Site Flashes - 1998-1999 - or web-site woes. Also see "what's new" on the MENU page.

12/28/99 - Looks like the Tripod/NedStat counter wasn't working again from part of 12/24 to 12/26/99 and missed about seven hits.

12/22/99 - says my part of Tripod was down 12/21, 12/20 twice, 12/1 twice, 11/30, 10/25; all in 1999. See below for others. Want a dependable site, try elsewhere.

12/19/99 - My NedStat/tripod hit counter was down 12/11-12/14/99. It missed about 17 hits, but I may have also missed 'country hits' cause NedStat was better at that than the other counters. Also, they never answered my email for help.

12/17.1/99 - fxxxing tripod changed their fxxing site again, but for a few days I could edit my site using the web TV editor. Today I couldn't get into the editor without trying several options and repeats. Tripod - please stop fxxxing with your users. If you are thinking about building a site on Tripod, be warned these problems are common. This could be the end for me and this site.

12/17/99 - My NedStat counter also via Tripod didn't work 12/11-12/14/99 (for four days) so the stated counts and countries will be a few short.

12/14/99 - There's a preliminary report on the LAUSD board and its school-building policy. A full report is due next month. Should some board members go to jail? Also, did you hear about their "social promotion?" It's ending soon, but LAUSD kids didn't fail a grade; they were given diplomas they might not be able to read. Who's going to jail for that, probably the kids?

12/13/99 - For some reason my NedStat hit counter hasn't work the 11th, 12th, or today and I don't remember where to email them. They are good at listing country-history hits and faster than the others.

11/5/99 - What a city? Problems with LAPD, LAUSD, L.A. Times/Staples - and that just in the last month or two. Plus Spanish-radio payola. Remember payola?

10/20/99 - Netwhistle says my part of Tripod was down twice today for a total of about four hours. If you want a web site that works, go elsewhere.

10/19.1/99 - On 10/16/99 at 2:46 a.m. the L.A. area had a 7.1 earthquake. Thankfully, it was about 100 miles east of L.A., with nobody around. This was called the first cyberquake cause it was on the internet at & with instant reports. Will L.A. and the people be ready for the next big one?

10/19/99 - Netwhistle says my part of Tripod was down 10/14, 10/16, 10/17, and three times on 10/19/99. Just keep trying to get in.

10/7/99 - Netwhistle says this part of Tripod was down yesterday for an hour.

9/19/99 - keeps an eye on this site and emails me when the site goes up and down. Not that I can do anything about it. I've only used it a few weeks, and I erased the early massages, but most recently it was down 9/15/99 and 9/17/99. So, if you can't get in one day, try again in a few hours or next day.

9/14/99 - also Easy Reader at

9/13/99 - . . a new web site for The Beach Reporter, Palso Verdes Peninsula News, and Los Angeles Independent, with room for more. They all have Food sections. This is listed on several pages cause it's big news for this area.

9/9/99 - This site was down part of today and yesterday, because of Tripod. And, I couldn't get into the web-site on-line editor either. I did find a back-door way to get into the editor today and leave this message, but I'm not sure how I did it. Tripod -- please stop &*@#$%& around with me.

9/5/99 - Found a new L.A. site called Los Angeles Free-Net at Some parts are still under construction, but check it out.

8/12/99 - Seems like Tripod has a max file size of about 29.3K. When you get there it won't let enter any more stuff.

8/2.1/99 - That means it's the second flash today. It's the new system I use at this site. Like software version 3.1. LAT refers the the Los Angeles Times newspaper. I'm always on them about poor coverage, but sometimes they get it right.

8/2/99 - I do delete the "make money" messages from the message board instantly, so don't even putting then on. Or it will become moderated.

7/21/99 - I left the Howard Stern billboards on my message board for a while, but three was too much, so now they're gone. It's for messages only. From now on all billboards will be excluded.

7/7/99 - "What's new" on the MENU page works, but it only finds changed pages if I remember to change the Freefind HTML date tag. It will not find NEW pages untill I change the FreeFind date. I have already made changes but forgot to change the date. May 5 1999 is just the baseline date.

6/24/99 - FreeFind provides a " What's New listing" to indicate changed pages, but it doesn't work cause Tripod doesn't provide standard "date last modified" information for my pages. To get around this I need to explicity specify the last modified date in each file using the FreeFind "New" tag. So I have to add the tags to each file, currently about 140, and then remember to chance them. I'll be working on this over the next few weeks. For now all pages say "May 5 1999" cause that was in their example, many pages are newer.

