4/6/99 - Old Radio Shows. Also, check web sites for stuff, etc. KCSN and KPCC may take phone calls. These are in chron order cause I'm not going to compare them. Take your pick.

Every day,  9-10 p.m. Old Radio Shows p.m. "Drama Hour"
except Wed 10-11 p.m. 1070 KNX AM 

Every day, 2- 3 a.m. Old Radio Shows a.m. "Drama Hour" (rebroadcast of prior 9-10 p.m. show)
                     1070 KNX AM

Sun, noon- 2:30 p.m. Old Radio Shows with Barbara Sunday & Bobb Lynes
                     88.5 KCSN FM    "Don't Touch that Dial"

Sun, 5- 7 p.m. Old Radio Shows with John & Larry Gassman "Same Time, Same Station"
               89.3 KPCC FM

Also, KIEV as listed on the Favorites page, and check their schedule. Maybe, KLAC with no web site. I'll check for details.

Honorable Mention. Several stations have tried OTR, I'll list them.
old radio shows/old time radio:
www.pe.net/~rnovak/sperdvacx.htm . . SPERDVAC, old Radio Show organization
www.whenradiowas.com . . When Radio Was, sometimes on local stations, don't go by their list
www.old-time.com . . too much stuff about old radio shows
www.mtr.org . . Museum of Television and Radio, in L.A. and NY