Chinese restaurant

New Lucky B.B.Q. Restaurant & Seafood Restaurant 5/30/99
702 North Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Chinatown)
phones 213-626-8782 & 213-626-8783

I wanted to try a place that advertised live shrimp for $4.99 a pound, but when I asked to see them swim, they were out.

One can order from the menu, but they have 43 lunch specials at $3.55 and another 17 at $4.25. And, they do the specials seven days a week. Most places do specials Monday thru Friday only. The specials include steamed rice, soup, and tea.

I had the deep-fried whole fish, #18, which came with a medium-sized bowl of rice and a small bowl of chicken broth with barley. Normally I would insist on a coverer contained of rice, to keep it warm and moist. But, I let it slide today cause I wanted to eat early and light so I could try another place for lunch also. Also, normally I might say something about the small fish. Seafood Port in Torrance had given my two bigger fish for lunch only a few weeks ago for about the same price, but the two fish were thinner. Summary: the food was ok, but there wasn't enough fish for the price.