Verification, a short history. 3/23/00

Verification started when the Radio - Favorite Shows page was a short list. These were the few high-priority shows I tried to hear every week. Sometimes I could only hear the beginning and/or end of the show and listen for schedule changes. Sometimes I could only hear enough of the show to verify it was still on the air.

A list from 1997 had 13 shows/hosts of which 10 hosts are still on the air, and one is on cable radio. By 2/98 it listed 18 shows, and by 4/98 it listed 32 shows. Each show was printed on one line so each list printed on one page.

By 2/18/00 it listed about 130 shows, each printing on two lines. The file had to be split into three files (due to Tripod) and now prints on seven pages. It still lists favorite shows but now also includes alternative shows, ones I don't like, and new shows I may want to try.

And the list will grow. One plan is to find enough shows for 24-hour, 7-day-a-week listening and even alternatives to those.

Verification my be totally impossible with that list. It's hard with the current list and required a chunk of my weekend.

Does anyone care, or want to help, or have any ideas? That's what the message board is for.