Also see the radio, TV, newspaper, and other pages. 6/29/99.

Restaurants - Reference Items

The "Los Angeles Magazine" (see link below) says L.A. has 20,000 restaurants as compared to New York City with only 17,000 restaurants. Expect to see a large data base within Health Services. However, some towns in the L.A. area are not in this system. Also, L.A. has been criticized for not inspection the people who work in the restaurants. Some other areas do. Often the small, ethnic restaurant with a "C" rating (or lower) will turn out the best values and the tastiest food. . Dept. of Health Services, L.A. County - for restaurant ratings, closures, etc. Click on the the first diamond "Environmental Health ..." Or, use the simpler one at the bottom of most pages on . "Los Angeles Magazine" - The August 8/98 issue was their restaurant issue. I HATE this: their cover lists good topics, but when you go the the Table of Contents - NOTHING. I hunted and found the topics, and then I found them indexed in text on the Editor's Note page. Will they please get a clue concerning the use of a table of contents.

* . . downtown dining shuttle, need Japanese character reader. . . Zagat Restaurant Survey - volumes to cover several areas. Click on "partner sites", then click "Los Angeles" or whatever. Or, try . . Restaurant guide, search, and more. (Their machine accepted my link, under search engines and directories, but it's not listed yet.) . . California Restaurant Association.

Looking for: Southern California Restaurant Writers. . . Gayot's restaurant books and on line . . Started June 1, 1999. Tried twice to leave a link to the reviews on my site, and they just delete it. Emailed them 6/10/99 asking why. 6/14/99 - The email to their webmaster bounced; will try again. Emailed again 6/18. . . RAVE! paper by Daily Breeze. Restaurant reviews by Merrill Shindler, and etc. Current week only. In the paper they have a map. . National Restaurant Association - Cooking schools, trends, news, etc.

From the 2/17/99 L.A. Times: "Dinner Dates - Ranking of holidays and special occasions when U.S. consumers like to dine out:
RankOccasionPercentage of respondents [My Comments]
1Birthday55% [Ranked items 2 through 6 are good days to time shift (day or week, before or after) or do it at home.]
2Mother's Day30%
3Valentine's Day21%
4Father's Day17%
6News Year's Eve12%
7Thanksgiving Day8%
8St. Patrick's Day7%
9New Year's Day7%
10Christmas Day6%
Source: National Restaurant Assn."