Atomz Search - Newest Search, shows context 4/27/02 [auto-update, weekly? on Sunday?]
Search this Site 4/26/00

Search this site, what's new, & site map is a service provided by for free.


Search - BEST

Search works, try it. Enter terms and their alternatives, and the engine finds them on this site. Just remember that the search index is build once a week, usually on Sunday, so it's always a little behind.

Once Search finds the pages, use the Find option in your browser to find those terms on those pages.

What's New - Good

For people who read this site every week or two, this list indicate the most recently changed pages. Once each week, usually on Sunday, the engine searches this site and lists all the newest pages by date and title. As with Search, it's always a little behind.

I wish this system were automated, but indeed I must remember to manually change the HTML date for each page as I change that page. (That's a Tripod problem.) I'm sure I forget to change a few dates.

Site Map - skip

Three site-map formats are available, but this site has over 200 files which cross reference each other. The resulting maps confuse me, I don't use them, nor do I suggest their use by others.


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