Favorite and assorted Radio Stations with Web Sites and ones I want to find. The comments may be out of date. 11/7/99

*  570 KLAC AM . under construction, tried old-time radio, may return
*  600 KOGO AM . 11/99 - Moved again. San Diego
  640 KFI AM . cooking, computers, Doctor
  690 XTRA AM . just sports. Did have web site & changed URL. *Also www.nfl2la.com.
  740 KCBS AM . news, cooking & restaurants?? - good signal from San Francisco after dark
  790 KABC AM . restaurants, cars, movies, computers. Another new site about 6/99, but this one works, with an air schedule.
  810 KGO AM . from San Francisco, strong signal after dark
  830 KPLS AM . . Catholic Family Radio. 9/16/99
  870 KIEV AM . (got a web site & schedule, frequent changes***) restaurants
  980 KFWB AM . news & links
1000 KCEO AM: looking, Chef Piero??, San Diego, weak signal till sun up about 6:45 a.m.
1070 KNX AM: news, old radio shows, 60 MINUTES, features (food, computers, etc.)
1110 KRLA AM: cars, cooking. Went Talk. Stupid station still doesn't have a web site.
1130 KSDO AM: San Diego, wine, computers. Hearable in daylight.
1150 KXTA AM: race cars? seems to work now
1230 KYPA AM: was cooking
*1390 KLTX AM: K-light . . Christian talk, music, links.
1450 KGAM AM: looking
1530 KFBK AM: computer - may be hearable from Sacramento
1600 KMNY AM works now but hard to read. Unstable schedule???

  88.5 KCSN FM: old radio shows
  89.3 KPCC FM: cars, old radio shows, interviews, travel. (NEW web site dated 1999)
  89.9 KCRW FM: cooking, interview, cars
  90.7 KPFK FM: computers, cars, science
  91.5 KUSC FM: Music & news
*  97.1 KLSX FM: computers, cars, restaurants, cooking. 11/99 - Changes site again.
  99.5 KKLA FM: was old radio shows
105.1 KKGO FM: Classical music (temp page). Opera starting Oct. 4, 1999 at 8 p.m. for eight weeks.

See the list for an alpha listing or to read the URL's.

*See www.laradio.com/email.htm for radio people email addresses and some station and program web sites.

Note: The first five FM stations are noncommercial, meaning they don't play commercials every few minutes. Instead, they have pledge drives a few times a year when they ask listeners for money. Just don't forget to come back when the pledge drive is over.