Favorite and other Radio Programs for the Los Angeles (L.A.), California (CA) area.
3/24/01 - Numerous schedule changes since late 2000 have made these lists somewhat out of date. Most shows are still on somewhere, sometime, so check the stations' web sites for the details. If I can help, leave a message at the Message Board. KRLA at 1110 AM is gone, now KRLA is 870 AM.

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Sunday (see Flashes for details about changes) (to save space, for example, 6a means 6 a.m., 8p means 8 p.m., & midn means midnight)
Time        Topic & Station
midn- 5a    News with "BBC World Service" (Starts 11p, M-F till 3a, S & S till 5a)
              89.3 KPCC FM
   2- 3a    Old Radio Shows a.m. "Drama Hour" (repeat of prior 9-10 p.m. show)
              1070 KNX AM
   2- 4a    Drama "Imagination Theater" (modernish, half-hour drama www.transmediasf.com)
              760 KFMB AM   
*  3- 6a    Talk/Interview with ("Best of Hugh Hewitt Show," started 8/00)
              870 KIEV AM    (Repeat of M-F, 6-9a)
   check    ??News/Talk with "Judicial Watch Report" www.judicialwatch.org (variable schedule) (also Monday 2a?)
              870 KIEV AM
   check    ?Talk/News "McLaughlin Radio Hour" (variable schedule)
              870 KIEV AM
   5- 6a    ??Drama "Imagination Theater" (modernish, half-hour drama www.transmediasf.com)
              760 KFMB AM    (temp only??, per site, was infomercial)  
   5- 6a    News with AP's "Newsweek on Air" (www.newsweek.com)
              600 KOGO AM
   5- 9a    News/Analysis with "Weekend Edition Sunday"
              89.3 KPCC FM
   6- 7a    "Spotlight on the Community"
              790 KABC AM 
   6- 7a    L.A. talk with Socorro & Nelson "Sunday Edition" (first hour of below)
              97.1 KLSX FM    (also on 1110 KRLA AM)
   6- 8a    L.A. talk with Socorro Serrano & Nelson Salsa "Sunday Edition" 
              1110 KRLA AM    (520-KRLA or 871-KRLA)
   7- 8a    Travel with Joseph Rosendo "Travelscope" (was 7a & noon to 1p & 2p)
              870 KIEV AM    (variable schedule) (moved about 4/00 or 5/00)
   7- 8a    Talk with "Satellite Sisters" (started 6/4/00, was 9-10a) (www.satellitesisters.com/ss/index.html
              89.9 KCRW FM    
   7- 8a    Travel with "Expedia Radio" (started 7/99) (was called "Expedia Travel")
              760 KFMB AM AND 97.1 KLSX FM
   7- 9a    Gardening with Nick Federoff "Garden Talk" (Sat & Sun) (5/00 was 11th year)
              640 KFI AM    (Sun started 3/12/00) (?video? at www.adrenalineradio.com)   
   7-10a    Cars with Leon Kaplin "Motorman Leon Kaplin"
              790 KABC AM 
   8- 9a    Home repair with Glenn Haege "Ask the Handyman" Sat & Sun, repeat of Sat show)
              1110 KRLA AM    (first heard 3/00) (1-800-654-2639) 
   8-10a    Pets with Dr. Dennis Kelko "The Dr. Dog Show" (was 7-10a, was Sat also)
              760 KFMB AM   
   9-10a    Books/Whatever ("Book Talk" & "What's the Word"
              90.7 KPFK FM    (was Convention talk)
   9-10a    Food with Lynne Rossetto Kasper "The Splendid Table" (Sat & Sun)
              89.3 KPCC FM    (repeat of new Sat show, also www.splendidtable.org) 
   9-noon   Computers with Jeff Levy "KFI on Computers: Jeff Levy" 
              640 KFI AM    (also column in LAT Thursday Business section)
  10-11a    Cars with Tom & Ray Magliozzi "Car Talk" Sat & Sun)
              89.3 KPCC FM    (repeat of previous Sat show, was 9-10a) 
  10-11a    ?Cars with Jon Woods & Gary Nugent "All About Cars"
              600 KOGO AM    (was sports)
  10-noon   Computers with "Computer Talk with Larry Piland" (repeat??, Sat & Sun))
              760 KFMB AM   
  10- 1p    Computers with Marc Cohen & Mark Oleesky  computershow@kabc.com
              790 KABC AM    "The KABC Computer Show with the Marck Brothers"
  11-noon   Quiz/News with Peter Sagal "Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me" (new show)
              89.3 KPCC FM    (quiz show on past week's news, also repeat at 9p) 
noon- 1p    Pets with Dr. Tiffany "All About Pets" (was 12:30-1) 
              1110 KRLA AM    
noon- 2p    Cars with David Stall "Motor Sports Weekly"
              760 KFMB AM   
noon- 2p    Internet with Mr. Alex (Gray) & Surfer Val (Whalin) (archived on site)
              97.1 KLSX FM    "The Earthlink [Network?] Internet Show"
noon- 2p    Medicine with "Dr. Dean Edell"  
              640 KFI AM
noon- 2:30p Old Radio Shows with Barbara Sunday & Bobb Lynes "Don't Touch that Dial"
              88.5 KCSN FM    (some shows end at 2 p.m.) (started May 1974)
   2- 2:30p News/Comedy with "Rewind"
              89.3 KPCC FM
   2- 3p    Business with Mark Deo "The HOTBIZ.com Small Business Hour" (started about 3/19/00) 
              97.1 KLSX FM    (www.hotbiz.com)
*  2- 4p    gone!! Cooking with Melinda Lee ("Food Talk" foodradio@aol.com, was often till 6 p.m.??) 
