Other Translation Sites - Working:
Your need to enter the complete URL (http://etc.) or text for translation and follow the directions, if any. If you don't have the appropriate character fonts installed on your machine you may just see junk. Try these, and see what you think. Comments at the Message Board, as always, are welcome. Try Number 1 first.
1. Also offers English to Russian:
Paste in info like: Has an auto-translate feature, which will automatically translate links as you click through (see below?).
2. . Change the web site URL as applicable.
3. Also offers English to Norwegian:
4. Also offers Other Options:
Change the URL as appropriate
4.1. Or, the harder, official method:
I'm not sure how to use the following IntelliSearch box for a search. But, to reach their translation box, the following works.
5. Also see Lots of links, but some are broken.
6. And
Translation Sites (from Kevin Mitnick's site: may not work)

If you connect to a web site that uses a foreign language, you can use a translation service to convert the language text into your native language, assuming the translation site supports that particular language. For example, Altavistas Babel Fish supports Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. These sites can also be used for text translation, which will enable you to communicate with a person who doesnt read or speak your language.

1. -- This site offers three links: (1) for text conversion; (2) translating foreign web sites; and (3) translating e-mail. You can translate up to 10 different language combinations. This is the only site that has an auto-translate feature, which will automatically translate links as you click through.

2. Also On MENU - - Just enter the address of the web site to view in the box, choose the language you want to convert from and to, and click on the translate button. Its that easy.

3. - This site allows you to enter special characters such as accents and punctuation. There are nine combinations of languages.

4. - Intertran supports up to 27 combinations of languages in both directions, but it has a reputation for the least accurate results. This site also has a pull down menu for alternate translation.


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