Site Flashes or web-site woes. Also see "what's new" on the MENU page.

The Flashes from 1998 and 1999 are now at 1998 and 1999.

8/30.1/03 - Sorry about the extra ads/links. It looks like one of my stat packs is adding extra ads/links at the bottom of my pages. They didn't ask me or even notify me; I just noticed it maybe last month. I'm not sure what to do except maybe delete the pack from each page, but I just don't have the time.

8/30/03 - Tripod problems. I've had a few problems over the last few months. Like today and other days it won't let me into the 'web TV' editor, which I always use. But, today I did get into another editor to do this and other updates. For me the 'web TV' stuff is all need; Tripod: please don't mess with it.

5/31/03 & 6/1/03 - Tripod isn't working very well today, like it doesn't want to save stuff, etc.

5/10/03 - Tripod almost wouldn't let me sign in today. I had to try several times before it worked, after several error meggages.

4/03 or 5/03 - Something wrong (with Tripod?).

4/3/02 - Tripod wouldn't work for about the first half hour today, so expect less. And last month had a problem also.

3/3/03 - Tripod kept me out of the web-site editor for a while.

2/11/03 - One of my stat packs,, didn't work at times yesterday, and the total count was rather low. Also, starting yesterday(?) it doesn't even try to indicate IP address names, just the IP address numbers.

11/30/02 - Copy & move failures. A Tripod problem wouldn't allow me to copy the 11/02 Flashes page to start the 12/02 page, as I usually do. It wouldn't allow me to copy a file or move another file into that directory. Thus, no new file could be started in the Flashes directory. I finally had to use another tripod editor to start it.

10/24/02 - Bandwidth problem? Tripod is trying to tell me you're using too much bandwidth today, so you and I may not be able to get into this site. This is the first time I've seen this problem. Guess what - they want to sell me more bandwidth. (This was on the Menu page but was moved here 11/6/02.)

10/5/02 - not working well? Starting last month, they announced they had a problem delivering stats but claimed the stats were correct. From the end of last month till yesterday, their count of my hits has shown about half of the normal numbers and maybe one-third of the hits reported by my other counter. Yesterday the hit count did return to about normal, but who knows? That service is free from

7/10/02 - The Tripod site builder front end was changes again this week, but, unlike previous changes, it's possible to bypass the changes and continue building with minimum fuss.

4/10/02 - old, the keywords were probably never updated - Click Here to Search This Site

3/10/02 - Free Find does the 'search' and 'changed pages' list for this site and reported, "We were unable to read any pages when trying to index your site. This can occur is [when] your server is not responding or if there is an internet problem between our servers and yours. We are using the results from the most recent successful re-indexing of your site." I could re-ask them, but I forgot how. Did anyone else have a problem? If so, please post it on the message board.

12/20/01 - Newest message board. The Newest message board will replace the old message board soon. Please only post on the new board. If you want to save your posting from the old board, please move them to the new board soon. I won't save the old messages. The new board has search and most requested info is optional. Try it and see if it works ok for you.

12/8.1/01 - The message board. I changed the colors on the board for the holidays. See MENU for link. Also, I can't get the format I want - newest message on top with remarks below it. So I flipped it; now the newest message are below with their remarks below. Click on one of the 'index' options to change it back.

12/8/01 - Tripod down again. I couldn't get into the Tripod site editor for one day about 12/5/01.

10/26/01 - Free Computers. Somebody found my site at the top of the list at using a search for 'Los Angeles places to use computers.' -- Overture lists real sites at the top rather than ad sites. They may be worth a try. -- For free computers/internet, both L.A. city and county libraries have computers as do most other city libraries. So do most colleges, some schools - some are just for students, some for anybody. They all have their own rules and may or may not require library cards, etc. Some computer stores and internet-access outlets may have demos. Internet cafes I've never tried, but there may be a few in L.A., and they may charge. Also check with adult/kid education, job, senior, social groups, etc. Probably most people know someone with a computer or two or a friend of a friend. Some groups could give away computer, new and/or used. It just depends on how far you want to go for a free computer.

10/22/01 - ClickRadio closed says All Access today. They use the click radio name which I may have used first. My project is on hold anyway.

10/18/01 - Some stupid tripod problem prevents an edit or view of radio-flashes files today via TV editor. It doesn't know the files are there or has the incorrect form of the names. Some name problem? Their file manager seems to work, but I didn't like it in the past.

8/31/01 - The stat counter has seemed to work correctly since installed on 7/15/01. Today it seems to be counting ok, however, it won't produce or doesn't seem to have the information for some of the stat pages.

8/22.1/01 - Change Detection, like on the newer Radio Flashes pages, isn't used much. I'll delete it soon if it's not used.

8/22/01 - Some good news. did send the code, and they're back on MENU with stats back to 1999. However, they did miss some stats for p/o 8/20 thru p/o 8/22. Nothing more yet from nedstat or tripod. I still have the code for / so they were only down a few hours on 8/20. They're the Visa box (usually) on several pages.