              640 KFI AM    (BristolFarms.com has stuff, was till 5p, last show 8/00)   
   2- 6p    Law with Jeff Isaac "Legal Assist Live" www.legalassist2000.com Sat & Sun)
              760 KFMB AM     (repeat?) (includes 'the best lawyer joke wins') (was 2-5p)
   2:30- 3p Riddles/Games with "Says You"
              89.3 KPCC FM
*  3- 5p    Restaurants with Elmer Dills "Good Life Sunday Brunch" (Sat & Sun) 
              870 KIEV AM    (Steve Knight (doesn't work) Mr. Gadget, was 3-5 p.m., was 10-noon)
*  3- 5p    or 5-7p Restaurants with Merrill Shindler "Feed Your Face"? ('normal' is 5-7p)
              97.1 KLSX FM    (BristolFarms.com had recipes)
   3 -5p    Consumer Journalist with Judd McIlvain "The Troubleshooter" (Sat & Sun was sat only, started 7/00 
              1110 KRLA AM    (was Sat only, was 7-8 a.m.)
   4- 5p    Computers with "Beyond Computers" (started 11/21/99, was 11-midn)        
              89.3 KPCC FM
*  4- 7p    Interview/talk/cars?? with Kenny Morse.  Just a fill-in??  See Flashes about interviews.
              790 KABC AM
*  5- 6p    Cooking with Chef Jamie Gwen "Chef Talk" (was Sat 5-6 & 7p & 8-9a)
              870 KIEV AM    (moved 6-7p about 9/00), KIEV/KRLA late 2001?, was Sun 9-10a
   6- 6:30p News with "California Report"
              89.3 KPCC FM
** 6- 7p    gone to 870 AM 9a- Cooking with Chef Jamie Gwen "Chef Talk" (was Sat 5-6 & 7p & 8-9a)
              1110 KRLA AM    (moved 6-7p about 9/00)
   6- 7p    Science with "Exploration" (two half-hour shows)
              90.7 KPFK FM
   6- 8p    Fishing "Rod 'N Reel Radio" 
              760 KFMB AM  
*  6- 9p    Talk/Science? with Fred Ebert (Sat & Sun starting 9/2/00, was Sun only 4-7p) 
              640 KFI AM
*  6- 9p    gone Talk/interview with Kelly Lange (was 5-8p, ended 10/00 per GL?) 
              1110 KRLA AM
*  7- 8p    ?Movie interviews with Joe Wizan? (was Fri 4-6p only??)
              1110 KRLA AM    (me added 10/00)
   7- 8p    ?Cars with "Speed Freaks" (was Cars with Nick Diaz "AutoManiacs," returned 1/16/00)     
              97.1 KLSX FM    (said info on site soon?)
   7- 8p    "60 Minutes" news (audio from the TV show)
              1070 KNX AM    
   7- 9p    Gossip with Matt Drudge (started 7/11/99, 11/13/99 - trouble on FOX TV show)
              790 KABC AM AND 600 KOGO AM    (L.A. went live 2/20/00)
   7- 9p    Readings with "KCRW Playhouse"
              89.9 KCRW FM
   7-10?p   ??CART Auto Racing (variable schedule www.cart.com)
              870 KIEV AM
   8- 9p    Travel with Rudy Maxa "The Savvy Traveler"                 
              89.3 KPCC FM    (was 4-5p)  
   8- 9p    Movies with Max Keiser "The Hollywood Stock Exchange" 
              97.1 KLSX FM    (was 8-9, 9-10, & 8-10) (3/5/00 lost 9-10, but site says till 10p)
   8-10p    Remodeling with Kathy Novo-Shumate & Mikal Shumate ("Let's Talk Remodeling")
              760 KFMB AM    (www.design-remodel-sandiego.com, 1-800-760-5362) 
   9-10p    ????Gardening with Jerry Baker "On the Garden Line" (repeat of Sat, Sat & Sun) 
              1110 KRLA AM    (was Glen Haege, usually infomercial)
   9-10p    ?Quiz/News with Peter Sagal "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me" (repeat of new show at 11a)
              89.3 KPCC FM    (was "Film Week," quiz show on past week's news, repeat of 11a) 
   9-10p    Old Radio Shows p.m. "Drama Hour"
              1070 KNX AM 
  10-10:30p gone? "California Artists Radio Theatre" (per LAT, was music)
              90.7 KPFK FM
* 10-11p    "Jim Bell's Common Sense" (per site, haven't heard)
              760 KFMB AM    (temp only??, per site, was infomercial)  
  10-11p    Media with "On the Media" (new show)                 
              89.3 KPCC FM      
  10-11p    gone? "Clergy on Call" with priest, minister, & rabbi to answer questions
              830 KPLS AM    (1-800-300-8830)
  10-midn   gone? Political Talk with Jackie Mason (2/13/00 - tape delay - no calls)
              870 KIEV AM
  10- 1a    Talk with Rabbi Mentz (see site for bio) (was 9-midn)  
              640 KFI AM
  11- 3a    News with "BBC World Service" (M-F till 3a, S & S till 5a)
              89.3 KPCC FM
  check     ?Drama "Imagination Theater" (modernish, two half-hour drama) www.transmediasf.com
              760 KFMB AM    (variable schedule, check midnight?)
  check     ?Talk/News "McLaughlin Radio Hour" (variable schedule)
              870 KIEV AM
  check     ?News/Talk with "Judicial Watch Report" www.judicialwatch.org
              870 KIEV AM    (variable schedule)
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