Chinese restaurant

WARNING -- New Dragon Seafood Restaurant 5/30/99
934 N. Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Chinatown)
phone 213-626-6050

I was looking for a second place for lunch today and running out of places that do specials seven days a week. I went in here cause they had an interesting item on their outside menu. But, when I got inside the item wasn't what I'd expected, so I had to select another item. There were only a few customers in this small place, and they seemed to leave as I arrived. Were they shills? I should have left also.

Rather, I asked the waitress if they had any other specials and was told no. Only minutes after I ordered another fish, from another angle, I noticed another list of specials. When I asked the waitress why she didn't mention them, she said something like, "Oh, did you mean those?" At that point she was working for about half the normal tip. When I ordered the fish, I asked the waitress to assure me that it would come with a realistic thin sauce, not some plastic, thick sauce. It would be thin she said. First came a small bowl of plastic soup, then a small bowl of plastic rice, and then a VERY small, bad tasting fish with plastic sauce. Normally I'd discuss this with the chef or manager and ask about options but, since it seemed like they hadn't been there for weeks, I just expressed my displeasure, paid, and left.

I lost $3.75 plus tax, but hopefully, I can warn people that on this occasion I had a bad meal. The clues were there and, if I hadn't been on such a streak of good luck, I should have left when things started to go bad.