Introduction 8/24/00

Welcome to what started as a one-page list of Los Angeles radio shows and is growing into an L.A. megasite, I wish. Use what you like, and come back for the rest.

You'll find stuff about local radio, television (TV), newspapers, magazines, and other media as related to cooking, food, restaurants, computers, cars, and more. All the good, fun stuff. This is an ongoing project, and the goal is to add new content and update the radio section weekly. If you want more of this or less of that, leave a message on the board.

  Concerning radio coverage, this site mostly covers intelligent talk radio on the broadcast stations, but doesn't have the time to cover all the NPR shows; see the stations' sites for details. See Columns & Columnists for coverage of music, ego jocks, sports, web radio and station sales, ownership, format changes, Arbitrons, etc. It's the lack of time, desire, and/or knowledge.

Please don't bookmark, favoritise, or link to any of these pages, other than MENU, or you may get lost. Pages and directories must be reorganized from time to time. Have fun, and come back.

Finally, nothing connected with this web site makes me any money. Everything is my opinion or information obtained from the media which I usually credit. You'll see ads, graphics, and other links to commercial web sites, but these are here because they're required by the companies which provide free services such as Search and Message Board. Like, the pop-up ad from Tripod is here because they provide this web site for free. Just click on any blank space to remove that ad.


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