9/29/99 - Review - The Restaurant Shows. Also, check their web sites for links to things they mention, stuff, etc. They all take phone calls, if you can get in. I'll fill in more details as I get the time. No more Mr. Nice-guy, no more ties.

9/29/99 - New Shows and nonreviewed shows

Mon-Fri, 11 a.m.-noon, Restaurants?? with Stephanie Edwards and Peter Dills
870 KIEV AM  "Mid Day Magazine - Spice of Life Report"

Sat, noon- 1 p.m. Wine & food with Robert Whitley "Whitley on Wine"
1130 KSDO AM    (San Diego, hearable in daylight)    

Sat 4- 6 p.m., Cooking with Chef Jamie Gwen, "The Food Show"  
1110 KRLA AM    (9/19/99 - was listed as 4-7.  Schedule seems unstable due to sports.)

Sat, 6- 7 p.m. Food with restaurant critic Larry Lipson and Chef Harry "Star Grazing" 
1110 KRLA AM    (9/18/99 - was sports, unstable schedule??)

1. The new guys, Mario and Amy, come in first place. He was a chef and knows a lot of the chefs and restaurants in L.A. She's fun. They plan stuff like interviews and a special show on pizza on 4/17/99. I think about 5/99 was their one-year anniversary on KABC?
Sat, 8-10 a.m. Restaurants with Mario Martinoli & Amy Strong "The KABC Restaurant Show"

2. I like Merrill. He can be a fun guy, comes from NYC, likes inexpensive ethnic and junk food, and has a side kick who's a nutritionist (Dara Lee Scanlan - spell?). But he comes in second.
Sat 5-7 p.m. & Sun 3-5 p.m., Restaurants with Merrill Shindler "Feed Your Face"?
97.1 KLSX FM    (The Sunday time moves due to sports.)

3. Elmer was the first reviewer I heard on L.A. radio. Over the years he has become more tolerant with people. He knows restaurants or can ask listeners for suggestions. I listen almost every week, but he's in third place.
Sat & Sun, 3- 5 p.m. Restaurants with Elmer Dills "Good Life Report with Elmer Dills"
870 KIEV AM    Steve Knight Mr. Gadget

6/6/99 ONLY - Try Jamie? Alva?, a restaurateur with no radio experience. Not sure of spelling. He has the Sunday 7 (maybe 6:30) to 9 a.m. slot on KFI 640 AM. Try to tune in, it is strange. He runs several restaurants in L.A., one called Sicily. He doesn't want to recommend restaurants but is open to about anything else. 6/6/99 was his first broadcast, so give him some time to improve. *That may have been his last broadcast, he wasn't on the next week.
Honorable Mention. Steve Knight has done good restaurant shows on L.A. radio over the years. He doesn't currently have his own show, but he does reports on and fills in on Elmer Dills' shows. He deserves his own show now. *Also, thanks to Arlene Wolff who did a prerecorded restaurant show called "Dining with Arlene" on 1230/1220 AM over a year ago.*