6/21/99 - Tripod problems. First it wouldn't let me save edit changes, then it wouldn't let me into the editor. Now it's intermittent, but it got so bad I gave up. It keeps asking for bug reports, but trying to send the report just produces an error message. 6/22 - it seems to work but is rather slow and lost editor data again.

6/18/99 - Message board - Someone left a "read this and make cash" message on the board today. Some older messages have expired, but this is the first one I deleted. Don't make me come after you.

6/16/99 - Lists, newest items at top. Have I got lists? On some lists the newest item went on top, on others at the bottom. Starting today, on the general lists, the newest item will be added at the top, maybe with an "*". Yes, on some lists you'll see the newest item on top and the second newest on the bottom.

6/11/99 - Maps. I am trying to add maps to this site, but I haven't figured out how to do it. And I'm wasting a lot of time. For now I just reference sites that provide free maps so you can do it yourself. Got a hit from Japan yesterday. Welcome, and come back soon. Actually, welcome to all the visitors. I do wish more people would leave messages so I know you're breathing.

6/9/99 - Phone numbers. I am starting to list phone numbers, were applicable. I assume they are correct or came from a reliable source when I listed them. But people change their numbers and, around here, the area codes change often. Don't blame me if they're wrong. If you find an incorrect number, please leave a note on the message board.

6/8/99 - Flash - . . looks like a very good L.A. Media site.

6/3/99 - FreeFind, who does the good search function within this site, also offers site maps for this site. I suggest you avoid them, as they confuse even my, and are not perfected at this time. They will also offer What's New, which should list the newest changed pages - a good service - but it doesn't seem to work yet - or maybe I'm not doing it right. More as it happens.

6/3/99 - Restaurant Reviews. I do have several restaurant reviews in that section, and I plan to add about one a week. Keep checking. The Tripod editor was down part of yesterday, but I haven't had many other problems recently. Looks like they want to limit Homepage Housekeeper (which is the only thing that can work for me) to web TV users. Hope this doesn't turn into a new problem.

5/11/99 - I have a new, free web site at (in conjunction with UTStarGate) but the on-line editor only allows you to edit, save, and view the index.html page which it automatically creates. To add more pages, it looks like I have to upload them from somewhere, which I don't think I can do. Yes, I tried to get a LA-radio-ish URL, but you have to reenter your complete info to inquire if a URL is available (stupid idea). I tried for a few like "la_radio" but gave up and stayed with chinesecookery.

5/4/99 - One of the few remaining pages which I plan to include on this site is China/Chinese. I've only have a few links, but that never stopped me before. Do get the May 1999 WWWiz magazine or see for the full text but not a printout of the URL's. Many of their links will appear on this site as time allows, and thanks to them for the outstanding job. Do keep an eye on their other issues for more.

4/28/99 - The Books and Cooking pages have also been split and refer to an index page . All of the pages at the bottom of the MENU page may also end up referenced to an index pages.

4/26/99 - But, first the Restaurant page will be split into smaller bites, with an index page. I'll be building lists of buffet and related restaurants as time allows. Finished 4/27/99.

4/21/99 - The current Links page on MENU is scheduled to be split into new pages, one of which will deal just with web-site development. No date is available.

4/21/99 - Please excuse the extra ads on the MENU page. I'm trying some new, free stuff, and they want the ads there.

4/21/99 - More tripod problems, but I did find another way into Homepage Housekeeper. It keeps crashing, but it may get me more access time.

4/20/99 - There is now a real calendar available from the Radio Flashes pages. On the 1998 page, you'll have to change it to 1998 each time cause it won't stay on 1998. Anyone know of a better calendar?

3/31/99 - The 3/29/99 problem with tripod may have passed. They do let me get into the old editor and will let me convert old pages to work with the new editor. However, conversion may have side effects, for example, it removes all the blank lines and makes it harder to read. I don't see any advantage yet to the new HTML editor. Tripod, all I want please is an easy way into the old editor. I don't have the time to keep looking for the back door. *The next time I tried to reenter after writing this, I had problems again*.

3/29/99 - Tripod is keeping me out of the old, on-line HTML editor, and it won't let me use the new editor on my old HTML pages, so this may be the end or at least a delay.

3/18/99 - The 4/6/99 (April) issue of PC Magazine has a report on 13 sites where you can build web sites for free. Strange, they didn't mention any of the problems I've had with tripod, geocities, angelfire, or xoom. Check below for just a few of my comments. *I started at geocities where I couldn't make it work and then went to tripod where it did work till the problems started. I may have asked geocities for help, and I know I sent notes about problems to tripod, and never received any response or help.*

3/18/99 - I haven't had any major Tripod problems since the 2/23/99 comment. I may be one of the few people using the old HTML editor.

