American buffet restaurant

Shakey's 6/16/99
665 E. Del Amo Blvd., Carson, CA
phone 310-327-2570

Location. Northeast corner of Avalon Blvd. and Del Amo Blvd. This is just north of the 405 San Diego Freeway and the Carson mall. It's out by Del Amo Blvd. and overlooks the Carson mall parking lot.

Introduction. There are a few Shakey's stores in the South Bay. Sometimes with chain stores, some are independently owned and some are company owned. This may be the case with Shakey's cause I received coupons which were only good at two local stores: Carson and Inglewood, so I picked Carson. It's next to the 32nd Street Market which has very low produce prices.

Hours and Prices. They sell pizza most of the day, but I'm just going to cover the all-you-can-eat buffet between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., seven days. The Monday to Friday price is $4.99 and on Saturday and Sunday it's about $5.49. I'm just going by what someone said, they don't have signs. But, I went cause I had a coupon for $3.99, Monday to Friday. I asked to keep the coupon, and they said yes, cause they only need the number on the coupon. This is a good trick to remember.

Hot food. They put out different flavors of pizza, about two at a time. The "original thin" crust was ok with a slight crunch. Avoid the thicker crust. For me, they seem cheap with the cheese, maybe even with the sauce and toppings. But, maybe that's just the way they do it for the buffet. Next was spaghetti, sauce, and something looking like garlic toast. Like I'm going to eat this stuff while there's pizza. But I did take sauce as a dip for the pizza, and it was kids food. Next was rice, mashed potatoes and gravy and two vegetables: corn kernels and broccoli, both swimming in water. I only tried the broccoli, and it was very over cooked. At the very end was fried chicken and deep-fried, sliced potatoes which they call mojo's. I don't care for fried chicken, but to my surprise, there were chicken breasts, so I tried one. It was ok. I skipped the mojo's.

The salad bar. At first the salad bar looks small, but there are many small containers of things. So there's a good selection. Like I'm going to eat this stuff while there's pizza. I only tried a few things

Dessert. Only orange wedges on the salad bar for dessert. But better than nothing.

Seating. There's a kids' area with machines right next to the salad bar. Today a gang of kids were banging on the machines and screaming. I suggest you don't sit too close to this area unless you brought kids. There are a lot more seats in the back.

Summary. It's kids food. Compared to the $4.49 lunch buffet at Pizza Hut, Shakey's gives you more items for only 50 cents more on Monday through Friday or $1.00 more on weekends. Pizza Hut only does their buffet Monday through Friday and only gives you pizza, fewer salad items, a dessert pizza, and some stuff I didn't try and don't remember - maybe spaghetti, sauce, and bread sticks. However, I do prefer the pizza at Pizza Hut, if you can get a real thin crust. Sometimes even the thin crust is too thick. So, if you you just want pizza, go to Pizza Hut and ask for a super thin crust. For pizza and chicken, it's Shakey's. There were no screaming kids at Pizza Hut. I would not order a pizza at either place, but it's ok for a buffet.

Pizza Hut - I haven't done a review yet, but here are my comments concerning the "South Bay's Best, 1999, Daily Breeze, 8th Annual Readers Poll" on another page. Pizza - First place Pizza Hut was ok for thin-crust pizza at the lunch buffet, but I wouldn't order a whole pizza. Actually, no one west of New Jersey knows how to make good, thin-crust pizza. For $3.95 at the lunch buffet it's ok, and do get the buy-five-buffets-get-one-free card. About 5/99 the buffet price went to $4.49 and the "thin" crust got thicker. My next buffet is free (the sixth one), and I may not go again after that.