Favorite and other Radio Programs for the Los Angeles (L.A.), California (CA) area.
3/24/01 - Numerous schedule changes since late 2000 have made these lists somewhat out of date. Most shows are still on somewhere, sometime, so check the stations' web sites for the details. If I can help, leave a message at the Message Board. KRLA at 1110 AM is gone, now KRLA is 870 AM.

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Saturday (see Flashes for summary of changes) (to save space, for example, 6a means 6 a.m., 8p means 8 p.m., & midn means midnight)
Time         Topic & Station
midn- 2a     Talk/history with Ira Fistell (could be sports, also M-F, starts at 10p)
               1110 KRLA AM    ([*82]1-888-822-8255 & www.talkamerica.com on net 2) 
midn- 2a     Consumer advice with Clark Howard  
               640 KFI AM    (also M-F, 3-4 p.m.) (was 2-4a)
midn- 5a     News with "BBC World Service" (Starts 11p, M-F till 3a, S & S till 5a)
               89.3 KPCC FM
   2- 3a     Old Radio Shows a.m. "Drama Hour" (repeat of prior 9-10 p.m. show)
               1070 KNX AM
   2- 5a     Drama "Imagination Theater" (modernish drama) www.transmediasf.com
               760 KFMB AM    (three one-hour shows, each of two half-hour shows)  
   2- 5a     Talk with Doug Stephan (soft talk)(could be 6 days except Sunday?)
               1110 KRLA AM    (1-800-510-8255)
   check     ??News/Talk with John "McLaughlin Radio Hour"
               870 KIEV AM    (variable schedule)
   5- 6a     News with ABC's "Perspective" 
               600 KOGO AM
   5- 6a     Gardening with Nick Federoff "Garden Talk" (Sat & Sun, 5/00 was 11th year)  
               640 KFI AM    (?video? at www.adrenalineradio.com)    
   5- 6?a    ????Gardening [or infomercial] with Jerry Baker "On the Garden Line" (was till 7) 
               1110 KRLA AM    (1-800-634-3881) (Sat & Sun, could go till 7 a.m.)
   6- 7a     Fishing 
               1150 KXTA AM
   6- 7a     ??Travel with John Hamilton "On The Go" (could be between 5-8a, does fade)
               810 KGO AM    (7/29/00 - heard at 6a, faded out at 6:07a)
   6- 8a     Gardening with Ken & Walter Andersen "Garden Talk"
               760 KFMB AM    (1-800-760-5362 & www.walterandersen.com)
   6- 9a     Law with Bill Handel "Handel on the Law"  
               640 KFI AM    (also, different type of show M-F)   
*  7:06 - ?  Pres Bush/Dems at 8:06 per 2/3/01 LAT
               1070 KNX AM
   7- 8a     Home repair with James and Morris Carey "On the House" 
               1150 KXTA AM    (1-800-repairit)
   7- 9a     Pets with Warren Eckstein "The Pet Show" (was 6-8a)
               790 KABC AM     
   7-10a     Computers with Kim Komando "The Kim Komando Computer Show" (live?)