8/21/01 - Yesterday's problem must have been related to Tripod. I was editing this site (a few years old) in one window and had another window open to my other new Tripod site (a few days old). As I saved the index.html (HOME) page for the new site, it replaced the index.html page for this site. My backup index.html page for this site lacked the stat-pack codes, and the associated sign-up emails were lost long ago. I notified the three .com's and asked for help. Tripod sent a form letter. I haven't heard from nedstat. did respond but seems to need info I don't have. We'll see. Tip - Maybe, don't try to edit two Tripod sites from one computer or maybe even from the same network. That seems to be the problem. Oh -- and keep better backups. Wish me luck.

8/20/01 - Big Mistake. Over the last few days I setup another website on tripod -- that's a total of two. Today I tried to open and edit both on the same computer and all seemed ok till I noticed that the index.html page for the new site had replaced the index.html page for the old (this) site. I put up an older but workable index on this site, but I lost the stat packs and a few years worth of history. Since Yahoo had already lost the last few years worth of my mail, I don't think I can restore the stat packs. And, I had just cleaned up the mata tags on index. Anyway, wish me a quick recovery.

I'm not sure who's at fault, but I might not suggest the above.

8/18/01 - These were removed from MENU cause few used them, I didn't like the icons, and netmechanic said they were the wrong size?/slow?, whatever. They may still work.

Send feedbackget this gear! (use Message Board if you need a reply)

8/6/01 - On my 'Favorites' and 'Best of' pages I've used links, not just to a file, but to a paragraph in that file. The HTML format, from is: { & } means < & >

  • {a name="NAME"}{/a} - Creates a target location within a document.

  • {a href="#NAME"}{/a} - Links to that target location from elsewhere in the document.

    Problem is that usually it doesn't jump to the specificed point till the second try. Don't know why -- don't think it's my fault?

    7/15/01 - SiteTracker stats caused too many problems and was replaced today by WebSideStory. Today their icon looks like a small Visa ad. Sorry about that, but it's free. Expect to see more icons. More details as time allows. Like, for free stats from SiteTracker they want an icon on my site that's about 10 by 2 inches vertical. Right!

    7/13/01 - The best parts of Site Tracker hasn't worked for months. This week the whole thing doesn't work. They never emailed or gave any reason.

    5/16/01 - (MTC) told me yesterday their partner and service provider, Canbox, went bankrupt. MTC may or may not continue with some services sometime. My 800 voicemail number will not work. My 800 FAX number may or not work for a while, but it's better to stop today. Anyway it needed a '#' (number sign) after the FAX extension number which people forgot.

    5/10/01 - Yahoo deleted my whole email account, maybe three years worth of stuff. If you sent something in the last few days, please resend it.

    5/1/01 - I signed up for the free NetWhistle and did receive reports but haven't received a report since 12/99 - and I can't believe Tripod has been up that long. (They tell you when your site goes down.) Now they want to charge from $10 to $155 per month. Right.

    4/8/01 - Sorry, my mistake, MENU may have caused slow loads. It was the last table of icons: the %'s were wrong. If you still have a slow load please leave a message.

    4/4/01 - Some of Site Tracker stats haven't worked this week, maybe last week also?

    3/31/01 - NedStat thought 2001 was a leap year so it created a 2/29/2001 day by mistake. That made the 3/2001 listings wrong by one day. Maybe they can fix it for 4/01.

    3/9/01 - informed me yesterday that they'll become a pay service with discount prices from $60 to $800, rather than free as when I signed up. Over the years they become the most complex and to get max stats requires their logo on each of my 250-some pages. Since I have three other stat packs that are easier to use, I just seldom use them. Free expites 4/1/01, and I'll remove their code from my MENU (home) page.

    3/3/01 - Message Boards - My InsideTheWeb board, which I've used for a few years, goes out of business 3/5/01. They did provide a way to save the messages, but I can't do it. I wasted a few days with, but an issue that would be a simple fix on their part prevents me from using it. Still looking. Any ideas, I'm very short on time these days. 3/9/01 Update - I'll use the free "Get Gear" stuff till I find a good board.

    11/18/00 - One of the 'e-zines' for webmasters (why send it to me?) suggests the use of {font face='ARIAL'} (or "arial"}. I will try it on a few pages and see if I like it. Comments at the Message Board are welcome.

    10/31/00 - My (their) message board lost the newest message again, maybe 10 days ago. See 5/31/00 Flash for my guess about what happened.

    10.28.1/00 - Now MENU points to a new directory for the 'Little Manila' pages, but other site references are to the old pages in the restaurant section. That was a dumb idea, and will take a while to fix. Only the 'Little Manila" pages linked from MENU will be updated. All of these 10/28/00 changes will produce errors; please start listing them on the Message Board.

