7/24/99 - Listing - The Travel Shows. Also, check their web sites for links to things they mention, stuff, etc. They all take phone calls?, if you can get in. These are in chron order cause I'm not going to compare them. Take your pick.

Sat, 5-6 p.m. Travel with Rudy Maxa "The Savvy Traveler" 
              91.5 KUSC FM 

*Sun, 7- 8 a.m. Travel "Expedia Travel" (New Show started 7/99)
                97.1 KLSX FM    

Sun, noon-2 p.m. Travel with Joseph Rosendo "Travelscope"
                 870 KIEV AM 

Sun, 4-5 p.m. Travel with Rudy Maxa "The Savvy Traveler"                   
              89.3 KPCC FM 

Sun, 9-11 p.m. Travel with Paul Lasley & Elizabeth Harryman "The Touring Company"
               89.3 KPCC FM

Honorable Mention. Reference to Elmer Dills with some travel. He mixes travel with restaurants. Also, Norm Fox who was preempted from KLSX for sports and may appear on KRLA. He mixes food with travel. Also Wine, Dine and Travel if it reappears.