               97.1 KLSX FM
   8- 9a     "L.A. Speaks Out" (6/17/00 was 8:08-9:17a) (520-KJLH)
               102.3 KJLH FM
   8- 9a     Internet-Computers with David Radin "Internet Insider" 
               1110 KRLA AM    (1-888-923-8477)
   8-10a     Gardening with Bruce Asakawa "West Coast Garden Line"
               870 KIEV AM    (1-800-660-GROW) (also? on 600 KOGO AM)
*  9-10a     Shopping, discounts with "Geri Cook's Best Bargains" www.bargainsla.com
               870 KRLA AM    (was 10-11a)
   9-11a     Travel with Chuck Carmelli "The KABC Travel Show" (started 6/3/00)
               790 KABC AM     
   9-noon    Finance with Dave & Tom Gardner "The Motley Fool" (cars, computers, whatever)
               640 KFI AM
  10-10:05a  Presidential Weekly Radio Address 
               1110 KRLA AM
  10-11a     Cars with Tom & Ray Magliozzi "Car Talk" (Sat & Sun, was 9-10a)
               89.3 KPCC FM
  10-11a     Computers with Ric Allan & Doran Barons  "Digital Village" 
               90.7 KPFK FM 
  10-noon    ?Computers with "Computer Talk with Larry Piland" (Sat & Sun)
               760 KFMB AM    (1-800-760-5362, was sports talk)   
  11-11:30   Law with Chuck Alpert "On the Law with Chuck Alpert" (was 11:30-noon)
               870 KIEV AM
  11-noon    Travel with Rudy Maxa "The Savvy Traveler" (was Sun 4-5p) 
               89.3 KPCC FM
  11-noon    News, the week's top stories "CBS News Weekend Roundup" 
               1070 KNX AM  
  11-noon    Food with Evan Kleiman "Good Food"
               89.9 KCRW FM  
  11-12:45p  Movies with George Pennacchio & David Poland "The KABC Movie Show" (was 10-11a)
               790 KABC AM    
  11- 1p     Cars with John Retsek & Art Gould "The Car Show"
               90.7 KPFK FM 
noon- 1p     Food with Lynne Rossetto Kasper "The Splendid Table" (Sat & Sun) 
               89.3 KPCC FM    (new show, sounds good, same at www.splendidtable.org/)
noon- 1p     ?Wine & food with Robert Whitley "Whitley on Wine"
               1130 KSDO AM    (San Diego, hearable in daylight)    
noon- 2p     Cars with Dave Stall & Gerald Levy "The KFMB Auto Show"
               760 KFMB AM   
noon- 3p     Cooking with Melinda Lee "Food Talk" foodradio@aol.com (was Sun also)
*              640 KFI AM    (BristolFarms.com has stuff. Was Sun only, Sat started 10/13/99.  Was 3-6p till 9/00)   
* check      gone Sun only Medicine with "Dr. Dean Edell"   
               640 KFI AM
12:45- 1p    Comments/News with Paul Harvey
               790 KABC AM   
   1- 2p     Law talk with "Primerus Law Hour" (topics & Q&A) 
               600 KOGO AM    (1-800-600-5646)
   2- 3p     Consumer Journalist with Judd McIlvain ("The Troubleshooter" Sat & Sun)
               1110 KRLA AM    (was Sat only 7-8 a.m., then 1-3 till 7/00))
   2- 4p     Law with Jeff Isaac "Legal Assist Live" www.legalassist2000.com (Sat & Sun)
               760 KFMB AM     (includes 'the best lawyer joke wins') (was 2-5p)
   3- 5p     Restaurants with Elmer Dills "Good Life Report" (Sat & Sun)
               870 KIEV AM    Steve Knight Mr. Gadget email:elmerdine@mindspring.com
   4- 6p     New Time Restaurants with Mario Martinoli & Amy Strong "The KABC Restaurant Show"
               790 KABC AM     (was 8-10a till 6/00?)
   5- 7p     ?Movies "The Movie Show" (was sports talk)
               760 KFMB AM   
   5- 7p     or 3-5p Restaurants with Merrill Shindler "Feed Your Face"?(Sat & Sun)
               97.1 KLSX FM    (BristolFarms.com had recipes)
   6- 7p     Home repair with Glenn Haege "Ask the Handyman" (Sat & Sun, 1-800-654-2639)
               1110 KRLA AM    (first heard 3/00) 
*  6- 9p     Talk/Science? with Fred Ebert (Sat & Sun starting 9/2/00, was Sun only 4-7p) 
               640 KFI AM
   6- 9p     Computers with Kim Komando "The Kim Komando Computer Show" (power down 6:12p)
               1130 KSDO AM    (San Diego, daylight only, 7/29/00 was very weak)
   7- 9p     Movies with Leo Quinones "Film Freak" (was gone? & 9-11p)
               97.1 KLSX FM
   8- 9p     Movies "Film Week" (repeat of Friday's show, new show) 
               89.3 KPCC FM     
   9-10p     Interview with "Fresh Air Weekends" 
               89.3 KPCC FM     
   9-10p     Old Radio Shows p.m. "Drama Hour"
               1070 KNX AM 
  10-11p     Old Radio Shows "Radio Hall of Fame Hour" (10:06, Fri & Sat, started 1/14/00)
               1070 KNX AM    (www.radiohof.org)
* 10-midn    ?News/Talk with "Judicial Watch Report" www.judicialwatch.org (variable schedule, per site) (also other times)
               870 KIEV AM    (live with calls in most areas, but not in L.A., live on web site 9-11a L.A. time)
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