Read Me for Radio - Favorite Shows for the Los Angeles (L.A.), California (CA) area. (7/26/00)

Example of format for Favorite Shows page.

Saturday (date - update information)
Time      Topic & Station
*11a- 1p  Cooking with Jo Jones (comment and/or "Official Show Title")
            1510 KBST AM    (comment)
check     News/Talk
            560 KWAS AM AND 99.9 WYOU FM


The "Cooking with Jo Jones" format solves the problem with most "official" show titles. The "official" title either gives a few strange words which don't describe the topic of the show, or it gives the names of the hosts, and readers don't know who they are or what they do. The official title may be shown in a comment.
Change Notification - Receive an email notification when the Favorite Shows and/or Flashes pages change. See the forms on those pages.

Content - Favorites will include Internet, computer, car, cooking, food, restaurant, hobby, and other shows. Some are favorites, some are alternatives, and some are just reminders to check them out. The last group is marked 'per site,' etc. The shows are arranged in terms of starting and ending times, from a.m. to p.m. Shows with the same times are arranged randomly, but sometimes the newest listing is on top.

Time - Starting and ending times are shown on the left side of the page. To save space in the time column and in comments, for example, 6a means 6 a.m., 8p means 8 p.m., and midn means midnight. At most the shows run about seven hours, so you can correctly assume, for example, that 11- 6a means 11p- 6a, and the 'p' is not shown.

Starting/Ending Times - The non-commercial FM stations tend to start or at least introduce on the hour; as may AM stations like KIEV and FM stations like KLSX which don't play news on the hour. Many other stations play news and commercials on the hour and can start 5 to 15 minutes after the hour. Some shows even end before the hour.

Air Schedules - Air Schedules goes directly to radio station air schedules or as close as possible. But, these schedules are not always correct or up to date and sometimes are not updated for weeks or months. Many shows are preempted or shifted for sports, fund drives, or whatever, and these changes are not documented.

Updates - Favorite Shows will be updated as quickly as practical, but things change often. Sometimes the updates may appear on Flashes first. Also check the schedules at the stations' web sites.

Favorite Shows usually reflects activity for last weekend. Updates for next weekend's schedule are sometimes entered between that Friday and Saturday afternoons, so don't print this too early in the week. Also check the Flashes page and see review index. Keep an eye on and ; they're building program pick lists also. The last two can get out of date. Where did they go?? - "these were on L.A. radio" has moved to here. 4/3/00 - Or, do a "view source" and check the bottoms of the Favorite pages for the most recent 'deletions' which have not been moved yet.

Phone Calls - Many shows accept phone calls from listeners. But, rather than listing the phone numbers, get familiar with the shows, and get the phone numbers for yourself. CAUTION: calls to KLSX 97.1 FM or KRLA 1110 AM (with a 520 prefix) and perhaps others can be toll calls. The 520's are for me.

Verification - Mostly, the weekday, daytime shows can not be verified at this time. These listings are usually based on available, second-hand information. There may be some verification for the weekend shows, but the size is out of control. Verification, a short history is available at Verification. 3/23/00

A statement that the show or part of (P/O) the show was heard (verified) could refer to a few-second segment anythime during the stated time span.

Typewriter font - HTML - Col or colgroup wouldn't work with align=char nor style on this browser. Pre produces the typewriter font and with all these updates must be easier to use.