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Flashes - Little Manila in Carson, CA, USA and reviews.

FLASH - 10/21/00 - See new reviews of Tita Celia (12) restaurant dated 10/19 and 10/21/00. 10/5/00 - See updates to Kim Tar Restaurant B.B.Q (1) dated 10/1/00. 9/23/00 - See new review of Tokyo Bowl (17). 9/17/00 - Kim Tar (1) restaurant, new manager & menu, see new review. Also, Tokyo Bowl now has Filipino food, review soon. 9/14/00 - China King (10) restaurant space today says "For Lease." 9/13/00 - China King (10) restaurant is still closed with no indication why. Today even the inside menu, signs, and the grade card are gone. Looks terminal. 9/7/00 - Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, ninth annual, this Sat & Sun, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., San Pedro, Cabrillo Beach, info at 213-389-3050, per today's LAT's "South Bay Weekly," page 3. FPAC site at doesn't work. 9/3/00 - China King (10) restaurant was closed yesterday, everything was gone, and no indication why. Popeyes next door said they're remodeling, but you know what that usually means. 8/28/00 - Kim Tar Restaurant B.B.Q. (1) mailed a new menu: says they have a new manager and menu and 20% off after 3 p.m., but don't see anything in restaurant. Fresh Fish (M2) has prepared food and removed the Korean sign. 8/26/00 - Old news but: Hoa Fong Market (M3) is now called Supreme Seafood Market. The remaining Chinese characters say 'fresh ocean' as in seafood. They and Tambuli Market (M6) are both closed every Saturday, but call for details. 8/3/00 - The 8/2/00 "Los Angeles Asian Journal" newspaper, page 18, has an ad for the D.J. Bibingkahan Restaurant with five outlets in the L.A. area. Ad says "Watch Out for our CARSON Branch." Also, S & J Palace was one of the first local stores with email. Now they may be the first local store with a web site - Their third store isn't listed on the site yet, call for details.

More Flash - 6/8/00 - PR Independence Day 6/10 and 6/11 mostly at Veterans Park in Carson. Lots of free stuff. Also Jollibee (EE) fast food opens 6/12/00 at 9 a.m., and they will own (?) Chowking soon. 5/11/00 - See new restaurant review for Iba'n Express (16) which moves into a tie for second place. 3/23/00 - I had to retry my top-rated restaurant: Tita Celia (12). Went back a few weeks ago on a Saturday(?) night, and got the pork adobo and beef mechado with rice to go for about $3.80. Seems like to go doesn't include the soup. It was even better than I remembered, and with more rice or a vegetable it could have fed two. Also, the liquor store at (EE) closed 2/00. Now a sign says it will soon become a Jollibee, something with food.

More - 11/4/99 - Yesterday the Lucky market (AA) became an Albertson market. Also, the Red Ribbon Bake Shop (EE) is open. Looks like they serve food also. 10/10/99 - Check with Veterans Park for details on Philippine Independence Committee for the City of Carson and their June 10 and 11, 2000 celebration. 9/28/99 - The Los Angeles County library FF in Carson will be open on Sundays, starting 10/3/99 between 1 and 5 p.m. Jenny's (FF), which was closed from 9/22 to 9/27/99, is now open with a 'B' rating. 9/25/99 - I was in Island Food (16) today. If you want to pay $12 for lunch, rush over before they go out of business; see Restaurants 7-16. The space that was to be Sizzling Pinoy (EE) now says "space available." 9/18/99 - Check below (AA), I forgot to mention a huge Mural. 9/14/99 - I reviewed Tipanan Filipino Cuisine restaurant (14), and they're in third place. 8/30/99 - See Restaurants 7-16 for a new review of Vigan Express (13). They are now in second place among the restaurants.

Reporters Needed -- 9/18/99 - I have to move on to other projects, so I need people to sent updates and reports on this area. Anyone who lives or works in this area, local business people, someone at St. Philomena, community watch people, library, police, fire people, or maybe as a class project -- please go to Message Board, and leave reports, I'll post them here. This is your community, so give it the visibility it deserves. I just need to review two or three restaurants, fix some stuff, and I'm done.

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