2/23/99 - Found a dependable? way to get into the old Tripod Homepage Housekeeper HTML editor if you already have HTMF files on your site. Leave a message on the message board if you need to know how to do it.

2/20/99 - I'm replacing the internal site links with HTML BASE links to shorten things and make it easier to move. I should have used BASE from the beginning. However, I'm sure to make a mistake and break links, but I'll fix.

2/17/99 - I'm also checking out xoom, but nothing yet. They don't have an online HTML editor yet, so I can't do much. Tried to build an "easy" page, enter text, and then edit it, and it kicked me out of logon. The text was lost. Works like Tripod.

2/8/99 - Bleep Tripod. Looks like they removed the option to use the old site editor and forced me to use the new editor. This didn't work in the past. One new problem is getting into their advanced editor, they only want me in the simple editor which won't work on an HTML page. I did get into the old advanced editor, but I don't remember how I did it or if I can do it again. Keep click, and keep looking for the seven-layer Homepage Housekeeper block.

2/6/99 - The message board was down for a while. I know it was down 2/5/99, but seems to work 2/6/99. Please check to see if your message was lost. I am looking for a better board.

1/30/99 - Still have the Tripod problems. I have started to enter stuff on angelfire and then move it here (Tripod) when I can get in. Angelfire is a good, fast site, but it doesn't have subdirectories. Went back to geocities recently and wore out my clicker finger getting into the editor. It may have been the 1/29/99 L.A. Times business section that had two stories about who bought Tripod, Geocities, and Angelfire.

1/23/99 - Haven't had this problem much for the last few days, so maybe it has gone away. If I haven't updated the Radio - Favorite Shows page for two weeks or more, it means I can't get into the Tripod web-site editor, or I may have given up on Tripod. See below for a few of the reasons. If I move it may be to angelfire or geocities.

1/16/99 - An indexed-search function has been added for this site from the MENU page. From MENU, use "search" to find pages containing an item. Then use the Netscape "find" to locate that item on the page. On Int Ex, go to "edit", then "find". See the Links page for a link to FreeFind. Neat! Tripod does sometimes allow me into the web-site editor and even sometimes lets me save stuff. **FreeFind now offers reindex every week. Mine is set to reindex every Sat at 1 a.m. L.A. time, so it will miss any of my Sat changes till next week.**

1/13/99 - Had it with tripod. For the last few days, sometimes, it wouldn't accept my user name, so I couldn't get into the web site editor. Sometimes I could edit, but when I tried to save it with "use this html", sometimes it would return to log in and delete the changes.

1/6/99 - Please excuse and, if you wish, ignore all ads and warnings you will see in connection with this site. I get the site, message board, and other services for free, and in exchange they show ads. Please don't let the ads interfere with your enjoyment of this site.

12/30/98 - More Tripod problems. The MENU page developed an error all on its own and wouldn't show the last four links. Also, it wouldn't go to other links, saying no data. The first problem about showing links seems to have fixed itself. When using a link, if it says no data, just keep clicking on OK and the link till you get there - it should work.

12/24/98 - Please don't link to, book mark, or favoritize any of these pages except the MENU page. I'm moving stuff and renaming files and you'll get lost. If you have refs to other pages, please change them to MENU (

12/19/98 - The main reason I started this web site was for the radio - favorite shows page and the radio - web sites page. Well, it's time to reformat and combine the two pages. I don't want to use HTML tables cause I think that would take up too much room - and be too much work. I'll stay with the typewriter font for now. Also, I've been copying pages and hacking them into new pages, so don't worry if several have the same title or wrong title. I'll fix. Next, I need a search function for this site. How do I do that??

12/18 and 19/98 - My radio section has been in 3 or 4 parts for a while. Now I'm splitting the TV and newspaper sections into smaller parts also. It will be harder for me to organize and maintain, but I assume it will be easier for readers to scroll and print. I did split the flashes page, but where does the web-site woes part go?

12/16/98 - The system where I can't get into tripod is being blocked for email and chat. They did such a good job that the whole site is blocked except for viewing web pages. The locking-up system is ok.

12/4/98 - Tripod changed their web-site editor about three weeks ago. The system to which I have the most access can't even get into tripod - the last time I tried. The other system I can access was locking up on tripod. Net result: I'm not able to keep up with changes and new stuff as quickly as I'd like.


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