7/24/99 - Review - The Car Shows. Also, check their web sites for links to things they mention, stuff, etc. They all take phone calls(??), if you can get in. I'll fill in more details as I get the time. There are more shows in this group than any other group. I'll divide them into three sections: fun/fact comes in first, fact second, and fix-it is last. [I'm in a rush to get this up, so I'll finish it later.]

1. Kenny and guests cover how to get along with your car. They are funny and give good facts. Reed left about 7/99. Many Saturday nights Kenny is on between about 7-10 p.m. Do check their web site at www.mrtraffic.com for the newest schedule info.
Sat, 2- 4 p.m. Cars with Kenny Morse  "The Driving Show" (how to get along with your car) 
1110 KRLA AM    was called "Traffic Jam"

2. Tom and Ray answer some questions about how to fix cars and etc., but the point of the show is to have fun. They have been on for years, and I believe they are the most popular show on NPR. On KPCC, I think it's the Sun show that is a repeat of the previous weekend's Sat show; or something like that.
Sat & Sun, 9-10 a.m. Cars with Tom & Ray Magliozzi "Car Talk"
89.3 KPCC FM 

Sun, 11-noon, Cars with Tom & Ray Magliozzi "Car Talk"
89.9 KCRW FM 

3. John and Art start with about a half-hour or one hour of car news and happenings and then move to guests and phone calls. They do answer some fix-it question, but they also answer questions on what to buy, how to drive it, get it serviced, etc. They also discuss car shows, racing, the cars they get to test, etc.
Sat, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., Cars with John Retsek & Art Gould "The Car Show"
90.7 KPFK FM 

4. Steve also covers many aspects of cars and car ownership.
Sun, 7- 9 a.m., Cars with Steve Parker "The Car Nut"
1150 KXTA AM

5. Nick also covers many aspects of cars and car ownership.
Sun, 7- 8 p.m., Cars with Nick Diaz "AutoManiacs"     
97.1 KLSX FM 

*6. New show, mostly fix it.
*Sat, 8- 9 a.m. Cars "Auto Show" carguykgil@aol.com (was 6-7 a.m., moved about 7/99) 
1260 KGIL AM & 1650 KGX AM    (send show suggestions)

7. I don't listen to Jon and Gary very often, but I recall it as a fix-it and fun show or maybe a general show.
Sun, 10-11 a.m., Cars with Jon Woods & Gary Nugent 
600 KOGO AM    "All About Cars" 

8. Leon says he can help you fix anything with an engine, from a lawn mower to an airplane. I haven't listened much for years cause the show was so overloaded with commercials.
Sun, 7-10 a.m., Cars with Leon Kaplin "Motorman Leon Kaplin"
790 KABC AM 

Honorable Mention. The former hosts and guest hosts of "The Car Show" belong here.

Left the air about 4/99 or 5/99. Norm can also fix cars, but he's on just a little too early for me to be a regular listener. A while back, the show was from 5-7 a.m., but it keeps getting shortened by infomercials.

5- 6 a.m. Cars with Norm Lafave "Auto Talk"
97.1 KLSX FM