    10/28/00 - The 'MENU' page (the home page) has been changed. The 'TV' and 'Newspapers' titles now link to the associated 'Flashes' pages. All the pages in those sections have a horizontal MENU at the top and bottom to cross reference the pages in those sections. This started maybe a year ago with the 'Little Manila' and some of the 'Radio' pages. Recently it expanded to the 'South Bay and area' section. The whole 'Radio' section is going this way, but it's a much larger job. Please leave a message on the Message Board to say if you like or don't like it.

    10/25/00 - - someone said it was the multimedia political source?? Links, etc.

    10/15/00 - Tripod may not work today - again. The day started with a message from FreeFind saying they couldn't and won't index this site. They don't try very hard or long. No message from NetWhistle yet. I couldn't and then could get into the editor, looks like I can enter but not view from the editor. Good luck till it's up.

    10/14/00 - HTML tip - [10/18/00 I give up -- this doesn't work with all versions of Netscape. It's a pain checking this stuff.] Wrong -- I wanted to start a new paragraph with a bullet but without indenting the whole paragraph as below. Here {} means <>.

  • In IE you could do:
    {P}first paragraph.

    {P}{LI}second paragraph.

  • But in Netscape it doesn't show the bullet. You must do:
    {P}first paragraph.{BR}{BR}

    {LI}second paragraph to make it work in IE and Netscape.

  • Also, if I recall, {LI}{P} doesn't start a new paragraph. Other times I've noticed the code must be in some specific sequence to work as expected.

    9/26/00 - Couldn't get in the editor or the site 9/24 or today! Why would anyone build here??

    9/5.1.00 - This site will be "off the air" for most of September 2000. May post some Flashes. Talk to yourselves on the Message Board.

    9/5/00 - Get the "Southland FunBook" from the 9/3/00 LAT. Especially the "Ethnic Areas" on page 37 has stuff and links. I'd post them if I had the time.

    8/21.1/00 - Best wishes for the crew of the Kursk, their families, the rescue teams, and other submariners and sailors around the world. It's too bad we still have machines like that.

    8/21/00 - Nedstat was down again 8/19 & 8/20 and missed at least eight hits.

    8/9/00 - Couldn't get into Nedstat again.

    8/7/00 - Nedstat - in the last ten or so days, haven't been able to enter on at least two days.

    7/9/00 - Didn't I warn you about too many How Strn messages on the message board? Yesterday maxed it out, so they all got deleted.

    5/31/00 - Looks like the message board crashed today, and they restocked with stuff from about 10 days ago. If you lost something, repost please. Need I say: no four-letter words, racism, and enough with the ego jock - they may get deleted.

    5/1/00 - Nedstat from 4/27 to 5/1 only counted nine hits. Another counter saw 26, so Nedstat may still not work correctly. About two days, maybe 4/28 to 4/30, I couldn't even get into their site to check.

    4/29/00 - Nedstat hasn't worked for the last two (or more) days.

    3/10.2/00 - Can you believe L.A. County has a 'Vector Control District' for mosquito/bee/blackfly control? They have a quarterly newsletter and a site at which was not yet up.

    3/10.1/00 - changed their site again, and I couldn't find any path to allow a response to a posting. Let's see if they respond to email. This is another example of "if it works, fix it."

    3/10/00 - talking about problems with the stat packs, (on MENU) has had a problem for about the last two month. When you go to select a stat, you must click below that topic or you'll receive the topic above the click. Also, I don't see any address to notify them about problems.

    3/2/00 - #%$& tripod again - for the past two or more days I couldn't get into the tripod editor or it took a whole hour just to get in. #@$% tripod, don't build here.

    2/29/00 - Today is a leap-year day that only happens every 400 years. Some computers will miss it as did at least one of my stat packs. If the date is important to you, check your computer.

    2/19.1/00 - The bottom of the MENU page was reorganized today, the icons and the 'little' pages. No technical changes. I do wish I had time to review the stat packages.

    2/19/00 - A sign in front of a local Baptist church: Don't make me come down there. - GOD. From 2/17/00 Beach Reporter.

    2/12/00 - If you can't remember my tripod URL (chinesecookery), there are two shortcuts: and Check out zlap/zwap at Do retain the tripod URL in case zlap causes problems. However, I'm trying, and I may move there. If I do move, I can reference the zlap's to the new site.

    2/11/00 - nedstat wasn't working again, sometimes, from 2/6 to 2/8/00. It missed about 14 hits. This was my first and favorite stat counter, but over the last few month it has missed several hits that the other counters saw. I can't suggest it as your only stat package at this time.

    2/5/00 - want a shorter URL to get to this site? Try

    1/27/00 - started a service (free for you and me) with which they notify you via email when I change my web-site pages. However, I need to add a link to them on each of my pages so you can request this service. I don't have the time or desire to build lists, but I assume they will email ads to you with the notifications. I did set up a test page today to check it out, but no results yet. If I like the service and add it, it will probable only be added to the Radio Flashes and Radio Favorites pages. If you want something else or want it faster, leave a message.

    The Flashes from 1998 and 1999 are now at 1998 and 1999.


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