The Chef Piero Food and Wine Show

Saturday, 10-1 p.m., (or 10-noon), KRLA 1110 AM
Monday - Friday, 6-7 a.m., on KCEO 1000 AM (weak signal, try 6:45-7)
Monday - Friday, 6-8 a.m. on Cable Radio Network. See their web site or ask your cable TV company how to receive this.

These comments refers to the old show on KIEV, I haven't heard the cable show.

Chef Piero, with or without his sidekick Dick Sinclair, answers phoned-in questions from great grand-mothers, gives a few recipes, chats about food or cooking, and occasionally rants and raves about some strange news item. Dr. David Leaf answers medical questions during the first quarter of the Tuesday show, and the chef cooks a dish during the first half of the Friday show. He must be the only chef who cooks on the radio, and this could be a leftover from his TV shows.

When available, the chef gives away a free turkey to the person with the correct answer to a question. There are occasional interviews with people in the food and wine industry. Morrie, the owner of Notrica's 32nd Street Market, phones in with a commercial once or twice a week; often during the Doctor's segment on Tuesday. The chef's daughter Lisa, who recently graduated from culinary school at the top of her class and works at the chef's restaurant, often hosts the show if the chef is away. Some shows end with a 15-minute recorded commercial, but recently the chef takes phone calls off the air during that time.

The chef immigrated to the east coast from northern Italy with nothing and worked his way up to owning an Italian restaurant in Burbank, selling his own line of chicken and beef bases, and doing radio and TV. There is a recorded, one-hour radio show about his life which they sometimes play around the holidays. It's worth hearing. There's also a rumor about a movie and a cookbook.

The chef has email, but said he didn't know how to read it, so I won't give the address. The show may be on the Web, and I'll try to verify.

Tip - Did you know you can record radio shows on your VCR?