Mad Max Weiss, & Doug Roberts. "The Movie Show". Was on 97.1 KLSX FM
-Cooking with Chef Piero . On Cable Radio Network. Chef's web site, not heard or verified.
-Cooking with Jayne Bonfietti, "Dishing with Jayne", was on 640 KFI AM.
-Cooking with Jackie Olden. Maybe KGAM 1450 AM, Mon-Fri, from 2-4 p.m